NH Chan a Myth in his own Lunchtime

AN INTRODUCTION TO JUDICIAL OPPROBRIUM There is not yet an outpouring of public sentiment in support of NH Chan’s novel interpretation of the Sultan’s exercise of his discretion in the so called Perak crisis. This is perhaps because the former judge NH Chan’s attack on the Sultan is embarrassing, provocative, demonstrates an unparalleled level of ignorance and it fails to properly particularise those legal issues atContinue reading “NH Chan a Myth in his own Lunchtime”

Al Islam and Catholic Outrage-Unmasked

Having been supplied with a copy of this Catholic Church inspired and instigated chain letter about an alleged “attack on the sanctity of the sacrament of Holy Communion by a Muslim Spy” journalist, I decided to review the letter and its contents in the context of such an outrageous heading. My responses are drawn fromContinue reading “Al Islam and Catholic Outrage-Unmasked”

Fraud the Malaysian Bar

Unable to contain their deep political and social prejudices against a ruling government, that hive of professional incompetence and surrogates of a dishonourable political opposition, the Malaysian Bar (with a few exceptions), appears content to wallow in its own intellectual swill, threatening the integrity of the legal profession and the courts of which they are sworn officers withContinue reading “Fraud the Malaysian Bar”