Fraud the Malaysian Bar

Unable to contain their deep political and social prejudices against a ruling government, that hive of professional incompetence and surrogates of a dishonourable political opposition, the Malaysian Bar (with a few exceptions), appears content to wallow in its own intellectual swill, threatening the integrity of the legal profession and the courts of which they are sworn officers with their insults and misleading attacks on the Malaysian government.

The Malaysian Bar through their governing board is content to attack government, hiding behind the skirts of their equally incompetent props in the opposition like the narcissistic Theresa Kok and Elizabeth Wong (minister of her own publicity and the occasional nude photograph) sniping at government and anyone who does not agree to digest their bile. All of this driven from behind the scenes by a self promoting Brahmin and former head of the Malaysian Bar one Ambiga Sreenivasan.

Ambiga generously funded by the civil societies movement is joined by her acolytes like Kok and Wong, Anwar Ibrahim and a sprinkling of former public servants, academics and intellectuals play Martha one day and Arthur the next, waiting for that moment they dream of when they will have critical mass ready to topple the government, but outside of the ballot box.

Ambiga in another of her typically weak thesis on politics and the law, this time on the sacking of judges in 1988, undressed herself (metaphorically) for her peers to see what she is made of. What a pathetic  sight that was to behold. She demeaned the profession, brought it and the courts into disrepute and in the process vilified the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir Mohamed the primary object of her ‘courage’. In truth Dr. Mahathir was an ally all along.

There are other embarrassing episodes of this lawyer’s legal incompetence which appear in statements attributed to her on the public record. Her most recent being one with Tommy Thomas also a legal practitioner commenting on the Anwar trial (impending).

For her ‘services’, Ambiga later went on to accept the cheap and tokenistic decoration, the ‘Woman of Courage’ award from the US government for her ‘courage in the face of political adversity'(a bone to a dog)  supporting US hegemony in Southeast Asia.

That token from a government (US government) not particularly celebrated for its courage, truth or honour when it comes to human rights, the dignity of man or the rule of law domestically and internationally (give or take an invasion or two) did not embarrass Ambiga or her colleagues at the Malaysian Bar. In fact it encouraged them to continue with destabilizing the Malaysian government with an intense propaganda offensive financed by civil societies and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) a sinister US foreign policy initiative aimed at spreading their influence amongst ‘lesser’ peoples the world over.

Ambiga and her colleagues at the Bar clearly does not see the irony in her having accepted such an  award from Hillary Clinton representing an international bully and an equally discredited US administration disrespectful of the sovereignty and democratic institutions of its ‘friends’ in other nations. From the other side of her mouth comes her ‘championing’ of democratic and libertarian values in Malaysia. Ambiga  is from her conduct (and that of the highly politicized Malaysian Bar) no champion of anything other than the destruction of democratic government, the dehumanization of Muslims (which the majority Malays are) and the advancement of the political and economic objectives of a foreign power like the US in her home country.

The US and this organization (The Malaysian Bar) appear to have found in each other strange bedfellows through this woman in the middle. Full of cliched rhetoric and terribly short on substance in her arguments, Ambiga Srinivasan Theresa Kok, Mariah Chin Abdullah and somewhat subdued Elizabeth Wong and  their cronies may well be Malaysia’s version of Lord Haw Haw and even  the reincarnation of Rose Chan. This is after all a shadow war. A propaganda war for the hearts and minds of Malaysians.

This blog is open not only to those who do not  subscribe to the populist mindless rhetoric of the Malaysian Bar and its many illegitimate and immoral ventures.  In that we include the slander mongering lilly livered scribble of Raja Petra Kamaruddin and his ilk. All of whom are aided and abetted by Srinivasan, Anwar Ibrahim’s backers and the Malaysian Bar who somehow see these vandals of free speech through a distorted prism of light as being martyrs for their causes of ‘democracy and freedom of expression’ where it is already well entrenched. So what are they fighting for?

This Blog is created as a platform to test the competence of the members of the Bar, the self righteous who attack  public officials (not necessarily public servants) and those who dare to question their objectives and the truth of their assertions. It is a blog to pursue those amongst the Malaysian Bar and the political opposition who inspire hatred, social, racial and religious bigotry and promote division between the 3 major communities of Malaysia in the name of the law.

It is also a platform to test the reader’s ability to think and act critically, analytically and independently with the “courage” Ambiga and the Bar lacks. It is designed as a tool to fight political slander, vilification, race hate promoted by elitist groups in an opposition grouping of overdressed drunks.

Vent your spleen, serve your bile and vitriol in generous doses but watch your language and don’t disagree with us (just kidding).

We may well be latently from the same camp (no pun intended) of Anwar Ibrahim, Elizabeth Wong, Theresa Kok and now the ignorant swarms of so called Catholics and born again Christians who unwittingly or consciously  have joined the ranks of stirrers with their feigned outrage on the Al Islam article.

Catholics and Evangelicals would be well advised to concentrate on the dangers of pedophiles lurking amongst them like  a Lucifer within the church who preys (not prays) on little boys. The clergy. That practice within the church is universal and universally acknowledged. Not to fight it is to condone it.

There is every opportunity here to take on and to challenge your member of parliament, your public official and government policy (or lack of it) providing you are serious about change in a participatory inclusive democracy.


Gopal Raj Kumar

2 thoughts on “Fraud the Malaysian Bar

  1. “All of this driven from behind the scenes ….”

    are you a product of the education system where teaching English is done with Bahasa Melayu? grammar! grammar! grammar!


    1. Don’t quite get your drift. Grammar is language. At least it is a component of language. An essential component. I won’t bring Skrine’s reputation into the argument. I thought Skrine prided itself in being a firm of quality lawyers. Essential to being a good lawyer is a good command of the language you express yourself in. Again here is a thinly veiled attack on Malays and the Malay culture but not on the essence of the article. A by product of the Malaysian Bar perhaps? lost the point in the heat of your anger?


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