AN INCONVENIENT OVERVIEW OF AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH In a long line of tragedies involving the interpretation of Malaysia’s most extreme of laws, the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 (Act) a prominent Malaysian criminal lawyer defending a person charged with possession under the Act (and subsequently sentenced to death by hanging) failed to raise a critical question relating to the definition of key words used in the Act to bring a finding of … Continue reading


A CHALLENGE TO NH CHAN AND HIS REPRESENTATIVES TO RESPOND NH Chan a retired justice of the High Court of Malaysia has been fairly vocal about the so called ‘Perak Crisis” since the Sultan of that state refused to intervene in favour of an ousted state government in Perak earlier this year. The Perak Crisis created a … Continue reading

RPK Co Author of the Mystery Letter ?

INTRODUCTION A mysterious letter about the death of Teoh Beng Hock arrives unannounced at the court where an inquest into the circumstances that led to Teoh’s death is afoot. The lawyer for the family of the deceased accepts the letter and hands it to the magistrate presiding over the hearing into Teoh’s death. THE MYSTERY OF RPK’S  LETTER … Continue reading

A Lawyers Perspective of the Anwar Sodomy Allegation

The following is a response to an article by lawyers Tommy Thomas and Ambiga Srinivasan which appeared in the NutGraph on or about 5 July 2009. That article in the Nutgraph deals with what Thomas and Srinivasan perceived to be anomalies and errors, possible injustices and discrepancies in facts and the law in the trial of … Continue reading

RPK (RIP) Amok Again

He is at it again. The man who calls himself a journalist, persecuted and one who for no apparent reason is being hounded by the government of Malaysia. http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/25780/84/ Raja Petra Kamaruddin better known by his initials of “RPK” to his many followers has come out from wherever it is he has been holed up … Continue reading