RPK Co Author of the Mystery Letter ?


A mysterious letter about the death of Teoh Beng Hock arrives unannounced at the court where an inquest into the circumstances that led to Teoh’s death is afoot. The lawyer for the family of the deceased accepts the letter and hands it to the magistrate presiding over the hearing into Teoh’s death.


Mysteriously and inspite of express instructions by the court to the contrary, the contents of a letter is published on the RPK website almost instantly (with sufficient gap to distance the man from the act of publishing what he appears by some accounts to have co authored).

Any reasonable lawyer would have advised RPK or have warned him of the consequences of doing exactly what the court had ordered against about publishing details of the letter before the court and before the court had the opportunity to deal with its contents in the context of its inquiry. Notably the letter was unsigned.

RPK the alleged co author (from information we rely on) is alleged to have published not only the contents of the letter but an exact copy of the original document scanned on his website in defiance of the court’s order not to do so. In doing what he did he not only showed his contempt for the court but also for the law, a characteristic of his now cavalier habit of criminally defaming people he has a grudge against, or is in disagreement with. He does this by publishing scurrilous and unsubstantiated stories about them on his website and on other forums.


Strangely RPK  published the same document (the scanned letter) on his website, after the document was tendered to the court.  He may well claim that what he had scanned on his website Malaysia Today was a copy of the original and he probably will.

It will be interesting to see how RPK responds to the allegation now. There is every evidence to support the contention that the document RPK is alleged to have co authored “the mystery letter”, was scanned before it was tendered into court. There is also compelling evidence that the same document tendered to court was the very same document RPK scanned to his website and not a copy as some sources in his defence claim.


Wherever there is a fight for truth and justice, the acts of people like RPK are an unfortunate and unwelcome interference in every respect . His actions belittle the principles of honour and truth in justice. He vandalises every opportunity to access justice through  his loud, boisterous, cavalier attitude to law and order preferring instead sensationalism, illegal and unruly methods. In doing so he promotes his own narcissistic self and his self interests. There are no principles common to justice and fairness in his methods or his actions.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin does not hold a monopoly on the truth or justice. In fact by his  conduct he is the very antithesis of the concepts of truth and justice.

He manifests in his actions the very same qualities he accuses others of either lacking or possessing. And sadder still there are from the ranks of lawyers and politicians those who will blindly support this vandal and his sensationalism in the belief that a lynch mob is the best form of justice because it provides the platform for their constituents, the ignorant and the loud to lynch those they disagree with.


Teoh Beng Hock’s case is forever sullied by the acts of this man and his methods. It is more disturbing that lawyers who clearly act in concert with RPK encourage his attitude and his methods in this respect.

There is also emerging reliable information that there was at least one lawyer who indulged the so called MACC group of petitioners and RPK in the fashioning the mystery letter. It must not be forgotten that the contempt in which RPK has held the court has also served to deny Teoh Beng Hock and any other victim of his death in custody the right to justice by introducing that tainted piece of manufactured evidence, the RPK Letter.

RPK  may receive 10,000,000 hits a day to his website  as he claims, but it is that one Hit that is required by authority and law enforcement that will put a stop to his vandalising other people’s chances to their liberty and their rights. And this particular mischief may be it.


RPK may express his views on any matter subject to the law like the rest of us are. RPK should not be revered as a legitimate voice for anyone other than himself and his mob of vandals of the quality one is witness to on his website. The vulgarity, the filth and the profanity that suits his style of writing, his mindset and his following is displayed for anyone with any sense of dignity to avoid .

The IRA after the Brighton Hotel Bombing is reputed to have warned Margaret Thatcher with these words: “We need to be lucky just once. You need to be lucky all the time”.

RPK is relying on his luck and the goodwill of a number of people ignorant to the core who believe that mob rule and anarchy is the way to achieve just goals and to clean up corruption as it is perceived by the RPK ‘s of this world.

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