The latest in a sea of blogging profanity. An opportunistic tirade of insults directed mainly against Malays as a race and Islam as a religion. Hiding behind that thin veil of opposition to the Barisan government, UMNO and religious fundamentalism in Malaysia is one Zorro supposedly Unmasked.


Bernard Khoo by all reliable accounts was a fully ordained Catholic De La Salle Brother. A thug and a bully protected by his cassock worn as a Catholic Brother at the La Salle School Kelang where he taught in the mid to late 1960’s.

A karate black belt, he assaulted, threatened, vilified, mentally and physically abused a number of students of that school. His victims mainly Indians and Malays. All of this he dished out during his tenure as a Catholic Brother at that school.

Bernard is also vividly remembered by his victims as enforcer to another Chinese chauvinist of that period, another hoodlum parading as a missionary at that school. The irascible Reverend Brother John Neo, a cantankerous individual was the then principal of La Salle School Kelang.

Collectively they are remembered for their reign of terror and the resultant psychological damage inflicted on the vulnerable and the weak in their charge during that period and possibly beyond. To many of their victims the scars will always remain as an everlasting reminder of Bernard Khoo, John Neo and their variety of justice, truth and fairness.


Bernard Khoo aka Zorro Unmasked had a pre occupation with intimidation. He, according to the testimony of some of his victims who won’t forget the man, appeared to derive a perverse sense of satisfaction and pleasure out of intimidation and bullying of those he considered weaker and by implication lesser beings than himself. Children of a lesser god.

Bernard Khoo also willingly undertook that same sadistic ’duty’ on behalf of his fellow bully and minority tormentor Brother John Neo, referred to irreverently then by his students as Mao Tze Tung for John Neo’s proclaimed and unabashed affection and admiration for that late Chinese dictatorial tyrant.

John Neo was also an ardent admirer of Lee Kuan Yew and the latters attitude towards Malays. He never gave up an opportunity to espouse the views of Lee on the Malays and to denegrate Malay students of that time, much to their embarassment and humiliation, in the presence of their overwhelming non Malay fellow students.

The Malays (the few who enjoyed the privilege of entry to a Catholic school) were systematically insulted as was the norm in those days. Such behaviour was not only practiced by just John Neo and Bernard Khoo. It was also the staple of some students at the school, encouraged by the conduct of their peers the Brothers of Bernard Khoo’s ilk.

Admittedly and thankfully so, as relayed to us by former students of that school, not all Catholic Brothers fell into that category of pathological racists as John Neo and Bernard Khoo were. But it was nonetheless not uncommon for the Brotherhood and the Priesthood in Catholicism to attract a disproportionately large number of these types from the local communities as recruits to their vocational ranks.

The Malays then were systemically treated as an outcast minority in these schools (with about 2 allowed in each class) even though their numbers in the population betrayed the distorted representation in enrollment of Malays in Catholic and other Christian schools in the 1960′s and 1970′s.

This too in a country, their own, that exclusion being inflicted on them a majority by a foreign Church preaching fairness and equality, Christ like charity and love. The same church that is now feigning outrage at the Al Islam publication of an essay on holy communion.

The Indians, many of whom were Tamils at the time, were a particularly soft target for physical and mental abuse. They then being on the lowest rung of the socio economic ladder, were persistently harassed, demeaned and bullied by Bernard Khoo and his fellow religious thugs.

There are at least 3 reported suicides amongst Indian workers and students at that school during that era of Bernard Khoo, John Neo and Alban Senan although other sources attest to a larger number perhaps twice that figure given.

They the Tamils did not dare resist Bernard and his cohorts bullying and assaults for fear of retribution in punitive physical form.

From this champion of freedom and justice they were perhaps instilled with the power of fear, intimidation and violence as a motivator. A lesson which some undoubtedly have gone on to take up after leaving school contributing to the disproportionate numbers from their ranks in violent crime in Malaysia .

If anyone did dare stand up or resist his bullying and that of yet another thug of that era, one Brother Alban Senan (an unmitigated, pathological sadist and racist) they paid a price in unspeakable humiliation and fear that has indisputably shaped their lives in a manner the community now lives to regret.

All of this the result of very Christian charitable conduct condoned and carried out under the watchful eye of the Roman Catholic Church and the principal of the school Brother John Neo.

Now we bear witness to one of that gang running a website, regurgitating the profanities of his discredited mantra of anti Islamic slogans of the Bush era expecting the same unquestioning responses out of fear through intimidation perhaps from his readers as he demanded of his young students then.


Today Bernard Khoo parades in his new persona as champion of the causes of missing children, clean government and democratic values. A noble pursuit indeed if Bernard Khoo did have the personal or moral integrity to throw stones at a government struggling to come to grips with its inherited burden of the British Empire the avaricious ingrates of mainly Chinese (and sprinkling of Indians) left behind at independence.

Bernard Khoo’s amorphous ideas of corruption and his championing the cause of children on his website are at best hypocritical, obscene and as unconvincing an attempt at showing a human face as Adolph Hitler’s much touted fondness for animals and his vegetarian lifestyle were attempts to dignify the latters deeds against humanity.

It is also an unwelcome and cruel reminder to those who suffered at his hands under that reign of tyranny. It has been said by many of his former victims that he ought to be outed and not trusted with the welfare or the causes of anyone let alone helpless children.

With his history of traumatising and assaulting minors ( which most students were at that relevant time) under his care, he has little credibility if any to take a stand on issues he claims disturb him enough to want to leave a legacy of change for a better world for his grandchildren.

Zorrro aka Brother Arnold aka Bernard Khoo’s public posturing on issues is an insult to children and to right thinking people who seek refuge from intimidation, bullying, violence and tyranny of every sort.

To allow Bernard Khoo aka Zorro Unmasked to continue with this public charade of his new persona when, his victims unwittingly have turned out to be the catalyst and reason perhaps for all that he demands changed in society today, is to abet the offences of this man’s past.

Bernard Khoo’s idea of welfare and good governance are not compatible with those universally accepted definitions of those same concepts. Bernard Khoo has not yet seen it fit to publicly apologise to his victims for his grievous and criminal misconduct as a religious Brother.

He abused that office of his as a religious Brother and teacher under the protection of a powerful Catholic church like his mentor Brother John Neo and the other thug and bully at the time Brother Alban Senan.


Brother Arnold aka Zorro Unmasked now wants the world to believe he is some paragon of virtue by calling himself Zorro though still demonstrating that totalitarian self righteous mindset by excising from his blog any contribution that is even remotely at variance to his own chauvinistic views.

He spews his contumely like his other blogger vandals on Malays with the type of unsubstantiated and unwarranted claims against them he and his cohorts in the media churn out on a daily basis.

The man needs to be unmasked. He has his coterie of sycophants and apologists and that’s fine. They include former students who believe that he is forever entitled to the unquestioning respect he once fraudulently claimed (or demanded) as a religious Brother and teacher. And there are those who will seek to at any cost protect the man’s lack of integrity simply because he held sway over them once and claimed to be a man of God (ever heard of the battered wife syndrome or the Stockholm syndrome?). Such are the failings of victims and the impact of bullying on them.


But then again there are those, particularly his victims, who are just as capable as Bernard Khoo is of speaking out to stoke those sentiments sufficient to rail the public against real hatred, racism and the prejudices of the type people like Bernard Koo are capable of.

There is a sense of duty in many and it is encouraging to see that his victims no longer feel the need to suffer as victims and speak out now decades after the man’s rampage on the weak.

His victims will emerge in larger numbers and expose the root of all that is dysfunctional in Malaysian society today. That indoctrination into violence and intimidation imbued in them and sanctified by religion even though it has for so long been so conveniently swept under the carpet and given illegitimate credence by that veneer of religious cover.

Driven by a greater zeal and motivation for justice, these victims who have voices and who have discovered the power of their voices, come out to speak with greater conviction than when they don’t speak out and suffer in silence.


This tit for tat is not over by a long shot yet. Malaysians like any other group have to question the motives of those who stir up trouble for the slightest cause in a volatile environment as Malaysia is today.

A good starting point for the likes of Bernard Khoo to consider when vilifying others is that old saying “let him that is without sin cast the first stone”. It comes from a religious doctrine Bernard Khoo once subscribed to.

The argument that is raging against the Barisan may be legitimate. But no one is asking the question, who is the Barisan? Is it just UMNO or is it UMNO and others such as the MCA and MIC? Is it perhaps also the unaccountable former deputy finance minister whose husband as owner of a large public bank benefitted from inside information as a result of her use of confidential cabinet sensitive information? .

The husband and wife in that particular example are both Chinese.

Is it Samy Velu and corruption of the MAIKA affair during his stewardship of MIC? or is it the also the elements of MIC whose physical abuse of an actor turned porn star, or the misappropriation of hundreds of millions of dollars of money allocated and destined for poorer Indians.

Samy Velu and the MIC are not Malay either.

Yet no one asks. Who pays the piper playing that ugly tune of anti Malay anti Muslim sentiments using a small band of disgruntled Malays as their shield.

No one yet has had the intelligence to query the motives and the character of those making these bilious and vitriolic statements against individuals and groups of people like the Malays without a proper mandate from anyone but themselves, yet claiming to act for the ‘righteous democratic majority’. Yep sure!!

Gopal Raj Kumar

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  1. qwerty says:

    Wow. you sound so anti-chinese, whether or not that is your intention. I actually find your entry abit disturbing. You seem to take the shortcomings of one person and generalize it to the entire community? You seem to take Singapore’s political actions and again, generalize it to the rest. And then, one more thing, I am a Catholic and I don’t subscribe to their doctrine on who should or should not go to heaven. In fact I am strongly against that belief and I get slightly annoyed if certain folks try to evangelise that idea to me.
    Hm.. chill lah.. get a chinese friend and maybe you will find not all of them are evil.


    • grkumar says:

      An interesting response. What do you find anti Chinese about the post? We assume you are referring to the one about Zorro (Unmasked). We have deleted most of the posts to date on this subject because of the emotions it has raised amongst former students and polarised the debate. A raw nerve indeed.

      We have taken complaints from his former students some saying we were too lenient others who provided extreme examples of his and his cohorts conduct against students whilst others still think we have been unfair to target him (Bernard Khoo). Unless we are able to verify these we will not publish and reserve these postings for a later date.

      Whats interesting about this particular post is that it has now also raised the hidden taboo issue of padeophilia by priests and brothers during that era. Not in Kelang but elsewhere. We will continue to investigate and keep you posted.



  2. TChan says:

    There are definitely many people like ‘Zorro’ out there, and ‘qwerty’ is one of them. These people go around parading their muhibbah spirit but fact is that they are the racist ones. These specimens are more dangerous than Amno, they breed like bacteria and viruses pretending to be your friend, and then…BAM!

    @ GRK

    Pls keep us informed on this matter. I knew that old man has skeletons in his closet.


  3. This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,

    A definite great read…:)



  4. Malaysian Malay says:

    I would humbly suggest that the author of this ‘whatever you may want to call it’ apply some degree of innovation. The rather verbose article has all the trimmings of an UMNO spin which must include – a) Chinese personalities with gangster tendencies b) Communist (read Mao Zedong) symphaties c) Abuse of religion d) Association with Lee Kwan Yew e) Abusing Malays (the inclusion of the pseudo-Indians was meant to provide a balance) f) The dillema of majorities and minorities. Now, have we not read enough of such rubbish applying these themes? What remains a mystrey though would be the exclusion of the Zionist movement, CIA, George Soros and anti-monarchial tendencies. This is a typical Spin101 so I need not reiterate the value of such callous endeavour.

    A Malaysian Malay


    • grkumar says:

      A good starting point would be to use a name you could lend credibility to. Jools instead of whayever it is that makes you ashamed of yourself and resort to Jools 1958 and refer to me as an UMNO spinner. Your somewhat bizzare reference to the CIA Soros and the Zionists in this context is further reinforcement of the quality of your analysis of the Chan criticism. But we are all entitled to our flaws. You to yours I to mine.

      As to the issues you have raised on the Chan critique, let me categorically and unequivocally put to rest your feeble claim that the man put proof to his assertions. His reference to cases and to quotes are embellishments and adornments which a good substantive argument does not need.

      Verbose, well my friend perhaps you ought to find the definition of verbose and apply it where it belongs in the pejorative you apply to me. Chan failed to identify the core principle on the question of the Sultan’s discretion. The arguments he raises does not get up for his failure in this regard to identify the core issues of the argument on the crisis. To quote archaic and irrlevant English Law Lords in his inimicable ‘kow towing’ style is embarassing. He has led nothing of substance that could do him or his argument any justice.

      A judge who fails the primary test of impartiality by entering into a debate of a political nature and does so with little substance other than unimpressive irrelevant quotes deserves to have strips torn of his back. It is not what I did. I wish I could though. Another time another place.

      Chan’s arguments have been published in many forms. None of them worthy of redemption. Fire your best shot. Identify the substantive argument in mine that you find wanting in.

      Gopal Raj Kumar


  5. beruk PR says:

    A Malaysian Malay..

    Is somehow having the addiction of posting the same thing at all websites and blogs he visitied…

    is he really is a Malaysian Malay??


  6. donplaypuks says:

    A lot of general statements without 1 actual incident quoted to substantiate your scurillous allegations against Bernard Khoo. This sounds like the Utusan, NST et al MSM who frequently BS about “unnanmed anonymous sources’ when they actually have no real evidence.

    Like so many today, you use racism to denigrate a person thinking that people will fall for it. Tell us in plain english where and how Bernard Khoo aka Zorro unmasked ultra vires the Indians, Malays and Islam. I bet that you can’t, because it never happened. You are just seeking cheap publicity!

    I would not be too surprised if you were some UMNO blogger in disguise trying to bring down a popular blogger held in high esteem by many. And make no mistake, you will fail miserably!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race


    • grkumar says:

      No need to. Whats important is that if any of the statements are false, Bernard Khoo can speak for himself and serve process against us for carrying anything he believes is defamatory of him. Ultra Vires against Indians and Malays?? whats that?? Why this pre occupation against UMNO? I must be good at my blog. I take pains to research my stuff and to make it better than a Mao wall poster. Are you saying UMNO is good? Well maybe I ought to join if they will let an Indian in.


  7. Patrick C says:

    A load of poisonous spit and character assasination at it’s most extreme! I am surprised you did not include his genes for his supposedly monstrous evil.


    • grkumar says:

      it is character assassination where there is no fact and the allegations malicious and without foundation. I have invited the man to rebut the allegations of his former students and I am still waiting.


  8. Deacon 1957 says:

    he he, as a child he did not receive enough fatherly attention and grew up with a lot of penis envy so one way is to get back at young boys

    now whether he groped them or not I am not sure but I have heard from elsewhere that he was a bully in school, students hated his ‘over-compensating’ ways


    • grkumar says:

      I don’t know about the fatherly attention bit. I do not have any information about any sexual abuse by this man nor have there been any references to his conduct in this regard. The evidence of his bullying and evidence of his collaboration with two known racist bullies, John Neo and Alban Senan has been corroborated independently by a large number of former students of his.

      All one really needs to be able to establish truth of the accusations directed against Bernard Khoo is one of these to be substantiated. Just one. We still welcome his rebuttals as he is entitled to.


  9. kassim says:

    kumar you are my man!

    can you dig up on haris ibrahim too?


    • grkumar says:

      We do not dig up ‘dirt’ about anyone unless we have been provided with relevant and compelling evidence and to publish that evidence is relevant to something topical and in the public interest.


  10. ICE says:

    GR Kumar,

    Do you have relevant and compelling evidence against Zorro Unmasked aka Bernard Khoo?


  11. Little bit says:

    Yes Gopal you are very accurate about Bernard’s past, I ams sure there are many with a past, including Najib Tun Razak and even his father. I will be the first one to authenticate the truth about what you say about both Bernard and John Neo and I am a Catholic and a La Sallian from La Salle Klang, and even a victim of these people who preferred to look at those with money in a better light then us. I however can’t agree with you on the treatment of Malays Boys. Kamarulzaman Mohd Diah was my classmate, he was always first in the class, the last I knew he was working in Borneo Trading in Port Klang, what happened to him I can’t remember. I was retained in form three for a year and had another classmate Tawil Hj Sili if I spelt his name right and he became head prefect if I am not mistaken I let the school at that time, and this was during the days of John Neo and Bernard Khoo. For that matter even Najib Tun Razak was pupil of the Christian Brothers School. There were racialists in their ranks, given and I’ll not deny it, but there were those dedicated to the cause of education from whom sprang many successful and admirable Indians and Malays in society. Admission was open to all, but only a few Malays cme to the Christian Brothers School because they were Christian schools. Since you are from la Salle Klang, let me remind you that Sethu Raman a leading legal consultant was a product of the School, there are many more and many of them Indians. I had hard times in the school but today it has made me a better man those bad times.


  12. grkumar says:

    I am not a product of that school. Never was. The article is the subject of interviews with people (the majority non Malays) who attended that school. The article was inspired by a reader of Zorro Unmasked.

    Tawil was a head prefect. A man of Indonesian origins. The information we have is that he was deliberately selected and given the task of making public announcements as well so that he could be ridiculed which he was for his English.

    It was apparently John Neos way of allowing the others to very subtely reinforce the idea that Malays were not very bright or were undeserving of the NEP (or its equivalent then).

    Anyway the position of head prefect was never one to hi lite leadership characteristics of the individual. It was never based on merit and their choices were never the best we are told.

    As to the other aspects of your comments there are racists everywhere, but that does not mean they ought to go unchecked especially where they make allegations of others’ shortcommings in this respect.

    Thank you for your comments



  13. grkumar says:

    “A torn jacket is soon mended; but hard words bruise the heart of a child”.

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


  14. chris says:

    As expected , you didn’t publish my article.Thanks.By now you would have read about the incidence in Perak where one is confirmed dead and 2 more stilling missing and the chance is, they dead too. Ask your self, why the accident happened? Bcoz, the pupils are not disciplined.Do you think any pupils would have jumped and shake the suspension bridge , if somebody like ZORRo around.It doesnt matter the dead are indians, life is life, gone, won’t come back.IF YOU ARE THE PARENTS OF THE DEAD GIRLS, WON’T YOU WISH SOMEBODY LIKE ZORRO WAS THERE TO KEEP AN EVIL ( as you put it) OVER YOUR CHILD.BE EMPATHY NOT SYMPATHY.There is a hell of different between the two.Take your time and think and think.
    I don’t care if you read or publish this but your action shows yourself.


  15. chris says:

    So now, about publishing my earlier two articles, so the readers can judge you???

    My question to u on the 3rd article which u choose to publish is standing.


  16. tim says:

    …for a long time I thought of unmasking him myself but decided he was not worth the sand he stands on. Your article, though poignant it may seem, has only skimmed the surface on this character. This guy’s got skeletons that can make any cemetery look like a public park. It looks like Hitler survived, re-invented himself and came back as an activist. Recently, he was called in by the boys in blue. I hope they find enough to put him away….and throw away the key. Not the ISA though. That would only make him more of a hero. If this guy stood for elections, he wouldn’t even get enough votes for a City Hall’s Dog-Catcher’s post.

    Thanks mate for the expose. Tha’s a load off my shoulders.



    • grkumar says:

      We have had a number of emails from former La Sallians about a number of these bullies (for want of a better word). The Catholic brotherhood and the priesthood appear for some reason (at least with the benefit of information we have) to have attracted a bunch of social misfits and sadists who preyed on young boys and women throughout not only Malaysia but also in other countries.

      There is also in fairness to the church a history of excellent and selfless work by missionaries. Most of these whether we like it or not were from the European, English and Irish who had genuine vocations that drove them into educating the vulnerable and the weak. Brother Arnold had another offsider or like minded thug we are now pursuing for another reason. Alban Senan we are told is of Burmese descent. We have had the bile of his sychophants spliied on us. which we do not bother publishing because none of it is supported by evidence.

      Zorro is pathetic and a man without any cause, creed or character. He fills his time ranting and raving like that other lunatic on the run who believes himself to be a reincarnation of Joan of Arc or Robin Hood, Raja Petra Kamaruddin. Full of pious platitudes. he has not found in him the capaccity to at last ask for forgiveness of those he abused. He does not believe in the benefit of the doubt and neither will we.

      Forgiveness can only come with true repentance. His deeds were not isolated ones. They were part of his daily diet.



    • Ghani says:

      Wow! I did not know that others suffered from bullies of Arnold aka Bernard Khoo, Mathew Neoh, Alban and also Lucian. The last took the same class twice.
      I was in La Salle Klang 1958 – 1968.
      I am still emotionally scarred! Does anybody recall Brother Martin, the irish tyrant who had a Chinese nickname? Again he destroyed 2 years of our precious life in Standard 5 and 6


      • grkumar says:

        “Arnold” aka Bernard Khoo aka Zorro continues to wallow in his misery
        and his pathetic sense of self righteousness and morality. These tyrants
        brought the whole idea of the Christian missions into disrepute by polluting
        the well of human kindness that they were meant to share with others and mould them
        into righteous men and women of good standing in our communities everywhere.



      • grkumar says:

        apparently none of these named individuals were bullies and the story is made up by us and unfair to them. There’s more to come form those of us who “suffer from the delusions they actually existed”. Our lawyer was consulted by a “journalist” in KL threatening to “out him” instead of us. lets see.



    • grkumar says:

      Yes he has the support of an activist “Journalist” blackmailing our lawyer in Australia (also a former Malaysian) threatening to out him for this articlke and for being a “Government agent and turncoat”.


  17. Dear Gopal,

    It is high time you outed that buffoon Haris Ibrahim and teh snake Malik Imtiaz Server.

    One is a buffoon (a villainous one) of quixotic dimensions and the other the very sone of the serpent.

    keep taking out the trash!

    Nik Netanyahu


  18. tim says:

    ….a by-product of the Paulinist Catholic Church which has nothing whatsoever to do with Yeshua )Jesus)


  19. John Marchester says:

    Thank you very much for your expose of Bernard Khoo. I am also proudly a Lasallian and have found little in the way of serious fauts among the Brothers (although maybe because thanks to Abd Rahman Taib we have hardly any left).
    1. While reading your post and the comments proceeding therefrom has been much enlightening, might I betray my naivete by asking how would the general public benefit from opening such cans of worms?
    2. I would like to commend you on your pursuance of balanced reporting, although whether disparaging remarks against a particular religion are warranted is disputable.
    Allow me to state here that sadists and social misfits exist in all walks of life and religions. Not that I plead clemency for them, but please give your statements due consideration before ascribing to the Catholic Church a certain ‘tendency’ for attracting them. Mark well that what we don’t know might not necessarily not exist.
    3. Lastly, I believe such pain inflicted upon victims is reprehensible. Yet they can also be lessons. We all meet these kinds of people in the course of life. Much depends on the individual’s capacity to pick him/herself up and move on to better things.
    Thank you.


    • grkumar says:

      You do make some very valid observations on the subject of Zorro. There is a saying “people in glass houses should not throw stones”.
      Yet from the most vulnerable of critics of government, religion and culture of others (read in this case Malays) come the ugly head
      of the Catholic clergy and the church in all its forms. The advocate the overthrow of not just government, but of the people who by
      aand large by any internatioanlly recognized standards are the original inhabitants of Malaysia.

      But let me make this point an correct a very big error in your letter. Abdul Rahman Taib had nothing to do with the massive flow out form
      the Catholic church worldwide. There have been fewr and fewer people answering the call to the vocations of the priesthood and brotherhood
      over the past 3 decades than at any other time in the Church’s history since Henry VIII broke away from the church.

      People are not attracted to a vocation that offers them nothing. You can still be a teacher without having to wear a robe or cassock. This is
      especially true when it has been discovered that many who do wear that robe or cassock have been pedophiles and rapists or thugs and bullies
      like Zorro and his mates. More than that the internal politics of the Catholic church like those of many other organizations of power favour
      the powerful against the weak. Would be missionaries are not selected for their zeal but for their subservience and their pedigree. merit has
      nothing to do with it. If you did come across it it has been the exception rather than the rule.

      By any other name it is an attempt at the cultural genocide of the Malays by a mainly Chinese polity supported by the church amongst others.
      The US and Europe in order to distract from their domestic disasters have thrown their weight around these “springs” in the middle east and
      now in Malaysia.

      There is a worldwide movement to stop the spread of the cultural genocide of people by interlopers who falely claim to be displace, mimsplaced
      and persecuted. Borrowing from the rhetoric of the genuinely displaced and persecuted (terms like “ethnic cleansing”) they set about attempting
      to introduce a new order in the places they pick for their “revolutions”. And at the forefront unashamedly is the Catholic church.

      Therein lies the reaon for our attacks on them. It is not without cause or purpose. Moreover as journalists we find it topica considering it is
      current and highly topical now across the globe. (I refer to the sexual assaults in an institutionalised pattern by the clergy of the Catholic church).

      It is perhaps an important and relevant issue to take to discussion with the unenlightened sms, MTV generations (or degenerates) in places like Malaysia
      who go around like zombies regurgitating the “virtues” of this organization , the Catholic church that is at the epicentre of our moral disasters.

      And Zorro is a coward and a wannabe saviour of mankind. Ii is our view that he is the pits and should never be allowed to gloss his way through life.


  20. John Marchester says:

    Dear Sir, I may have been unclear. My reference was actually to Abd. Rahman Taib’s education policy which led to the end of English-medium schools and the unceremonious closure of the Brothers’ College in 1969.
    I agree with you that many conspire to overthrow the original inhabitants of Malaysia. In fact, I would like to take it further by highlighting that these poor people HAVE been already overthrown, drowned out by the Malays, which, by any internationally recognised standards, are actually not indigenous but a melting pot of Malay, Minang, Bugis, Bawean, Javanese traders and wanderers.
    I agree with you that few nowadays are attracted to a vocation that offers them nothing. While paedophilia in the Catholic Church might be a factor, the bigger cause, I believe, is current materialism and ‘entertainmentism’ (if I may), or, as you put it so well, the ‘MTV generations’. The youth of today lack spirituality and volunteerism, something our dear PM has been keen to restore.
    Regardless of Zorro and his ilk, who certainly taint their institution, I feel that there are more subversive forms of Christianity than Catholicism at work here. Being a citizen and local, I’m sure you are aware of the modern, American, rock-concert type of churches (esp. prevalent in Singapore), who’re out to ‘save’ as many souls as possible, dividing families and demonising long-cherished cultures in the process. I have seen youngsters of such kind here distributing leaflets even to Muslims!
    I therefore join your call to bring this discussion to the less enlightened and ignorant. I believe they must take interest in such matters, as they too have a part to play in our beloved nation.

    P.S. However I admit I am puzzled by one thing – how are the Malays, strong in numbers are united in one faith, subject to cultural genocide by the Chinese, half their number and of diverse beliefs? I’d appreciate it if you could allay my uncertainty.


    • grkumar says:

      So India is not really a legitimate country, because you have Punjabis (part of the Indo European group o Aryans)
      Assamese and Tripurans (Sino or Mongoloid), Tamils (Dravidians). And China with its Central Asian Aryans in Sinjiang,
      Its 33 other nations is not a nation. Okay lets get on with it. What Internationally recognized standard do you refer to?
      I suspect that of the “white settler nations” who legitimise their continued occupation of their colonies. Well if you give legitimacy
      to such arguments then lets ask the people if we should have a European colonial government at the helm in KL and Singapore, Jakarta,
      Delhi and Peking again. After all they too were there in these countries for over 400 years. Are they not Anak Bangsa whatever?

      As for the rest of your posting the new rock and roll churches are no different to the old “Bach and Beethoven” Churches whether it be
      through Handel’s Messiah at Christmas or the age old Gregorian chants. These were musical concerts to attract the proletarians of their
      day with classical music, paegentry and the colourful rituals of calling on the spirits of the beyond. Not different, just separate time spaces
      and trends. Same tricks.

      The Malays are not dominated by the Chinese. The Chinese are ostentatious and have a flair of making people believe they are ubermenschen. They
      are a lesser species especially in Malaysia. Take a look at Singapore today the veneer has peeled. Crime is growing faster there than IT or shipping.
      That veneer of respectability and money as the panacea for life has given way in uncertain economic and political times. Learn from that. The Chinese of south east
      Asia now face a future of fair competition and a battle of wits. It is not something they look forward to having bribed their way to where they are they know nothing
      about fair competition once their sponsors have been brought down. Machievelli’s “on wings of eagles”.


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