Dr. Alfred McCoys ” The Politics of Heroin in South East Asia” identifies a number of issues political, economic and strategic (from a military and defence perspective) in the post colonial re drawing of the geo political maps of south east Asia.

The implications of that re drawing of the geo political maps of south east Asia and the ramifications for its people the various ethnic nations within these nations, religious, cultural groups and institutions are now being felt everywhere and questioned by a new generation who ask;-

  • Who was it  and by what means and for what reasons were ‘rights and privileges’ distributed or denied the original inhabitants of these countries (Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Viet Nam, Kampuchea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Phillipines) in favour of special interest groups who continue to enjoy special rights and privileges as elites in these countries?
  • What is and what was the role of these  special interest elites in these countries (not in a majority) who continue to derive special benefits, special privileges and recognition from the former colonial powers of the region?
  • Who and whose interests do these special interest groups serve?
  • Who was it  and under what mandate and basis did they decide  on behalf of the majority in the region who their allies and the political ideologies would be? 
  • what as their motivation and their reasons for aiding the colonial powers to reach decisions that would affect generations in the region without proper consultation with their masses; And
  • who amongst the special interest groups of the  region are the ones that traded the rights of the majority in for that proverbial 30 pieces of silver binding the majority of people in the region for an eternity to the whims and the will of outside forces and foreign interests?

Write in your ideas and your thoughts on this subject and make your contribution known. Keep it civilsed and clean.

Gopal Raj Kumar

  1. justmy2SEN says:

    These are people hiding behind the so-called freedom of speech, equality when they themselves are guilty of race-superiority complex and racism.

    Just read comments in their blogs, malaysiakini, malaysiatoday, MI and u know what i mean

    I’m saying this once, and i’m confident it will be proven: THE MALAYS AND INDIAN ARE TAKEN FOR A RIDE BY THESE OPPORTUNIST LOT, just wait and see….


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