Israel’s self anointed position as righteous and “gods chosen” in the middle east is set to manifest itself again with a punitive strike against Iran. Israel and its proxy the US hold to the default position that a bomb in the hands of any Islamic state is anathema. The consequences is evident in Pakistan a former close ally and strategic partner in the sub continent. Pakistan formerly a bridge between the west and China and a third force and fifth coloumn in middle eastern politics is for the sin of a nuclear bomb of its own todays trash can of the west.  

Any talk about the US exiting Iraq has been greeted as heresy and blasphemy at the right wing of the Pentagon, Neo Con circles and might I add Tel Aviv.

The US under an Obama led administration has been desperately seeking ways and means of honourably existing the disaster they inherited that is Iraq and Afghanistan. An unmitigated military and foreign policy disaster created by the George Bush Jnr. administration following 9/11 .

A compliant mainstream media in the west, willing to do what Hill and Knowlton had done for the Allies in the first Gulf War, Spin, made the plans for the Iraqi misadventure all the more plausible and palatable to the American public. 

Hopefully now in their contemplation of another mid east adventure, the ‘audacity of hope’  that led to Obama will be part of that missing moral compass before Iraq to guide them against any act of rashness alone, with or in support of Israel.


With no practical exit strategy from Iraq, the US and their ally in the region Israel, will need a distraction that will allow them the means and justification to withdraw from the region but not without first securing for Israel the chaos that will consume the resources of the major anti Israel forces of the region and plunge them into self destruction for another decade at least.

That distraction has now come in the form of Ahmadinejad President of Iran. It is common knowledge that this man and his government were in the cross hairs of the USA and Israel for some time now. Israel it may be said cleverly engineered the aftermath of 9/11 and the provided the ‘intelligence’ for the invasion of Iraq.


Israel by providing the US with ‘intelligence’ the US wanted to see and the ‘intelligence’ Israeli intelligence wanted the US to see, secured for itself and its weakened and demoralised army, in a Machiavellian stroke of genius, a willing surrogate to work its military objectives in field. It outsourced that job to the larger US army.

It was a mutually acceptable exchange of misinformation, deceit and treachery severely limited in its probity but sufficient for a mutually acceptable political objective for destruction and control in the region. Regardless of the misinformation contained in that ‘intelligence’ it was designed as a means to an end.

Inspite of the foreseeable ensuing tragedy in the human cost of lives that would follow such an action resulting from that  flawed ‘intelligence’,  it would be justifiable as long as Israel was able to secure its northern and eastern flanks where its greatest threat lay in Saddam Hussein’s growing military might.

The term collateral damage ( or justification for killing innocents in a war) found new meaning and entered the lexicon of war in that conflict. The US blinded by their anti Islamic and anti Arab rage bought into the plan.


Ahmedinejad’s speeches translated from Farsi into English resulting in a pathetic web of distortion engineered by Israeli intelligence, has emerged as the moral ‘smoking gun’ to punish Iran. He is meant to have called for the destruction of Israel in a speech to his Majlis.

Farsi scholars and a more informed public know otherwise. He had called for doing away with an illegitimate regime in Israel. A far cry from the stated position being bandied by the US and Israel as having Ahmadinejad call for the destruction of the state of Israel.

Ahmadinejad is being painted into a rabid anti-Semite (considering Persians like the Arabs and Israelis are themselves Semite) a predictable insult commonly leveled by Israel against any criticism directed towards its actions and its general conduct against its citizens an neighbours alike. The US is supportive of Israel’s plans for a strike against Iran because the US itself has some unfinished business with Iran over the embassy seizure and its humiliation in Iran all those years ago.

The level of spin now directed against Ahmedinejad has reached fever pitch with the Murdoch press joining the US in beating war drums against Iran. Iranian exiles, mainly followers of the deposed and discredited Shah Reza Pahlavi clan, recruited from Paris to California, aided and abetted by the US, have begun to rev up the shrill bellicose anti Islamic pitch in Iran with street demonstrations against a supposedly ‘rigged election result’.

In the meantime the US and Israel are both suspected of having cultivated a coterie of anti Ahmedinejad military officers within the officer corps of the Iranian armed forces in readiness for a military coup in Tehran, They plan to do it in much the same way in which they cultivated a small disgruntled circle of Generals in Venezuela in a failed coup against Hugo Chavez there on 2002.


The deafening silence from Israel over Iran’s latest flexing of its military might test firing a long range missile may be an ominous sign of an impending pre emptive strike against facilities in Iran, characteristic of an Israel that believes it has a superior legal and moral right to such action against its neighbours in the region.


Benjamin Netanyahu in his previous incarnation of prime minister of Israel is an adventurous man with a need to fill the large shoes of his late brother Col. Jonathan Netanyahu who lost his life in that seminal anti hostage crisis that ended in whats now known as the Entebbe affair.

Benjamin in an effort to step out of his late brother’s shadows as a has been and wannabe, embarked on one of modern day Israel’s greatest misadventures when he ordered the assassination of Hamas military strategist Khaled Missal in the Jordanian capital of Amman.

The lessons of that failure appears to have escaped the man itching for a fight with Muslims in the region. He gravely miscalculated the strength of and the organizational skills and capacity of Hamas, the Palestinians and their own intelligence apparatus in the region. Israel paid for his failure dearly in prestige and political terms. 

That attempted assassination failed and its political objectives backfired on Israel and its previously unblemished record for precision military operations. Four Mossad field operatives (one a woman) were embarrassingly captured and detained by Hamas and Jordanian authorities in Amman.

The political and diplomatic nightmare that ensued trapped the late King Hussein of Jordan, George Bush Snr and the entire Israeli intelligence and political apparatus in an embarrassing expose of the treachery of mid eastern politics which stained the reputation of the late King Hussein and damaged the credibility of Netanyahu irreparably in the eyes of many.

Nethanyahu’s understanding of and Mossad’s own inside knowledge of Hamas was exposed as being flawed and dangerously outdated then. The infallibility and seeming invincibility of Mossad Israel’s premier intelligence service was as a result of this perception devoured by a rag tag army of Islamic militants or so it seemed and forever tarnished.  


Benjamin Netanyahu like many Israeli hawks in government have failed to move on and realise the Arabs of today are not the tent Bedouins of the 60’s and 70’s they ran over and humiliated with impunity then.

Each of the three of Israel’s greatest and most celebrated generals have one thing in common. Moshe Dyan, Yitzak Rabin and Ariel Sharon all made one thing clear at the end of their tenure in office. “Palestine was never a land without people for a people without land” as Zionist slogans read in the early days of settlement.

All three having been tested in battle and in political high office (Dyan was minister of defence and not PM) confirmed  that, the only solution for a just and lasting peace with the Arabs which would only attain would come about through negotiation, a dialogue with the Palestinans and recognition of the rights of the Palestinians to a homeland. For that Dyan was thrown into the outer. Rabin was assassinated and Sharon cursed an shunned by Jewish society including the armed forces if Israel.

The rest as they say is history. A history Israel does not need repeating one ould think.


A take out of Ahmadinejad by that proverbial ‘lone gunman’ of ‘mad suicide bomber’ is not out of the question altogether although something more dramatic is needed to enliven the Arab street and provide the much needed cover for military action.

Arab leaders within the region are as nervous of a nuclear armed Iran as the Israelis are. It must be remembered that much of the treachery that has resulted in humiliation of Arab armies and the enslavement of Palestinians population in the region has been as much the result of Arab disunity, perfidy and the greed and unrepresentative nature and illegitimacy of many of their leaders.

A strong politically and militarily independent Iran and their allies in Syria , Iraq and Hamas (more secular than Saudi Arabia) would spell doom not for Israel alone. It would without doubt have the capacity to force a re drawing of the political and military landscape of the entire region with consequences that will reach beyond the middle east alone.

Israel with their demonstrated capacity for survival and negotiation with the devil will find a way out. Not so the many Emir’s Sheiks and Sultans of the region who are kept in power by ruthless armies and secret police apparatus and not the will of their people.

Any victory or defeat dealt to Ahmadinejad by Israel or the US will embolden the Shi’ite majority of Iraq and galvanise the Iran Iraqi resistance to the US  and its allies as a formidable force in the region. It will destroy any progress in political and security terms the US believes it may have achieved since its invasion of Iraq.

The neighbouring Arabs especially in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have a lot to loose in any attack on Ahmadinejad or Tehran. It is common knowledge that the Saudi’s were complicit in the bombing of Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981 by allowing free passage to Israeli jets over their air space. The regime in Riyadh is seen by many Arabs within and outside Saudi Arabia as temporary and fragile, supported mainly by the massive American security presence in the region. 

A restive Shite population in neighbouring Kuwait and militants within the Kingdom will not stand by at any perceived humiliation of a fellow Islamic state, Shi’ite though they be. In fact any military action by Israel on Iran will galvanise “the Arab street” and perhaps work towards the demise of the State of Israel in its present form irredeemably so.


It is a little kept secret that Iran and other Arab states have all aspired to nuclear ambitions. It is even a lesser secret that Dimona in the Nege’ev desert is Israel’s store of nuclear warheads and it is armed to the teeth with a willingness to use a nuclear weapon on its enemies at its discretion.

It is equally a good argument and a more respectable one at that that the same ‘intelligence’ provided by Israel and their western allies about Iran’s nuclear abilities and ambitions are about as ruthlessly accurate as their intelligence in finding ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq.

There in Iraq over 1 million innocents paid a heavy price for that lie cum mistake. God knows who and how many will be made to endure the folly of a strike against the enemies of a belligerent and out of control Israel.

Stan Schnitzer

4 Responses to “ISRAEL’S STRIKE ON IRAN”
  1. sukra says:

    How come you are quoting “sources close to the US State Department” and accusing BN of “disinformation” re Hindraf? I hope you don’t have any untoward dealings with CIA.


    • grkumar says:

      souces close to the State Department are sources close to the State department. What are untoward dealings defined as in your book? The Late Tun Abdul Razak and his predeceossor in office the Tengku were both deeply involved with the CIA and the British MI5 to satve off a growing Communist threat to the region. Was that now that it is disclosed and public knowledge untoward? Whats so sacrosanct about the BN and its allies anyway? Are they not human? who are you to defend or justify their poor practices anyway?


  2. rotfl says:

    US should get out of Afghanistan and support the establishment of the caliphate. Israel is set up by the whites and should not exist.


    • grkumar says:

      I am not sure of the Caliphate. I am also unsure that Israel should not exist. Even religious Muslims and scholars of Islam believe that Israel’s only problem is that it came into existence without the Messiah leading the Jews back there. (A view held by Orthodox Jews as well). Both being children of Abraham I do not see why they cannot co exist.


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