In what may yet turn out to be an unprecedented and boldest of acts of defiance against tyranny in Malaysia, a Human Rights group is set to reverse the fortunes of a much persecuted and abused minority community in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s Indian Tamils (joined by Indonesian illegal workers) are finally to have their day in court. The Indians to be represented by a leading British Queens Counsel (QC) briefed by an Australian law firm seek to lay charges against leading Malaysian political figures for various offenses committed against their community over a period of time under Malaysian state policy which discriminates against them. The venue and jurisdiction for their action, Europe, the United Kingdom.

Counsel acting for the group has agreed to take on a brief of prosecution against the current serving Inspector General of Police Malaysia (and his immediate predecessor in office),  Malaysia’s former Minister of Home Affairs (Syed Hamid Albar) and the current incumbent in that position Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn. All of the four named are to be charged with offenses related to crimes against humanity, gross violation of Human Rights in Malaysia (extra judicial killings) and for torture.


A leaked document to GRK now reveals a background paper outlining a summary of the history of Indian indentured and slave labour (as defined under international law) from south India into plantations and other labour intensive industries run by colonial Britain in Malaya.

Interestingly the document identifies a more brutal regime of the successors to British colonial rule in Malaysia, the Malaysian government. It also summarizes and carefully documents systemic and systematic oppression by the state against the complainants since independence. The document is believed to provide the foundation for the basis of claims by the group.

The leaked document also includes a list of offenses the defendants when charged, will have to answer to which includes;

(a) individual and gang rape (b) torture (c) extra judicial killings (d) confiscation of property (personal) (e) kidnapping (f) drownings (g) body snatching (h) forced conversion and other forms of religious oppression (i)  deprivation of liberty (j) torture and kidnapping of children.


Under the new lethal legal doctrine of  Justice and Accountability, a principle that seeks to End Impunity for sovereign offenders  responsible for having committed or having abetted in the commission of criminal and Human Rights offenses,  sovereign immunity is stripped away from them under the rule and the offender will no longer be able to raise the defence of the ‘act of a sovereign’.

The current action (if confirmed) would indicate that “the tail has finally found the muscle and coordinates to wag the proverbial dog” in Malaysia where Tamils have historically faced systemic and systematic persecution and marginalization at the hands of a race based government.


If the prosecution does go ahead, it may well be the case that the 4 individuals named in the suit may be forced into exile in their own homes within the limited security of the borders of Malaysia. Such a restriction would mean that they would be unable to travel freely outside the geographic boundaries of Malaysia.

Further, if warrants are issued these 4 would be joined in infamy to the ranks of notoriety of  other international pariahs like Ehud Barak Defence Minister of Israel, Presdient Bashir of Sudan, Slobodan Milesovic, Radan Karajic and Humberto Mejia of Guantemala all of whom have warrants issued against them for vile  and heinous crimes against humanity.

The warrants when  issued is likely to further do irreparably damage Malaysia’s cosmetic image as a liberal, cosmopolitan, developing and industrialized democracy. That veneer of respectability it has for so long craved and jealously sought to guard, built up over decades of hard work and ambition will peel off from the heat that results from any inquiry or prosecution in an international court, to reveal a tin pot dictatorship parading as liberals and democrats.

Nothing unfortunately in such circumstances will in the short term be able to redeem the tarnished image of the country and its people from the social and political stigma attached to such warrants.

We will keep our readers posted of any further developments in this matter once we have confirmed the application has actually been lodged.

  1. Krishna says:

    There nothing about this in Malaysia. Is it true?


    • grkumar says:

      Your question follows a statement which reads “There’s nothing about this in Malaysia”. is it true.? Are you asking if it is true that there is nothing about this (the warrants story) in Malaysia? if thats the question then;

      I do not believe this story will even reach mainstream media in Malaysia. If it does, then everything said about the lack of impartiality about government controlled media would be untrue.

      There is unlikely to be any encouragement to expand or investigate the truth of whats been revealed to us .



  2. ling says:

    This is the first I’ve read about it. Can you pls give us the source of this news so that we can do more research into this.


    • grkumar says:

      What do you want to research? Its the first you’ve read about it because what we obtained was a leak of confidential material. Why on earth would we want to share that with you. Who are you and what research do you wish to pursue?

      If you keep watching this site, we will keep you abreast of changes and provide updates as they occur. To leak the source of a leak……….which hand are you using for chrissakes??



  3. ling says:

    No need to fly off the handle, Mr Kumar. I just wanted to see if I can find this item of news elsewhere in blogosphere, eg. if there is a similar report emanating from the UK or anywhere in mainland Europe. I am nobody, just another reader. Gosh, you are touchy!


    • grkumar says:

      being practical. not ‘off the handle’. sensitive information, protection of confidentiality of our sources, being different to rat bags who blog like they spit on the streets…………… know the types. we have every reason to keep publishing and to avoid the fate of the Kugan’s of this world. aalready there has been two attempts to warn us of publishing anything thatwould put the reputations of government ministers and members of the police force in a bad light. we take these warnings as compliments. we do not rant and ravefor the sake of being anti government, anti malay or anti umno. we writewhat we write on an evidence based platform. hope this explains our position. GRK


  4. emily says:

    Waiting for your further update!


  5. Edmund Jesson says:

    Hello Mr G R Kumar,

    I am an Indian Singaporean and am interested in what is happening to Indians generally in the world and in particular Malaysia as I have many relatives there.

    Sir, never give up fighting for justice even if it means death.

    I am sure Indians around the world like me would like to know what is happening in that god forsaken country which portrays its self as a multi-racial democratic country in their on going advertisements here in Singapore and I guess around the world.

    With Best Regards

    Edmund Jesson


    • grkumar says:

      Its not necessarily about being Indian only although we understand what you mean. Its about the truth and its about life. So don’t be prepared to die unless there is a reason worth dying for. Malaysia like all other tin pot dictatorship police states live for the moment in the belief that it will go on forever unnoticed.

      Malaysia’s authorities carry on the way they do because there are Indians and Chinese and Malays who support them through their silence. Those who claim to oppose the government and its failures are no different. Given half the chance they demonstrate so naturally a tendency to do exactly the same. It is part of a cultruaal flaw. As long as it does not affect them directly they are prepared to turn the other way. Its a human weakness.

      Remember this: ” All that it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to turn the other way”
      Keep writing and pass the word around. You’d be surprised where we get our information from.


  6. indransagaran says:

    Mrg Sir,

    Keep us posting.


  7. fargowin says:

    This race stereotyping is actually the work of the present day government, headed by the Umno racist using race and religion as a tool to stay in power.

    The native of this land a.k.a. son of the soil are the native (Dusun, Iban, Kadazan, etc) of Borneo and the Orang Asli (Dayak, Jakun, Sakai, etc) in Peninsula. Not you malay arrogant pieces of shit!

    Before the arrival of Islam into Malaysia, the different races live in harmony without questioning race or religion. They may be cultural different but they accepted each other.

    After independence, race was used by the Umno racist, and then formulated the NEP, which divided everyone. The Umno fascist use Islam in schools, universities and workplaces to segregate, and in the name of fighting PAS.

    The modus operandi of Umno has always be, divide and rule, and the devil is in the detail and implementation of the religious department.

    Umno is king in creating diversion, when they are cornered, use race and religion. Race and religion is the most explosive issue and they have used it successfully since independence.

    All this is done to perpetuate their hold on political power. It is for Umno benefits to play the race card, because this is the only way to ensure their hold on to political power. And 50 long years have proven them right. The race card works well and works every time!

    They have succeeded in keeping the races apart socially, and fanned animosity amongst the races with their discriminatory and racist politics.

    All give politically reasoning – well here goes a correct one – malay is lazy because of Islam.

    How can one pray 5 times and yet be expected to be productive? Wait for the foreigners to come and set up their factory and having to cater for Islam needs!

    If malays embrace other religion then there is hope for Malaysia otherwise your hope is in the existence of Umno terrorist liars – don’t count on them being there forever – we are factoring in Umno racist absence in our business plan!

    The problem with malays is that they forget too easily. It was the Chinese, Indians and Malays who fought for the independence.

    The NEP was design to help the malays catch up with the Chinese and the Indians. Now looks like after 40 years, malays are still behind and very proud of it.

    Still want to receive handouts from the government! Still afraid to fight it out on fair ground with the Chinese, Indians and other races! Fearful is the malay race!

    Without the government subsidies and supports – I don’t know how many malay businesses will still stand? So when can we see some towering malays and who dare to refuse government help and still succeed?

    Grabbing other people success and call it your own success is not success but a disgrace!

    Their laziness caused the nation’s economy to slump and resources are wasted. They take 5 days to complete a day work. Malays always think that they are helping the other races when they are lazy. For God sake, please wake up! You are doing it for your own, not for anybody!

    Majority of the nation need to be educated again. On the meaning of Malaysia.


  8. charlie Joe says:

    Good Work, GRK… I’ll keep it refreshed and re-circulated around the world, periodically..


  9. charlie Joe says:

    Taken from……..Hindu American Foundation..

    HAF Meets with Malaysian Ambassador Jamaluddin Jaris
    October 5, 2009 (Washington, D.C.) – The Hindu American Foundation met with Malaysian Ambassador, and Member of Parliament, Jamaludin Jarjis on October 5th. The Foundation raised concerns over the incident in Shah Alam where Muslim Malays carried a severed cow’s head to the State Secretariat’s office protesting the relocation of a temple in the area. The Ambassador was noncommittal about the need for Hindu temples to be relocated to Hindu majority areas; about the Internal Security Act (ISA) being used to harass and intimidate Hindu/opposition leaders; about sharia courts weighing in on matters of conscience; and about the need to end Bumiputra laws that discriminate against and treat non-Malays as second class citizens.


  10. BJ says:

    Good work GRK, sad to say the tool of NEP and marginalisation has created thousands of bumi millionaires, huge i mean billions of RM of our country financial resources has channel to them, all goverment contracts are past on to them to profit first and then non bumis will be left to complete the job. Major banks are all under their control, what have we left to fight on? human rights?


  11. Nice and informative site.


  12. says:

    Shabas GRK PRAY that the propose action must>
    METERIALISED< for the sake of the population of
    Malaysian, and the population to come.


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