Balasubramaniam’s Bombshell- A Naked Conspiracy by Lawyers?

GENESIS There is something rather disingenuous and sinister about the recent spate of voluntary confessions  being made by judges, lawyers, public officials and policemen from within the emerging ‘latent’ conscience of Malaysian political circles. All of these ‘inspired’, appear not out of nowhere. They conveniently conspire to converge at a critical point in a strange coincidence of events. That criticalContinue reading “Balasubramaniam’s Bombshell- A Naked Conspiracy by Lawyers?”


 INTRODUCTION Just when the dust had begun to settle on his previous and unfortunate attempt to create chaos and seize government in the ensuing confusion in Malaysia in 1998, Anwar Ibrahim appears once more to have gravely miscalculated his moves. Demonstrating a mercenary ‘the devil may care’ attitude in his unquenchable lust for power heContinue reading “LINGHAM TAPES A RECORD OF IGNORANCE?”

Where is Raja Petra Kamaruddin?- A Sweetheart Deal to Return

Update- Just In And Justice for All ? Pursuant to the article below, informed sources reveal to us that Raja Petra Kamaruddin who has been in negotiations with the Malaysian government since absconding may have secured for himself a deal allowing him safe return to Malaysia. A condition of his safety on return and a cornerstone of theContinue reading “Where is Raja Petra Kamaruddin?- A Sweetheart Deal to Return”