An interesting book for all those of you who believe corruption is something that is endemic in Malaysia and a phenomenon unique only to Malaysia. Or in the alternative that the BN and UMNO have a monopoly on corruption if they are proved to be corrupt.
And for those of you who solicit petitions of support from Australia’s parliamentarians, ready to throw mud at their Malaysian counterparts in the exercise of their White Australian beliefs that, they are somehow better and cleaner than their lesser colleagues in Malaysia, there are revelations in this book that ought to give you food for thought.


A non-fiction book about corruption in the Australian Government, Judiciary and Federal Police. There is no doubt it will spark a Royal Commission.

The book is a great read for anyone who has an interest in politics and non-fiction books on corruption. It is a must read for anyone in the legal fraternity especially law students and other students studying Ethics and Professional Responsibility.

It allows the reader to be a fly on the wall as it happened and also see the abuses of the legal system from a practical perspective not just a theoretical viewpoint as most books on Ethics and Professional Responsibility are solely theory based.

The book also deals with corruption by the directors of Fairfax Media and their lawyers Freehills, including the directors of Freehills. The book includes documented evidence and names names.


Some of the highlights are, but not limited to:

1. Prima Facie cases against a number of judicial officers for breaching section 34 of the 1914 Crimes Act.

2. The Attorney General, Robert McClelland, trying to cover up the corruption and caught out lying about referring the corruption to the Federal Police.

3. The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd turning a blind eye to the corruption and his own criminal history.

4. The current directors of Fairfax Media being in contempt of court.

5. A current judge having a sexual relationship with one of the respondents while the judge was hearing the matter.

6. Transcript evidence of a judicial officer lying while on the bench in relation to having a personal interest in the matters. When I started asking to many questions he quickly transferred the matters to the Federal Court.

7. The fraudulent costs bill sent to the author by Freehills Lawyers on behalf of Fairfax Media which showed criminal conduct and fraud etc. So much so that they could never enforce the costs.

8. The criminal history of a judicial officer which includes price fixing and bribing a witness. Plus much more.


The Commonwealth Ombudsman, Professor John McMillan, has openly stated in an ABC Four Corners interview (October 2008) that the Australian Federal Police do not want to know about corruption in their own department. He said he was also told this directly by senior Australian Federal Police.

This in itself says there needs to be a Royal Commission. It is worth noting that the Federal Police and the Federal Courts are all part of the Attorney Generals Department. Some of the topics the book raises and/or deals with are:

(i) judicial bias – judicial corruption – bribes – perceived bias – actual bias –

(ii) breaching the Barrister Rules – breaching the Solicitor Rules – lack of ethics –

(iii) abusing procedural fairness – abuse of processes – delaying tactics – over charging –

(iv) attempted fraud – criminal conduct – attempting to pervert the course of justice – fabricating evidence – dereliction of duty – shredding of evidence personal interest.

Just for the record on the front and back covers there are pictures of the Author holding a sign Justice Moore takes bribes. The photos were tendered as part of an affidavit in court before Justice Moore. The book has further information on history of the photos.


And finally out of interest, Michael Danby the Jewish member of Parliament who sits on the foreign affairs committee of parliament who readily speaks out on behalf of Anwar Ibrahim and justice (as he calls it) was not long ago accused by his former wife of domestic violence.

People in glass houses should not throw stones. Malaysia for all its faults does not jail dissenters or persecute them like their highly acclaimed pro western neighbour Singapore. Yet none of these so called men and women of conscience from Australia’s parliament are prepared to break their deafening silence about Singapore’s abuses of the most basic of human rights, the right to be heard.

Get the book, read it and get a life.


Author:   Shane Dowling
Publisher:   Shane Dowling
Edition:   1


Pages:   330
Publication Date:   18 August 2009
Format:   Paperback
Availability:   Out of print, replaced by

Author:   Shane Dowling
Publisher:   Shane Dowling
Edition:   1


  1. Naif says:

    “And finally out of interest, Michael Danby the Jewish member of Parliament who sits on the foreign affairs committee of parliament who readily speaks out on behalf of Anwar Ibrahim and justice (as he calls it) was not long ago accused by his former wife of domestic violence. ”

    Great minds think alike but fools seldom differ? I heard Anwar does the same thing to his wife.


    • grkumar says:

      He appears to have done more damage to his reputation and to his male friends bottoms according to the charges he now faces. We must wait till the court hands down its verdict. If he is guilty of an allegation of domestic violence, then his wife has an obligation to herself and to others to disclosee that problem.



  2. cybercdo says:

    Well it’s sounds good. Plan to buy at least two copies. A copy for me and the other one to be delivered “free of charge” to Anwar .


    • grkumar says:

      I would not mind delivering a “free of charge” copy to you. But with Anwar, there are no freebies it seems. He has already been charged.



  3. Still at it? Apologising for the racist Umno? That’s an unpopular take. Two wrongs do not make a right. No one in Malaysia cares two hoots about Australia. We are only concerned about Malaysia.


    • grkumar says:

      Perhaps that’s why the Malaysian opposition (still in a vocal and disorganised minority) go searching for Australian support for its discredited ventures and the ignominious acts of its so called leader Anwar Ibrahim.

      If UMNO is racist then the MIC and MCA must be racist too. Just that the other two don’t have the numbers to do what they want to. MIC and MCA are identifiable by the race of their constituents. A case of sour grapes?

      I think Malaysians are very interested in Australia. The largest single group to have migrated to Australia over past decades since ending of the White Australia policy are Malaysians. They also still constitute one of the largest single group of tourists, criminals (mainly of Chinese stock from your opposition), drug pushers and prostitutes and students although not necessarily in that order.

      Elizabeth Wong was busy with her fingers recently dialling her connections in Sydney and in Melbourne. Well wrong this time Mr. Joe. Wrong indeed.

      We don’t have to apologise for anyone group. Just observing those other groups who cannot make it becaause of their own stupidity is sufficient to give us the laughs we need and the munition to keep writing intersting stuff that many read. We can’t keep all the people happy all the time.



  4. GRK,
    Lets be polite. Your entire argument is down to the fact that it seems, from your twisted, myopic, fact-lite point of view – Australia is just as bad as Malaysia.

    Well thats great ! Australia as corrupt as Malaysia, fantastic.

    It is precisely this form of thinking that allowed that man Mahathir to get away with some of the most ridiculous ideas around – the argument that “find me which country which is not corrupt.”

    This rhetorical form of questioning served to confuse and confound the illiterates of yesteryears. But in year 2010, we don’t care if Australia is more or less corrupt. We care about Malaysia and whether or not it is fine and dandy for a pol sec to have RM 2 million in cash bills strewn in his apartment.

    Of course, those who have milked the system like yourself, would be lost on appreciating issues like these. Or whether the “comparatively equal corruption” is responsible for capital amounting to RM 145 billion leaving the country in 2008, where else in Thailand they registered a capital flow in of RM 50 billion for the same period.

    Oh no, it does not matter, the money has been made, why should one be bothered about tidbits like this.

    Your right , get a life, and get a brain too.



    • grkumar says:

      So whats the point you make once you have wiped the froth off your mouth? What ridiculous ideas do you specifically refer to of Mahatir’s that “he got away with?”. “The rhetorical form of questioning served to confuse the illiterates of yesteryear???”. Well Khairy you may be able to read and write but you remain as confused as the “illiterates”. Again be specific.

      Where does it say in the law that a person who holds public office may not have $2 million or $100 million strewn around his house or up his anus? Capital flows and inflows are an eternal phenomenon and characteristic of international economics. Why selectively Thailand as an example? look at their state of affairs politically? Look at what their economy consists of? no two nations have the same advantages and disadvantages. They have a significant inflow from tourism. Sex tourism. It is one of the invisibles of their economy. If you are prepared to let your women contribute to the economy in this capacity like they do in Thailand please go ahead. It may well contribute to the capaital inflows and outflows you speak about so passionately here.

      Lee Kuan Yew at the helm of Tamasek lost $65 billion in bad bank investments. Thats a hell of a lot more than $145 million which is interest for some billionaire somewhere. Chicken feed ( a banquet for the chicken brained). One has to draw comparissons. Not just you with your feeble lessons in economics. The US government, the worlds most powerful economy lost in the trillions from the same phenomenon which resulted in the outflows of capital you appear so angered about.

      If Mahathir alone did all he is accused of having done, then all of you in Malaysia deserve every bit of it for your inaction and your stupidity in allowing it to happen. In lesser countries and with lesser opportunities and means people have thrown out tyrants. If Mahathir was a tyrant as a minority claim, then they deserved not just him but his successors ten fold. We always deserve the government we get.

      You clearly are out of reasoning, ideas, logic or proof of the far fetched allegations you make of others. I do not live in Malaysia and have the luxury of making the comments I make in my articles from a detatched perspective albeit with the benefit of evidence which I challenge you and your kind to disprove or rebutt. As arrogant as it may sound, mine is the better perspective.

      As for a contrarian argument, I have yet to see or hear or read one that has sufficient logic or substance for me to support. The opposition you support has no coherent alternative policies of any kind. Loud mouths full of allegations they cannot support.

      The BN and UMNO do not have to win. People like you, RPK, Kit Siang, the loud Punjabi Karpal and Anwar simply have to keep loosing by digging your collective heels into the mire, cementing your unwinnable position with fiction, trash, rumour, gossip and general mischief playing the bum boys of your sponsors.

      And unless and until you are able to provide solid evidence of your claims and allegations, you remain an abject unmitigated fool with only your conniptions, your desultory and nebulous arguments to justify your occupation of valuable space on the surface of this earth.

      You treat your freedoms like the old Malay saying “saperti kera dapat bunga”.

      Keep taking your medicaiton and you will find the world a better placce to live in. If you have a solitary evidence based set of allegations against Dr. Mahathir capable of admission into a proper court of law to be tried let me know. I will fund and manage the affair for you. Well maybe not you considering how tainted you have become with your rabid allegations all over blogsphere. Get me someone more credible.

      Cheers and keep reading. one never knows what may result. “Hope springs eternal from the ……………….” if you can find one to suckle.
      Yes I will get a brain. But I doubt you will be able to recognise it. If you had another brain my friend, it would be lonley.



      • As to the question where it says you may not have RM 2 million strewn around the floor or have RM 100 million stuffed up the anus – the answer is in the law. Specifically the law that you should be account for your income. If you were to stuff RM 100 million up your anus, and had to declared the RM 100 million on your tax form due to the monies being received illegally then not only are you guilty of committing a crime against the IRB, but you probably got the money illegally.

        And usually when incidences of people having RM 100 million stuffed up the anus are reported the money is due to illegal transactions such as drug trafficking, bribery or betting. If you do find an honest man who kept such large amounts in strewn in his floor, perhaps you could do him a favour and introduce him to the concept of a bank. After all his maid may make friends with the Indon immigrants ( another product of Mahathirsm) and they may decide to pay a visit late at night.

        As to the ridiculous ideas Mahathir got away with
        1) Perwaja – cost RM 10 billion
        2) Maminco (cornering the LME) – cost ??
        3) BNM Forex (if we screwed up on the metal exchange, perhaps we could do better on the foreign exchange)– cost RM 20 – 30 billion
        4) PKFZ – cost RM 1.9 billion – he chaired the land valuation committee that agreed to the value
        5) PutraJaya – cost unknown. Nobodies how much it costs – estimates range from RM 20 – RM 60 billion. Perhaps you could tell me?
        6) MSC – cost unknown. Ditto the above
        7) Bailout of MAS – RM 2 billion
        8) Bailout of Halim Saad Renong equity – caused the KLSE do go down 20%. Cost in investor confidence – ditto my article on Thailand
        9) MV Augusta – purchase of 55% of a company on the verge of bankruptcy fro RM 560 million, valuing its common equity at about RM 1 billion. Which is strange considering the company had a negative NTA. Read my blog to take you step by step how professionals value a firm
        10) Destruction of the judiciary – Cost unknown.

        These are some of the issues that the older generation allowed this man to get away with. Whilst it is true, the malleable and easily swayed Malaysians deserved this form of exploitation by this man, it is not fair that this hardship is borne by the next generation, whilst the older generation live off the booty plundered during his reign or are content with the generous pensions doled out.

        Why do I compare Thailand.

        Before that Mahathir came into power in 1981, every singe indicator that would be considered prior to an FDI investment linked decision that pitted Thailand against Malaysia would be in Malaysia’s favour. Education, currency stability (once again read up on fx consolidation, it may take some time since you may have the gift of the gab but lacking of the substance), protection of investments owned by foreigners, law and its application – all of it Malaysia came out trumps. In fact the single most important investment decision – the setting up on Intel’s plant in Penang happened before that Mahathir could go and tinker and screw things up i.e in 70s.

        Right now, after 22 years of screwing things up directly and a further 5 doing damage indirectly, the situation has changed. Thailand can attract new capital flow, Malaysia loses capital generated or that prior to this had been invested here.

        So yet another idea for the honest civil servant with RM 100 million stuffed up his anus – invest it Thailand!

        By the way, where do you live? The Malays have a saying “Di Mana Bumi Di Pijak, Di Situ Langit Di Junjung”


      • grkumar says:

        I would respectfully suggest you read articles on Gopal Raj Kumar the Blog on each of the issues you have raised. You provide no proof of your assertions except to vandalise the reputation of others you do not like. To indulge you is to dignify your vulgar tirades.

        As to the Thai analogy you have missed one significant error and defect in doing so. Thailand is not a common law jurisdiction and its practices and procedures are dependent upon not only parliament but also the overriding power of a totalitarian un elected demi god King placed there by the US after the mysterious death of his brother the lawful heir to the throne. And when they have no legal solution they send in the army.

        Again I suggest you prove your assertions on each of the issues you have raised (including the Perwira issue for which I am aware of a current brief of advice on some issues being prepared on behalf of a client of the company by a barrister in New Zealand) and do so within the framework of the law.

        I have challenged many a Malaysian lawyer on each of these issues they regurgitate time and time again as if the gospel truth to prove their assertions in this regard. None so far have been game enough to respond to that challenge. What they do instead is to go to the Nutgraph, that carrier of anti government and anti Malay/ Islamic propaganda and get those pubscent women on their staff to write love letters to each other and their little pretty boy editor to play school boy games by censorship.

        The quality of your arguments, proferring gratuitous interpretations of the tax law is hideous and leaves you vulnerable to exposing your ignornace further.

        If you have the substance of admissibale proof I will entertain you. Otherwise go play with the Nutgraph or RPK. You act like them.



  5. Once again you prove your knowledge of matters is restricted to the size of your girth ( which could be quite a lot, but not enough)

    You said :
    They have a significant inflow from tourism. Sex tourism. It is one of the invisibles of their economy. If you are prepared to let your women contribute to the economy in this capacity like they do in Thailand please go ahead. It may well contribute to the capaital inflows and outflows you speak about so passionately here.

    The capital account of the Balance of Payments records investments in portfolios (equity and debt) as well as more direct FDI orientated stakes.

    I do not believe that investment in paying hookers constitutes a valid flow for the capital account. It could appear under the Current account – if of course the brothels are organized under some trade called services.

    Read up a bit more.


    • grkumar says:

      I like your selective responses. It has now turned to an accounting/ economic argument. What happened to the Mahathir evidence you were challenged to provide? If my knowledge of matters is restricted to the size of my girth it is by your standards that you decide that. Applying the same standards there is more reason and evidence to conclude that your intellect and intelligence is proportionate to your shoe size considering the low level of argument you present each time you write.

      It is always a telling sign of a bankrupt argument when one gets personal. You can’t play the ball so you play the man.

      Getting back to the ‘thorn in your side’ the interpretation of capital accounts, you may well be right. But investments in portfolios (equity and debt) take all forms and shapes. Prostitution is a capital industry in Thailand. There is significant investment in that industry there. There always was. And such investments were made even before the onset of the Viet Nam War the catalyst for its unhealthy pandemic growth. During the Viet Nam War Thailand being a favourite destination for GI’s on R&a was a net recipient of USO funding for ‘entertainment and leisure’ purposes.

      The treatment of capital accounts and revenue is dependent on the political and financial policies of each country. Concealing inflows and outflows is a common practice of large organizations and governments alike. The reason governments like the US engage in all sorts of immoral activities like the trafficking of cocaine to support their illicit wars in South America is precisely because Congress would not support these wars as they were illegal. It did not however stop the government from acting covertly and engaging in a multi billion dollar trade which was turned overe greater amounts than the GDP of many countries of the region. The investments in Columbia and Peru and Chile were huge. They were concelaed and dressed up as some other form of investmnt, bloated like aair baloons or shall I say the Malaysian opposition’s promises and undeliverable objectives.

      I won’t bother going into the many documented authorities that identify some of the more ‘reputable’ investment houses, hotel chains and tourism promoters including at least one regional airline that channeled such money from private sources and ‘reputable’ national and international organizations as the USO during that period. It ran into the tens of millions of dollars.

      Therefore what you do believe and what you chose not to believe is irrelevant to your economic argument (now that the political gossip and trash you promote has no currency).
      The practice of investing in prostitution including child prostitution, promoting paedophilia and ‘white slavery’ is still rampant in the region. Cambodia is a case in point. The investment in these businesses (which are not insignificant) come from some of the most respectable of funds from the region.

      Helen Vatsikopolous in her SBS documentary in 2002 identified Tamesek Holdings as a key partner of Lo Sin Han in Myanmar. Lo as you may or may not know is the Chinese warlord and drug kingpin who controls the cultivation, processing and distribution of opium into heroin in whats popularly known a the Golden Triangle. Out of this inhumane trade come prostitutes, slaves, pimps and murderers all of which Lo and the Myanmar army have a hand in with their Thai counterparts.

      Tamasek as you again may or may not know is Singapore’s sovereign fund. Singapore hangs the low level operatives of Lo’s empire at Changi prison when caught. Former Singapore prime minister Lee Kuan Yew is now at the helm following his daughter in law’s departure from the post of chair person of the organization. There are many such contradictions in life which people cannot understand because they are moral arguments and not legal ones.

      If you have anything of general interest thats not personal and of some substance, we would dearly love to hear from you. Your arguments thus far fit into the Nutgraph category. Go there and vent your spleen. Your ignorance has nothing to do with us. We did not bring you into this world. Change your moniker from Wengerjkhairy to wanker j khairy. It is more suited to your little man status.



  6. kiasu says:

    Wenger J Khairy,

    “…capital amounting to RM 145 billion leaving the country in 2008…”

    – Why don’t you ask your brother’s father in-law who was the PM then if such out-flow happened. Tun Mahathir left the office 5 years before. Why finger-pointing at someone who had retired long time ago. Where were you when Tun Mahathir was the PM?

    Perwaja, Maminco? Where’s your fact of allegation? Did the Govt wind up Perwaja then, didnt Perwaja employed thousands of Malaysian over the last 20-25 years? How much kickback did Tun Mahathir get from EricChia?

    BNM forex loss? Ask your brother’s Son in-Law who is his idol then and now and what Anwar Ibrahim as Finance Minister then and his crony the BNM Governor got to do with this debacle?

    PKFZ valuation? How much? Did Mahathir sign the valuation report and prepare it to the committee? Why not go after LLS?

    MSC? Cyberjaya, KLIA? Sorry to say this is the pride of the nation and your brother’s Father in-Law is so pathetatic and pale in comparison. The cost? Ask Anwar Ibrahim, Kamaruddin jaafar, Zaid Ibrahim la, these people control the funds thru the Contraktors Kelas A Wibawa invented by KJ’s idol AI.

    MAS/Renong Tajuddin Ramli/Halim Saad? obviously some people betrayed the trust and confident given by Tun Mahathir and eventually the fell into the back books of Tun Mahathir. But your sister Kalimullah got away scot free, ask your warrior KJ, Pak Lah why?

    Augusta? Didnt KJ sold this company to GEVY or so at RM4.50 without any tender process and against Mahathir’s objection, only to later re-sold by GEVY or so to BMW & Harley davidson for close to RM1 billion (not Indonesia rupiah or Thai bhat, or zimbawbe dollar).

    One simple question to you Wenger, Pak Lah and KJ – so you have power to decide, but why didnt you TENDER OUT the sale? I repeat, TENDER OUT?

    I never said Tun Mahathir never made mistakes, but over 22 years and hundreds of decision-making every day during the period compared with the 60 months Pak Lah’s kataktrophe reign..and the amount of Petronas dollars in 5 years compared with Mahathir’s 22-years, one wonders where your brain is Wenger?

    You may not be one of the KJ and AI balachi, but you certainly sound like one, so obvious!


  7. ana says:


    I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime. I must say that on every post I always feel enlightened espcially when it is related to law. For me this blog gives me the balanced view of the issue.

    Having said that there are old issues that untill now I’ve yet to grasp and fully understood. One of those is the sacking of the Lord President Tun Salleh Abbas during Dr Mahathir’s time. I really hope if you could give your take on that. Thank you, Sir


  8. tydell says:

    I think what GRK trying to prove here is, no body is perfect. No country is perfect, not australia, definitely not usa, and yes not malaysia.

    Everybody has their own agendas, monetary and principle.

    The aussies/american/whites thought they are changing the world for the better by interfering other countries business, but can anybody give us any good example of the ‘betterness’ that they bring to the countries they mess with, without gaining anything, in return?


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