In early February 2010 a group of 50 White Australian Members of Parliament led by the controversial MP Michael Danby an anti Muslim politician, took the unprecedented and audacious step of petitioning Malaysia’s government urging it to break a local law by aborting the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial. 

Apart from its overtly racist tones (that Malaysians are somehow a lesser people incapable of understanding their own laws and the concept of  justice) in a clear breach of convention, protocol and international law, these MP’s (and by implication the parliament of Autralia) accuse the Malaysian courts and its government of a political witch hunt against Anwar Ibrahim urging the government of Tun Najib Razak to intervene to have Anwar Ibrahim’s trial aborted. 

The petition would have been a morally commendable document had it come from a more noble, more law abiding race neutral nation and its people. And it would also have been appropriate that it was delivered to Malaysia’s government through Australia’s seemingly morally unimpeachable parliamentary representatives. 

Instead the insult has come from a parliament still trying to defend its culture of violence, organized crime and anti Asian racism they would like us to believe went out with Pauline Hanson or Whitlam before her.

Edward Gough Whitlam prime minister of Australia (1970) may have rightfully relegated the White Australia policy to the dustbins of history whilst he was in office. However White Australia has been morally challenged in coming to terms with the fact that the White Australia Policy remains deeply etched in their collective psyche in the form of the convention of the White Austraila Policy. Not its legislative imperative. 

That convention justifies or relegates to a lesser offence the anti Asian (read anti Indian anti Malay and anti Chinese) racism of violence including murder against Asians of the three major races. No amount of legislation can undo the belief that Asians and Africans are a lesser form of human for them. That will require radical political and moral surgery to cure effectively.

And a warning for those of you with children at school in Australia and those of you with other interests in Australia. You would do well to read the extracts from Australian news publications below and reconsider your position: 


25 February 2010

A Chinese student who was stabbed 15 times outside a university campus in Sydney’s west has undergone emergency surgery while police remain on the hunt for her attacker (s). 

The 33-year-old woman was walking along East Street, Lidcombe, about 8.15pm (AEDT) on Monday, when she was attacked from behind and repeatedly stabbed in the back, her neck and her chest. 

Police believe the attacker stole the woman’s mobile phone and fled the area. The victim was attacked not far from where a University of Sydney campus and a TAFE facility are located. 

Passing motorists stopped to help the woman before rushing her to a local Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery.The woman’s condition remains serious but stable. Her mobile phone and other personal belongings were later found and handed in to police by an unidentified woman. 


22 February 2010

The driver of the Consul General of Malaysia in Sydney was killed on Monday 22 February 2010 in a frenzied hammer attack. The victims attackers wore balaclavas and pursued him to near where he lived in a Sydney suburb before setting upon him with a hammer. He was bludgeoned to death. 


3 January 2010 

The New Year began on an ominous note for young Indians in Australia. Nitin Garg (21) was brutally stabbed in the abdomen near a Melbourne restaurant where he worked part time on Saturday night. 

Garg managed to stagger 300 metres to the restaurant Hungry Jack’s, where he pleaded for help before collapsing. He died in hospital the following morning, becoming the first victim to have died following a string of alleged racist attacks on members of the Indian community in Australia which began last year. 


The government of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have continually denied a race problem exists in Australia involving white people targetting people from Asia. They project a view that the only Asian race problem in Australia was Pauline Hanson and that now Hanson has been politically neutralized, Australians are happy to continue to love and tolerate Asians and others of the non white races. 

Rudd and Gillard both Sinophiles strongly anti Indians and staunchly anti Muslim have been in denial much to the embarrassment of many in their own party. Rudd and Gillard inspite of the evidence to the contrary before them have always claimed that there is no racism or race based violence in Australia.

Instead the two of them now joined by Danby and his rabid unapolegetically racist team of 50 morally naked parliamentarians, hide behind the carefully worded statements of their PR people and party apparachiks who answer for them along the stock phrases like the much used line “We condemn all forms of violence” (the except for violence against Aisans being the silent part of that statement). 


There is a wide body of evidence that the Australian Labour Party (ALP) the architects of the original White Australia Policy engage gangs (mainly Lebanese these days) through their party offices in Sussex Street in Sydney. These gangs enjoy the protection of the corrupt New South Wales Police and labour party officials today as they have for decades.

Paul Keating former Prime Minister is known to have approved the attack on his political rival Peter Baldwin in the 1980’s resulting in serious head injuries to Baldwin. Baldwin’s crime was the audacity to challenge Keating for pre selection for a safe labour parliamentary seat at the general elections held at the time. Keating nor any other person affiliated with the ALP we re charged or appropriately punished for the offence. 


The 50 Members of Australia’s parliament who urged Malaysia’s government to abort the Anwar Ibrahim trial are now themselves on trial for abetting the murder of three innocent Asians by their deafening silence. Relevantly these three deaths and attacks represent the 3 major race groups of Malaysia. Indian, Chinese and Malay. 

These same MP’s would do well to urge their government to come to terms with the growing violence on Australia’s streets and homes and to increase police powers and numbers to attack the problem. Instead they seek a distraction in Anwar’s trial urging the Malaysian government to do something that is patently illegal and unconstitutional. So who pays Anwar and who is really behind Anwar’s destabilization of Malaysia? 

Malaysian’s and for that matter Indians and Chinese too would do well to email each of the MP’s of Australia’s national parliament urging them to act lawfully to stop interfering in the affairs of sovereign nations like India, China and Malaysia are and to instead act immediately and with haste to end racial violence and racial intolerance in Australia instead of supporting it.

The Indian’s of India are already wreacking havoc with the relaitons of the two countries and justifiably so at that.


For a country that is so ready to preach to its neighbours the evils of corruption and racial tolerance, Australia’s own record in claimng ‘clean hands‘ is disgraceful. The Australian Federal Police have a record of planting evidence on people as they did with Julian Moti the Indian Fijian lawyer appointed Attorney General of the Solomons who did not kow tow to them. 

Moti was extradited to Australia and charged with sex offences against a minor. That minor and her family admitted to having been paid by the Australian government to testify falsely against Moti. The charges have been dropped and the media in Australia have been politely asked not to focus on the story nor give it the prominence it deserves.

The Dr. Haneef incident is another. The culpability of the AFP and ASIO in the Bombing of the Sydney Hilton during the Comonwealth Heads of Government meeting in 1979 is yet another and the list goes on.

The murderers of school girl Carmen Chan have still not been found. Dr. Shikh Ann Lau driven to suicide in 1978 in a Perth Hotel after being found guilty on trumped up charges of having defrauded Medicare are all indicators of the level of institutionalised racism and corruption against which Australia likes to promote its image of big brother and clean man in the region.

In the present context they are content with using their proteges like Anwar Ibrahim, the Malaysian Bar, Sisters in Islam, Jeff Ooi, MalaysiaKini and the Nutgraph to project their clean self righteous image by airing Malaysia’s laundry for them to feed on.

Malaysia is the latest of the their political targets for destablization in the region. Malaysians must now stand up and be counted for one reason if nothign else. Malaysia represent the three largest races of the region. The Malay, the Indian and the Chinese. Each of these groups have been violated and continue to be violated by white Australia with impunity. A loud and unequivocal message must be sent to the Australians. And it has to be sent now.


Saturday 27 February 2010 (from Channel 7 News Australia)

The Victorian State Premier, John Brumby, has conceded a leaked memo outlining plans for a fake consultation process regarding a city development threatens the way Victorians view the Government.

The media adviser to the Planning Minister, Justin Madden, drafted the document which outlines plans to deceive the public with a false consultation process about a development behind Melbourne’s Windsor Hotel.

The adviser, Peta Duke, has now been demoted and moved out of planning.Mr Brumby says the document does not reflect how the government operates.

“It may create a perception about process and in order to ensure that there is no perception about process in relation to any development projects in our state, I’ve decided that she should be removed from that office and she will,” Mr Brumby said.


Australia needs to be brought to book. Its government needs to be made accountable as do its white citizens. The blood letting must stop. Their media ought to stop villifying Asians by identifying them by race everytime a crime is committed there and a suspect of non Anglo Saxon origin is identified. The media there identify non Anglo Saxons by their race where they are suspected of having committed an offence evenwhere the suspects are Australian citizens.

The same form of race identification is never applied where a white Australian (they who constitute 80% of all criminal offenders and prisoners) is involved or  suspected of involvement in the commission of a criminal offence. Since the first signs of protest by Indians against racist violence in Australia, its media has been unrelenting in identifying offences committed by persons of Indian origin. Not a day has passed without a story of a person of Indian commiting an offence in Australia being played out by Australia’s media.

It never is written or spoken in news bulletins in Australia that a Scotsman, an Englsihman or a Welsh or Irishman was seen leaving the scene of a crime or is a suspect in the commission of an offence. They are however generous with their descriptions of Asians, Indians, Africans and aborigines in this respect never bothering to apologise when they have got it wrong. A reinforcement of the White Australia policy that Whites are always right and people of colour lesser than them manifested in its crudest and most simplistic form in their media.

Malaysia like India ought to make its positions very clear with the slight offered to their King and Government by 50 members of Australia’s parliament who are otherwise content to sit by allowing the murder of Chinese, Indians and Malays to continue unabated in Australia. Pious platitudes of members of parliament do not compensate adequately for a human life. Not in Asia at least.

Anwar and the 50 MPs’ ought  to be confronted at every opportunity with emails, telephone calls, letters to the editors in your local dailies, faxes and with a more effective tool for their attention TRADE.

Indians in droves have begun to boycott Qantas, have called for boycotts of Australians in international cricket in India (the world’s biggest and most lucrative market for the game), withdraw their children from Australian universities which has in the past 4 months seen a 40% drop in enrollments at the local Australian universities and a corresponding revenue drop in this $18 billion a year industry.

 It is time the Australian’s earned the respect of their neighbours and learned that they ought to command respect and not demand it through forms of government sponsored violence including the murder of innocents.

There is a website for Australian parliamentarians complete with their email addresses. Act Now. 


  1. jb says:

    An Indonesian born man was charged this morning with the death of the driver of the consul general in Sydney.

    I find your scare mongering based on irresponsible mind boggling assumptions reprehensible. I think you are a fraud.


    • grkumar says:

      The Indonesian man has not been found guilty of the charge has he? whats so scare mongering about the article? each of the murders are the result of the government’s couldn’t care less policy on the subject of murder and violence in Australia. Where murders are committed against a group of people who are disproportinately represented as victims statistically, the murder and the violence is race related. The government of the day is white.

      Their present policies are in no way a departure from their White Australia Policy days. Don’t make excuses for such outrageous conduct by a government so negligent. Murder and reducing its ascendency as a tool for self help justice is serious but not serious enough it seems for a government who want to be seen as lilly white, right and the moral authority in this region.

      Last week John Brumby commented adversely on an Indian national who complained was set alight by strangers. He complained and was arrested by police and charged with commiting a criminal act (burining his car) to defraud his insurance company. The matter has not yet been tried. Yet premier John Brumby on national TV made staments to the effect the man was found guilty of the charges against him.

      Government encourages such crimes by belittling the class of victim and not acting in time or acting effectivley or appropriately to prevent and to discourage such offences as trace hate crimes. Let me add to this the death of a number of aborigines in custody. Police custody. It is passed off by the law as a syndrome that affects aborigines when isolated and denied freedoms. Apparents they tend to hang themselves, damage their liver, inflict all sorts of grevious wounds on themselves only a group of well built men could inflict as part of this ‘syndrome’.

      These are race hate ccrimes and it is encouraged actively by government. You can choose to ignore it. And you do so at your peril.



  2. Colin Wong says:

    I have spent many years in Australia and still have many relatives in Australia. Of course there is racism in Australia! The question is “how pervasive” or we’ll lose our sense of objectivity and will not gain from any exchange of views.

    Australia in general is a lot less racist than Malaysia on many fronts. Your sound learned enough to know this. However, I am quite ready to hear a rebuttal from you stating otherwise.



    • grkumar says:

      Spending many years in Australia or having relatives live there does not in any way constitute a relavant argument on this subject. Suffice it is to say that you do admit there is racism in Australia. The Prime Minister and his Deputy and most commentators do not believe so. Thats relevant. Does it matter how pervasive racism is? many different degrees and many different shades but racism all the same.

      How do you measure racism to justify your last comment to suggest Malaysia is more racist than Australia? and how does racism in Malaysia to the levels as perceived by you justify the physically violent and intolerable psychological racism so deeply rooted and institutionalised in Australia?

      Are you suggesting like many others that such a sin is mortal when committed by Asians and only venial when committed by non Asians?




  3. ninitalk says:


    Your piece raises many important questions about what constitutes racism, the yardsticks used to measure it and the specific laws that are in place to deal with it.

    As you point out, racist street crimes are visible and easy enough to define and describe but institutionalised racism is insidious and usually hides behind the cloak of larger societal concerns.

    To be racial means being loyal to and concerned for one’s racio-ethnic group. But when this emotional bias translates into discrimination, prejudice and resentment against other groups then one is clearly racist.

    The danger is when one racial group holds majority power in government and policies, decisions and actions (even the country’s laws)are perceived as discriminatory against the other groups.

    Even affirmative action is perceived as biased or discriminatory when the majority of the government leaders are of the same race as the deprived groups they are assisting. I’m referring here to Malaysia’s Malay-biased NEP.

    The white US and Australian governments appear to be so fair and noble when their affirmative action programmes help the American Indians, Australian aborigines and other minority groups.

    So we have to be very sure and clear about our own objectives and objectivity before we dare to accuse someone else or governments of being racist.

    But I agree that there should be no outside interference in a country’s sovereignity.


    • grkumar says:

      I have no issue with your analysis of the subject matter of this one particular article. In fact you make a very valid point about institutionalised racism and the very insidious nature of this particular form of racism.

      You see it in the responses of some of our readers here. They can’t wait to tell the world that perhaps others (non Australians) are also capable of racism in Australia. Thats the most telling sign of a racist. One who desperately needs justification for their acts.

      An Indonesian is accused of something equally wrong. The murder of a Malay. Does that in any way wash away the sins of the rest of the white Australian community that continue to deny they are racist and that they encourage violence against no white minorities? or that their government on their behalf is in denial? if not does the bad actions of one Indonesian (Australian) provide the moral justification for all the deeds of the rest of the white Australian community?

      As to the question of the NEP I don’t think it is racism but what they call in the west “Positive Discrimination” or “Affirmative Action”. In Australia it applies mainly to women and to aboriginal people and to a large extent that is an acceptable form of ‘discrimination’. However when compared to the NEP and for all its faults, affirmitive action in Australia by all statistical information and evidence available is mainly applicable to the “white women” of Australia.

      A quick glance at the women achievers in Australia would lead you to believe that Chinese, Indians, Malays and Indonesians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and Bengalis are lesser women incapable of occupying high office in Australia. They are incapable of any achievement when compared to their white counterparts.

      The benefits of affirmitive action at the more significant upper level in Australia favour groupies of the government of the day and they are mainly white. Of late they have made some concessions to Chinese women to appease the might of China’s economic and military ascendency in this region.

      Paul Keating former labour prme minister of Australia always had the boards of government bodies stacked with good Anglo Celtic or European Jewish women. He did not any of the non white groups unless they were married to white Australian men and powerful men at that. The other alternative and criteria was that they went to Australian schools and shed their former identities (cultural) to be made acceptable.

      When race groups begin taking care of their own it is not racism. I’d rather think that is self preservation untill and unless of course it is the denial of very basic rights of other groups to benefit a dominant group.

      The US/ Australia and other settler white nations and their backers have a vested interest in looking elsewhere for their bogeys. It is very correct to suggest that the accuser ought to be very clear about their own objectives before they accuse someone else (or their governments) of being racist. it is like the woman with a torn skirt preaching chastity and modesty in a public place.


      The subject needs to be debated and the opportunity to do that in Austrlaia does not exist without a white Austrlaian chair who will channel the subject to a course acceptable to them. Australians are afraid to have the blow torch to their bellies whilst they pontificate to the rest of the “lesser world”.


  4. Waxwings says:

    Whoops, it appears the suspects in this crime turned out to be two non-white Australians!

    Now before you start claiming again that “The Indonesian man has not been found guilty of the charge has he?”, that did not stop you from jumping in and blatantly blaming white Aussssies for the murder, no?

    Oh by the way… it turns out most of the attackers of Indians in Ozland are…



    • grkumar says:

      To Waxwings flying too close to the Sun.

      In 1979 after arresting, charging and falsely imprisoning 8 members of the Anada Marga sect for the bombing of the Hilton Hotel during CHOGM, the Australian government continued with the willing aid of their media to villify migrants and to blame all crime on them when 80% of those in their jails convicted of criminal offence continued to be white Australians.

      The fact the government had to back track, admit the offence was not by those they jailed but deny culpability on the part of ASIO and the Australian Federal Police inspite of the findings of an independent royal commission into the affair, is sufficient proof that they are capable of and do commit and encourage offences against minorities. Violent offences.

      The Indonesian has not been found guuilty you are right but that should not deter you from believing that Australia does not continue to have a white Australia policy that discriminates against non whites and encourages violence against non whites.

      It is interesting that you have identified that category of Australian as White Australian which the government and white people of Australia continues to deny exist as a separate set of Australians. They prefer “Multi cultural” and “One Australia” but when the truth emerges quite quick to say “not not donee by a White Australian”. It was violence in Australia against a member of a minority (non white group). Thats sufficient for m and many others to justify the points made in the article.

      The Times of India is a Bennett Coleman company. We have no interest in what they say. The fact that Australia is in denial over the killing of the Indian student and other violent crimes which they hope to gloss over with a $10 a head vindaloo against violence, $250,000 press junket and threats to render the courses Indians students came here to study “invalid” for PR purposes, reinforces the point.

      More important than anything Bennet Coleman has to say through the Times of India is what the Chief Police Commissioner of Victoria had to say about this violence against Indians: “They are disproportionately represented as victims of crime in the state” . He did not say when the opportunity arose that they were victims of Indians bashing Indians. That apparently is a most recent phenomenon discovered by an otherwise idle and corrupt government and their police to protect their racist hides.

      The government of Australia continue to deny the pink batts insulation fiasco was a fiasco in the same way they continue to tell the world that aboriginies hang themselves in jail cells for no reason will not convince any thin skinned bully like yourselves from facing the wrath of a fifth of humanity wanting to tear you to bits when abroad.

      Learn to apologise fool. Learn to repent. If white Australia did not relegate the migrants it exploits for its own benefit to being second class citizens and depriving them of their full rights there would not be the violence you see whether it be amongst themselves or between themselves and whites as we are now witness to. It is a manifestation of a deeper malaise the Australian government does not want the world to see.

      We continue to hold the position that white Australia has a race policy and that they are violent against non whites and the trend continues unabated because the government supports it with their silenc, their denials and their inaction.



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