The author of the inspiring article below is someone I admire greatly. Her blog “Nini Talk” is a must read for those truly interested in Malaysia without the hyperbole. She represents all thats precious and admirable about Malaysia, Malays, its women and the diversity of Malaysian politics, its social and cultural mix.

I admire her not simply  for her intellect and her ability to write, but because of her unique ability to express through her views the views of a majority, a silent majority in an intellectually confronting though unabrasive and inclusive style:

To you I commend the article below extracted from the author’s blog at Nini Talk: 


Gopal Raj Kumar


It looks like Malaysians are not yet ready to walk the talk with integrity and morality! At least not those who participate actively in politics at the grassroots level! It seems that on the political chess board, integration and unity win the day and crown their kings.

Integrity is relegated to the back seat or dumped totally as Malaysians choose their leaders. Chua Soi Lek’s promise of uniting the feuding MCA factions and integrating the dishevelled members of the Chinese component party is far more urgent in BN’s development than questions about his immorality.

The victory of the morally-tainted Chua Soil Lek and the rejection of the upright Ong Tee Kiat provide an inkling of what the Malaysian political psyche is all about. At least the Chinese psyche! They are prepared to forgive and forget past private misdeeds for the sake of the current public good! Political expediency at its best one can say!

In the Astro Awani interview immediately after the results were announced on Sunday, the two young Chinese guests (an MCA Youth leader and a political analyst) concluded that the young voters especially are not judgemental about moral issues but rate the performance and pro-activeness of the Chinese leaders in looking after the interest of their community.

Soi Lek’s sexual jaunts on camera and the act of adultery it represents are of no consequence to a section of the MCA delegates as the man gives his word that he will deliver MCA to greater heights. Not so long ago, a similar phenomenon occurred in UMNO when Isa Samad, found guilty of money politics and suspended from the party, made a triumphant return when he won the Teluk Kemang seat hands down.

Then, Isa’s promise of restoring the grassroots support for UMNO and the balance in the Negeri Sembilan EXCO convinced the UMNO leadership that he was the right candidate.

To his grassroots supporters Isa was indeed their man as he attended to their demands and fulfilled their needs! Isn’t this what political leadership is all about! Listen to the people! Give them what they want! Fulfil their needs! Aren’t these the national goals? Transform the economy! Build the infrastructure! Eradicate poverty! Integrate the people! Reform the education system! Reduce the crime rate! Fight corruption! Restore integrity!

It looks like meeting the challenges of physical development hands-on is far easier than grappling with the ills of moral depravation. Telling the people that we are going to be a great nation is easier than telling them that they are not such a great people where their moral values are concerned.

The high tolerance that Malaysians have for corruption – monetary, sexual, criminal, political etc – will ensure that the country’s development will be to no avail if we are perceived as a nation and as a people with low morals and even lower integrity! It looks like being innovative is far simpler than being introspective!

Reprinted with kind permission of the author: extracted from the blog “Nini talk”

  1. ICE says:

    It’s the beginning of moral decay in public perception. How are we going to accept the charges against DSAI when Chua Soi Lek is sparred?


  2. Ahmad Alfian says:

    Are we to equate Anwar Ibrahim’s moral issues (re: alleged sodomy trials) with the gallivants of Chua Soy Lek? Yes we can do that but let’s not stop there.

    Chua Soy Lek owned up, thereby establishing the kind of gentleman he really is, the kind of trustworthiness a person expects from a Leader (Oh never mind if it takes a while for his penchant for the flesh subsides.)

    If only Anwar Ibrahim had done the same…



    • Soy lek owned up? no he was caught out first. Theres a significant difference to owing up after being caught and owning up befoe being caught. The former is where one has no choice, the latter when one is faced with the dilema and exercises his moral obligations in a proper way, voluntarily guided by his conscience.

      Anwar is of the same mould as those of the Soy Lek camp. He is an exception rather han the rule. The same cannot be said for Soy Lek.


  3. ICE says:

    Ahmad Alfian,

    Do you know what’s the meaning of owning up and the repercussion for owning up in law or in plain language.

    DSAI claim trial and it is ongoing, let the courts be it biased or not establish the fact and come out with their verdict. The outcome is yet to be known.

    DSAI’s first trial in 1988 for sodomy failed upon appeal. The second trial is ongoing.

    Chua Soi Lek own up and admit his guilt to the public and the AG have strong evidence yet why no action taken? Instead the AG went all the way to charge those found having Chua Soi Lek’s phonographic VCD’s & DVD’s.

    Are we having 2 sets of law? One for the ruling elite and the other for the opposition and the general public?

    Due to the fact, public perception on the judiciary and all other enforcement authorities is at all time low.

    Chua Soi Lek own up because he was caught on camera red handed with his pant down, he was left with very little choice to argue about and to cut short further embarrassment he admit guilt to the public, apologize and resign, morally wrong although it was gentleman to admit and quit. But the law shouldn’t be quiet, because all are equal under the law.

    Some years ago DP Vijendran was charged for a similar offense and although video evidence were produced he claimed trial.

    By right, Chua Soi Lek should have been charged. It is not for the government of the day or the AG to decide whether there is a commission of guilt and an apology suffice.

    Omission by the AG and government is guilt by itself.


  4. GRK,

    Was running thru your previous posts (like reading a good book again), arriving at your latest post,

    What one does in his/her private life is his/her own business unless he or she gets caught ie. It has to be said though that when the perpetrator is of the male gender, the other is wont to make a bigger issue of the matter and much less so if it were vice versa.

    I always believe everyone deserves a 2nd chance.

    Bill Clinton lied to the Grand Jury, got away with it and is still popular.

    My point, sins of the flesh is oft forgiven not only in politics but in daily life.

    Compare CSL and BC to what my good Father in Rome has to account for. His silence and even possibly covering up, the numerous paedophiles among his flock.

    Then there is this absurd support for Roman Polanski, another paedophile. What do you make of this?

    What of corruption? I am not trivialising but just north of our border is a most recent and fine example. Tainted Thaksin is venerated among huge sections of the common folk. I won’t mention Singapura, south of our border, in the same vein for fear of being sued by father son and the holy goh. A fervent hope that you won’t be sued for posting my comments.

    I may be missing it but I do not see the connection of integration with integrity
    in the writers title of her piece.

    Best regards,


  5. GRK,

    By the way, as for Ong Tee Kiat, politics being what it is, could there be another motive for his vigour in exposing the PKFZ wrong doings?

    Was it righteousness or did he have an axe to grind, bearing in mind the ex-MCA presidents and personalities embroiled in the scandal and the subsequent power struggle in the party that ensued?



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