What goes round comes round. Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK, Raja) was always about his self-centered narcissistic person. He was destined to fall on his own sword when the extent of his far fetched allegations against the Prime Minister and his wife began to take a life of its own out of the Raja’s control.

Added to his circus was one Balasubramaniam (Bala) the former policeman turned private investigator turned internet media sensation appearing with his lawyer Amarick Siddhu Singh. Siddhu admitted on the record that he had assisted Bala with his Statutory Declaration, that he had taken instruction from Bala about its contents. That document it so happens turned out to be another complete fabrication of inconsistencies and lies in the mould of the Raja’s own.

 There were those video taped interviews of a Raja so contrived, complete with  feigned emotions of a “father who had looked into the eyes of  the grieving father of the late Altantuya Sharibuu and knew what it felt like”.

This RPK followed up with even bolder claims that he had control over a police officer at Bukit Aman who would do his every bidding. Not quite satisfied with his epiphany of lies to outrage a nation he offered them the ultimate insult by claiming that he was possessed of firsthand information, from a military intelligence officer who he claims was present at the disposal of Altantuya’s body the day it was allegedly blown up with C4 explosives tied to her corpse.

Speculation was rife that Altantuya may have been alive when blown up adding to the gruesome fiction created and disseminated by RPK. RPK had become addicted to the reactions, the feedback to his lies, his fictions and fantasies.

RPK began to  feel the embrace of fame and popularity. Having fallen for the seduction of fame and public recognition he immersed himself in his new found passion of playing “the boy who cried wolf”.

He called out woolf time and time again and the gullible and the opportunists in his midst answered his call each time. It was fun. It became  addictive. He became a prisoner of his vanity and cocooned himself in that web of deceit he had spun around others engulfing and entrapping himself in the process. 


Then there was the Raja supported by the Malaysian Bar and its driver one Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan who paraded as champion of the anti ISA and of RPK’s cause at its core. 

In tow were the many lawyers turned overnight sensations courtesy of the RPK sensation and circus. They coveted his fame and adulation riding on his coat tails out of the obscurity of their otherwise incompetent unprofessional existence into a spotlight that has turned into a destructive furnace likely to consume each of them in due course.

RPK’s campaign it appears was endemic in the milieu of his generation of Malaysians who saw it as a quick fix alternative to honest argument supported by fact and reason.

The Malaysian Bar on the other hand willingly went hand in glove with RPK. The assumption behind the ethos of the Malaysian Bar, RPK’s shield against the law,  was that they would use the law to change society from their lofty perches. An expression of self conscious elitism as some would suggest.


To some extent Raja Petra Kamaruddin could be said to be a victim of circumstances. Not highly educated, certainly not well read or informed the Raja was culitvated so readily and so shamelessley by an otherwise educated elite of the fragamented opposition to government in Malaysia.

A careful examination of events that led to the ascendency of RPK as the focus of dissent in Malaysia will reveal the hand of the Malaysian Bar and those elements within it who have relentlessley used RPK and to some extent Anwar Ibrahim as stalking horses for their own covert political ambitions. They after all presented the ideal opportunity to Malay bashing by the largely Chinese dominated opposition with their minority Indians and sprinkling of confused Malays in the mix. No one could now accuse them of racism. These were Malays bashing Malays.

For the present this is about RPK and his failing fortunes, the subject of a raging controversy. Raja having admitted to possessing no evidence, no smoking gun to have defamed then vilified Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife Datin Rosmah implicating them falsely in the death and subsequent disposal of the corpse of Mongolian call girl Altantuyaa Sharibuu.


Waiting for the right opportunity to strike at government like a snake in the tall grass of Malaysia’s highly volatile politics, was the DAP. That hand in the glove of Malaysia’s political opposition to government. Has beens that never really were anything.

Courting him and actively encouraging the man in conjunction with the Malaysian Bar to perpetuate his lies and to inflict these on an unsuspecting, trusting population, the DAP, the Malaysian Bar and Parti Keadlian Rakyat (PKR) in collusion with  a few ‘academics‘ fanned the flames of hatred, adding to the flavour of that dangerous cocktail of lies woven by RPK.

The presence of these ‘ academics‘,  their approval of his conduct  served to reinforcing and embellishing his lies shoring up their indivudual failing fortunes and those of the Lim Kit Siang dynasty.

The DAP and its less experienced politically immature ally the PKR led by that other flower of narcissus, politician Anwar Ibrahim, not short of their own versions and distortions of truth,  fact, fantasy and general outrage,  allowed themselves be played by all and sundry.

Tragically this is not the first time that Anwar Ibrahim has demonstrated to the world his very poor record and capacity for political and character judgment in public life.

Falling into the hands of  a deft and skilful government defence team in the end was the inevitable culmination of the journey along their rocky road to self induced political annihilation by RPK, PKR their supporters in the fringe of politics. 

The Catholic church which joined in the fray providing unofficial support to RPK, praying for him at several services at St. John’s Cathedral in Kuala Lumpur has some soul searching of its own to do.

RPK’s fictitious claims to having ‘inside leads to government’, the police at Bukit Aman “setting a çat amongst the pidgeons” there must all be etsted now in an open court for its veracity, to unearth the corruption only the opposition appear to be knowledgeable of in order for this mess to be put to rest once and for all.

These are the creations we now know of the great Raja. And that ‘creativity’ of his ever vivid imagination by his admission is only dwarfed by his mammoth personal ego.  

Add to all of this the NGO’s or so called Non Government Organizations, a group of ‘unrepresentative swill’ as Paul Keating would have preferred to call them, unelected and disruptive have all been a willing part of that web of deceit RPK so cleverly exploited and wove into the fabric of his patchwork of opposition politics.

In the process he shamelessley and relentlessly flaunted his royal credentials. A nobleman by birth (which he never was). To him it was that island in an ocean of political incredulity the otherwise lackluster opposition needed so badly for credibility in his title that  served as a guardian angel against retribution to his perfidious and trecherous incitement to division, religious and racial bigotry.


Not to be outdone by the Raja, Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan, another of his cohorts in a rabidly anti government coalition displaying her own immaturity and vanity contradicts  her public morality, wilfully if not negligently colouring the tapestry of RPK’s and the PKR’s anti government rhetoric, never hesitating to flash her credentials as a Datuk at every given opportunity.

Much like the Raja before Petra Kamaruddin this is after all a honorific title and decoration accorded to Ambiga courtesy of some heavy lobbying. An award bestowed on her by the hereditary ruler of a Malaysian state, a part of a Federation she claims is so corrupted to the core that its unrequited love for her with that Datukship finds exception.

The irony of people like Ambiga accepting and revelling in the adulation and status accorded her by her Datukship appears lost on the woman and her fellow traveller Datuks and Tan Sri’s alike in opposition who through the other side of their collective mouths preach the politics of division, hatred, elitism and exclusivity.

They are very much like the Raja they have supported at least until now one would guess. Lets see what conspiracies they now hatch in their minds to defend RPK whose theories they once latched onto willingly to use as ammunition against their government.


Raja Petra (a variant to the name Peter he was Christened as) Kamaruddin is a man sadly driven by the lure of fiction, suffering delusions of grandeur to become the darling of the gossip and rumour mill that is equally sadly Malaysia’s middle class.

RPK as he is commonly and affectionately (perhaps not anymore) known amongst his large following is according to an audit of his site not such a large following after all.

He created a system designed to produced reactions and outcomes to accord with his elitism encouraged and supported by elements of the Malaysian Bar and the opposition that would accord with their collective elitism. RPK then used his far fetched rants and raves publishing these on Malaysia Today and through any channel willing to lend him their ear and space.

RPK has used whatever he has published on his web blog and in winning acceptance from the Malaysian Bar used it as evidence that his elitism (and his popularity) was correct, was justified however fictitious, incorrect and off the mark his comments and claims may have been.

By applying that logic of his arguments and elitism of his for legitimacy RPK, PKR and the Malaysian Bar had emasculated other potential quality and credible opposition in the land. In fact they trampled on them and ridiculed them. The NGO’s bought into the argument through the exclusivity of their single cause unrepresentative politics ring fencing RPK and the Malaysian Bar in the process.

RPK is not just the man. RPK has always been a state of mind lurking conveniently behind that questionable royal pedigree, the convenient link to his faith of Islam and the unseen hand of a racist anti Malay coalition underwritten by the Sinocentric DAP. Added to that are certain disgruntled individuals within the mainstream of politics and the incompetent elitism of the Malaysian Bar. 


To his credit RPK is a phenomenon like no other. Malaysia’s ‘chardonay lefties’ and its highly mobile and affluent street culture are now confronted by the reality that their treacherous hero and  God has feet of clay.

Raja had informed himself of the gullibility of the masses. There are too many examples and temptations out there for someone in his position of internet trawler and gossip blogger to have ignored. There was Jim and Tammy Baker, Jim Jones,  Beni Hinn, and of course the unseen forces that dominate the internet gossip culture, snaring by the millions the unwary with their scams and circulars of populist theories and about the sky falling. It is an ideal market for those who are prepared to accept these theories and the grand assertions of other without question and without first checking the facts.

Those who against all logic and common sense attend the Billy Graham type crusades even to the point of mass suicides as occurred in Jonestown Guyana in 1977 led by the preacher Reverend Jim Jones are the low hanging fruit that people like the Raja and their coalition of opposition to government pick first. It is almost effortless. 

Take the falsehood of the infamous Tommy Hilfiger scam in emails. It was a scam of Himalayan proportions that drew in millions from a wide range of the cross section of society. Doctors, judges, lawyers, academics and that core of the Malaysian middle classes RPK’s constituency many of whom continue still believe in that outrageous lie that Tommy Hilfiger a world renowned designer would have gone on to the Oprah Winfrey show to declare how he hates Blacks, Hispanics and Asians. An that scam email continues to do the rounds absorbing in its wake those who are willing to believe that lie.  

There are rituals they create and embrace to reinforce  the mantra of their logic. It reinforces the belief of their exclusivity and self conscious elitism. They trim their circles to exclude anyone who harbours doubt or has the temerity to question their logic. The enlightened amongst them are gradually reduced to being prisoners of their own ignorance, a captive market for someone elses designs and greater objectives.

Perhaps Tun Dr. Mahathir did have one flaw. He failed to tell Malaysians that securing a university degree does not necessarily mean gaining an education. The latter requires far more common sense than a parchment to achieve.    


RPK’s web site moderators have cleverly engaged in the practice of repetitive logging onto his site in a practice known as indexing using ‘spiders’ or ‘search engine noise’ to create the illusion of mass appeal. 

Log of the ‘hits’ on RPK’s Malaysia Today web site tend to debunk the myth of an exaggerated readership and following RPK’s site claims credit for. The audit logs show repeated hits from ‘lists’ from public computers all contributing to the larger than usual number of real ‘hits’ from page reviews. 

Well they do that at the US presidential elections as well so perhaps no great harm done. No harm done except till you get to the bottom of this political and social vandal’s objects of personal advancement in politics, his craving for personal attention and his mercenary approach to achieving his personal ambition by attacking and vilifying those who cannot often respond to his every vilification.


RPK’s statutory Declaration not quite unlike Balasubramaniam’s is the work of a Malaysian lawyer. It bears all the hallmarks of their inadequacy and incompetence considering the value placed on his obscure hearsay statements deliberately leading people to draw unfavourable conclusions about Rosmah and Tun  Razak Najib. It was designed for that purpose. He admits to it now but not for the same reasons he ought to.

An abject unmitigated liar now proved to be,  many in the mainstream were afraid to lock horns with for his demonstrated capacity and propensity to manufacture events, evidence and to gather lynch mobs  in support of his ‘causes’. 

The man draws from that wellspring of Malaysia’s middle class of novou riche, that layer of the social space “the great intellectual vacuum”, much like that large hole in the ozone layer, that drive RPK’s ego. To this extent he deserves credit. A Billy Graham, a political evangelist, the new Ram Bam, Rasputin or simply a manifestation of Malaysia’s political ‘freedoms’ gone mad. 

It was all about manufacturing consent as professor Naom Chomsky who coined that phrase would say. And RPK was never alone. He could not have survived the burden of the logistics of Malaysia today, prepared speeches, protection, money and access to media, travel and foreign travel at leisure without a well funded team of not supporters but anarchists and political transvestites.  


There have been credible revelations about the deals RPK courted with government published last year in this very blog. Deals which he RPK believed would catapult him instantly into the inner sanctum of power circles of Malaysia’s elite, a dream he had craved and coveted fulfilment of faster than the speed of light.

“Raja Petra Kamaruddin is believed to have confided in some of his closest of associates that he never really had any of the evidence he claimed he had against the wife of current Malaysian Prime Minister implicating her in the death of Altantuya Sharibu.

The fabrication, the concoction of ‘military intelligence‘ as his wellspring of information. Intelligence operatives confiding in him sensitive facts relating to the murder of Altantuya Sharibu was perhaps his biggest lie, and an empty boast that brought Raja Petra Kamaruddin undone in his own mind compelling him to do a runner.

It is an absurd proposition that military intelligence would indulge Raja Petra Kamaruddin in his flights of fancy over the Altantuya affair. It is even less credible that he was in possession of classified information relating to the death of the Mongolian woman. If he did have such information, reliable and of probative value, there would have been no need for him to run.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s constant outbursts on his website was more a reflection of contemporary Malaysian society’s hunger for news and sensationalism, a general embarrassment and anything but a creditable source of news or a show piece of journalism. An extension of the Susan Loone/ Zorro Unmasked  mentality. Loose, irresponsible and appealing to the lowest common denominator and incapable of telling fact from fiction”.  (Gopal Raj Kumar on “Where is Raja Petra Kamaruddin- A sweetheart deal to return November 2009?”

Gopal Raj Kumar and Syed Ali Khan (in London)


  1. While you’re at it, don’t forget to look up the blog, the people’s parliament. Watch how this lawyer, the self-appointed guardian of truth in Malaysia, squirm and wriggle to explain away his buddy.
    The best part was when he described his fledgling MCLM (or whatever) as the father figure to the opposition. I mean who do these jokers think they are? Who elected them?
    Watch him on video. If you ask me he sounds like just like any BN minister that he and his followers are always so derisive about.


  2. whatever, u dont have to be educated to be intelligient neither u have to be intelligient to be educated. you said nothing.


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