The recent unravelling of a failed CIA financed and executed Psychological Operation in Syria in which it created an elaborate hoax about a fictitious “Amina Araff” an American Lesbian writer of Syrian birth being kidnapped by Syrian secret police has uncanny parallels to a similar hoax about Malaysia’s Prime Minister and a Mongolian prostitute and alleged arms dealer which has been running courtesy of the sentient minds of the Malaysian Bar and its former president Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan. (Google Amina Araff)

The DAP, PKR , the Malaysian Bar and Raja Petra Kamaruddin it is now revealed were part and parcel of that elaborate hoax cleverly concocted around the Malaysian Prime Minister and the Mongolian woman but which has since fallen apart at the seams.

However Raja Petra Kamaruddin runaway prince and blogger extraordinaire came unstuck recently and decided to renege on his side of the deal with his backers, he squealed and ratted on his mates and the heat on the arms story somewhat died down but thankfully not the Prime Minister’s resolve to go after each and every one of the plotters in due course.

Bersih and the Malaysian Bar backed by Kit Siang’s DAP and Anwar’s financial stash (dating from the 1997 financial crisis) and his backers have continued the attacks on government with their manufactured evidence of electoral fraud for which they have yet to produce any admissible evidence to the charge.


The Obama administration has pursued a double-standard policy toward the revolutions that have swept across the Arab world recently, by publicly calling on Arab states to make urgent reforms and on the other hand covertly supporting the very same dictators to stay in power and carry out their massive crackdowns.

In comments to the U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned that the revolutions could be remembered as “just a mirage in the desert” if leaders failed to meet demands for democracy and reform. She said a “one-size fits all approach doesn’t make sense in such a diverse region.” Hillary Rodham Clinton: Press TV 13 April 2011 Washington DC. Human rights groups have called the Obama administration’s approach to the so-called “Arab spring” inconsistent, charging that U.S. policy toward some countries has a double standard. CNN It’s Official:


As American bombs rain down upon Libya on the premise that Qaddafi was brutalizing indigenous pro-democratic demonstrators, the accusing fingers of Libya, Iran, China, Syria, Belarus, and a growing number of other nations are pointing at Washington for funding and plotting regime change against their respective governments.

Either in an act of absolute hubris or to spin emerging evidence that the US indeed has been funding and preparing the ground for the “Arab Spring” for years, New York Times has recently published “U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings.” Essentially throwing these activists under the bus, New York Times exposes that the April 6 Youth Movement in Egypt, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, and Entsar Qadhi of Yemen amongst others, received training and financing from the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute, and the Neo-Conservative lined Freedom House. NGOs: an extension of US foreign policy.

The New York Times goes on to explain that these organizations are in turn funded by the National Endowment for Democracy which receives 100 million USD from Congress while Freedom House receives most of its money from the US State Department. While the New York Times asserts “no one doubts that the Arab uprisings are home grown,” leaders of groups now admittedly funded and trained by the US are anything but “home grown.”


The most prominent example is the April 6 Movement of Egypt led by Mohamed ElBaradei of the International Crisis Group. ElBaradei sitting along side George Soros, Kenneth Adelman, Wesley Clark, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, within a US foreign policy think-tank engenders a considerable amount of “doubt.” Also conceding involvement is the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED), chaired by various Council on Foreign Relations and Brookings Institute alumni. POMED claims that they helped protesters develop skills and to network. Such training has taken place annually under starting in 2008 where Egypt’s April 6 movement among many others, learned techniques to subvert their government. of course is sponsored by a conglomerate of corporate and government agencies including the US State Department, Google, MTV, the Edelman public relations firm, Facebook, CBS News, MSNBC, Pepsi, and others. Despite the claim that such meddling is “promoting democracy,” looking at the sponsors and war mongering interests involved in this operation, it appears to be more about promoting global military and economic hegemony.

The role of NGOs and the so called “civil society” used to support the unrest is also included in the New York Times piece, as well as the displeasure expressed by Arab leaders berating the US for meddling in their internal affairs. Such accusations have now reach a crescendo with China, Iran, Syria, and Belarus making similar claims.

The New York Times piece ends by describing cables indicating that many activists who became aware of US involvement in funding and directing the movements became disenfranchised. Such activists were “ousted.” Training was conducted outside of target countries, including in Jordan, Morocco, Serbia, and the United States. What the New York Times omits are the similar connections and involvements of corporate special interests steering human rights organizations in support of this operation as well. Such involvement organizations had amply laid the rhetorical groundwork to justify the ever expanding war in Libya. Of course, one needs only remember the feigned ignorance exhibited by the US State Department, Hillary Clinton, and Barak Obama, along with the litany of lies purveyed by the mainstream media to see a disingenuous plot in motion.

This is because everyone from the US State Department and the corporate owned media had been involved, for years, preparing to bring the “Arab Spring” to fruition. With open admissions now being made by a global corporate-financier mouthpiece like the New York Times, one must consider the serious implications of what may come next. Behold the circus that is the mainstream media.


MSNBC feigns ignorance and confusion over unrest they had been involved in engineering since at least 2008. Surely this information is going to incite a counter revolution.

In Egypt, suspicion over Mohamed ElBaradei has already seen the interloping globocrat pelted with rocks and his agenda derailed. Many activists truly believed in their cause and risked their lives for the idea that they were fighting not only their own corrupt dictatorships, but the West as well who had been propping them up for years. Such a perception was exasperated during the early stages of the of the uprisings with the West lavishing support on embattled regimes in order to maximize the disenfranchisement of the people. With ongoing operations to seize Libya by force, and to see through similar US backed uprisings in Syria, Yemen, Iran, and even as far as Thailand and China, it will be interesting indeed to see how nation-states tailor their response to what is now clearly foreign funded subversion. In what manner this realization will manifest itself in is not certain. However, it would be wise for activists, pundits, politicians, and concerned citizens genuinely interested in truth, to think very carefully before making their next move. As George Bush had once attempted to say, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. ” Ultimately, and upon examining the architects behind this global gambit of deceptive destabilization, we must look past the puppet politicians and the disingenuous liars that presume to give us “the news.” We must see the global corporate-financier empire as the source of the problem and its removal and replacement as the solution.”

Extracts in this article first appeared on Tony Cartalucci’s blog, The Land Destroyer Report NGOs: an extension of US foreign policy. Tony Carlucci’s blog does not make any reference to Datuk Ambiga Srineevasan, Sisters of Islam or other NGO’s directly. Refrences to Datuk Ambiga Srineevasan, Sisters of Islam and other NGO’s have been added by the author.


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