The prescient character of Ambiga’s personality, the Hindu goddess Brahmin turned politician has been a great source of fascination and curiosity to many.  She predicts the future. She ‘knows’ what her allies at the Merdeka Centre will churn out for her movement in fulfillment of her political prophecies. She foretells as she foresees the ‘responses of the Rakyat’ to the Merdeka Centre’s polling on government popularity. Amazing indeed.

To the feeble minded who look to the skies and to false prophets for comfort in times of uncertainty she is  a source of awe and inspiration. They call her brave, courageous and believes she can walk on water. Well metaphorically of course that is. To others still she is infallible.

Ambiga after all was president of the Malaysia’s Bar Council and the niece of one of Malaysia’s more colourful judges. Thats common knowledge. But who really is Ambiga Sreenivasan? And is Ambiga Sreenivasan and Bersih really the voice of the aggrieved? or are there more sinister forces at play behind Bersih.

Is there as long suspected something not disclosed to the public that lies beneath the cover that is Bersih, Ambiga and Anwar? and do we as the public have a right to know the truth of the origins and sources of funding and who it is that controls Bersih regardless?


Ambiga  Sreenivasan has now squarely of her own accord placed herself in the Anwar Ibrahim camp of credibility. Her personal, professional and  political credibility lie in tatters from her recent revelations about foreign and illicit funding of her Bersih to a Malaysia Kini reporter in a widely published though heavily edited interview.

In Addition and further to the revelations in that Malaysia Kini interview (clearly an advertorial by Malaysia Kini in favour of Bersih) Ambiga made further disturbing admissions in private conversations to her London audience, close friends and to select allies there about  the real structure  and objective of Bersih and its so called causes.

Her revelations raise very serious concerns about the woman, about Bersih, their long term plans  not just those for Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar as long suspected is a yoke around the neck of the Malaysian opposition.  Bersih through Ambiga and their main allies reveal their true political objectives and hidden agenda for Malaysia. None of their views or plans for Anwar Ibrahim are flattering of Anwar nor are they in the interests of Malaysia’s mainly Malay population.

This is Singapore 1965 re visited. It is something Ambiga now ought to make public of her own free will and explain her betrayal of her country, its people and most of all the opposition who placed so much faith in her loyalty. If Ambiga does not she will be gradually and painfully forced to make public the truth on the pain of public embarrassment what it is that lies behind her agenda.

It is widely rumoured with good reason that the trio who outed Anwar in his “tryst with a prostitute” recently were set up by elements within Bersih. More on that later.

Ambiga’s views on the Tamils are at the very least disparaging. At worst we say bordering on being racist and condescending. Ambiga and Bersih are dangerous and mercenary a group bent on disruption and a threat to national security. Her colleague a Sri Lankan Tamil Malaysian public servant and Tan Sri an equally rabid anti Malay has shared similar views on the Tamils with Ambiga. It goes to explain why the Tamils were comparatively few in numbers at the recent Bersih riot.

Bersih’s objectives appear sinister. They clearly have plans and funding in place for major economic and civil disruptions and upheaval in Malaysia in a lead up to the next general elections there. It is what that special ‘project’ Ambiga refers to in her Malaysia Kini interview is about we believe. Aiding and abetting her are those elements of the DAP with elements of the Malaysian Bar and NGO’s in tow.


The critical blow to Ambiga’s credibility was delivered not by a planted camera in her home as was the case with the Lingham tapes. (There in the Lingham incident) an unnamed Chinese member of parliament, a friend of Lingham betrayed Lingham  by placing a camera in his home prompting him into his boasts after a few drinks).

In Ambiga’s case her betrayal was delivered from her own mouth, in her admissions to Malaysia Kini on the subject of outside (we say foreign) funding of Bersih and its activities.

Ambiga Sreenivasan in an unguarded moment of hubris in the Malaysia Kini interview, exposed her treachery to Malaysia Kini’s reporter exposing the Selangor government’s funding of her sojourn to London amongst other things. London being one of the capitals that serves as a conduit to the clandestine foreign funding of Ambiga’s and the PKR’s campaigns to destabilize government and the state in Malaysia.


When recently asked by a Malaysia Kini reporter to explain the stench surrounding  funding for her movement Bersih amid the many allegations it is a foreign funded Trojan horse ( with sinister objectives), she Ambiga admitted:

that “the movement had received outside  (foreign) funding”. On realizing the seriousness of her slip into admission, she immediately attempted a retraction by attempting to cover the betrayal by her tongue by suggesting that the money received from the outside source (we say unequivocally foreign) has “not been touched and is being put away because ‘it is for a special project”.

Then in a rather nervous and embarrassingly unconvincing monologue she went on to make another fatal slip in which she admitted

that the Selangor government was another source of funding for their campaigns,

Then as if the last admission covered her multitude of sins she identified the ‘Rakyat’ as being the third source. That main source of funding the ‘riot’ we identified earlier in our blog is a foreign fund now admitted and acknowledged by Ambiga.

In an effort to cover her tracks sin that interview kept harping on the Rakyat contributions suggesting then the whole Bersih riot was a Rakyat initiative.

There is an old saw which goes like this: “For each lie you tell, you’ll need another 100 lies to cover it up”. Ambiga on the day of that Malaysiakini interview breathed life and meaning to that old saw.


As long suspected leaked and circulated in the western media and mentioned in dispatches, Ambiga Sreenivasan is a treacherous beast of ambition driven by an endless lust for power.

Idolised by the cafe latte set of MTV and foreign educated in Malaysia, they hang on to her every word. Much of it manufactured and coined in a highly organized and sophisticated network of ‘citizen bloggers and journalists’ academics and public servants carefully concealed in the web known as Bersih. A not so open society.

Amongst these is  an unseen network of expat advertising executives, copy writers and academics. Many from Australia and the UK serving within Malaysia’s network of foreign university campuses. Not to be left out are the many charitable foundations, Non Governmental Organizations and their private networks that do the work of foreign governments and who receive support from foreign governments.


As a starting point, not widely known to her followers is the inconvenient truth of Ambiga’s unsuccessful lobbying (with generous assistance from the Malaysian bar) for an appointment to the coveted post of a High Court judge.

Her ambitions in respect of a judicial appointment were backed by former MIC chairman Datuk Samy Velu but subsequently shattered by a new government after  the incompetent and lame Badawi was moved sideways by his party.

That promise of a judicial appointment was made to Ambiga by that same indolent former prime minister Abdullah Badawi.  It was a token of appreciation, a reward to Ambiga for her privately advising Badawi on how to defuse the stygian anger that was Hindraf. She had further advised Badawi and his government on how to neutralize the group. Neutralize them Badawi did with Ambiga’s help and without mercy. There was a judge involved in the process of advising on the means of forcing into exile the charismatic Waythamoorthi self appointed head of Hindraf.


Inspite of her betrayal of this now neutralized threat of Hindraf and its lame duck leader Waythamoorthi, she has continued to pursue Waythamurthi in exile in London in an effort to bring him and what remains of Hindraf into that loose raft of disparate groups that form the coalition of the ‘bought’ better known as Bersih.


Typically Ambiga’s precious high moral sermons on subjects such as justice and democracy consist of stock phrases, cut out of a clichéd vocabulary borrowed from the restless campuses of the west and from cable TV run news reel clips. They present as impressive to an otherwise uninspired congregation .

Her language and style much like that of Raja Petra Kamaruddin and that other failed goddess of revolt Elizabeth Wong, is so heavily borrowed and foreign to be relevant to an Asian constituency. And there is good reason for it. Ambiga is a scripted phenomenon it appears.

Her oration consist of the staple responses of choreographed rehearsed and scripted mouth pieces of arm chair revolutionaries, rebels without a cause and cliques like her own lusting for power we often see on TV in the west. Of itself her words are hollow and lack substance sufficient to convince the world of her far fetched claims against government.

Dangerously and ironically none of Ambiga’s gospels are in any form to be found in practice within Bersih. Not free speech, not the rule of law nor the right  be heard, different, diverse or in he middle ground. Human rights a topic which she screams for in her shill bellicose rhetoric as its self appointed patron saint in Malaysia has a meaning altogether at variance to its universally declared definition.

In place of these virtues are demands of an elite ironically the beneficaries of Dr.Mahathir’s policies.  Dr. Mahathir a man the object of the movement and much of its criticisms. The elite Bersih represents see themselves as custodians of the future of Malaysia and the indisputable fountain of its morality. Not with a mandate but with a bank balance contributed to by foreign commercial interests none of who have a legitimate mandate to do what Bersih claims moral authority and legal sanction to advance even if in the form of a riot.


From Bersih being “not a movement capable of registration because it is a coalition of interests” to a movement with a special project funded by outsiders, receiving illegal funding from the Selangor state government for an improper and illegal purpose, it is more than speculation now that Ambiga, Anwar Ibrahim and their coalition were acting as willing agents of foreign initiatives to bring down a duly elected government of a sovereign country.

Bersih as a first step needs to be identified by government and its security apparatus now that the deception has been admitted and identified. Government has to bring to heel the Selangor state government for its unlawful funding of an insurrection. The rally was unlawful.


The state government must disclose what other ‘causes’ it has unlawfully contributed to. With this revelation the stench of Teoh Beng Hock’s demise,the causes and mystery behind it might become a little more apparent. Ambiga’s admissions may now shed more light on the question of opposition corruption and remove the aura of speculation around Teoh’s and his employers activities in government. Thus far it has been clouded with rumour designed to simply discredit government.

Government funds and its application and use of those funds are subject to laws, rules and regulations. Funding their own political causes or causes that are inimical to national security is not one of these approved under the constitution.  State Parliament ought to have been informed of a decision to fund a private or political cause out of state funds. The matter of funding for the Bersih rally should have been disclosed and made the subject of an open debate in parliament before it was allocated.

This was an insurrection against the state. What other causes that are private has the Selangor and other opposition state governments contributed to from the coffers of the state? Questions are now ripe for Federal parliament. There is sufficient evidence now for the state government  of Selangor to be lawfully dismissed.

On the question of foreign funding Ambiga Sreenivasan must now be questioned, called before parliament and the law to explain where the funding came from and what special project it has been set aside for. Now that the question of funding from the Selangor state is admitted the Selangor state government ought to be brought to book too. As to collection of funds from the public there are provisions in the law which require a permit to collect such funding none on the record was obtained or applied for by Bersih.

The so called Rakyat contribution was nothing more nothing less than an illegal campaign to raise funds from the public. Again Bersih and its leaders ought to be made accountable for their actions and omissions in this regard and brought to task. If this is not corruption they accuse the government of then in an open court Bersih’s definitions  of corruption ought now to be tested.

  1. fair play says:

    Your statement “What other causes that are private has the Selangor and other opposition state governments contributed to from the coffers of the state? Questions are now ripe for Federal parliament. There is sufficient evidence now for the state government of Selangor to be lawfully dismissed.” implies that the rakyat’s money have been stolen. Now I ask you what about the billions siphoned off from the many financial scandals that had occurred in the country.


  2. arjuna waspada says:

    Saudara Raj Kumar,sangat menakjubkan risikkan anda dan perbentangan yang tajam dan objektif.
    Saya yakin jika di baca dan di sebarkan dengan meluas kita dapat kurangkan impak bersih kapada pemikiran rakyat yang ada kemudahan media altenatif.
    Terima kasih.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak


    • mrosa says:

      Both of your articles make superb reading.Well analysed and balanced views.Sadly,we do not have more Malaysians with rational thinking like you.Most of them wrote with set mind and lack of analysis…and worst of all very emotional and full of hatred.


    • mrosa says:

      All your articles make interesting and superb reading.


      • grkumar says:

        Thank you and keep reading. There is more to come. Much more that Bersih and the Malaysian Bar in particular thought were well hidden and beyond reach. Perhaps once these groups are destroyed we could have better more informed, inclusive and balanced opposition which every country needs.


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