The stain of original sin in being a Malay is not one that can be removed by baptisms, street marches, absolution through political or cultural exorcism. It is a sin that dates back to antiquity in the eyes of the Chinese and Indians of Malaysia. A sin so deeply rooted in their psyche, so much a part of their vocabulary and their consciousness it embarrasses common sense and defiles logic.

There is a unique form of Apartheid practiced by Malaysia’s Chinese and its Indian citizens against the Malays which they claim is in fact the reverse because of the special  privileges accorded to Malays the indigenous inhabitants and majority of the country. That privilege is the New Economic Policy or the NEP. Positive discrimination elsewhere for acceptance.

The Chinese and Indian citizens of Malaysia mainly from its middle classes struggle to be subtle about their discrimination against Malays even though it is explicit in their language and their conduct towards Malays. They are quick to defend their derogatory remarks against Malays, claiming instead to be discriminated against by the Malays as justification when confronted.

Rich in a tapestry of borrowed stock phrases  they weave their litany of self righteous feigned outrage at government in Malaysia seeking to democratise the state through undemocratic means.

Anwar Ibrahim the man at the centre of the decade and half old political upheaval in Malaysia is gradually now coming to terms with the accident of his birth and its consequences for him in his own native Malaysia.

It may not be something he will accept or publicly acknowledge even though the evidence is thurst in his face. It is too hurtful for him, his wife Wan Aziza and perhaps to that coterie of upper middle class high profile Malays who joined that cacophonic chorus calling for a Malay free Malaysia. Well not in so many words. The truth often hurts.


The rug being gradually pulled from under Anwar Ibrahim’s feet in Pakatan is the work of an unholy coalition of a Trojan Horse of Chinese (and some Indian) interests of usurpers, political opportunists and the Malaysian Bar. Their ‘support’ is something sadly Anwar has been deceived into believing was that proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” urging him to lead on.

Anwar’s experience with his coalition partners is no different to his earlier experiences with the Neo Cons and the George Soros backed ‘civil societies’ coalition. A sinister socio political movement (some say a movement of socio paths)  on the surface sweeping the developing world of independent nations  like a heat rash.


These revivals or middle class revolutions had their Genesis to Revelation beginning in South America ending with bloody fascist dictators there, only to re emerge a generation later in Christian drag for legitimacy.

First in the post Soviet Central Asian nations then the East European states in the 1990’s. Having failed to sustain any real momentum there a generation later, now disguised as the “Arab spring” in the middle east, more recently it has moved to south east Asia as Bersih in Malaysia.

Anwar’s misplaced trust and his faith in the loyalty of his coalition partners appears to have sealed his fate as a future leader of Malaysia. Anwar’s trust in them  has instead turned out to be the proverbial head lights of an on coming express train in that tunnel he was ushered into by his coalition partners, crushing him and everything he has stood and fought for into an ugly mangled heap.

At the same time others around him have unashamedly and contentedly taken for themselves and fed on the glory and the honour of what he and Wan Aziza singularly delivered to his constituency however little that may be over the years.

The vice of Anwar’s political ambitions lie in that bitter and toxic relationship, Anwar cultivated in a hurry to muster the much needed numbers to make his political dream of government a reality. It was a plan doomed to failure from the start.

The mainly Chinese and Indian Malaysian dream of a meritocracy or a BN free Malaysia dominated by the Pakatan has no place for the Malays above or alongside them.


The clear snub to Anwar and to Wan Aziza by the French and US governments in favour of Ambiga Sreenivasan,  is evidenced by the honorific titles bestowed upon her with the Legion of Honour decoration from the French. The American’s set him up but gave  Ambiga the “woman of courage” decoration in acknowledgement and recognition for work undertaken by Anwar and Wan Aziza. That work and whatever achievements that came with it  was claimed by Ambiga and her supporters. Anwar and Aziza were totally ignored.

That act of betrayal by Ambiga lauded by her non Malay followers serves as a foreteller of things to come, the reality of Malaysian politics and the perceptions of Malaysia’s Malays by both the Chinese and their Indian acolytes.

It is a clear case again of the proverbial ‘Lembu Punya Susu, Sapi Dapat Nama‘.  The Singapore example of 1965 appears to have seduced some but not all it seems.

Against good advice, Anwar went ahead and consummated his marriage of convenience with a mercenary bunch of ‘sleepers’ engineered by foreign interests seeking to consolidate the new global socio political and economic order post Gulf 2.

It is a marriage now falling apart at the seams infecting his position and party within the coalition of self interest. Anwar is gradually becoming isolated and has now been cut loose by forces from within his party smelling blood.


Regardless of what one thinks of Anwar Ibrahim the politician or the man, he singularly shook the foundations of Malaysia’s well entrenched and institutionalized political elites, their decades old one party rule breathing life into its indolent and purely symbolic opposition. He has changed the way government looks at its work and its role in a changing Malaysia.

He has threatened accountability on its civil service and brought an incompetent judiciary and the Malaysian legal profession into disrepute perhaps not as intentionally for the latter. He still draws large crowds wherever he goes and is identified readily abroad as Malaysia’s icon of change and its social and political conscience. But politics is fickle and slogans and symbols are as enduring as the loyalty of Pakatan’s allies to him.

Anwar paid a very heavy personal price for his sacrifice. Physically and mentally he endured punishment. No other leader or aspirant to political office had to endure what he did over the past decade or more. Yet for all his efforts, his gamble, right or wrong, he was cultivated by the same forces in the west, feted and acknowledged by Washington, Paris, London and Canberra till he fell on his sword in the heady Lingham tapes affair.

Anwar did not take the easy road Ambiga Sreenivasan or others chose to adopt riding in relative comfort on his coat tails standing on his broader shoulders to see the future. Yet for all their sacrifices, Anwar and Wan Aziza are now the true pariahs in the Pakatan.

The government of the republic of France driving another stake into Anwar’s and the coalition’s heart by pinning an undeserving political badge of honour on Ambiga Sreenivasan whilst his star fades, eclipsed by the undeserving Ambiga and her ego.

Anwar and Wan Aziza are being forced to confront the reality of the politics of race they blamed on the government of the Barisan Nasional. Thrust into the reality of Malaysia’s communalism engineered by each of the other two races the Chinese and the Indians, Anwar and Aziza now isolated from the grass roots of their respective Malay communities must measure up the price to be paid for entering into that Faustian Bargain with the neo cons and others like Bersih and the Malaysian bar in pursuit of a pipe dream of leading one of Asia’s most envied and economically prosperous democracies.


Anwar’s supporters who are now far and few, have been peddling as fast as they are able to against an unfriendly current in a vain and pathetic effort to get Anwar an honorific title from somewhere. Washington was approached. The Obama administration declined. But it does not end there. That decision by Washington it appears was ably assisted , by a group of serving and retired Malaysian judges and a sprinkling of Malaysian businessmen and those NGO’s associated with former PM Abdullah Badawi and the Christian right.

It is on the record that Anwar’s supporters sought imperial honours ( a knighthood) from Buckingham Palace for Anwar. It was a desperate attempt to legitimize his position as Malaysia’s internationally recognized leading champion of what the opposition call democracy and ‘clean government’. Again the nomination was turned down on the advice of a very vocal group within the Pakatan. A group of NGO’s.


The most damaging of all blows and the cruelest cut of all to Anwar came recently when it was announced that Ambiga Sreenivasan would receive the medal of the legion of honour from the republic of France.

The medal of honour for her championing of ‘human rights’ in Malaysia. Ambiga Sreenivasan patronizingly raised the plight of the Orang Asli as a key plank in her ‘championing of human rights’ causes, without once mentioning the systematic rape of forests and the environment by Malaysia’s economically powerful Chinese communities.

It is they the Chinese who are the driving force behind the displacement of the Orang Asli. But would it have really mattered if Ambiga raised their plight in its true and factual context implicating the Chinese Malaysians? Do the French really care about human rights with their own international record in that area of human endeavor?

Not once did she Ambiga Sreenivasan acknowledge the man Anwar Ibrahim or his spouse Wan Aziza and their contributions to what the west term ‘Human rights’. Not once were the two individuals, icons of the oppositions struggles,  who rightly or wrongly gave up everything including their family life, privileges and rights in pursuit of what they believed in warrant a mention of any significance.  Instead ‘civil society’ the brand of private enterprise revolution, financed and promoted by George Soros and the Neo Cons of Washington took centre stage.

Their version of human rights, their version of democracy and their vision for Malaysia which she and the Malaysian Bar and a Chinese led opposition were happy to indulge in, riding with PKR safe in the knowledge that there was a Malay component in its ranks to legitimise what was till then, a race exclusive opposition coalition. It gave the Pakatan opposition the opportunity to shed their racist anti Malay image for a time.

Not once did Ambiga Sreenivasan make mention of the suffering of that woman Wan Aziza and that of her suffering as a woman, a mother and a wife in her pursuit for a better place in the sun for Chinese an Indian Malays.

Ambiga on the other hand has never rejected her Brahmin pedigree and never has she once even attempted to act as anything other than the Brahmin she is. But regardless the US administration bestowed upon her at the behest of groups like the Sisters of Islam, the Malaysian Bar and a host of other NGO’s the honour that could have very well gone to a number of other women like Wan Aziza.

Not once did Ambiga acknowledge the sacrifice of another woman who sacrificed more than Ambiga will ever be capable of sacrificing. Giving up the privileges of her Bumi Putera  status, her privilege of being the first lady in waiting and her career as an ophthalmologist Aziza like her husband must wait and endure the betrayals of the likes of Ambiga.

Inspite of her record of a greater sacrifice and the wider respect and acclaim she commands as a champion of human rights in places as Australia and the US, she was ignored by the French and the Americans in a deliberate snub engineered by the Malaysian Bar and its non Malay elements.

In her place was the champion of her own causes Ambiga Sreenivasan parading before cameras of the international media advancing her causes whatever they may be at the expense of citizens of the state of Selangor who unlawfully channeled state funds to the Bersih movement, a  movement of capital slogans and symbolic demonstrations.

Had it not been for Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Aziza, two privileged Malays who took a gamble, stepped up to the plate, played for higher stakes ,risking everything they had, unlike many of the upper middle class Malays calling in the first of the international political “springs” now their winter of discontent, Ambiga Sreenivasan would have continued to be of no significance to anyone outside the Malaysian Bar.


Anwar had all along been misled by a bunch of incompetent lawyers, each of whom fed off his circus and joined his gravy train in order to advance their own personal ambitions. None saw the dangers of engaging for instance in that speculative and egregious exposure of the Lingham tapes and the mischief from it that would eventually backfire and end in disaster for Anwar and his party.

Anwar is unable to now reverse that fatal mistake in his campaign or to ‘put his hand on his heart’ and say that the tape of his sexual exploits is not fair game. It bears all the hallmarks of his own ‘fly on the wall’ entrapment of Lingham resulting in that lynching of the former Chief Justice of Malaysia Fairuz J. He was advised by his lawyers, encouraged to expose the Lingham tapes by at least two retired judges and other members of the legal fraternity including Ambiga Sreenivasan knowing full well what it cold do to Anwar’s political career in the end.

Anwar accepted counsel of his lawyers in good faith when it came to the Lingham tapes. It is a fatal flaw of the Malay to trust. He trusted each of his advisors and the advice given him by the Pakatan.

When the US government realized that Anwar had become too much of an embarrassment to their causes in the region they nonetheless decided that the embers of dissent had to be kept alive and stoked to keep their Trojan Horse in the region (that loose coalition of Malaysian opposition) functioning and ready.

For all of their rhetoric and pro Anwar sentiments they failed in the end to honour and decorate their man, by passing him instead for the flavor of the day a non Muslim woman. Ambiga Sreenivasan was put forward by most of the NGO’s that have a US flavor to them. The Sisters of Islam are as politically ugly as Anwar was to their ideals. They have little tolerance for anything Muslim or Islamic as it is in the minds of their constituents, an automatic cue that triggers the auto suggestion that invokes the sentiments of terrorism and anti Americanism all rolled into one. Political whores do not even get the crumbs at the end of the day. They are but fodder for the fires of the victor. A dispensable commodity in pursuit of greater goals.

For all the rhetoric the French too decided that the champion of ‘Malaysian Democracy, Liberty and Egalitarianism’ was not good enough to share a place at their table of honour. It went instead to a woman with little to show for the causes of ‘Human Rights’ Ambiga Sreenivasan.

Anwar must come to terms with the fact he is Malay. Regardless of what he delivers politically and socially to a highly racist opposition he will remain nothing more than a token to be trod upon in order or them to override and to over power the rightful place of Malays in their own homeland of Malaysia.


What the French must be given credit for in bestowing their honour on an undeserving Ambiga Sreenivasan is this. They have now firmly and fatally divided the opposition and ensured their client the Malaysian government of the Barisan will return perhaps even with a larger majority at the next general elections.

As is rumoured it could well have been the Machiavellian work of the Najib Razak government to place that poisoned chalice of the legion of honour on Ambiga’s neck to divide the opposition with a nod and a wink to Paris.

Foreign decorations and honours of the variety that Ambiga received recently from France are normally notified to the foreign office of the country of the recipient. There is nothing on the record to suggest Malaysia either objected to the award to Ambiga or raised a protest with the French government prior.

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