It isn’t the first time nor will it be the last. The perpetrators of this vile, inhumane act of treachery, deceit and greed celebrate whilst their victims grieve.  Referred to as the “Chinese Gold Scam” the perpetrators of this swindle are mainly as its name implies Chinese. Whether this revelation will prompt those in the Chinese community prepared to accept responsibility, to reject wholly and to speak out against this scam will depend on the courage of those few amongst them who are upright enough and possessed of a human conscience sufficient to compel them to stand up and to speak up.

The Chinese dominated DAP and other prominent Chinese opposition politicians like Theresa Kok have thus far chosen to remain mute on the subject of this Chinese Gold Scam. Focusing instead on the on-going saga of Lim Guan Eng and allegations of his son’s sexual misconduct, precipitating the more acute crisis and the more serious allegation that Guan Eng paid hush money to the alleged victim’s family in an effort to kill the scandal, they remain distracted from this scandal capable of bringing the economy down.


As for Ambiga Sreenivasan that “Human Rights” champion, she has thus far has remained silent, aloof and distanced from this unfolding financial disaster and human tragedy. This of course being a matter that affects Tamils not of her caste. Ambiga is Brahmin and is an unabashed Brahmin poster girl. The gold scam is a matter too remote from her politics of “human rights”. The Tamils most of Malaysia’s underclass falling well under that threshold in her view to be human or to be  useful enough to her in her political mission. They are not capable of bestowing on her the decorative honours she so covets for her ‘sacrifices’ on behalf of minorities but not the Tamils. The Tamils of Malaysia are not the French government nor are they Hillary Clinton nor are they as wealthy, exploitative or ready to pay lip service and yes real money to her in pursuit of her political goals.


Deepvali is upon us. It is the festival of light and one of the high holidays in the Hindu holy calendar. It is meant to usher in the spirit of light and bring joy to mankind. Instead for many Indian families in Peninsula Malaysia it will be a time for reflection on a tragedy so cruelly and deliberately visited upon them by the Chinese Gold Scam.  A tragedy so many of them will never ever recover from.

An unofficial  estimate reliably puts the losses from the Chinese Gold Scam over  a 12 month period at over MYR100,000,000 (one hundred million Malaysian Ringgit). That’s bigger than the gross national product of a small island state in the Pacific Ocean. Others still put that figure at three times that amount. Either ways one looks at it, it is a national disaster to rival any other to have visited the Indian communities since private companies (many of these Chinese owned) in the 1980’s drove many of them out of rubber plantations into cities displacing many thousands of them without adequate compensation.


The Chinese Gold Scam is mind boggling not only for its size but for also the unabated spread of its tentacles into remote communities now targeting Malays, conveniently leaving the Chinese out of its highly destructive path. That of itself begs a question of the Chinese led opposition. Why is it not an issue on their agendas? why is Guan Eng and Kit Siang silent? why is Theresa Kok silent, Why is Elizabeth Wong silent? where is Jeffrey Ooi the blogger of conscience? where in fact is Karpal Singh member for Chinese interests in Penang for life?

The Malays are now being enticed with a fake “Syariah compliant” tag to this Chinese Gold Scam. They are being lured into it, parting with their life savings,  getting into debt by mortgaging their properties to invest with the false promise of above average returns.

Once more the DAP, Theresa Kok and other loud mouths of the opposition and “human rights activists” like Ambiga Sreenivasan  remain mute, busy instead creating red herrings as the allegations of corruption in government for which they offer no proof, a distraction from their own failures to convince Malaysians that they are in fact a viable alternative to government or that they care for the marginalized Tamils and rural Malays the victims of this fraud.


The Tamils, the most marginalized of all communities in Malaysia have always been a choice victim of the Chinese and their criminal syndicates. In early times they were the target of job scams, labour rackets, then bootleg (moonshine) liquor and land scams, initiated and promoted by ruthless Chinese developers. It was they and not UMNO or the Barisan that bogey of the oppostion that booted helpless Tamils out of unprfitable rubber plantations in order to construct housing projects abandoning many of these later without completion, leaving home buyers out of pocket.

The Tamils, mainly labourers  have been thrown onto the streets literally by these developer scammers, these developers having bribed weak and underpaid civil servants to acquiesce in their land grabbing for a few pieces of silver. Strangely enough the DAP and Pakatan have remained mute over these scams. They have had little to say especially since the last general elections when Tamil numbers meant something to them.

The plight of Tamils and rural Malays do not concern them now because apart from a few middle class Indians like the Ambiga’s of this world, the Tamils by and large are not “their problem”. Not at least till election day comes round again. More disturbing still  are the reports that some of those behind the Chinese Gold Scams are said to be connected to the DAP and Pakatan and their leadership. At least one is an MCA operative.

The Tamils are a relative minority in numbers. They are a minority on the economic ladder. They are a minority when it comes to political representation except for the recent upheavals in Malaysian politics when the Brahmins, kicked out of the MIC, and what remained of the professional classes like Ambiga Sreenivasan went looking for and found refuge with Chinese and European backed interests.

The victims of the Chinese Gold Scam are many. Almost exclusively they are Indian and rural Malay. These too are those hardworking underprivileged who have managed to rise above that level of abject poverty reserved for them by, first the British, then created and advanced by the Chinese merchant classes who, took over the role of economic lord and master from Britain in the peninsula.


The past year has seen the growth of an ugly phenomenon of inhumane and cowardly proportions. It is unprecedented in its audacity for its deliberate planning and the effort put into tricking hopefuls from the Indian community first into planning for retirement and Deepavali with the usual clichéd political lines:

the Barisan is UMNO. It is only for the Malays and UMNO Puteras. You will always be left out. Here is your chance to be rich and to be able to live independently in retirement and pay for your children’s education abroad”.

This is very much an opposition mantra which leads to suspicion about the their involvement in the scam through their silence. At the least it is not unreasonable to blame the opposition for their silence when after all the political slogans used by these Chinese Scammers (with Indian and Malay foot soldiers for balance and effect) have come from their mouths. But for many it is nothing more than the resurgence of an old trick by the same old perpetrator communities upon the same old victim communities in an age old ritual repeating itself.


All of the perpetrators to date caught by police and charged in the recent Gold Scam targeting firstly poor Indians robbing them of their life savings are Chinese. The scam is necessarily Chinese in character and Chinese in its membership at the operational and managerial level. There are two Genneva companies. One a Sdn Bhd the other not. The one in trouble being prosecuted is the Genneva Sdn Bhd. The other having adopted that name but without the Sdn Bhd is opportunistic in that it has picked off the remaining victims of the first for a second bite at the cherry.

The sentient minds behind the Gold scams as with most major scams against the Indians in particular are Chinese syndicates. There need be no apology for making mention of the race of the perpetrators because that’s who they are. The Chinese pay little heed to the consequences of such acts as long as it does not victimise them.  There is evidence that at least 4 of the minds behind these scams have links to the DAP and at least one of the masterminds is linked to an MCA member (though not a parliamentarian).


Jet setting the world over at the expense of the Pakatan Rakyat’s and NGO purses is Ambiga Sreenivasan a lawyer who claims to be the champion of human rights in Malaysia. Ambiga has had ample opportunity to prove her mettle as a champion of human rights or to plead her case outside of her hollow rhetoric. She has failed at every given opportunity to establish her case, her credentials as a human rights campaigner and her causes (whatever these may be) thus far.

A Tamil herself Ambiga has distanced herself from the poorer Tamils and has done everything in her capacity at every given opportunity to frustrate or thwart their aspirations whether that be in selling out Hindraf to the Badawi government or keeping silent on the Chinese Gold Scam. Ambiga has been actively and relentlessly pursuing agenda’s carefully selected to bring a western focus on her western financed activities in pursuit of her own private personal political ambitions. She is also unashamedly Chinese in her outlook on Malaysian politics and has never ever championed the causes of her own community unless they are the Brahmins or middle classes of the Indians.

Ambiga could well have been the answer to Samy Velu if she was not so conceited, deceitful, selfish and self centred. Ashamed apparently of being a Tamil she has pursued all of the middle class western oriented   causes which the vast majority of Malaysians especially in rural Malaysia have neither interest nor any idea of. Ambiga is no Tamil when it comes to human rights. Her perfidious character is now legend.

Ambiga has made significant ‘off the cuff’ remarks about Anwar Ibrahim’s fate if the coalition of opposition parties is to win government. She has effectively sealed Anwar’s fate and sidelined him with her silence at the reception of the Legion of Honour award from the French government raising concerns amongst Malaysia’s opposition groups and her own inner circle about who Ambiga really represents.


Coming close on the heels of the misery of the Chinese Gold Scam and its aftermath for many, Najib Razak the prime minister,  a wily old fox has been on the hustings having received highly favourable feedback to his ‘people’s budget’ recently. He is reported to have shown great sympathy for the Tamils (and rural Malays) without having to pork barrel either of the two communities or marginalize the Chinese.

Amongst the more appealing aspects of the budget is the allocation of funding to rehabilitate another great scam, that of the abandoned affordable housing projects.  It remains to be seen what further steps will be taken by government to route out those behind the abandoned housing project scams costing many hundreds of millions of dollars and unexplained unresolved bankruptcies in its wake.


A straw poll at little India and research by Dr. Dwikarla of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad show a massive swing  away from the two opposition parties, viz the DAP, Pakatan and the independents by Indians. The figures show a swing in attitudes away from the DAP opposition and from PKR in Selangor state and an overall swing of nearly 5% amongst Tamils in most states. The swing is especially prominent  in opposition held states.

Although not said in so many words, it appears that the concentration of opposition energies in non specific ‘flash mob’ activities such as Bersih and the mushrooming of ‘NGO’ self interest groups have helped create vacuum which Najib patiently and reluctantly has exploited and filled with little or no effort.

Groups like Lawyers for Democracy, Sisters in Islam, Bersih and the irrelevance of Irene Fernandez’s and the Catholic church’s fight for everyone else except for the real marginalized groups like the rural Malays and the Tamils have perhaps come full circle. They have all without exception played to a field of the converted, to foreigners and to those interests that do not put bread on the table or a roof on the heads of those who matter. In so doing they have by default delivered the Tamil vote back to Barisan.

It is yet to be seen what impact the Chinese Gold Scam now will have on the DAP  and PKR whose main agenda now is trying to contain the fall out from the reported misbehavior of Guan Eng’s son and the alleged hush money he paid to the victim to keep the matter quiet. The other distraction for the opposition being Anwar’s sodomy trial. The Tamils themselves now feel sodomised by the opposition.

Interesting times we live in.


  1. Dear Grk.
    Are you not going to upload the previous post. I thought of reading, the next day when I saw it. Anyway, I already forgot what it is about.

    Brilliant writing for this post .

    “They have all without exception played to a field of the converted, to foreigners and to those interests that do not put bread on the table or a roof on the heads of those who matter”.

    Bar Council’s Sexuality Merdeka sure does not put bread on the table for Malaysian.


  2. Dear Rahmat

    We are presently in reconstruction mode. This website blog s being modified to cater for more ambitious pursuits including streaming of videos and video recorded interviews, sports and business and affairs of the hart. We would like to widen our horizons.

    Yes there are many things that do not put bread on the tables that appear to amuse and occupy the minds of a politically hollow and bankrupt opposition.

    Which other matter you do refer to as requiring us to ‘upload’?



  3. Dear Grk. This is a great article. A lot more people need to read this. Shouldn’t there be a fb or twitter button at ur site so we can share this?


  4. BN is never about UMNO alone. It’s about UMNO, MIC and MCA. No MIC and MCA, no independence. Unless we would rather be communists and kill everyone in our way. I’m a Malay and UMNO member. if we think PKR is better, we are wrong when they are very selective among themselves. And they never make PKR as an official colliation like BN. They can divide anytime when the interest clashs. But one thing for sure, we love our race like other Chinese, Indians, Iban, Kadazandusun etc love yours. It’s just a matter of survival. Are we racists when we want our race to unite and be better like other races e.g Chinese when they are so good in business and all as they claimed? For me, only prejudice people translate us wrongly. We are one nations. To unite as a nation, we need to unite among ourselves (race) so that we can unite with other races.


    1. The Malays have themselves proved to be great at business. It is the propaganda that makes a Malay a thief when he succeeds in business and a Chinese gangster, thief, pimp and opium smuggler a brilliant naturally gifted businessman when he succeeds.

      One has to realise that the perception that a Chinese is always an untrustworthy partner has gained currency recently with the US decision to encircle them once more.

      You are right when you suggest that what the Malays are indulging is a question of survival. And long may it be so.


      1. What success? The only thing that the Umno Malays know is to plunder the Public Treasury under the guise of bringing development to the people and doing so-called business.


      2. No they also know how to give Vincent Tan his licenses, Robert Kwok his, Teh Hong Piau his and Lim Goh Tong his and all without calling for a public tender. But then again the Tengku was “the best prime minister” of all time was he not (to the Chinese at least?)


      3. There is no doubt that there are good businessmen in any comminities while in some cases, one has to work hard for it while some got lots of assistance from the. Government! GRK or who ever you pretend to be, you are one pariah of a blogger….what you write are definitely unresearched and totally biased…’s so obvious you are a paid agent provocatuer; you are a dumb asshole, to blame the Chinese for the gold scam for I personally know many Chinese were victims of the scam, perhaps more than any other communities; and as for the former Indians estate workers, they were displaced not by the Chinese but the British when the latters’ interest in rubber plantations were taken over by GLCs through night raids in the stock exchange as one example of Malaysianisation! And who should be responsible for the misplaced Indians, may I ask? Shouldn’t it be the government of the day you asshole?!!!!
        Why must you keep attacking Ambiga and all the other opposition members? Write something worthy for what you are paid to do and not British Sunday gutter posts!!!!! Damn asshole GRK or whoever you pretend to be!


      4. Come, come Mr. Whatever your real name is. Jettha??? now who would hate her child so much as to name him such?
        Lets stick to issues. We raised the issue of a Chinese led scam using gold “investments” about a year before the
        collapse. We did our homework. You are simply shooting from the hip and the lip. Either ways you have little reason
        to criticise us for what we say.

        As for Ambiga, again we did our homework, obtained the evidence before we made comment. She did make a statement in private
        to a private audience that Anwar would not be Prime Minister if they won the elections. Karpal recently reinforced the point
        Kit Siang has endorsed that position of the opposition. Neither Ambiga nor the others in her clique have the courage to tell
        the truth to their followers. Each of them is as bad as those within and outside government ho does not deserve to be left alone
        for their duplicitous behaviour. Let them sue if they believe what we have done thus far is defamatory of them (without a defence).

        Every country needs an opposition. A good, honourable working one. What stands today as an alternative to government in Malaysia is a bunch of inexperienced rogues and
        thieves. Liars all of the, none of whom is even able stand straight let alone shoot or be straight. Therefore better the devil we know than this lot.
        As for the Chinese, each time they raise their heads in a racial slur claiming it to be fair political comment, you can rest assured
        we will call them “Chinese”. If that hurts too bad.


    2. What a load of dribble you put out.Go to any govt. dept. and see the ratio of malays to the other races.You you be lucky to see 3% of other races there.Look at the police dept.You have jokers with titles like dsp,asp,ocpd and the like and see if there are many Indians and Chinese and these same jokers can’t even speak proper english let alone write a report in english.Go to USA,Australia,Canada, UK and see the plane loads of Malays sent there on despite their lower grades and see the Indians and Chinese who have to pay their own way there with loans their parents have to repay.You want unity with this sorts of discriminations against these other races?Get a life.


      1. Go to the private sector you will see the same in reverse. Go back to your past if
        you have a sense of history the same. But then again why do we need to educate a goat?


      2. Felix – you are an Chinese asshole! Go to Usa , UK we see many Malaysian Chinese not having the required grades fir scholarhips but enter the univerities overseas because their parents are able to afford one. Go to Singapore and check how many Malays are appointed in the army or govt sectors. Eat pig and you become what you eat.


  5. Dear GRK,

    I am new here and actually enjoying your postings. With you style of writing, I wouldn`t really mind if you bash just about everybody around without having to feel guilty about it.

    In replying to Darlyn Azlinda, I have a question for you. What is your comment on the recent message being spread around instigating the Chinese community not to buy Gardenia bread just because the business was bought over by a Malay. They are now urging the Chinese populace to buy Massimo`s breads owned by Robert Kuok. Is this an act of racism or just their own right?

    Are they implying that the Malaysian economy should be controlled by the Chinese only?



    1. Your allegations in this regard if true is not new and further reinforces the examples Dr. Mahathir Mohamed
      gave in his controversial book “the Malay Dilemma”. In that book he citied the case of a Chinese supervisor
      at tobacco company Rothmans who stole cigarettes was fired then reinstated because the Chinese community began
      a boycott of Rothmans products arising out of that incident.

      Now whether the facts are as they were portrayed by Dr. Mahathir Mohammed or not, what is true is that the idea
      of using economic clout to blackmail a community along race lines by powerful groups is not new. It is sad and yes
      to answer your question a racist statement because as you suggest they have called for a boycott because of the race of the new owner
      of the bread.

      If this is true then perhaps the Chinese in Malaysia ought to be treated like the Chinese in all other south east Asian countries
      whereby their cultural traits and expression of their cultural identity ought to be suppressed. In Thailand and in Indonesia as in the Philippines
      they have to adopt local names and eschew their Chinese names. Their businesses have to have local names and symbols and not their Chinese
      symbols. It is not difficult to see why people like the Chinese (the Kuomintang Chinese) have difficulties wherever they go. That includes mainland China.

      The government or the Malay communities can now turn to them and put the shoe squarely back on the other foot and let them feel the insult ten fold if your allegation is true.
      In each city or town where Malays live, any Chinese shop or restaurant selling anything with pork or a pork derivative should be necessarily closed down
      or boycotted in favour of an Indian or Malay shop. People become powerful in economics and in trade and commerce when you patronise them and their businesses.
      In such a case the buyer is said to be sovereign. Where the product is a necessity like a cancer drug the seller is said to be sovereign because of the power they have over demand.

      If you are happy to accept the insult by doing nothing then that’s fine. But if you are not, then there are many things you can do. It includes boycotting Chinese goods
      demanding the government double or triple the tax on pork and anything that has a pork derivative (such as pork fat) or not Halal. A Malay government can demand the rise in
      school fees at vernacular schools (Chinese and Tamil) to make these divisions (cultural) un affordable. It could also mean boycotting supermarkets that sell Robert Kuok or other Chinese goods.
      To their credit the Chinese will never not support one another regardless of the morality of the situation.

      Perhaps the best thing would be to let the Malays know that diabetes which affects them as a community more than any other is caused by products Robert Kuok produces. The Kuoks
      are the world’s largest traders of sugar which is addictive and destructive. That ought to bring his empire down like the ending of the opium trade brought down the British in China.
      There are many many more such incidents which the mainstream media does not report for fear of losing Chinese business sponsorship and advertising revenue.


  6. You are already out dated in your info…

    1) Robert Kuok no more control the sugar business in Malaysia…it is a Malay man now controlling the sugar supply in Malaysia.

    2) The Ministry of Heath has already started a campaign to cut down the sugar consumption..and incidentally, the MOH is a Chinese…. this is another opportunity for you to spin it as another Chinese plot to undermine the business now control by a Malay.

    Or will you still join in to call for the boycott sugar consumption as it cause it is now own by a Malays…

    May be you have not heard the complain from have nots that when sugar was controlled by the China man, the price remained for many years but already increased twice since taken over by a Malay man.

    3) The government do not decide on the school fees of the Chinese school. The Chinese schools are mainly funded by the Chinese…
    And for your info, 10% of the students in the Chinese primary schools are non Chinese and Malays made up more than 90% of these 10%.

    4) Demanding to double or triple the tax on pork and its derivatives….you suggestion only shows how confused you are..Pork is haram… so what are the Malays who are born Muslim going to do with this haram tax corrected.

    5) Who are those has short changed the have -not Malays and Indians.?? It is the UMNO Malays who have enriching them self in the disguise of NEP after 40 years of implementation.

    6) Who are those run down on the Malays claiming they still need the help of NEP to survive?? It is the UMNO Malays so that they can continue to enrich them self further.

    7) What happen to Halim Saad, Tajuddin Ramli, Wan Azmi who were handed billion RM business empire under NEP.

    8) What happen to Tan Sri Hassan Marican , the former Petronas CEO who has built Petronas into a international oil player. He was force to leave Petronas at the prime age by the Malays controlled government as you put ,just because he was on the other side of the political divide. Now he joined foreign companies in Oil gas business..

    Do not blame other’s success for your own failure. !!!


    1. Tan Sri Hassan Marican is now the international adviser for Temasek Holding, board member of Singapore Power, Sembawang Corporation, ConocoPhillips and many other oil and gas companies……… Foreigners recognised his talent but not his own countrymen, what a waste !


      1. What is the point you are making here? That as Hassan Marican he is a foreigner in Singapore? or that the Chinese who control Singapore are foreigners?
        Or worse still that he was hired because he is a “foreigner” as you put it and that race was the criteria for the job? Or do you know something we do
        not know and that is Tan Sri Marican applied for similar jobs in Malaysia and was rejected because of his race? So what is the point you make?

        You typify the Tamil man in Malaysia. Find all sorts of excuses for your incompetence and your Tamil chauvanism.


  7. This is very insightful. I am sure people are becoming more aware of what is going on. Hopefully, whatever the result in the coming election, the rakyat will gain more from the ruling party. Surely, the time has come for changes and sacrifices to be made. Wake up, Malaysians. Smell the wind on change..


  8. This article is a ventilation of ignorance based on racism and prejudice. Many of the skim cepat kaya and one big gold scam company, now under investigation, were not run by Chinese. The direct selling companies including Amway are being run as Ponzi schemes by everyone. The ah longs, loan sharks, and drug smuggling syndicates are linked to Umno and the Police by way of political financing and bribes. Meanwhile, Umno and Taib don’t hesitate to plunder the Public Treasury under the guise of bringing development to the people.


    1. The article is as racist as the oppositions blaming everything that goes wrong in Malaysia on UMNO (which is necessarily Malay).
      But we are always prepared to meeet our critics head on with the evidence from our investigations especially into this particular matter.

      If we were not careful or bluffing or speculating, we would not have got the waytha murthi story correct
      We would not have touched the gold scams last year we would not have had the victories we have had with each of these matters we have raised.
      The results speak for themselves. We would be happy to include any of the evidence you have to support
      your attempt at rebutting what we have said that these were not Chinese operated scams. It may be worth the Chinese in particular using race to blame government
      for everything that goes wrong in the courty. If they watch their language as a grooup, everyone will do the same. The Indians can expect no quarter from us in this

      Are you suggesitng like many Chinese now do that when a Chinese scam is detected, the perpetrators should not be identified by race? because they suddenly are just humans
      and Malaysians and not Chinese? You can’t have it both ways.

      We stand by our article and if the shoe fits wear it.


    2. We say Chinese. We did the article in part one long before the collapse came.
      We did our homework. You do yours by licking the behinds of the crooked Chinese as most Indians
      tend to do. We stand by our article. We are proud to have scooped on a number of stories
      that even the large dailies failed to. Keep reading.

      Just for you, Ambiga Sreenivasan will announce her candidacy for the next General Elections shortly.
      So too will Lim Chee Wee and Edmund Bon. A truly Chinese Malaysia with an Indian hating Ambiga in tow in the

      Anwar will not be prime minister.


  9. Great article. Stumbled upon your blog the other day and was mesmerized by the openness and honesty it offers. Malaysians really need to come here. Good job! I don’t really have any qualms with PR but the people who are voting for them are just plain racist and stupid sometimes. It irks me!!! Especially if u work in the private sector, they keep bashing the govt at the same time squashing the Malays like pesky roaches.

    In your opinion, if PR manages to take Putrajaya, what will happen to Malay rights a.k.a ketuanan melayu ( as they call it?)


    1. Thank you for the compliment. firstly from independent polls taken although the Pakatan are likely to
      maintain their standing albeit in a slightly reduced majority the question is really whether the government
      will regain its 2/3 majority.

      The government’s problems are these. Pakatan will riot, hold demonstrations and provoke a police response to attract
      world attention to their “persecution” by the Barisan who they will claim “fixed” the ballot.

      Secondly their continuing demonstrations and allegations against ‘government impropriety’ will spook foreign investors which will inevitably
      create problems for the economy. It will be fulfilling Pakatan’s self serving prophesies of gloom and doom under the Barisan.

      Thirdly in the more unlikely scenario of they win, Anwar may have many plans for government and diluting if not
      altogether abrogating the government’s commitments to the rights of Malays. If he does that there will be trouble. But Anwar’s
      hands are tied. He has no real political will. Anwar sings to the tune of others and not the constituency that will elect
      a Pakatan government if that happens.

      PAS will call upon him to fulfil his duties as a Muslim and to assist in the establishment of an Islamic state not in theory which it is now but also in practice.
      And if PAS does not secure that guarantee from him they will walk.

      These are dangerous times we live in. Ketuanan Melayu will disappear from the radar altogether. Malay rights will be trampled by the mainly Chinese
      now that many of the Indians have returned to suporting government.


  10. BN will expire tomorrow and will be in temporary mode until election, Pakatan will win big and and Anwar will be made PM, you GRK and you hero Mr M will be soon in jail…


    1. ICE.
      You must be working for the DAP, from Wenworth Hotel in Pudu.

      If DAP comes to power, their politicians will be taking over the job of the Police and the Judiciary. They will rule Malaysia, Lee Kuan Yew style, dragging dissidents to court, make them until broke, spent time in jail or forced into exile.

      So, help us God.


  11. Hi GRK,

    I arrived here from this link in Tun Mahathir’s blog @

    I am grateful to you and your extensive research, without which I would never have thought that there are a group of people (mostly Chinese) who are willing to come up with such devious methods to make money and can feel normal about it!

    I think they have become sub-human who follow the religion of money and their conscience is numbed and dis-functional to feel pity for fellow human being.


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