A Fraud on Dr. Bowling and the University of London



More recently and quite embarrassingly so, the opposition and in particular members of Bersih  have engaged in the most disgraceful and blatant form of misinformation in their campaign against government. Bersih and Hindraf’s London office have spun a web of lies the most despicable of which has snared in the ultimate act of deception, a  highly respected member of the University of London Academic staff. That individual  is none other than the respected Dr. Ben Bowling, a professor at Kings College London.

Dr. Bowling is quoted conveniently and copiously in a fraudulent document circulating over the internet titled “Malaysia a Racist State”. That document was created by an opposition financed propaganda group that includes Hindraf and the Chinese funded Bersih of Ambiga Sreenivasan and the “civil societies” movement. The document has been deliberately designed to mislead the public and to make it appear that Dr.Bowling is its author and the document a “peer reviewed” essay titled “Malaysia a Racist State”.

The article itself prefaced with a letter claiming that the senate international relations committee of the United States recently, and based on the fraudulent Dr. Bowling’s thesis on Malaysia, proclaimed Malaysia to be a racist state. Untrue.

A copy of the document and its contents was forwarded to Dr. Bowling who provided the following responses to our lawyers:

“The paper was not written by me. The quotation from the head of the paper is from me, but it has been placed in such a way that – intentionally or otherwise – it appears to be my work. I cannot comment on the contents.

I hope this clarifies matters.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Ben Bowling

King’s College London

School of Law

Strand, London WCR 2LS

0207 836 5454”

This is neither the beginning nor the end of what is clearly a misleading and deceptive campaign of lies by a desperate opposition. The campaign has and continues to be supported directly or through neglect and omission by that opposition which includes Bersih, PKR and the DAP. Their support of this group (s) is evidenced by their steadfast refusal to distance themselves from what is clearly a constituency of agent provocateurs, liars and a dangerously misguided and desperate mob. This coalition are identifiable by their political vocabulary their social dialect and their central theme of Xenophobia the Malays being their primary traget.

Clearly none of the opposition, their leadership and their members see the dangers or the credibility issues relating to the handiwork of this new generation of media and the mischief of its architects and that of their propaganda.


The late Tun Razak Malaysia’s second prime minister was a hardened anti communist and an unreleting opponent of the Malaysian Chinese Communists. He did not particularly trust or favour the local Chinese either who wore a non Communist mask whenever it suited them. He knew their game quite well.

Tun Razak was no soft bellied corrupt playboy like the Tengku Abdul Rahman whose favourite pastime was in the beds and arms of the wives of his friends and foreign intelligence plants like the girls of the east end of London.

The wide list of names attached to chain emails to which these “manufactured propaganda” documents are attached is typically Chinese in character complete with their fictitious “Christian” names attached as a decoy to distract from their true identities.  From the style of writing , language and grammar to the mindset expressed, there is an indellible stamp of Malaysian Chinese chauvinism written all over it.

Many of the names on these emails are identifiable and traceable to mainly Singapore and Malaysian Chinese names and email addresses domiciled in the 5 nations mentioned above. They also include sources in various parts of Malaysia and Singapore. In a way this is not so surprising, as the whole culture of mass media campaigns of saturated lies reflects the make-up of the main opposition in Malaysia. Its the Mao wave theory of the cultural revolution all over again. It is Chin Peng in designer suits and Gucci shoes.

As impressive as these groups may appear on the surface, they represent the aspirations of an under performing over ambitious and very vocal minority of Malaysians in Malaysia and abroad. It represents the disappointments and frustrations of  those Malaysians who migrated and settled abroad  only to discover that, the grass is not greener where they now live and that their problems abroad have nothing t do with UMNO or the Barisan.  Its is an outlet  for steam for those trapped in the new world living equally unimpressive, unproductive lives in the vain hope of the second coming.


The threat of a defamation action against one of these spammer propagandists arising from a recent popular mythical and manufactured story about Datin Che Rosmah’s (the Prime Minister Najib Razak’s spouse)  has set a cat amongst the pigeons. In his spams this particular author alleged Datin Che Rosmah engaged in an extravagant shopping spree in Western Australia at taxpayers expense whilst her husband the Prime Minister attended the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) recently in Australia.

That myth has now taken a novel twist, courtesy of the vigilance  of media watchers in Australia (not its Malaysian constituency) and the threat of defamation action with the shopping spree having now moved to a new location, Sydney in New South Wales Australia. To illustrate the point further this is what occurred.

A letter was recently sent out by a Perth law firm to a Malaysian Chinese migrant in Western Australia. In that letter lawyers acting for the West Australian Newspaper and its proprietor demanded that a particular former Malaysian Chinese (engineer) now resident in Western Australia, author of the Rosmah diamond spree propaganda, withdraw his chain letter ( and show evidence to that effect that he had destroyed all copies of it together with his email cache) from circulation as it falsely implicated the Western Australian Newspaper as the source of his lie.

This person’s crime? He was found to be sending out emails about Najib Razak and his wife Datin Che Rosmah and the fictitious shopping spree  claiming the source of information for this lie to be the West Australian Newspaper. Not so. Still many Malaysians continue to be gullible enough to swallow the lie, hook line and sinker.

The rumour mill churns out these myths and fiction unabated. Each with a different spin, a spoke here and jagged edge there designed to injure and to defame in much the same way Mao would have it during the cultural revolution. The sources of these myths and disinformation, Malaysian’s living abroad, in the UK and in Australia. Their authors a group of mainly Indian and Chinese Malaysians who the opposition believe could lend more credibility to these lies with the import of a new style of writing and vocabulary.

On each discovery of a fraudulent claim, ranging from the Balasubramaniam manufactured and coached statutory declaration to the highly exaggerated French government investigations into its defence contracts with Malaysia and Malaysia’s ‘corrupt practices’, is a coterie of journalists, a group of Chinese and Indian Malaysians, mainly disgruntled lawyers and under performing public servants with UMNO and the Barisan squarely in their cross hairs.

What the opposition swears to as truth is nothing like the truth, the whole truth and or even half of the truth. So help us all God.

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