Oppose the Qing, Restore the Ming” (反清复明, fǎn Qing, fù Míng) The New Malaysian Mantra


There is the indelible trademark of Chin Peng version 3 and his cultural revolutionaries stamped all over the recent mushrooming of smear campaigns by a Chinese led raft of opposition political parties in Malaysia . Very Red Guard. Very self righteous and very uncompromisingly undemocratic.

Decades after that terrorist’s defeat and surrender at the hands of Malaysia’s armed forces, during the Mahathir era, the old dog’s legacy has taken root and endures in a more sinister form amongst the young and youthful of the opposition in Malaysia.

The provocative head bands in yellow worn by their supporters at Bersih rallies are no different to that which appeared in Tian An Mein square in 1989. That display of provoking the Chinese authorities in 1989 led to a merciless, brutal clamp down of that protest. The Chinese authorities made an ugly example of  the “red and Yellow turbans”  through a systematic destruction of that movement.

The reasons for Beijing’s crack down of the Tien An Mein Square protests in 1989 were many.  That provocative and insensitive signature of  Triad based Kuomintang slogans and the symbolism it carried with it in those headbands, hand signs, gestures and the screaming was the tipping point that pushed the Chinese government over the edge.

The brazen symbolic displays of an inglorious past was too vivid a reminder of a history too painful for many to bear. It crushed the tolerance of battle hardened disciplined Chinese soldiers. They too found it hard to bear. The demonstration rekindled bloody memories of Mao’s own purges, his distortion of that slogan and its opportunistic convenient application during the Cultural revolution.

Mao revised that slogan from its original Oppose the QingRestore the Ming into “Destroy the Old and Establish the New”. Mao’s slogans like that of the Triad’s and of Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek’s were inscribed in  blood. The blood of their followers. Not their own. That offending slogan, the symbol of these fascists reads, Oppose the QingRestore the Ming” (反清复明, fǎn Qing, fù Míng) in Chinese characters. It finds a new life today in the ideology and in the rhetoric of the Malaysian political opposition parties.


The following video is a graphic reminder of the Barbarity and Cruelty of that unique form of chauvinism that now seeks to overthrow Malaysia’s government with its propaganda.

The Malaysian opposition, unfairly and conveniently circulate videos of Taleban executions of women as if these were Malaysian government policy initiatives or events connected to Malaysia and its Malays.

The video in the link below is a disturbing historic account of what the Chinese were like to those who opposed them then and what they are capable of being even to their own today. It is an example and a reminder to the extremes the Malaysian Chinese led opposition are prepared to go to when engaging in their disinformation campaigns. It also demonstrates the extents to which fair political debate should not be extended to no matter what. How not to draw too long a bow when raising a political argument against your enemy. Distorted, unrelated images and anecdotes, stories or other forms of deceit and lies as a form of propaganda the Malaysian opposition campaigns against government are conducting is bound to blow back into their collective faces with profoundly damaging consequences for them .

Executions in China (as shown in the attached video) are today carried out with a single bullet to the head where executions are conducted in public. But it was not always so. And for that matter these methods (shown in the video) are still known to apply to Chinese dissidents in places like Tibet, Xinjiang province and other areas within China. It is graphic and unprecedented in its cruelty and barbarity. There is nothing like it anywhere. Chin Peng was an exponent of this method of retribution, Chiang Kai Shek engaged in it, Mao revelled in it for the fear it created and the control it gave him. Lee Kuan Yew refined it to adopting just the fear element to suppress dissent in his world. What Kit Siang, Guan Eng and others are capable of we do not know.


The following video contains some disturbing  scenes depicting historical footage of brutal executions by the Chinese (imperialists and Kuomintang):

Applying the Chinese led opposition tactics in Malaysia one gets the picture of what they are capable of if given the opportunity to wield power over others.




That offending offensive slogan Oppose the QingRestore the Ming” (反清复明, fǎn Qing, fù Míng) was once the cry of Dr. Sun Yat Sen and the Chinese Triads of the murderous Gen. Chiang Kai Shek . Their supporters and networks make up the Chinese of south east Asia, especially Malaysia and Thailand (where they were given the franchise of growing opium, protected by the CIA and Britain, for distribution to their many addicts in the region and abroad)

The more things change it seems the more they remain the same. The mainland Chinese are highly sensitive to the provocation of this murderous band of thugs posing as democrats. So  too are other nations like Malaysia where the Triads have conveniently sought refuge infiltrating cultural and political organizations, rearing their ugly heads like they do now in precipitating another crisis of May 13 proportions.

One merely has to observe the body language of the  new “Ee Ming” , the new “Viet Nam Rose” of the current generation and style of politics in Malaysia.

Patricia Teoh is a case in point on this subject. In order to understand the link with and to experience the influence of Chin Peng, the Malaysian Chinese chauvanist, on the current opposition movements in Malaysia she needs to be observed closely.

There is no subtlety in the delivery of her oratories,  nor in her written essays on Malaysia’s government and its majority constituents the Malays. She is a strident and vitriolic critic of anything Malay. Her inability to conceal a rabid anti Malay bias is all to evident in her style. She is not alone.


Chin Peng advocated an armed struggle under the convenient political banner of Chinese Communism. There was no such political ideology in his movement. It was either communism or it wasn’t. And Maoism being his ideology it was not Communism.

Maoism later renamed “Chinese Communism” for legitimacy was a political invention of the late Zhou En Lai. Zhao was the more educated, urbane, cosmopolitan and universally accepted human face of Maoism. He created that myth of “Communism” injecting that label into Maoism to provide it with a semblance of legitimacy to lend credence to the barbaric holocaust inflicted by Mao on his own people during the bloody purges . Chiang Kai Shek was no different and neither was Chin Peng.

Their collective bloodlust and political “cleansing” claimed millions of Chinese lives and the lives of others. It rivaled the brutality of the Japanese in Nanjing and the purges of Stalin in the early days of the Soviet Union and Pol Pot’s and Hitler’s variations to the theme. Mao’s and Chiang’s victims were to a large extent mainly Chinese. It was only when he and Chiang Kai Shek ventured out into their “extended territories” like Malaya that the victims turned were from an indiscriminate selection.


Today’s Malaysian Chinese led opposition claims to being as Malaysian as Malays is an extension and revival of that Chin Peng Maoist gospel. That mantra extends to the small insignificant groups of non Chinese who join them  adopting their ideology as they did with Chin Peng decades ago. Regardless they are as vocal and disruptive as they have always been.

Bersih is the public face of the anarchists today. Anwar and PKR, RPK and others having lost that shine and their credibility the movement relies on a lawyer as they did in the 1950’s and 1960’s for credibility of their actions. The tactics employed by Bersih in unauthorised public rallies to disrupt society is not new. It bears all the hall marks of the Chinese cultural revolution that has been adopted by Europe’s anarchists one sees at rallies against the World Bank and other multi lateral summits. Some in their midst are European/ US plants placed there to infiltrate and disrupt or deploy elsewhere when necessary. Syria, Libya and China.

Ambiga Sreenivasan, Teoh and others within their leadership often travel to key European and Chinese cities for a reason. There the training and links to an international comaraderie of anarchists in furtherance of their aims of violent overthrow of government thrive and are based.  These groups meet and exchange ideas, strategies and caucus with similar “revolutionaries” in order to internationalise their fights. Their media within Malaysia is also a beneficiary of these networks. Australia and the US are no different in the export of their own brand of “cultural revolution”. Teoh and Sreenivasan are beneficiaries of the training in these places.

Syria and Egypt are two examples of an extension of the Greek circus. It gets bloody and the end result is never the same in any two places. The blood is always that of the innocents and not of the central committees.

Chin Peng then  leader of the Chinese Communists (read Maoists) who claimed Malaysia as theirs to the exclusion of the rest of the non Chinese population, purloined from his masters in Beijing and from Marxist theory that adornment of Communism to his barbaric crusade of smash and grab, mayhem and murder. Many  in the Malaysian bar and in opposition appear to suffer convenient amnesia when it comes to this point and the dangers of their support of  Chin Peng.

Chin Peng who the Malaysian Bar, Ambiga’s Bersih their allies in the NGO and Pakatan advocate for his return to Malaysia is facing the prospect of meeting his maker soon on a hospital bed in Thailand.

Young Patricia Teoh the “new Ee Ming and Viet Nam Rose” punches her fist into the air and screams political verses and rhetoric, slogans and chants to the tone of the old Chinese Communist party to get her message across on public political platforms. It is an old and very Chinese communist propganda cliche, a menacing method used so effectively by the red guards to intimidate and to get their message across to followers.

And like her colleagues in the opposition she too can be abusive, resort to vilification, defamation and rumour as fact to get her point across.  And like her other colleagues in that opposition she is deliberately vague on evidence, thin on fact and quick to condemn and to vilify all those who do not fit into their idea of  “better Malaysia”.

Teoh and her colleagues methods, are an eerie throw back to an unwanted dangerous and bloody past in the nations history. How can people not make the connection. Same devil new clothes. The Chinese Communists were not communists. Any astute and observant political observer of repute will tell you. Mao was a Chinese chauvinist who conveninetly used communism as an ideology as his fig leaf to capture and enslave the 30 odd non Han states which include controversially Tibet and Zingjiang provinces (Turkmenistan) that comprise the Middle Kingdom today. And their territorial claims do not end on the borders of modern day China. It extends to the south seas. Nanyang which includes Malaysia and beyond.


Not to be outdone the Indians and a sprinkling of Eurasians and urban Malays are recruited added for variety to the lists of these propaganda merchants and agent provocateurs in much the same way the British, Lee Kuan Yew and Chin Peng did in their campaigns for the hearts and minds.

Amongst them are those Chevening scholars turned citizen journalists. In truth they are nothing more than revisionists. They attempt a feeble re write of history. They attempt to revive the jaded exaggerated “struggles” of boot polishers like the late Sybil Karthigesu a British intelligence operative at the low level of informer and others like her. They were nothing more than empire trans nationals who served the British and their interests alone.

The job completed these baggage boys and girls become dispensible commodities who are neither welcome to share the spoils of victory nor find for themselves a place at the main table when the tides have turned. Singapore stands testament to the ever changing face of the Chinese idea of egalitarianism and sharing in a “democracy”. The Indians and Malays who supported Lee’s push for a separate state have found themselves on a leash ever since.

The role of these two latter groups remain largely unchanged throughout history. And to this day many in Malaysia would rather be the “baggage boys” of the Chinese and their bank balances in the context of supporting their more economically powerful image and promises the Chinese as successors to the British have always flaunted to these lesser mercenaries.

Willingly the Indians and Eurasians are used as props to widen the circulation of misinformation in advancing a predominantly Chinese agenda for domination of the Peninsula and the eastern states of Malaysia as has historically been the case, the Indians and Eurasians “run with the hares and hunt with the hounds“.

It is not hard to guess there is an election around the corner in Malaysia. Malaysia’s 13th General Elections tinged with a race hate campaign directed mainly at its Malays and Muslim constituents driven by a Chinese dragon breathing fire and bile in its wake with little else to show for their alternative policies when and if in government.

Both the Chinese and Indians (Malaysians when convenient) appear terribly thin skinned when the issue of race which they opportunistically and expediently raise each time their arguments are found wanting in a rebuttal of their claims.

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