More Chinese for Less?

WRITING ON THE WALL- THE CHINESE DILEMMA The extract below from PN Balji’s recent article in the New Straits Times in Singapore: “Fertility rate way below the replacement level and at an eye-popping level of  1.2 with the dangerous prospect of the population starting to go down from 2025;  declining old-age support ratio that willContinue reading “More Chinese for Less?”


ONCE UPON A HERO Hindraf leader P Waythamurthi’s inevitable return to Malaysia was a matter we had hi lited over the past year at least in our blog. Waythamurthi had lost legitimacy in his bid to represent Indians whose ‘plight and welfare’ he claims has been his main motivation and driver of his movement Hindraf.Continue reading “WAYTHAMURTHI-VICTOR OR VANQUISHED?”