Gold Gold Gold & the Opposition


The basic idea was  to promises above market returns to the vulnerable and to achieve this by using the concept of Gold as the intermediary and the security as a means to achieve this end. Asians by and large hedge their future with gold.  And with the opposition propaganda aggressively threatening the end of the world for government in Malaysia, most people approached to invest in these Gold schemes took the bait, hook line and sinker.

The Viet Namese boat people stand testament to the universally held belief in the Asian reliance on Gold for that “rainy day”. Gold is good because it is portable, reliable and is a store of value for Asians to be quickly liquidated in times of distress and trouble. The Vietnamese carried gold biscuits, gold bars and gold chains when fleeing communism in Viet Nam for the relative safety of the shores of other south east Asian countries and their ultimate destination, Australia.

The opposition has been threatening the stability of Malaysia with their Bersih and Hindraf riots. Threatening to turn Malaysia into an ungovernable state of anarchy if the Barisan returns to power at the next elections. The idea has always been to scare the masses and to then sell them a safety alternative just in case. And that safety alternative is Gold. Peddled by a loose knit coaltion of opposition linked Chinese gold investment houses like the failed gold dealer Genneva, to mainly Tamil then Malay middle and working classes. These groups (Gold traders as they like to be calld) have done  in Malaysia exactly what the Chinese syndicates did when Suharto was in decline in Indonesia, in Viet Nam towards the end of the war, in Myanmar and in Thailand and other Asian countries. And that scam continues in Malaysia unabated. Conveniently these companies like Genneva also had offices in Singapore, where their prorprietors are known to maintain numbered accounts in foreign banks there.


Genneva (sic) was at the fore front of this scam. Run by a group of Chinese with Malay fronts as always is the case in Malaysia. They preyed on poor Tamils reaching retirement first then went open slather for the Malay communities claiming Syaria compliance in their Gold scams as an investment. Genneva are but one of a string of these gold scams. Others were financed by the Chinese using Tamil thugs and con men to further their scams.

To advance the image of their con, these Gold operators like Genneva used photo opportunities with former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir, the Agong, Sultans and other luminaries to provide  a semblance of credibility to their operations. It worked. It drew them in by the thousands. It was intentional. Guan Eng and Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Ambiga were all asked for an opportunity to be photographed for the brochure but they declined. They knew what was going on.


Behind many of these schemes, scams are members and financiers of the opposition. We reported it over a year ago and received a massive amount of mail mostly criticizing us and calling us anti Chinese, pro UMNO for our efforts.The proof is now out there for all to see. This is a scam, was a scam will always be a scam.

Where is Ambiga for her Tamil compatriots who are the second largest victims of this scam. She was alerted to it over a year ago.What is Anwar and Lim Guan Eng doing for the Malays who lost hundreds of millions and possibly more in this scam? They too were warned about it a long time ago. They refused to get involved because they have a brief prepared to blame government for it. Let them bring it on. We have other ideas. Government must act and act now to bring these scammers to justice without fail.

Ambiga, Anwar and Lim Guan Eng were all warned that this was a scam using different names but with a direct connection to the opposition politics of race. They did nothing then. They do nothing now.The Malaysian Bar is not without blame. They too were warned that some of their members were acting as intermediaries and agents to promote the scam. Lim Chee Wah did nothing. Neither did the Malaysian Bar.

Time to undress the opposition in Malaysia and their “sources of funding”.

One Response to “Gold Gold Gold & the Opposition”
  1. RD says:

    You have wrote about these gold scam a year. still nobody take heed, not even by the opposition, especially DAP and the BAR. I thought they served the people’s interest.

    This is a reliable blog, after all. I’ll read again that post of yours
    Thanks GRK


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