‘大耳窿’ THE AH LONG:


 “The trade of the petty usurer is hated with most reason: it makes a profit from currency itself, instead of making it from the process which currency was meant to serve. Their common characteristic is obviously their sordid avarice” … Aristotle Greek Philosopher.

They are called ‘loan sharks’ in the west, Yamikinyu in Japan, Sauekar in Mumbai or the Kabuli in Delhi. They are the Kabuli because of their Afghan origins.

Ah Long (derived from the Cantonese ‘大耳窿’ ) is a term used to describe loan sharks in places like Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Operating illegally and most often under the patronage of unseen public officials and  corrupt police, the Ah Longs are the product of age old Triad practices that originated in the courts of the medieval clans and warlords who preyed on the poor and thrived on debt slavery in pre Maoist China.

Today the Ah Long in Malaysia operates via the convenience of a wide network of third party mercenary thugs and corrupt off duty policemen.

The Chinese Triads today employ mainly Tamils and Indonesian thugs to execute ‘enforcement’ of debt obligations for them. Typically these thugs are from the ranks of displaced and desperately unemployed youth willing to do anything for a dollar.


The Triads engage these unemployed displaced youth in much the same way the wife of murdered businessman Leong Kian Sheong is alleged to have used 3 Tamil assassins to carry out the brutal murders of Kian Sheong and his mistress, Vivien Wong.

Wong’s and Leong’s throats were cut from ear to ear. A ceremonial and symbolic act the hallmark of Triads. The prevalence of Triad activities wherever Chinese communities exist is common as it is pervasive, widespread and sinister. The Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore do not like the existence or the history and cultural origins of the Triads mentioned along racial lines. It is an embarrassment and a convenience rolled into one for the Chinese especially where offences like those of the murder of Leong Kian Sheong involved members of two non Malay ethnic groups in Malaysia, viz the Chinese and the Tamils.


The Ah Long  is the loan shark who lends money to the vulnerable, the weak and the economically challenged. Typically their customers are people who are unable to obtain loans from scheduled banks and finance companies.

The Ah Long’s primary targets are inveterate gamblers, low and mid income families, the high level consumer and the asset rich cash poor sectors of communities of Malaysia and other south east Asian nations.

A ready made market exists in the upwardly mobile class of consumers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore in whose DNA can be found the genes of social climbers and the class conscious, whose ascendancy in society is acquired though financial gain and material possessions at any cost. Asians.

The Ah Long’s services are often spread by word of mouth and public notices. They boldly advertise in public in a style that deceptively borrows the language of licensed lenders and banks. As is the case with loan sharks in the west, in Japan, India and other places, the Ah Long is charcterised by the extraordinarily high interest rates he charges on short term loans unsecured and backed in redemption by the most unimaginable forms of violence and human degradation.


You have among you many a purchased slave Which, like your asses and your dogs and mules,You use in abject and in slavish parts Because you bought them. Shall I say to you Let them be free, marry them to your heirs. Why sweat they under burdens?. . . You will answer The slaves are ours.’ So do I answer you.The pound of flesh which I demand of him is dearly bought. ‘Tis mine, and I will have it.”
(IV.i.89–99) (The Merchant of Venice)

Corruption through infiltration of Australia’s immigration and customs services has finally come to the surface. A report published by the anti corruption commission of New South Wales in December 2012 revealed serious infiltration into the immigration service by mainly Chinese drug gangs from abroad.

The investigation resulted in the arrest of a number of officers serving at terminals in Sydney, Melbourne and two other major air and sea ports in Australia.

Statistics reveal an alarming number of young women from the communities of Chinese, Viet Namese, Thai, and Japanese migrants working off Ah Long debts as prostitutes in the west. Many would have arrived in their destinations as students, casual workers in restaurants or factories arranged by Ah Longs and their corrupt network of associates in these places.

On arrival these victims soon discover that the promises of the Ah Longs of a better life in their new destinations is nothing more than an inducement to a life of inescapable misery.

None of the Asian social welfare groups intervene. Not the Churches, not the NGO’s nor their ethnic community groups. It almost always falls on the conscience of the European hosts to assist and to redeem these victims and where possible to repatriate them in a dignified way.


Another variation to the Ah Long theme is the menace and tragedy of the house maid phenomenon sweeping all of the prosperous regions of Asia and the middle east.

A large majority of these so called “maids” the NGO communities support are in fact victims of debt slavery. They are often transported to places like Malaysia under the ‘legitimate’ cover of maid employment agencies in order to pay off debts. And perhaps negligently and unknowingly the Churches support and patronise this practice of keeping maids in places as Malaysia by lobbying for more of them to be imported into places like Malaysia.

The vexed and highly emotive issues of the abuse of maids raised by the Catholic church, women’s groups and Irene Fernandez in Malaysia has focused on the working conditions of these victims of a form of white slavery. But none of them have a focus or agenda for eradicating the source of its evils and the trade itself.

There has been no comment or policy initiative from the Church, Women’s interest organizations or from Irene Fernandez herself a lead spokesperson of an NGO at the forefront of this issue.

Other vile and criminal methods inflicted by Ah Longs to enforce repayment of their loans include, serious assaults, knee capping, literally being fed to trained Rottweiler dogs in their cages, rape and forced oral sex on the spouses and female children of borrowers.

The practice has been reported in and around the KL, Kelang, the Syah Alam corridor of Selangor state where Ah Long predators are most prolific in plying their trade. Johore and Perak are not far behind the if statistical data on the subject is to be believed.


There are at least 24 reported cases of new born male children of borrowers in Peninsula Malaysia, being offered or forcibly taken by the Ah Long in satisfaction of an unpaid debt. These children are then sold into the lucrative black market for male children to childless couples abroad.

The most common use for young women in debt default situations with the Ah Long is more often in prostitution till a debt is paid off and that could mean forever.

A disturbing trend common in China and India and now emerging in Malaysia and Singapore is the collateral of body parts in satisfaction of a debt.

A Tamil woman in Malaysia is reported to have been lured into sacrificing one of her kidneys to a compatible recipient via the Ah Long in Kuala Lumpur. Actual details of the transaction were made known to us by members of a local evangelical church in Kuala Lumpur. The irony of the transaction is that the recipient of the kidney is also known to be from a family of worshipers at this same church.

The practice is widespread in many developing countries and is beginning to grow legs in Malaysia.


Much of data collected from the public on the Ah Long culture in Malaysia and Singapore has been collected by foreign researchers and agencies who are more trusted by victims than their local counterparts whose only concern appears to be scoring political points.

The NGO’s in Malaysia are perceived to have no depth, knowledge or genuine concern for the welfare of the weak in their societies. Victims have nowhere to go. The churches in Malaysia too are distracted by the political debates that have been raging there and have no time for the victims of Ah Longs.

There is a widespread culture of mistrust of public officials and anyone even remotely resembling a public official in Malaysia. When it comes to reporting crime it is known that ‘shame’ crimes where especially the chastity of a woman is likely to be called into question 90% of them go unreported.

The more powerful cultural deterrent and disincentive to reporting the Ah Long is the underlying sentiment of shame attached to being a borrower. A borrower from an Ah Long at that. And it is that sentiment that deters victims from coming forward. The social stigma attached to being in the debt of an Ah Long and its ugly consequences further discourages more public discussion on the subject and reporting of the offences of the Ah Long.

The Ah Long is classed as the biggest social menace in Malaysia and Singapore. It comes a close second to drugs and alcohol and is often credited by social workers for family break ups and suicides especially amongst young women. Women the biggest victims of the Ah Long experience in families. Its consequences are too diverse to fit into a sociologists limited pigeon hole for quick analysis.


There was a time when the Ah Long was the local hoodlum or grocer who had extra cash and a bit of muscle to lend to people in desperate need of money for a wedding or funeral expenses. The practice was condoned but it nonetheless received a degree of social acceptance in the wider community at a time when insurance and banking products did not cater for such contingencies as they do today.

Surprisingly for a country at the forefront of Sharia banking and finance and a Muslim country at that where religious doctrine eschews usury and forbids it as one of the cardinal sins and the root of all evil, Malaysia has one of the world’s highest incidences of the Ah Long experience.

The scourge of the Ah Long is growing unabated in all major cities of Malaysia and has spread its tentacles to the rural heartland of Malaysia. It has reached all levels of society and its spread is said to rival that of the evangelical Christian youth movements and multi level marketing.


Large numbers of Malaysians go abroad to study each year. Amongst this crowd are those who enroll at foreign institutions of learning as students as a means of migrating abroad seeking better economic opportunities than those available to them in Malaysia.

There have been a number of arrests of students engaging in illegal activities in their host nations especially in places as Canada, the UK, Australia, the US.

Non traditional destinations for commonwealth students like Holland, has featured in the spread of the Ah Long and its cultural base. Amsterdam, London and Vancouver have each witnessed an entrenched culture of the Triad develop like a rash in their midst over the past few decades.

In 1973, the Dutch government chartered a Sabena (Belgian Airlines) DC-10 to repatriate a plane load of Malaysian Chinese who they had rounded up, charged and convicted in Holland for various crimes ranging from heroin trafficking, extortion, protection rackets and prostitution.

It was then described by an Interpol officer as “the tip of a very large iceberg”. As alerts were issued for Chinese youth especially from Malaysia at various western entry points after the Holland incident in 1973, a tsunami of “students” slowly  began their gradual and intense migration to these lucrative destinations to ply their illicit trades on behalf of the Ah Long.

Students today account for more than 50% of the illegals from Malaysia into the west caught, charged, tried and deported for various Ah Long related crimes. Most of these sent by the Ah Long through their vast  network of travel & migration agents which includes a few lawyers in the destination countries and in Malaysia.

However the Ah Long’s most high profile couriers to date has been a Malaysian politician caught attempting to smuggle over a million dollars in cash into Australia. The politician in question was apprehended by alert security and customs officials at Brisbane airport two years ago. Sadly this politician is not alone.


In 1995 pioneering Australian Chinese heart surgeon Dr. Victor Chang was gunned down by two Malaysian Chinese gangsters in what police described as a failed extortion bid.  What’s not publicly cavilled is the proposition that Dr. Chang had in the view of some been the victim of the Ah Long and their Triad organizations. It is believed Chang had refused to sell a part of his invention, an artificial heart to Triad “investors” who had approached him in private to invest. The consequence of that refusal is now deeply embedded in the psyche of many Australians.

Whether there is any truth to that story with Dr. Chang is hard to tell. But to ridicule the proposition is foolhardy considering the extents to which Ah Longs and their Triad organizations have historically gone in the past in pursuit of money through extortion.

The Triads thrive in Sydney openly displaying many of their traits at restaurants in the water front and with the open soliciting for prostitution of young mainly Chinese women in most of Sydney’s major suburbs. The corrupting of Sydney’s police could not have been a very difficult task for the Ah Long considering the long history of corruption within the New South Wales police force and its other law enforcement agencies.

Many Australian politicians are known to have accepted bribes, expensive gifts and other inducement to favour Triad interest in Australia. It includes influencing immigration and business license decisions, government letters to Chinese business people engaging in business in South East Asia and China and for a variety of other purposes such as places at universities and favourable exam results.


More recently and notoriously an MAS airline pilot Thiagu Supramaniam was arrested in 2012 at Brisbane airport in possession of a five kilos of meth amphetamine first thought to be heroin on his person. And the problem does not stop there.

Thiagu is not the only known airline pilot involved in the trafficking of large quantities of high grade heroin, cocaine, ice and ecstasy on behalf of the Ah Long.

 More than half a dozen Malaysian Airlines stewardesses abroad particularly  in Europe and in the US have been caught doubling up as ‘Escorts” whilst on stop overs in these destinations. Holland, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney and Los Angeles being the new popular, lucrative spots for these girls to ply their second trade in because of the strong presence of Triads there.

The recent death of a Chinese Malaysian airline stewardess in Holland is widely believed to have been linked to the Triads whose presence in Europe is anchored in Holland. She is believed to have been a ‘working girl’ for the Triads unbeknownst to her family. The real cause of her death has never been revealed apart from the obvious, a fall.

Whilst Hong Kong and Taiwan have previously been  prominent in the “Escort” circuit for airline stewardesses, the preference for these girls and their Ah Long pimps has always been the larger cities of the west where the Triads are now a well entrenched criminal organizations.


The practice of prostituting airline stewardesses abroad is quite widespread. In fact it has been reported and brought to the attention of MAS management previously. The problem though is securing a conviction without which the allegations remain just that and the ability of management to act is limited without a conviction. Or at least that is the theory.

MAS stewardesses have long been “party girls” to board members and their official guests at functions in Malaysia and abroad. There are at least two known videos of prominent Malaysian’s from the 1990’s in compromising positions and situations with Malaysian Airline stewardesses. And the vice does not stop there.

By contrast Singapore Airlines (SIA) is know to chaperon their stewardesses whilst they are abroad knowing full well the temptation and propensity for such activities by Asian gangs preying on their girls whilst abroad. SIA too it is known have suffered the experience of the Ah Long preying on young vulnerable women whose families are in debt to them. However to their credit the airline has become more circumspect and vigilant about the problem now.

Reliance on Ah Longs and other shark lenders as alternatives to banking and its red tape in Malaysia as an industry now challenges the dominance of the regular banking and finance sector. This is  the case at least where private personal lending is concerned. The pervasive influence of the Ah Long has deeper and more sinister social undertones that are not immediately apparent in the “ economically prosperous  moral jungle” Malaysia.

Where gambling of all variety thrives especially amongst the Chinese communities in Malaysia and Singapore, the influence and long dark shadow of the Ah Long is ever present. Oddly enough their most desperate victims are the Chinese themselves and if for no other reason than their renowned propensity for gambling.


The Ah Longs menace has resulted in a number of documented suicides by debtors so hopelessly in debt and unable to cope with the psychological, physical and social consequences of their indebtedness to the Ah Long. The most tragic of which is believed to be the pilot of a Silk Air flight 185 that crashed into a lake in Sumatra Indonesia killing 97 passengers and the crew.

There are reports of murder directly linked to Ah Long activity. However the statistics in this area are somewhat blurred because prosecutions have been frustrated through the inaction interference and omissions of corrupt members of the police force and the involvement of lawyer intermediaries intervening to scuttle due process.

The disturbing trend is such now that off duty policemen are known to accompany Ah Long enforcers, along with Tamil thugs to keep watch whilst they “enforce the Ah Long’s rights” under the debt obligations against the borrower.

This is known to range from a straight forward threat, to molesting a female member of the household, taking a woman away “for a ride” giving the debtor time to make repayment in full within say an hour. The known consequences of these rides have often known to be, a rape, others sexual assaults not quite amounting to rape like forced oral sex and in some cases mutilation.


A sociologist describes this phenomenon as a by- product of a consumerism. It is known to be common in societies especially amongst Indians and Chinese where social status expressed in material acquisitions, a larger house, a newer car, a child studying abroad, expensive jewelry, brand name accessories, overseas trips and other lifestyle addictions are common. But the greatest and most common source of the vice is from gambling. And the Chinese have no monopoly in this vice in Malaysia today although they control much of it.

Malays from across the spectrum of Malay society have acquired a taste for the good life and with it the promise of fast wealth from gambling. A game of chance. And with that many chance their lives away.

Government negligence is something that most people are unable to explain nor the government explain away. The cost to the economy is immeasurable at the social, human and economic level. The reason is that much of this vice and its effects often go unreported. Debtor victims are ashamed for being in debt and many more are ashamed of the punishments inflicted on them by the Ah Long. And the price they pay in various assaults, the degradation and personal humiliation for their sins is the price for their silence.

There is a particularly ugly and enduring stigma attached especially to female members of families of the Ah Long experience.


If government were to seriously go about attacking this menace they would enforce available criminal sanctions against the Ah Long in an exemplary manner. Many within the police force and other government organizations would be affected if this did occur.

What the government may be ignoring in all of this also is a huge potential vote bank. If it only took the initiative to force “debt forgiveness” against Ah Longs or impose punitive high taxes on Ah Longs when caught to discourage them from continuing in the business it could well drive Ah Longs out of business and recoup unpaid taxes in their networks reducing considerably the impact of this huge social menace in Malaysia.

The Ah Long may well be Malaysia’s Greek debt problem which the state chooses to ignore. One day the chickens will come home to roost and that one day may not be too far away.

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  1. When a casino was built in Genting Highlands, it did bring some jobs-but with it came excessive gambling, the despaired who wanted to get rich quick,drugs,prostitution,gangsters,pawnbrokers,ah longs among others. Similiary, with the rise of bad governments, corruption rampant from top down, bad governance,lack of transparency and accountability-the man on the street is subjected to the evils of society-the Police are in the pockets of the Ah Longs, being a corrupted force. Am I joking about the Police? Of course not-Judges in malaysia are known to be corrupted and walk around with impunity. malaysia society is being decimated by the great evil-BN.


    1. So how do you explain the phenomenon in Singapore? Evil BN government there? How do you explain it in Japan? evil BN government there? Hmmmmm…parroting the oppositon litany of evil BN government does not stop the Triads and their clans from doing what they have done for centuries. It is part of their DNA and dare I say culture.

      As for the Casino well well the Casino was given to the Lim Goh Tong family by the Tengku. Tengku of course being Tengku Abdul Rahman who the opposition the Indians and Chinese and some Malays refer to as Malaysia’s greatest Prime Minister and the fairest. Yet he gave Lim Goh Tong a Casino license without calling for a public tender. Hmmmmmm your explanations are a bit suspect my man.


  2. The Ah long community-is an organized force. I was shocked that security has become so bad in Malaysia, household have organized themselves.I thought we had passed through being a member of the Third World-look like we are heading right back-$40 million cash was found to be transit to “supposidly” finance UMNO-many questions enmerge and contront authorities -nothing is answered by this government of more than 5 decades.


    1. You are the Ah Long Menace. So too is the Pakatan and the DAP. They are the menace funded by the Ah Long. The government has to merely pass legislation outlawing the Ah Long and outlawing any connection or contact with an Ah Long to render their “debts” obsolete and illegal. Such a move is definately worth hundreds of thousands of extra votes. The Pakatan won’t do it. The opposition in general won’t do it because the Ah Long is a Chinese Tamil dominated vice they thrive on. Dream on about the audit.

      When something as pervasive, sinister and destructive as the Triads are allowed to flourish as they did during the short Badawi recess after Mahathir had left the stage, old cultural traditions previously banned and ruthlessly rooted out by Mahathir began to raise their ugly heads and flourish again.

      Government whether Lee Kuan Yew his son or the UMNO BN government will have to commit to fighting it. Then you will see another menace. Malaysia will once more be called racist. Because the Chinese and Tamils feature prominently in this culture.


    1. Really? How long can you put the Ah Long off for? the Ah Long is a manifestation of all thats wrong with the values Malaysians have cultivated and grown up with. Your government is not your keeper. You are its keeper as you are master of your own destiny. What audit do you speak of? An economy stronger than Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the east European states barring Russia and the Ukraine and perhaps Poland. How are you going to provide a better situaiton than that? What are Pakatan’s policies and where are they?


  3. The ah longs are no different from the leeches like the Rothschilds , JP Morgan or any banks for that matter…one with license to make slaves of everyone including governments all over the world while the al longs are unlicensed; the same goes to casino and 4d companies! I am not supporting or condoning the ah longs…my point is one is licensed and the other is not. They are all the same mate!!
    What do you actually STAND for? I dont think you understand Malaysian politics at all!! Arent the BN politicians stealing more from any other societies or political parties in Malaysia? What do you have to say about all these corruptions…the wealth and billions of the few dozens of BN cronies?????


    1. At least you agree the Ah Long is a menace that needs to be reined in.
      You niether disagree nor do you not admit what we write about to be untrue.
      Instead you appear to justify the sordid Ah Long culture and menace by
      alleging the Rotschild’s and the JP Morgans are in the same category.
      The difference you suggest is that the Ah Long’s are not licensed.
      A very odd response. We are not writing about JP Morgan or Rothschild.
      We are speaking Ah Long and their menace to society.

      As for the BN allgations well these are not something new. I am sure
      if there was proof these allegation are the result of a BN policy
      initiative there would be more than just smke. You’d actually see the fire.


      1. That’s a fact Gopal!! Rothschild started as money lender! But what’s you point!? What do you stand for, you have not answered my question. Where do you stand, BN or what??????
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      2. The fact is that Amschel and his brothers began as textile merchants in London, Prussia and France. Their surpluses went into property and into lending to the various royal families at war during that period. It began from there. There are many fanciful tales grounded on the old European anti semitic perceptions of the Jews which have been put to paper as if fact. That “fact” has been absorbed and then passed around as if it were the truth by many who have no capacity to research fact from fiction.

        The Rothschilds, Warburgs and other Jewish families in the 17th 18th and 19th century were money lenders because the Jews of Europe in that time were restricted to certain professions. Entertainers, gold and jewellery traders, money lenders (bankers), artisans and tradesmen. They were forbidden from taking on academia and the professions. In order to avail themselves of the protection of the rulers of Europe from persecution they lent to the European nobility securing for themselves and their communities the protections they needed just to stay alive.

        As for where we stand, we stand by the facts. Being pro BN or pro opposition does not guarantee impartiality nor common sense nor the truth. We write as we see things and as they present themselves. It is about situations and not friends as David Ben Gurion once said: in politics there are no permanent friends. Just situations”. How true indeed.


      3. I am surprised that you cant see the similarities between the licensed bankers and ah longs…they are both leeches of the world, the only difference is that , as I intimated earlier is that one is licensed and supported by the politicians in US and Europe or any country for that matter; while the Ah Longs are not licensed; the large bankers like Rothschilds, JP Morgan and their likes are making slaves of humanity with their wealth, funded wars, manipulating the currency systems….check out the history of the Rothschilds and see how they did it and still doing so. They own the Federal Reserve as well as the Bank of England and God knows what else in the financial world through the power of their immense wealth! The same goes to any commercial banks in Malaysia and the rest of the world and what they did during the past few financial crisis. The harm and misery they created are far far worse than the loan sharks!

        I still cant understand your political stand….you seem to back the government of the day and condemning the oppositions. Dont you have anything better to do? I am apolitical and would suggest that you must write independently…what is right is right, what is wrong is wrong! If you are a fair blogger, going by your pseudonym, be impartial. And what are you talking about BN and smoke….are you blind? There are enough FIRES we read about every now and then! Realise that our economy is going down the drain due to corruptions right at the top of the political circle and we will be much like Greece and Spain in the very near future….why dont you do some research and find out where have all the wealth of Malaysia have disappeared to and write about where have all our wealth have disappeared to????? arent what they do is more harmful to all the citizens of the country ? Not just mere allegations you seemed to believe!

        I read your article which came in as a Spam mail….I am surprise with your kind of thoughts and writing. We have all the resources to be one of the wealthiest country in the world and yet, we are far behind Singapore which don’t even have a single palm tree or oil and gas!! I agree with what you said of Ah Long and I support you there, but do a bit more researches, you will find that this is a common disease of the world, not just confined to only Malaysian Chinese and Indians. Bankers may not break legs but they are just as mean and ruthless by legal means; as they say in James Bond films, they have the license to kill many a businessmen!!! My point in writing to you is that, dont just confine your condemnation on the Ah Longs, you should include all corrupt politicians whether from BN and/or the Oppositions…what the politicians and bankers are doing are far worse than just the loan sharks, for THEY ARE ALL SHARKS!!!! In fact, what our politicians do is a lot more damaging than the Ah Longs!! Damn them all!!!


      4. The opposition as they like to be called are spoiling opportunities for any worthwhile change or progress.
        And as in any society you need change. Continuous change. Buddha said change does not come because of you. It
        occurs inspite of you. But it is good to contribute towards change in a positive way.

        Thus far what you would term the opposition is nothing more than a bunch of loosers whose agenda is the advancement of their own personal causes.
        In so doing they grab the headlines, grab the high ground and deny those who genuinely seek to change the opportunity to change those things that need to
        be changed. They deny others access or knowledge of the real opposition. And there is much opposition as in any dynamic society which Malaysia is.
        There are many who work to change things who you never hear of because they work in the back rooms in silence achieveing a lot without so much as a whisper.

        Wankers like Raja Petra Kamaruddin, some so called journalists who mouth off about sensational events, but have no sense of their purpose or objectives, no objectivity
        no impartiality, no sense of journalistic ethics and independence. There is Kit Siang and his son who excise anyone from their blogs like Theresa Kok who they disagree with
        Those Tamils in parliament who make threas when you disagree with them, the Jaga Karpal Singh who is more noise than substance are all self serving problems. They are not the solution.
        Ambiga Sreenivasan a pathetic “lawyer” who is celebrated in Malaysia, whose own personal exploits as a lawyer are from from exemplary for someone in that profession is another example.

        Unless and untill there are policies in places and not name calling and marches, there is no need to support self serving loud mouths. Anwar is the best
        example of a would be leader who ought not to be anything.


      5. Thank you for your reply re Rothschilds and comments on the opposition. But your silence on the government of the day is deafening!!! What do you have to say about the Scorpene deals, PKFZ, NFC, The MAS affairs, the recent award of the MRT project and many many more self serving contracts and projects, as well as the state of the economy which is heading south!! ??


      6. We put it to you as we have put it to others before you. Show us the evidence of your allegations. Bring us the proofs so that we can write and prosecute where required as a public service. We have put it to Malaysian commentators, “journalists”, NGO’s and to opposition members before that we will join them in advancing what is clearly a public policy issue: Corruption.

        We have not excluded the legal fraternity of Malaysia in this regard. Their responses have been less civil than yours. It is clear you have an inquiring mind and have some depth to your position. However where writers and commentators make wild unsubstantiated allegations like that Balasubramaniam and his lawyer, we find it difficult to take them or their allegations seriously let alone justify it with a response.

        The same too with Raja Petra Kamaruddin and the Nutgraph. We had a mole in his group who demonstrated to us RPK’s creating then planting a so called “anonymous letter” from members of the Anti Corruption Commission through his lawyer with the inquiry into the death of Teoh Beng Hock. The mole is someone who volunteered his services we did not seek him out.

        As for the Scorpene deal there are allegations floating in France that the deal was consummated with “illegal commissions” paid to amongst others, Malaysian government officials. There is nothing new although unacceptable that arms deals invariably involve middle men and pay offs. We are not saying it is aceptable. What we have always asked critics of government to do is to prove as they claim it is part of government policy and it was on the orders of government that bribes be paid. Remember that parliament consist of many individuals and even if they belong to government they do not necessarily make policy through their misconduct. The French have not supplied any proof beyond an allegation by French standards of proof. There are domestic political reasons for the inquiry. An allegation alone is not enough for condemning government.

        The family of Sarkozy is under investigation. Sarkozy’s brother is also under investigation as the new Libyan oil concessions by French government allegations were awarded to a French oil company connected to him.

        PKFZ, is the subject of proceedings. it involved individuals who were involved in graft and speculation over land matters. Whats commendable is that there are people who have been found out and are the subject of proceedings under law. Dick Cheney and remains at large inspite of Haliburton’s siphoning and over charging for the Katrina disaster repair job. US$9 billion.

        On the MAS issue, whats wrong with a corporation public or private seeking an opportunity? all the allegations about their wanting to get rid of workers and the rest was based on speculation without proof. Even if that did occur, what? is Malaysia a communist country? Tony Fernandez is a creature of the market and capitalist economics as much as MAS is. Thank god he saw sense and did not pursue going to Indonesia. That country has the second worst aviation record having had all their airlines banned from flying to Europe, the US, Canada and other places because of their poor record of airline management and oversight.

        When you say the economy is heading south I think you are overshooting the bounds of credibility. Firstly all free market economies are volatile. Malaysia does not fall into the category of Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, Portugal or the UK. By comparison it has done well. Very very well. They are the talk of town in places as far away as New York, Beijing, London and other money capitals. yes Malaysia has its problems. But lets be fair. By comparison their colonial masters and their counterparts look like 3rd world countries now (that includes the US) with their insurmountable debt and mad spending and inflation.


      7. GRK, I am amazed that you dont see the cover up or pretend not to see what’s going on in our country!! Anyway, we will all see the effects of all the malice in due course. Truth shall prevails ! As you said, there is no smoke without fire!! Look deeper into all the so called allegations and let us know where have all the billions from our resources gone to?? I will salute you if you have the guts to do so!! Lol!! Don’t just say what suits you and your team, don’t be an ostrich, be an eagle!!


      8. I think you have been cornered like the rest of the howlers in your category. Show us the evidence. If it is so telling and a cover up is involved and you truly care about the state of the nation as you and your colleagues have a habit of screaming from the roof tops about, then take each individual you have identified with the proof to a court and charge them.

        I fear you know as well as all of us do, the Malaysian bar will back out for starters as they are an incompetent and corrupt group of fools to a man. You will never get past first base with them.

        If you can at least identify an offence that you say the government (operative word here is government) has been guilty of then let us know and we will act. But provide the evidence that is of an admissible character so that we don’t look as foolish as you would be if you did it yourself.

        There is no pretending here. We are simply being careful


  4. We all agree ah long is a menace to culture. But what are you really writing about? Do you have a point? Can you give a simple sentence to conclude? Your article is TLDR.


    1. Whats TLDR? What point do you wish for us to make. Your ignorance and inability to understand whats written
      on the subject is not a problem for us to resolve.


  5. Agree with you with this Ah Long menace. Ah Long is another sin brought over by mass chinese immigrations. Beside Ah long, gambling, triads, drug peddling and prostitutions are sins introduced by the Chinese.


    1. And by others too. Prostitution is even oldeer than the bible. It is the worlds oldest profession.
      But in this particular article we discuss the Ah Long and the menace that is the Ah Long.


    2. Goondoo, you are a Goon alright!! As GRK rightly pointed out, prostitution is even older than the bible and was and still is a worldwide profession. Malaya had gambling and prostitution long before the Chinese migration, and so were the triads….traid comes in many forms; who and where do you think all the sultans came from and how they become sultans? For this matter, how and where do you think all the rulers of the sovereign nations in Europe, Middle East and Asia originated? They were not born kings, they were all gang leaders, the top dogs, all bullies, robbers, warlords fighting for territories, raping , pilferaging as they invade and they called themselves KING and Maharaja; William the conquerer, Alexander the Great, Gengis Khan, Shih Wang Ti, Ivan the Terrible to name but a few of these gangsters in history!! Please go back to school and get some education mate!!
      Gambling comes in many forms too, betting on cock fighting was a form of gambling in old Malaya long before the Chinese came along! Money lending, usury, existed just as long as prostitution….anytime where there is a lender and a borrower, whether between friends or strangers, and the lenders fixed a rate of returns, it’s usury. Don’t tell me there wasn’t such transactions in Malaya before the Chinese came along?? Man, your ignorance besides being a racist is unbelievable! Perhaps, I should blame this on our current education system in the country!!


      1. The chinese perfected it and make it organised, brutal and criminalised.. For your info, They were chettiars living with Malays.. for hundreds of years, n o problem of the lending business in the archipelago.

        Tell me… Any prostitution den, gambling, ah long, triads etc. Who was the mastermind, the big towkay. Chinese, Malays, Indians?..


      2. Your key words were the “Chinese brought over and introduced” the vices; my point was all these vices were already here long before the Chinese came, not who perfected them…there is no such thing as who organized and perfected them! All these are in every corner of the world; remember they are the oldest profession! They are in Europe, Americas, Middle East, and of course, Asia…..been to Bangkok, Amsterdam, Bueno Aires, Dubai, Moscow, London, Australia, Vegas, Cape Town, Kenya, Nigeria, Congo, Paris, Frankfurt, Ivory Coast, Colombo, the Phillipines, Jakarta, Pakistan, Korea, Kazakstan, Iran, Arabia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Beijing, Ukraine, Canada, Russia etc..?? Chinese brought and introduced them and perfected them into Malaya and all these continents????? Don’t touch history if you know nuts about it mate! And don’t point fingers, lest three of your own point back at yourself! Agreed that all vices are menance and scum to every society but don’t be an ignoramus commentator to blame it on the Chinese!! How did you know the Chettairs didn’t give any problems to their borrowers?? Check with any land office and you will see that they were one of the largest landowners in Malaya….how do you think they got to own so much land? They were a despised lot! I have no qualm with them, it’s their business and karma! Have a nice weekend!


    3. Oh yes, I missed out one point earlier, drug in the form of opium was one of the primary trade of the East India Company, it’s the British who introduced them to the world, not the Chinese! And for your information, cigarettes originated from the American Indians, just in case you want to blame this on the Chinese too! I can’t help thinking that perhaps, it’s Karma that the rest of the world is now suffering the wrath of drugs and cigarettes for what the West did to the Indians and Chinese. They reap what they sow; what goes around, comes around, Goon!


  6. It’s really hitting below the belt to call RPK a wanker, YB Karpal as Jaga and Ambiga a pathetic lawyer….that shows your level of education. Please don’t call names if you want any respect from your followers!! You are nothing but an agent provoctatuer!!


    1. No, GRK has my respect so far, no problem.

      See, he introduced his points, and he elaborated and gave facts to support his points.

      This is unlike the behaviour of the supporters of certain parties, who claim, accuse and allege, but do not produce anything concrete. They accuse the government of being corrupt, but somehow miss out on how the opposition are proving to be bigger thieves than the incumbents. I respect these people as much as I respect bird droppings.

      So, no problem with respect from readers.

      And oh, I support GRK’s view on Ah Longs.


    2. This has nothing to do with name calling. We merely return to RPK the sentiments he applies to those he critcises without cause. YB Karpal as you call him is a proverbial Jaga. He too is of the same ilk as RPK name calling yelling and shouting with little to support other than regurgitated and out of context references to statute and legislation. His performance at the first
      Teoh Beng Hock inquiry is a case in point. Interjections, shouting and claims of contempt. The man knows little of the word contempt in the context in which he and his son attempted to apply it in court. They were behaving contemptuously. It became a party joke tape to watch in the west.

      Ambiga is a pathetic lawyer.But then she is in good company with the levels of demonstrated incompetence of the Malaysian Bar. We are sure there are amongst them those that don’t fit into the that corrupt coterie within the Malaysian Bar controlling it. Let them come up with some substance to their allegations first. Other wise they merely reinforce whats said about them here. It has nothing to do with levels of education. It has more to do with the truth. The poor performance of the woman is evident in the pleadings she drafted when in private practice. And the judgements she caused to the detriment of others.


  7. A well written article, if i have enough money, may i advertise this article in newspaper to create ah long awareness campaign…..from an anti-ah long lone ranger


    1. Lim if you are welcome to reproduce the article. It is to be published in the soon to be published Gopal Raj Kumar collection of essays titled “The Shadow War- a New Malaysian Emergency”. We would be happy to work with you in creating an Ah Long awareness campaign if you wish.


    2. Dear Trusted Friends, Please spread far and wide my latest video address which confirms what I have said in all my previous speeches. The scumbags have no where to run and hide. Khairy is politically finished. UMNO scumbags are politically finished. We will win and prevail over scumbags. Donald Trump has yesterday agreed with my solution to student debt slavery. Wow! Coincidence or not the solution is the same. Tq. Matthias


      Sent from my iPhone



      1. Trump has agreed with you? Every president and presidential hopeful has tapped into this constituency and done nothing about it. It is what capitalism is about. Taking as much as you can from the customer and giving as little back as you can without the customer knowing till its too late. Matthias Chang is thats who you refer to is why the opposition never wins. A self engrossed self obsessed imbecile


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