Exposed (in the name of God)

The following article below reproduced verbatim from AAP this morning shows another of many reasons why the Catholic church (and any other Church for that matter) should not be preaching  alternative government from their pulpits. Instead, the Catholic church ought to be preaching redemption, tolerance and introspection of itself and its followers to its faithful. SelfContinue reading “Exposed (in the name of God)”

The Virgin Mary of Sime Darby a Con

BREAKING NEWS The Papal Nuncio (an archaic term for Vatican Diplomatic representative ) of Malaysia and south east Asia has been ordered by the Vatican to intervene in the farcical “Miracle”  called the apparition of the “Sime Darby Virgin Mary”. The apparition on the plate glass panel of the Sime Darby Medical Centre in KualaContinue reading “The Virgin Mary of Sime Darby a Con”