The Virgin Mary of Sime Darby a Con


The Papal Nuncio (an archaic term for Vatican Diplomatic representative ) of Malaysia and south east Asia has been ordered by the Vatican to intervene in the farcical “Miracle”  called the apparition of the “Sime Darby Virgin Mary”.

The apparition on the plate glass panel of the Sime Darby Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia has been drawing hundreds of visitors and curious onlookers to the site daily. 

The image and the glass on which it “appeared” has been ordered by the Vatican to be removed from the Sime Darby Hospital in Kuala Lumpur to a church in the Kelang valley that bears the name of the Vigin Mary. 

The glass plate is also to be “independently tested”  (whatever that means) according to a local priest who did not wish to be identified.

The unnamed priest has himself admitted to embarrassment  and confirmed the embarrassment of the Vatican over the incident and at the sight of the reaction of Catholics in the area.

A great work of art indeed is this. Unfortunately for those who engineered this “Miracle” and however well intentioned they may have been, the scam has been discovered.

A unique form of acrylic paint is being tested at a laboratory in the UK from a sample taken from the “miraculous image” of the Virgin Mary of Sime Darby. In addition to this the reflective quality of the glass panel and the chemical reaction to what has been identified as a “substance” that was added to it has also been taken for analysis.

To the Vatican’s credit the “image” is to be pulled subject to the outcomes of an “independent” investigation into this “wonder”. More on what appears to be a scam later.


It was the “Holy Chappatti” in the mid sixties, a sea fungus found in the waters off Morib and Port Dickson which became the religious icon and heavenly sign of God’s divine presence on earth in that period. And at the forefront of that idol worship cult is as always, the Hindus and Catholics. Particularly of the Indian variety.

Today the image of what Catholics describe as the Virgin Mary appearing in a window of the Sime Darby Medical Centre in KL is clearly another fraud perpetrated by the same Catholic church that every so often introduces a Weeping Madonna, a Bleeding Christ or some other “supernatural” religious “phenomenon” especially in the third world when their numbers are in decline. And in Malaysia and south east Asia the Catholic church is in a desperate state of decline losing out to the evangelical and more pragmatic theatrical and hysteria prone doctrines of the new Christian orders.


Whilst these images go viral so too does the sight of idiocy and stupidity, a characteristic trait of Malaysia’s Indian community go with it. Unlike their kin folk in other parts of the world who have made successful lives of themselevs through hard work and diligence, these superstitious fools gather at any point where their imaginations are allowed to run wild.

These “faithfools” keep “looking” to the heavens to the celestial bodies for signs, divine messages then pray for “miracles” in the hope of finding that alternative to hard work and diligence. Just think miracles, “holy chappatis” scapula chains, chain letters, chain prayers complete with threats of disaster for non compliance and it will work according to some. And that mentality and religious zeal supported by the world’s oldest slave driving community the Vatican appears to grow unabated.


A statue of the Virgin Mary that weeps tears recently drew busloads of visitors to St. Charbel Maronite Catholic Church in Windsor, Ontario. Every so often we read of strange appearances of the face of Jesus on various objects such as a plastered bathroom wall, a fish stick, or the foil of a cider bottle. Some of these objects have been sold on e-bay for unbelievable amounts of money by their finders.

What do these ‘appearances’ mean, and does anyone take them seriously? Does the Catholic Church use these so-called ‘miracles’ to foster superstition or to defraud people?


One of the most controversial objects, the Shroud of Turin has been investigated by scientists over many years. Tests include carbon dating, the type of cloth, the image and how it was transferred to the cloth, the dye used and where the pollen remains on the cloth originated. Many of the scientists in the investigation were/are not believers in Christ. Some evidence shows that it could be the burial cloth of Jesus, but there has been no definitive, formal decision made by the Church on its authenticity.

To this day, the Cathedral in Turin occasionally puts the Shroud on display (the last time in 2010), and thousands line up to view it. Catholics are not required to believe that the shroud was the burial cloth of Jesus; it is a personal decision of the faithful whether to believe that it is the image of Jesus. Pope John Paul II said in 1998, “Since it is not a matter of faith, the Church has no specific competence to pronounce on these questions. She entrusts to scientists the task of continuing to investigate, so that satisfactory answers may be found to the questions connected with this sheet.”  But who in the church cares? it is good business and preys on human gullibility, ignorance and fear. And the Catholic church has no short supply of the gullible, the frightened and the ignorant.


In India the Catholics put on display the decaying mummified corpses of St. Francis Xavier a Portuguese missionary. Francis Xavier preached and  died in China, was then buried in Malacca his corpse later exhumed and taken to India where he was laid to rest in the Portuguese colony of Goa. His remains to this day lie in a glass casket now suspended from the ceiling of the Cathedral Bom Jesus in a demonstration of idolatry and superstition.

The man is said to be a miracle worker. Yet the irony of it all can be seen in the overwhelming evidence of teeming masses of  tens of millions of poor and disease ridden Indians whose only crime is to be non Catholic (according to the Catholics there) and people of “little faith”. Not that this saint and his master the “Lord” has spared the tens of millions of Catholics (the chosen ones) from their wrath or hunger, disease, poverty or pain either. Yet the Indian ‘faithful’ come in droves. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and otherwise non believers. Its a good business. Ask the vendors approved by the Church around these iconic images what life is like with this circus. None will complain of the fraud.


Not two decades ago the Catholic church played the same con on the faithful in Croatia then a part of the now defunct state of Yugoslavia. It was a place called Madjigoria and on a hill side. People fell for the same con the Church has a habit of playing on the faithful (more of the faith fool). It was at a time of political uncertainty in Yugoslavia.

The “Virgin Mary” it is claimed appeared at the hill side every evening and promised the faithful “peace” and change. We all know what that promise resulted in. A piece meal destruction of a once prosperous state. The bloodiest and most brutal conflict since world war 2. That Virgin Mary has now been proved to be a fraud at Madjigoria. It was an elaborate hoax the church would not condemn or withdraw recognition of at the time. The Catholic church having achieved its aims of destroying Yugoslavia on behalf of the US has now distanced itself from that fraud and the madness that followed.

There have been several other such cons but fortunately the perpetrators have been caught out. In south America especially where “bleeding statues” of Jesus Christ have been found in churches have been proved by the church (with the help of government scientists) to be elaborate hoaxes conducted by what the church when caught out calls the work of “Over zealous” priests.

The government ought to call in scientific experts and expose these charlatons once and for all so that Malaysia’s many Indians can return to the idea of hard work, less talk, more creative imagination than to rely on miracles, ‘miraculous chappatis’ and the Virgin Mary of Sime Darby.


So ready are these fools to accept visual signs of a European crafted image as their God and mother of God that they are prepared to make fools of themselves in public. Oddly these apparitions have not occurred in places where little boys have been raped by priests and brothers. It appears that the Virgin Mary and Christ do support the perpetrators rather than the victims of pedophiles.

Father Lawrence ought to demonstrate to his congregation where in the Bible it says that it is okay for the faithful to worship idols, whether these be idol forms of Jesus Christ or his mother the Virgin Mary. Was this not the stuff Soddom and Gomorrah was made of? Do Catholics really need such images and apparitions to satisfy themselves of the exstence of God? or is the Catholic church in such a state of internal strife that they need magic shows, hysteria and a politically biased Jesus and Mary to put its house back in order?


I bet the Virgin Mary will now give someone there in Malaysia a message that they should not vote for the Barisan government at the next elections. Isn’t it strange how the Virgin Mary and Jesus himself as God are unable to inspire Malaysians of all denominations to work together and as hard as the other to achieve prosperity and peace? instead they encourage  the faithful from amongst the Indians in particular to continue to rely on magic, apparations and rituals, a symptom of schizophrenia, and avoid the normal things working people do.

Not long ago there was the Reverend Dinnakaran in Tamil Nadu India. Claims to this day to be a prophet with the ability to raise the dead. About a decade ago his young daughter was killed in a road accident. He refused to bury her till the body began to decay. He promised a miracle. He would raise her from the dead in the name of the ‘Risen Christ’. The ‘Christ’ he referred to did not come to his aid and his daughter remained decaying and very much dead.

The health authorities armed with a court order took possession of the corpse and cremated it for fear of disease. How ‘rational’ people can be driven to such levels of desperation in todays world is beyond most of us. Perhaps the government ought to set up a ministry of miracles before this outbreak of madness spreads to the rest of us non believers.


Led by a police officer in the state of New South Wales, the government of Australia and its opposition led by a Catholic in Tony Abbot is in a dilemma over the most recent call for a Royal commission of inquiry into  sexual abuses of young people by a Catholic clergy. The practice is rife. Nothing’s changed since the time of Charlemagne and beyond. Young women and boys as little as 4 and 5 continue to fall prey to these rabid pedophiles and homosexuals found behind their long robes. And the Virgin Mary ( the embodiment of Christian virtue and chastity ) and her son have remained silent and out of sight for so long.

Perhaps this time round they are calling the faithful to rally against a politically driven clergy and its church devoid of policies and in bad need of a distraction from their demonic lifestyles. A news flash has just confirmed the Australian prime minister having confirmed a Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse not just against the Catholic church but against all institutions. Perhaps Julia Gillard is a re incarnation of the Virgin Mary made flesh in Australia? and why not? she is not married and has no children.

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  1. margret says:




    • grkumar says:

      You Catholics don’t do what? You’ve murdered in the name of God in Irak, Afghanistan,Chile, Nicaragua, Cuba, Ireland, Africa (French and Portuguses colonies), Asia and you have the audacity to say you don’t arrest people like us? well you may have apoint there. And if you did have to arrest the writer, on what basis would your arrest be? Good Christian charity, failure to indulge in your madness? Go back to work madam.


    • jitraguy says:

      actually you have no retort, thats why


  2. Edward says:

    We Catholic don’t do that? Ha..ha..ha remember inquisition?


  3. forrrestcat says:

    The pawdophile rings in Australia is applimg. Sex fiends under vatican garb pick childrem to satisfy their lust when they rotate between churches.

    I womder when Malaysia will unvover itscandals in itchurches. We have heard missionary schools covering sexual assault cases in thpast, but none of the victims dare prosecite out of sha,e of being sexually assaulted let lone convict men and women of the church doing explicit acts.


    • grkumar says:

      The reason that Malaysia has not “uncovered” the sins of Catholic priests and brothers in Malaysia owes a lot to the utmost
      respect Malaysia’s rulers have had for the clergy of the Catholic church. It is not because they do not know.

      Unfortunately this respect has never been reciprocated or returned by the Catholic church especially in recent times. Instead they
      have seen it fit to join forces with politically and morally bankrupt organizations from abroad to destablise Malaysia. That plan will
      backfire on them.

      Malaysia’s Catholics will not be spared the humiliation from the sexual misconduct of their priests and brothers.


      • forrestcat says:

        Contrary to the views that Malaysia discriminate ruthlessly againts other religions, fortified by Wikileaks where in a cable the the Chistian, Buddhist,Hindu and Sikihism Association openly ask the US ambassador to use sanctions against Malaysia for being an Islamic country that is conducting ethnic cleansing againts non Muslims.In contrary many temples and tokongs were built illegally but were left alone by the state governments out of respect, Batu Cave if I am not mistaken was built illegally, so are the tokongs in the lime stone hllls Ipoh.I do not call for these places to be demolished but as a reminder that Malays in general have a sikap acuh tak acuh towards other religions as long as they do not interfere in their lives.Christians and Catholics despite being the biggest cry babies, have 19% representation in the Malaysian parliament despite the representation of merely 10 precent.Meanwhile, some catholics have the impudence to criticize the Muslims way of life suc as this idiot in Australia who yearn for te days when ‘halal was not a barrier’ to racial harmony and read his tirade against the Muslims and sheer hatred for the Bahasa Melayu which was introduced when he was in his teens as the national language.And they ask why we have PERKASA.


      • grkumar says:

        All good things come to those who wait. Hillary Clinton will not be secretary of state. It was forecast when she undermined Obama
        by privately using her office to support the “Arab Springs” to win favour from the US Jewish lobby who black balled her after she openly
        supported Arafat and the PLO. She failed there and has to pay the price now.

        Her local surrogates like Ambiga, Tommy Thomas, Anwar Ibrahim and Bersih will now be discarded quicker than you can say “Ambiga”. The French
        too are reeling from the embarassment of having given Ambiga a legion of honour medal. More on that later.

        The Catholic church are in more trouble than they can handle. The removal of the controversial fraud of the Virgin Mary was ordered by the Papal Nuncio
        (or Ambassador in KL). It is an embarassment which was engineered by an individual working with members of the Church but without the official sanction
        of the church. We are looking closer at it and will publish more on that later. The child sex abuse by priests and brothers is the headlines now in Australia.
        The Prime Minister has ordered a Royal Commission into it. The very same thing may flow on to Malaysia as there are and were pedophile priests and brothers there
        too. So as a distraction they now have a Blessed Sime Darby Virgin Mary.

        Your allegations against the Hindus, the Catholics and other Christians and Buddhists are correct and painfully so. These are unfortunately a loud mouthed
        raft of a coalition who would not touch each other with a barge pole in other circumstances whose brutality towards each other is well documented. Yet they
        will come together to villify the only Muslim country and people in all the world who have demonstrated the true teaching of the Prophet (PBUH). It is becoming
        increasingly obvious to us all that this anti Islamic coalition are about 4 years behind the change that swept the west when they discovered that Islam was not their
        enemy. Instead the enemy are those elements of Islam amongst an Arab clique of US supported clowns who the west created anyway running riot in the name of Islam. Unless other right thinking Indians
        Chinese, Hindus, Sikhs and Catholics stand up now and speak the truth to correct the distortions, we will all be tainted with the same brush and activities of these lunatics.

        Those amongst the non Malays who migrate to places such as Australia and who complain about Malaysia, the US and the UK achieve nothing spectacular anyway in their adopted countries.
        So without that “impediment” of Malay dominated government they still turn out to be average or below average Joe’s and migrants but don’t mind the reference because they are white people wwho call
        them migrants. Not Malays.


  4. malliga says:

    to all those people who say nasty things about the blessed mary and jesus or the catholic faith …. I pray “god forgive them for they do not know what they doing, thinking or saying and as they do not have the wisdom and the knowledge” ….. God Bless ….leka


    • grkumar says:

      To all those who blindly follow “images” and idols thinking they are following Jesus and Mary and observing their faith we
      say this. You have no faith or brains if you have to rely on miracles, apparitions and follow conmen who take your money and your free will
      to quell your fear of the unknown.

      Our understanding of the teachings of Christ tell us that he derided those “of little faith” who wanted to see “miracles” and “cures” to believe.
      You and the hundreds of empty headed Indians who run to these places perhaps fall into that category Malliga. Very sad.


  5. Servant of God says:

    I must admit I’m rather perplexed by this practice of praying to images. How did they know how the Virgin Mary (peace be upon her) look like? If the image resembles representations of the Virgin Mary in Western Churches, aren’t those images the products of the artists?


    • grkumar says:

      I note your comment with interest “Servant of God”. The Virgin Mary left no photo of herself on this earth. There are no known images of her
      or her son Jesus Christ anywhere that can be said to be a true and correct image of her or her son. What we see are artiste impressions of what
      she and Jesus Christ may have looked like during their time.

      An Indian artist will depict heer as an Indian and many of the pictures and statutes manufactured in India do just that. An Italian impression makes them
      look Italian and very European. A middle eastern artistes impression does the same. But none of them are similar or consistent nor accurate as no one has
      a true picture or impression of them.

      This is a con because the image that appears on the Sime Darby hospital window is a “Hollywood” or western depiction of the Virgin Mary. And judging by their conduct in
      world affairs and in morality, they are the last people to be believed or their images of one so holy as the Virgin Mary be acccepted by believers as being an image of the real person.


  6. christian says:

    Dear Brother,

    I pray that god will forgive you…an he will because Jesus is god of love and christianity is all about loving each other..


    • grkumar says:

      Really? Why would you pray that God will forgive me? What offence have I committed that God ought to forgive me? Is telling it like it is a sin?
      Reporting what it is people discover is a sin? or is that what Christians consider a sin? If the truth is a sin in Christianity then perhaps it explains
      the “apparition” of the Virgin Mary at Sime Darby Hospital and many many other things about Christians as a whole.

      And finally if Christianity is about loving each other why do your churches promote hatred of the Malays and the government of Malaysia that seeks to advance the
      position of Malays in their own homeland?


      • Servant of God says:

        “And finally if Christianity is about loving each other why do your churches promote hatred of the Malays and the government of Malaysia that seeks to advance the position of Malays in their own homeland?”

        I am wondering about this also.

        If you listen to some people, they sound so peace-loving and so gentle. But you see their actions are contradictory. They do not seek common ground but instead try to frame themselves as the weak and bullied, and that others should be punished somehow.

        True pacifists would say let bygones be bygones, we should just try to be happy for each other.


  7. Meronica says:

    whatever you say Mr.GRkumar. No one has the rights to talk bad abt any other religion and their faith & believes towards their god. maybe there is some ppl out there who makes mistakes in the name of their religion and didnt realised what their doing is wrong. come on guyz stop talking bad about other one is perfect including you stop talking bad about christianity. if u dont like christians and disagree abt our believes just dnt bother lah..why you wanna make a big issue abt christians. we believe & worship our god in a proper way.


    • grkumar says:

      Dear Veronica

      In a democracy the Catholic church and other Christian churches especially in Malaysia will tell you that they have the right to “talk bad about other people’s religions” to borrow your phrase.
      The Catholic Church has been bad mouthing and condemning the Malaysian government, baiting Muslims, propagating anti constitutional conduct by seeking to convert Muslims and then telling the world
      how undemocratic the Malays and Muslims in Malays are.

      The Pope (you can’t get more Catholic than him) called Islam an evil religion along with Franklin Graham Billy graham’s son. What fools. What makes you think either I or any other writer on this blog we
      call “Gopal Raj Kumar” (read the introduction) claim to be perfect? who says that to write whther by blogging or by your conventional media of newspapers and TV we have to be perfect? what do you call perfect?
      we are perfect GR Kumar bloggers thats sufficient for us.

      There is nothing in any of our articles that bad mouths Christianity. We are careful not to foul mouth anyone’s religion. But that does not stop us from attacking those things that are done in the name of Christianity and backed through silence by fools and nincompoops such as yourselves. If you truly do believe in a God and his goodness you will stand up and speak about those who do things we complain of and write about like bullying at schools, racism at schoolsand pedophilia instead of supporting the evil in your Churches through your silence.


  8. Veronica says:

    i am rather taken back by your comments about Christianity. Did your faith and believe teaches you to condemn other religions? how am i to respect your religion when you put down other religions? Let them believe in whatever their wanna believe,does that brings any harm to you grkumar? i have a very high respect for the hindus even thou i am a very pious catholic!

    are you saying only the catholic priest makes mistake, are you all not sinners by your own ways? are you going to judge the catholics by mistakes done by few other catholics? i am not angry by your comments just little bothered by your attitude. if i want i can find 1001 things ridicules about hindu fate and believe but unfortunate that i wasnt raise to criticize other religion.


    • grkumar says:

      Dear Veronica

      What part of my comments about Christianity take you back? Where is the condemnation of any religion in this blog? What is my religion that you seek to respect? are you not jumping to
      conclusions there? I could well be an aetheist or Muslim a Jew or a Catholic. The Blog is called Gopal Raj Kumar (read the introduction). This blog is not about a fiction of a name. It is about
      a group of people who espouse a diversity of views that centre around the theme of justice. If that pricks your good Christian conscience then you perhaps should take a good look at the
      details on the subjects we write about.

      Much of what we write is a reaction to the organized attacks on government and a people who have allowed others to practice their faiths in relative harmony
      for centuries. Unless you speak up about the criminal conduct of priests and brothers in your church who propagate hatred of Muslims and Malays (not to mention others like the Hindus,
      Protestants, Buddhists and others) someone else will do it for you.

      The recent trend of anti Islamic rhetoric and propaganda is dying out in the west they having learned the error of their ways since 9/11. But this is not so in places like Malaysia it appears. The ignorancce
      of people like you does harm and create a potential for great harm if not checked. Since many of you prefer to hide behind the Catholic church’s influence and its western leanings you must
      learn that when it falls you fall with it. I can’t find anything in your bibles which tell you you must slavishly follow the west or even the Vatican for that matter. The Vatican is a little
      more discerning than the Catholics and other Christians in Malaysia which is a shame.

      No one is saying that only Catholc priests make mistakes. There is nothing here that condemns anyone for a mistake. We instead respond to the vitriolic attacks against other religions by
      Christians and the Catholic church in baiting Muslims, provoking religious intolerance and using the pulpits in Churchs to advocate a change of government. If they were perfect people that
      could be acceptable. But when you have the worst of the worst, like the pedophiles and child bullies like the Catholic brothers and Priests lurking out there, it is a question of “physician heal thyself”
      instead of “removing the speck from the Malays eye”.

      As for respecting me or us, you do not have to qualify it. There is no need for such reciprocity. You either respect us or you don’t. We are not holding our breath for either sentiment.
      Contribute if you can. Tell us what it is about what we write that is without fact or is unlawful and we’ll gladly correct our errors.


  9. Lydia says:

    At first glance, what a hateful and bias post..sigh =(

    I say this because your article is full of emotive language that easily influence a reader’s opinion on the issue. e.g.farcical, whatever that means, faithfools, “words-which-intended-to-be-sarcastic” etc..

    That’s why people probably feel condemned/ offended.

    If you really “espouse a diversity of views that centre around the theme of justice” then more people will read your views if it is presented in a more unbiased language.
    Isn’t that what you want? Otherwise you are only attracting haters and naysayers. How to encourage justice if people don’t communicate openly?

    A lot of people have many questions and criticisms about the Catholic Church – Why do you do this and that? etc.

    It’s good to ask because I believe that the truth is made clearer through questioning.

    But are we willing to listen to the answer from the source or merely question for the sake of questioning…

    By the way, where did you get the info for the title? I mean about it being “tested in a lab in UK” and “the scam has been discovered’?

    Or if the title is your own opinion, then I must have understood wrongly. I thought it’s real news. I have been mislead =(


    • grkumar says:

      Why is the post “hateful”. There was never a need to further reinfrorce what many had already begun to believe.
      The “faith fools” and yes thats what they are, went on bended knee believing without giving it a single moment
      of thought. Being made fools of.

      There has been a world wide trend over the past decade going back to Majigoria for the Catholic church to engage
      in such idolatry and “magic shows” to get its people back on track. There is nothing hateful about that is there? Unless of
      course you choose to remain a fool and accept such “miracles” blindly which oyu clearly have.

      Ask questions like intelligent people do. There are many who continue to ask questions and we like them make those questions into
      debateable issues on our blog. Whats hateful about that? fool. The Churchs don’t like those questions. They prefer one liner answers.
      “don’t ask don’t tell”.

      We don’t hate your church your god or your beliefs. But as a matter of public interest in this day and age we ask those
      questions about people who abuse the faith of others and do things like what pedophiles and frauds do. Especially to the
      emotionally vulnerable.

      Where we get our information from is our business. We protect our sources and get up the noses of many like you. That includes the so called
      investigative journalists in your midst who keep you happy with their style of sensationalistic rubbish. Stay with them if this blog hurts your intelligence.


      • Lydia says:

        Thank you for your feedback, it has improved a lot in terms of the neutrality of your tone =)

        Nothing hateful about debating on issues, I agree with you. Just to tell you that you can always debate peacefully, although it’s sometimes difficult especially when people are online. What I refer to hateful is the emotive language you used.

        I mean you yourself condemn the “style of sensationalistic rubbish” so shouldn’t you follow your own advice? You said you don’t hate, then why the heavy usage of emotional overtones?

        If what you say is true, then have enough confidence that people will accept it, without using those bombastic words to influence. and if they don’t believe, it’s their problem, no need to impose.

        Anyway, about “the Churches who don’t like questions” – from my experience, that is a misconception.

        If you are talking about history then I have no comment because nobody can change the past but we can always learn from our mistakes. Anyway, I admit I probably don’t know enough history to debate on this.

        Coming back about why I say that that is a misconception today, for example, have you ever heard of the Summa Theologica, the Cathechism or Apologetics?

        The church’s teachings are usually put in a Q&A format., with arguments and counter-arguments, replies and rebuttals. Sometimes I feel the answer is just too overwhelming that I stop asking..maybe because I’m lazy, or maybe I take things for granted, or maybe I’m a fool like what you said (but who cares? How do you know what’s on other people’s mind anyway?).

        Anyway, you can only assume, or if you want to know, why don’t you ask, with the purpose of listening for the answer, that doesn’t mean you have to agree with anything.

        But then when something comes out and makes me wonder, I can always go back to look for the answers again. The answers never change, only the people do…like you said, paedophiles, frauds, inquisitors, or priests who espouse to the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ method. Tell me which human organisation does not have those? Power corrupts people.

        The one liner answers are to invite people to ask further questions if they are not satisfied, isn’t that better than giving a whole lecture when people just want a simple answer? The point is that, I feel that I am always welcomed to ask questions regarding the church or their teachings.

        But then again, my faith doesn’t depend on how ‘holy’ the leaders are or whether the church has done more good deeds or bad deeds throughout history…What else? It doesn’t depend on whether the apparitions/miracles are genuine or fake…I mean, it shouldn’t be.

        Finally, since you can’t disclose your sources, how do readers like me decide whether your news is trustworthy or believable? If your info is true, it’s true..if not then it’s not.

        Again, if it’s true, then shouldn’t your news get published more widely so that more people know about it? People should be informed if it’s a scam, minus all the persuasive language.

        No need to tell people what to do or what to believe in (or even what kind of people they are).. Let the people decide for themselves, since people don’t get that a lot of that chance in Malaysia.


      • grkumar says:

        I think you ought to carefully separate your ideas from your allegations and your Catholicism.
        We conducted an investigation into the ‘apparition’ and from the results of our initial inquiries we wrote a piece.

        What do you call the “heavy use of emotional overtones?” what do you mean by people will “accept it without
        the use of bombastic words to influence?” You sound like you have difficulty putting your thoughts together in words.
        You sound confused trying to express yourself. Is that Catholic trait?

        We write about a topic in a style that is unique to our blog. Above all we tend to look a little deeper
        behind the scenes and in doing so we differentiate ourselves from the run of the mill so called investigative
        journalists and sychophants of the Church, the opposition and others whose staple is the rubbish they write.
        They are like you and are quite content with the rubbish they write and thats fine by us.
        There clearly is a market for that sort of unthinking sensational garbage out there in the world you live in.

        There are others out there who are Christians but not Catholic who accept what we write about this ‘apparition’
        being an irrational and sensational con game which needs invetigation.

        There are the Muslims who revere and venerate Mary the mother of the prophet Jesus Christ. They like the other
        Christians take a more rational view of this nonsense. Catholics like you don’t. The church encourages your irrational conduct.
        It is emotion driven. So whose being emotive?

        If you have something worthwhile to discuss or to share with others thats fine. Remember there re many Catholics who do not share
        the view of the peasants who go out there at the sound of a rumour to look for divine signals. These Catholics too take a dim view of the Churchs
        continued ambiguity in such situations. Many of these don’t want their letters or their names published. And that is to be respected.

        Perhaps you should take a lesson on Christianity from someone not preaching “revolutionary theology” in the eastern states of Malaysia.
        The Politics of hatred against the Malays and Muslims on which the Catholic church has been caught out on time and time again. This Virgin mary
        we suspect was about to send “coded messages” to the faithful about the next elections.

        She was to say “Sabah and Sarawak join the opposition. Don’t vote the Barisan. But the church unfortunately got caught out. Sabah won’t be going
        anywhere. Not for the next decade at least and beyond.

        Finally I am convinced you are confused when you seek to justify pedophiles, frauds etc. by suggesting the excuse that other organizations too have these
        in their midst. Is that saying its okay for the Catholics to have these in their midst because others too have them?

        We are not referring to any other organization other than the Catholic church the subject of the article you refer to. Since when did the Catholic church
        derive its morality from the failings of others?

        The assemblies of God, Jehovas Witnesses, Protestants, Church of England all Christians, yet none of them claimed the ‘apparation’ of the Virgin Mary or encouraged the idiotic
        circus that surrounded it in KL recently. The Catholics did.

        You may be well intentioned. But remember this. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Grow up girl!!


  10. Tim says:

    Stupid man, Jesus & Mary are not white, they are ASIAN. Research before making a fool of yourself…


  11. The Kij says:

    The “image” is but a speculative approximation of a Western Renaissance Era stylised representation of Mary in all its Italianate splendour! Who knows how the authentic Mary or Maryam of >2000 years ago in present-day Palestine looks like.

    Some PAS zealots say it looks like Nik Aziz with a grunge hairdo; others say it is a martyred Osama; yet others allude to Ayatollah Khomeini. The Al Arqam nuts are convinced it is their Abuya. Who are we to brush aside their beliefs?

    My 13 year old son probably nailed it: “the lazy cleaner squished too much chemical on that dirty window and before he could wipe it clean, Uncle Dominic Putucheary and gang started to worship his “miraculous” handiwork.” Yup son, the rest is history …


    • grkumar says:

      You know Kij your response to this “apparition” is perhaps the most entertaining yet appropriate one yet.
      Who ever knows what Mariam looked like then. But what gets me is the readiness which some “believers” are
      prepared to ascribe to this piece of imaginative artwork to the image of the Virgin Mary.

      People who believe and revere their God and especially his mother would show a little more respect and accord
      a little more dignity than what these “worshipers” were prepared to. This is to date the most popular article we have
      written from the number of hits we have received.

      The responses unfortunately although as numerous especially from so called Christians and from members of the Indian
      (Christian?) community have had to be filtered and many discarded. They could not be published for their content. Thank you for yours.

      I hope I did not intervene in this matter too early to spoil the anti Barisan message the Virgin Mary was to pass on to three
      people at the site of the Sime Darby Hospital. There is a pattern here. Perhaps she will still do it but in Kelang instead.


      • Ambrose says:

        Mr. GR Kumar, as a catholic, I respect what is your belief and tought, nevertheless I think these type of toughts just appeared in your mind because your view towards catholicism is very narrow and prejudged. Every man can make mistake but every man is responsible for his own action. Saint and sinners is everywhere dispite their understanding , religion or race. If I blame all muslims as terrorist because of Sept 11, my point is totaly void because it is prejudged statement and it is baseless, there are many Muslims in this world loves peace and spread the happiness of Islam. Same goes to other religions as well, If today we looked down on Catholic churches because of the child rapes incidents , we need to see on true missionaries such as Mother Therresa whic is also to be called as ‘ product ‘ of Catholic Church. Again Saints or Sinners is everywhere. In my church , our priest always encourage us to love and pray for one another despite the religions and race, and THIS IS THE TRUE TEACHING OF CHRIST AND HIS CHURCH. It doesnt matter if youo still wanted to argue about this fact and go all around again saying about other people and the corrupted faith because as what I stressed before sinners and saints is everywhere.


      • grkumar says:

        I don’t quite understand your rambling. You do not know me nor do you know anything about ‘me’. GR Kumar is the name of this blog.
        It is not the name of an individual. What you need to do is to get your head around each of the articles that are published and be specific about
        these in your comments.

        Nobody knows what the true teachings of Christ were. The 4 Gospels as we have come to know them were written from 4 years after the death of the man
        by various scholars who were under Roman influence and occupation. None of his apostles could read or write. They were ignorant illiterate fishermen.

        Then you have the ‘lost’ gospels of Judas Iscariot, Thomas and others. Just because the major churches led by the Catholic church do not recognize these
        other gospels does not mean they do not exist. As for saints and sinners as you refer to these as, we are in the articles you find offensive only writing about sinners.
        Big Bad ones who are celebrated by the church and protected by them.

        As for mother Theresa I do not think by any measure of the yardstick the woman could be referred to as a saint. Read our article about her here. It may just open up your mind a bit.


  12. Herd Mentality says:

    Dear GRKumar,

    I must concur with you.

    Guys…please take a moment and think. Use the faculty that God has gifted to all of us.

    Why must that image that appeared in SJ is the Virgin of Mary?


  13. leo89 says:

    dear fren.
    two words for u.
    fake factor.


  14. jitraguy says:

    sorry Sir.. I just copied the whole thing you wrote and pasting on my wall , among others, 😛


  15. IT.Scheiss says:

    “A great work of art indeed is this. Unfortunately for those who engineered this “Miracle” and however well intentioned they may have been, the scam has been discovered.”

    This is an old topic by now but how do you know that likeness of the popular depiction of the Virgin Mary on that glass pane was a deliberate “scam.”

    I’m not a Roman Catholiic and I did not see the image myself but I downloaded several pictures of it, enlarged them and to me it looks like a stain of sorts on that window pane, which just happened to somewhat resemble the Virgin Mary from a distance.

    To me, the stain looks like it came from disolved paint from the hospital’s walls which were deposited on the glass by rain water and some discolouration of whatever green coloured film on the glass, if any.

    You wrote that it’s, “A unique form of acrylic paint is being tested at a laboratory in the UK from a sample taken from the “miraclous image” of the Virgin Mary of Sime Darby. In addition to this the reflective quality of the glass panel and the chemical reaction to what has been identified as a ”substance” that was added to it has also been taken for analysis.”

    However, was that acrylic paint deliberately painted on to resemble an image of the Virgin Mary or did it somehow get on the glass by accident?

    The Roman Catholic church itself does not endorse that stain or whatever as a miracle nor that it is an image of the Virgin Mary. It’s some individual Roman Catholics who believe that.

    Also, the Cattholic Church could not have “ordered” the window pane’s removal from the Sime Darby Medical Centre to a church in Klang, since it belongs to the Sime Darby Medical Centre which agreed to its removal.

    Of course, the practices of the Catholic and Orthodox churches of allowing statues of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and saints in church is a controversial one within Christianity itself and is rejected by Protestant Christians as being in violation of the 10 Commandments, in particular the second commandment forbidding making likenesses of anything on earth or heaven and worshiping them.

    Rather interestingly, this second commandment has been removed in the Catholic Bible and the commandment to not covet they neighbour’s wife and goods split into two commandments – i.e not to covet they neighbour’s wife and not to covet thy neighbour’s goods.

    This is what bothers me about the Roman Catholic church, since it effectively re-writes Biblical scripture, which is supposed to be a heinous sin in Christianity and brings into question the validity of the claim that the Bible is the word of God.

    Also, that there are around 65 versions of the Bible also raises questions as to its authenticity. For example, especially evangelical Christians and some other Protestant denominations recognise the King James Version written upon order of King James of England as the most authentic but that alone means that it has been edited by man.


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