Exposed (in the name of God)

The following article below reproduced verbatim from AAP this morning shows another of many reasons why the Catholic church (and any other Church for that matter) should not be preaching  alternative government from their pulpits. Instead, the Catholic church ought to be preaching redemption, tolerance and introspection of itself and its followers to its faithful.

Self righteous preachers as the Reverend Murphy Pakiam, Ng Moom Hing others ought to take a page out of their own bibles and refer to the parable of the Pharisee and the Scribe in this respect.

This article is part of a long litany of complaints to police and the authorities, by police to the authorities, the public and victims of the church. These people like most victims have now found empowement in progressive government and a responsible media.

The weak and the bullied in our midst have been empowered. They now come forward to reveal the extent of their pain and suffering,to  expose the hypocrisy, the brutality and the pure evil these “evagelists” have been inflicting all this time protected by their high office in the name of God, at the expense of the faithful.

The churches have engaged an according to information we have this practice continues in Malaysia as well by clergy whilst engaged in preaching change of government for all the wrong reasons.

These people, the clergy, carry the stain of abuse sexual abuse, financial abuse, distortions of their theology for a political purpose all of which is a mortal sin in Christianity. They are to be exposed, condemned and where necessary tried for their brutality and for abuse of the weakest and most vulnerable in our midst. Children.

The Churches now want us to believe their support of alternative forces in places like Malaysia is timely, is a Christian virtue, appropriate, moral and ‘in our interests’. Open government demands open and transparent people to run it. The Catholic church and the opposition it supports is far from being open or transparent.


A former Catholic brother facing charges of sexually abusing dozens of children has fled to Sri Lanka after tardy extradition attempts to bring him back from New Zealand where he had been living, says Fairfax Media.

The paper says former St John of God brother Bernard Kevin McGrath, who had served two years in a New Zealand jail for sexually abusing boys there, had 252 abuse charges laid against him in a Newcastle court on June 27.

It says the 65-year-old is alleged to have repeatedly raped, molested and abused dozens of young boys at church-run institutions in the Newcastle-Maitland diocese during the late 1970s and ’80s.

NSW police were meant to extradite McGrath to Australia from New Zealand to face charges, but he was allowed to fly out of New Zealand some time after the charges were lodged, Fairfax said.

McGrath is now on a tea plantation in Sri Lanka, where Australia has no extradition treaty.


The Churches need to be taken to task by the thinking public now. Those hypocrites that are a part of the offending clergy need to be brought to book. Do we need them to be a part of that coalition of “the righteous” to govern Malaysia or any other state for that matter?

Lets hear from Bishop Murphy Pakiam Ng Moon Hing and others now about this issue now. It is a hot topic in Australia, in New Zealand, in the US, Canada and in Britain. Such events did occur in Malaysia too and from all the evidence it is still happening although unreported in Malaysia.

These “Good Shepherds” in all their ugly forms and pretty disguises need to be hunted down and exposed for who they truly are. They need to be taken out of mainstream society where they lie, cheat and preach a theology of deception, distortion and hypocrisy all of which are inconsistent with the teachings of Christ and in their duty of responsibility to the weak.

These predators turned pulpit politicians ought to be locked up or driven out of town regardless of which religious institution they belong to. For the present it appears to be a Christian staple, the Christians (Catholics in particular) being the loudest and most obnoxious of them all.


This is not an attack on Christianity or Catholicism. It is an attack on those rogue elements within these churches who control them, defile their churches and abuse their powers. If Catholics and Christians in general will not stand up and be counted in ridding their Churches of such vile beings, they must in the end acept and shoulder the blame for the sins of these evil men and women. Because if they do not have the courage to do it someone else will do it for them in the end.

8 Responses to “Exposed (in the name of God)”
  1. Philip Mathews says:

    Thanks. Recently The Star wrote an editorial against preaching politics from the pulpit, and I wrote a newspaper letter supporting it. Cheers, PM


  2. Philip Mathews says:

    I mean my letter supported the editorial, not the pulpit misuse!


  3. jonnymalaya says:

    I wonder if GRK will write about the wanton sexual abuse going on in Islamic asramas & schools in our nation? Misuse of Tabung Haji funds, temple funds, etc. Ongoing corruption in the Jabatan Agamas? Or will such double standards apply?

    Lets see if this comment will be approved, unlike the previous two. Perhaps “Open Debate On All Issues” only applies to people who are mindless cheerleaders of his viewpoints, and not comments that threaten his ideological house of cards.


    • grkumar says:

      Why is that necessary? when did the lessons of the Catholic or Christian churches come from the conduct or misconduct of the wayward amongst the
      Muslims in Malaysia? When has the Tabung Haji and Jabatan Agama asked its members to engage in the kind of politics being advanced by Churches in Malaysia?
      Even if they did, would that be right by Christian standards? Is that what you are suggesting? What a pathetic response.

      As to your previous comments, hehe haha do not in any way amount to an argument or a comment. It amounts to a Johnny mindset. And like the otghers in blogsphere
      we reserve the right to exclude people like you and your childsih comments.


      • jonnymalaya says:

        >> As to your previous comments, hehe haha do not in any way amount to an argument or a comment. It amounts to a Johnny mindset. And like the otghers in blogsphere
        we reserve the right to exclude people like you and your childsih comments.

        Especially when it points out how ridiculous your double standards and hypocrisy is when it comes to belittling other people’s beliefs.

        By the way, I still wonder how that window pane will ahem… send a message of “Sabah & Sarawak join the opposition”? iPhone or Galaxy S3?


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