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The culture of American sponsored (and financed) “oppositions to government” in the developing world, has taken root in south east Asia.

Amongst its most celebrated figures in the region is Anwar Ibrahim, a former deputy prime minister of Malaysia.

As a tool for “change” in Malaysia Anwar is second only to Ambiga Sreenivasan who the Americans and Europeans favour to be Prime Minister in a Malay excluded Malaysia.

The world recoiled in horror in 9/11 not so much at the spectacle of two hijacked passenger airliners plunging into the twin towers, an iconic symbols of American capitalism.

The shock and horror was at learning the identity of the alleged perpetrators of that act of terror who as it turned out to be were American trained, American financed, Islamic radicals, allies of the USA.

They were of a group whose initial objective was the destruction of the “Godless Soviets in Afghanistan”. Failing to disband these Mujaheeds at the end of the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan, these rebels  now independent of the US had turned their training in terror on their handlers, the USA and its allies.

Osama Bin Laden himself many would recall was an American contractor. He was a CIA trained and financed operative and a part of the Bin Laden family of Saudi businessmen related to the House of Saud. He had been carefully cultivated, trained and financed by William Casey then director of the Central Intelligence Agency during the Ronald Reagan presidency to unleash terror on the Soviets in Afghanistan.

That American plan though was not restricted to the theatre of war in Afghanistan. It went beyond Afghanistan. The US trained the Pakistani ISI (Inter Service Intelligence), themselves now financing Islamic revolutionaries internationally, as they did the Contras in their war against a legitimate government in Nicaragua.

Like the Trojans of that anti Soviet era, cultivated and kept primed for battle, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), their Reagan Fascell cohorts and other fronts, Bersih, Aliran, the Sister of Islam and PKR in Malaysia continue to receive finance and training to destabilize not just Malaysia, but all of south east Asia.

It is a vision they hold in the vain hope that these groups can be galvanized into one compliant (read pro American) common market. Each of these groups send key personal to Europe, the US, south America and parts of Asia on a regular basis to obtain training in what they call “seminars”, “forums” and “workshops”.


Anwar Ibrahim many would recall, was one of the first politicians from a democratic, secular state to have gone very publicly in person to Tehran after the fall of the Shah to pay homage to the Ayatollah Khomeni. The  Iranian cleric spawned an  Islamic Revolution. He overthrew the pro western Shah  and established a theocratic state in the Islamic Republic of Iran. He also drew Anwar prostate to his feet.

Anwar’s  visit to the Ayatollah was against the better advice of his more enlightened colleagues in Malaysia and in the international community at the time. It was so soon after that revolution.

Of this event Anwar  told VS Naipaul, the Nobel laureate and writer that, he Anwar wanted to ”awaken the Malaysian people”, suggesting the Iranian revolution of the Ayatollah as a template for such ‘awakening’ in Malaysia.(Among the Believers: VS Naipaul).

Evidence that Anwar has not given up on his plan for the Islamization of Malaysia is further supported by comments more recently attributed to Saudi born, Wahhabi cleric, Sheik Mohammed Faisal Al Tariki who is reputed to have said: “Anwar is a reliable and dependable soldier of Islam to be called upon to act when the time comes”.

Sheik Mohammed Faisal Al Tarik himself remains holed up in self imposed exile in the Caucus mountains preaching his firebrand radicalism of Islam to Chechen rebels.


the Pakistani writer Brig. S.K. Malik in his book, ‘Quranic Concept of War’ (published in Pakistan by Wajid Alis Limited) describes the ideology of  Whabbism thus:

the ‘Real Muslim  should: ”Stage by stage, march against the non-Moslems, hit them, offer them terms of peace when necessary, terrorize them ceaselessly in various forms, open or deceitful, infiltrate and create total confusion in the camp of non-Moslems.  Then attack, and attack ruthlessly.  Slaughter entire non-Moslem communities including their women folk and children”.  

Clearly Malaysia’s Muslims, a tolerant and non violent group of adherents to Islam would find much of this ideology abhorrent and anathema to their understanding and practice of Islam

But is this what Anwar has in mind for a future Malaysia? is this what Ambiga and Guan Eng are working with the Americans to achieve in Malaysia in the vain and mistaken belief they will be rewarded for their effort?


Benazir Bhuto, Gen. Pervez Musharaff, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Ghadaffi, Ngo Din Diem, Suharto, Ferdinand Marcos were all puppet leaders, funded, trained and backed by the US to usher in that  ‘better, fairer, more democratic government’ for each of their respective countries.

Each had come to power through means less than democratic. Aided and abetted by the US each of these leaders ascended their “thrones” through bloody revolutions, intensive propaganda campaigns of lies and deceit and on ‘wings of eagles’. Each of them met a horrible end at the hands of their handlers in the end when their ‘use by date’ had expired and there was no more utility for them or their ‘purposes’.

So what is it that makes Ambiga Sreenivasan, Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim or any of the other hopefuls in Malaysia believe they are so special that they would be spared a similar fate in the end?


In 1998 Anwar led what is largely viewed as an attempted coup against the government of Dr. Mahathir Mohamed then prime minister of Malaysia. Anwar’s putsch with the assistance in financing and political backing of Washington in 1998 was thwarted only after Dr. Mahathir’s government was tipped off by Singapore’s foreign intelligence service and their Japanese counter parts.

The Australians having engineered the east Timor split from Indonesia were watching and waiting in the wings. Then Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard after all had hinted then that he wanted to see an “Anglo sphere” of manageable smaller states in this region. And to that end he was happy to be “Deputy Sheriff” to the USA.

Anwar it appears suffered more than just a physical black eye in 1998. His bloodless coup against a democratically elected government in Malaysia had failed. Washington miscalculated. Malaysia had not been ruled by a  military ruler and a butcher for 35 years who had murdered over 2,500,000 of his own people with the support and encouragement of his local Chinese business community. There were no strings tied to Malaysia’s rulers as there had been to Indonesia and the Philippines for the US to cut.

It was not the first time US foreign policy in the region had misfired and failed.

Anwar’s, Ambiga’s and Lim Guan Eng’s campaigns remain bought and paid for by sinister unaccountable non transparent groups with names like like civil societies, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). They are nothing more than an extension of right wing extremists based in Washington.


Dr. Mahathir Mohamed a highly vocal critic of Washington’s policies in the middle- east had long been in the cross hairs of the influential AIPAC Jewish lobby in the US. Dr. Mahathir has his enemies within the United Malay Nationalist Organization (UMNO) having sidelined many of the older pedigree of royals and their hangers on in the ranks of UMNO.

Tengku Razaleigh the bachelor prince from the Eastern peninsula state of Kelantan was particularly peeved off at Dr. Mahathir’s re-organization of UMNO denying the prince a shot at the top job. Razaleigh who has had a somewhat chequered past in the murky waters of the Bank Bumiputera scandals of the 1980’s has kept a safe distance from Anwar.

His willingness to destabilise government in Malaysia though is more than a mere shadow play. Razaleigh himself has been primed and is a “leader in waiting” with the support of Soros’s civil societies and the NED. He denies the claim.

Singapore, Malaysia’s neighbour whose government has long been a role model for the mainly Chinese led opposition parties in Malaysia has, by allowing itself to be a clearing house for these foreign funded opposition campaigns, recently discovered how deeply mired they now are in the agendas for destabilization by these groups.

Singapore has lately discovered how vulnerable it is, with groups like Bersih, operating clandestinely within its shores (Time Magazine). These groups according to reports is threatening the very fabric of Singapore’s own internal political stability. The threat spills whilst these groups are engaged in attempts at privatization of governments through street marches, labour unrest and intense media disinformation campaigns in places like Malaysia.

Each of Razaleigh and Singapore have been very vocal critics of Dr. Mahathir Mohammed. They continue to blame him for any and everything that may have gone wrong in Malaysia as if no other government or prime minister has existed since or before Dr. Mahathir’s stewardship of Malaysia.

The latest of these paid voices is Malaysian lawyer Zaid Ibrahim. Another recent convert to opposition causes.


NED and civil societies have demonstrated they have a take no prisoners attitude. They have no long term friends. Only situations. In Egypt they have cut loose many who helped them achieve ‘regime change’ in Tahrir square only to see them mid wives to the birth of an Islamic government there once the dust had settled.

Curiously though no one is asking that vexed question, has the US an Islamic right wing agenda in the east beyond Osama Bin Laden and the Wahabbis?

It had been revealed some time back that Dr. Mahathir Mohammed himself was once threatened with dire personal consequences to him if he did not step down as Prime Minister following Anwar Ibrahim’s unsuccessful coup attempt in Malaysia had failed. It is a claim Dr. Mahathir has remained silent about but is also perhaps not forgotten.

That threat is alleged to have either been made directly to Dr. Mahathir courtesy of Richard Armitage, the former roving diplomatic heavy, ex-marine and advisor to the Clinton administration  or someone of similar standing through a local diplomat. Armitage also served under George Bush Snr and Jnr, or via a third party known to both men.


Anwar Ibrahim’s star has faded since his 1998 adventure. His betrayal of the minority Indian community one of his staunchest supporters in Malaysia for a time has dented his credibility amongst many of Malaysia’s Indians. Anwar used their numbers effectively in marginal seats in 2008 to unseat  unpopular sitting Barisan Nasional members following the Hindraf/ Makkal Sakti uprising in 27 November 2007.

Anwar’s perfidy went a giant step further when he excluded without warning or reason, loyal and capable Indian candidates within his party. He replaced them loyalists with Chinese and Malay opportunists for key positions.

The PKR as a concession is believed to have offered Waytha Murthi, former Hindraf leader and exile, a million dollars of foreign money as an incentive to stand against Datuk Palanivel  president of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC). Waytha Murthi who has yet to account for nearly a million dollars in Hindraf funds has denied the claim.

Makkal Sakti the group born out of the Indian uprising on the other hand has deftly played its hand securing for itself and its members greater levels of government funding and assistance to advance their community. On the other hand Waytha Murthi the one time doctrinaire Gandhian struggles for legitimacy and relevance amongst Malaysia’s Indians.

Anwar’s position as a potential leader of the opposition has been further eroded by the controversial Bersih leader Ambiga Sreenivasan’s widely reported and published comments that’ Anwar is no longer the oppositions favoured prime ministerial candidate’ and that Anwar is a ‘spent force and a liability to the opposition’.

Lim Kit Siang of the DAP and his son Guan Eng are believed to support Ambiga’s view although not publicly so, for the moment at least.

Anwar’s many other failures include his disastrous boast of taking over Puterajaya in September of 2010, his claims to having secured a defection of large numbers of sitting government MP’s, all of which have contributed to the perception the man is delusional, a windbag and is untrustworthy.

Worse still for Anwar, Washington may now be having second thoughts about supporting a candidate who may well turn out to be the next Morsi of their funded Asian “Spring”. So who must Anwar turn to in order to remain legitimate and relevant to a Malay Muslim majority in the end? PAS? Will Anwar pull an Ambiga on his Pakatan ‘friends’ as they have on him?


Egypt’s president Morsi was elected to office by a massive majority in 2012 and succeeded in a widely held referendum more recently to change Egypt’s constitution from secular to an Islamic constitution. The win by Morsi by an overwhelming majority is widely seen as the result of miscalculation by the US and ‘civil societies’ of  understanding the real sentiments of the real majority in Egypt.

Morsi’s victories on the back of the Tahrir square demonstrations “ the Arab Spring” was an unexpected outcome not predicted by the pro- western media guided and funded by Washington.  Now forced to eat crow having to  negotiate with Morsi’s Islamic government to contain the situation in Gaza, Washington is carefully weighing its options for Malaysia.


Egypt and Libya is what one US congressman says was “a campaign destined to failure through negligence bolstering anti US elements and radicals in the region”. He blamed former US secretary of State Hilary Clinton currently avoiding Congressional scrutiny for these disasters.

Hillary Clinton it is widely reported suffered concussion and diarrhoea after a recent fall.  These were her reasons for not fronting up to the Congressional committee of investigation in to the Libyan disaster. As if we needed to know the torrid smelly details of her anatomy.

Hillary Clinton is fighting to avoid public disclosures of the involvement of non government organizations such as civil societies movement, the NED, local Christian churches and other recipients of US government funding in the Libyan and Egyptian fiascos. She had a direct involvement in each of these campaigns.

Clinton’s negligence and miscalculation in each of these campaigns led to the death of 4 Americans in Libya. One of these was a man who was the US’s most valued asset in the region. Christopher Stevens a high ranking CIA specialist in North African affairs who masterminded set up the street infrastructure and led the “Springs” in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria is now dead.

Stevens  was killed by the same people his and Hillary Clinton’s funding and sponsorship had helped “liberate” from the clutches of former Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi.

Hillary Clinton won’t come clean before a Congressional committee to answer for her failed role in the events that led to Stevens death. She has diahorrea and a splitting headache to offer instead of the truth.

Anwar’s links to Washington is useful to the opposition as, Soros, Wolfowitz and Cheney are to revolutions in the middle east now. They all have a vested interest in the man and in his success  however bloody a campaign they have to wage to get him in.

On this point, how Anwar managed to successfully sue former Straits Times editor Rose Ismail in a defamation suit has legal experts everywhere except in Malaysia baffled. Many have put it down to an issue Anwar himself had canvassed and campaigned on in the past. Corruption and incompetence within Malaysia’s judiciary.

Anwar has been less than candid when it comes to his financial affairs, his extra marital affairs and his links to radical Islamic organizations worldwide. Anwar has been known to be a very vocal critic of Christianity and of Christians. He is reputed to have once suggested that the Christians and Hindus of Malaysia should all be converted to Islam or migrate to the west or to India. That was before Anwar’s fall from grace.

The radical Wahhabi sect of Sunni Islam continues to hold the view that Anwar is a trusted ally to be relied on to do his duty when the time comes (inspite of his known links to Washington).

Sheik Muhammed Faisal Al Tariki a radical spiritual leader of the Wahhabis who went to ‘liberate’ Chechnya in the former Soviet Union justified his links to the US by saying thus:

‘even Saudi Arabia and its Muslims are supported by Washington. And that can’t be a bad thing‘.

He concludes that in the end they will be ‘victorious over all infidels including those who support them and the US can be dispensed with then‘.

Question is this. When and under what conditions will an Anwar “do his “duty” to Islam. And what price must a secular Malaysia pay for that change?

  1. Phillip Daniel says:

    These are incoherent ravings of a lunatic.


  2. Philip says:

    LOL! You are stupid man! Where do you get your drugs from? What all you said IS NOT TRUE AT ALL !!!


    • grkumar says:

      Perhaps you ought to re phrase what you have written when you have come down from
      whatever it is that you are presently under. Then take a good look at what you have
      written here and ask yourself what it is you really meant by this comment.


  3. grkumar says:

    Well a good point. Question is who is sodomizing the youth of Malaysia? He contributes at home as well according to his family. Don’t believe a word of it.


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