Riot if Pakatan Loses GE 13


Following Time Magazine’s recent revelation that the opposition political parties in Malaysia have set up bases in Singapore to manage the logistics of ‘transporting and managing’ voters at the next general elections in Malaysia, newer and more disturbing information about a more sinister strategy and tactic of the opposition led by the sentient minds behind Bersih has begun to emerge.

It has been leaked that the diplomatic missions of Australia, the UK and the US have devised contingency plans for their citizens in the region for the period during and after the next general elections to be held in Malaysia this year.

According to an Australian embassy official, ‘it is a precautionary move’ which is ‘standard procedure’  advised by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Canberra during elections in any of the countries of this region.

“Not so” according to a reporter from a foreign press agency familiar with the workings of the Australian mission in KL. The reporter is himself based in Singapore. According to his sources within the Malaysian opposition parties, he has it on good authority that the opposition in Malaysia led by Bersih and the Pakatan intend to take to the streets to agitate to bring down the Barisan government if the Barisan wins another term in office. They plan to agitate till any new Barisan government is brought down.

Agitation has been planned to take place in the main cities of the states of Penang, Selangor, Johor and Perak immediately after the elections if the opposition parties do not secure an outright win that they expect at the next general elections to be held later this year.

“It is a foregone conclusion in the minds of many of the small but highly vocal Malaysian opposition leaders that they will win government at the next general elections to be held in Malaysia” according to our source.

A Malaysian government spokesman when contacted on the leak would not comment beyond the point that ‘all precautions and contingencies have been considered by government and its security apparatus’.

The spokesman went further to say that government had been monitoring each of the groups who have a violent and disruptive agenda for the general elections. The government he said would take stern and swift measures against any conduct by anyone that would be deemed to be disruptive and a threat to peace, stability, law and good order.


A group consisting of ” representatives” of 4 NGO’s, one from Bersih, one from each of the Malaysian Bar Association, a Christian clergyman and a former government servant all of whom requested anonymity met at a breakfast session  in Kuala Lumpur with the writer on 12 February 2013 to discuss the political situation in Malaysia. All of them  without equivocation admitted to the plans for street agitation in the event of a Barisan victory.

Each of them separately and in unison appeared to echo the position of the other suggesting that they had a ‘moral role to play’ in ensuring free and fair elections in Malaysia.

When asked by the writer what they meant by “free and fair elections” a central theme of their attack on the Barisan government, the member of the Malaysian Bar Association at the meeting volunteered a response as follows:

if Pakatan does not form the next government, you will know that it has not been free and fair and we will agitate till Najib’s government and the Barisan falls. We have prepared press releases, media presentations and links to the ‘outside world’ via operational centres in Jakarta, Singapore and Bangkok to take the message out that the elections were rigged”.

When queried about the validity of such statements and presumptions, the response from the Malaysian Bar Association representative was equally baffling:

“It is up to the government to prove it was free and fair. We have proved that elections in this country since independence, especially the last general elections in 2008 were rigged”. He further quoted Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan as being a “credible source of the proofs that the electoral commission is corrupted” and that the government of Najib Razak has made provisions to “rig the next general elections”.


A more disturbing revelation made by the NGO’s at the above meeting confirms the long held suspicion that each of the states that is currently in opposition hands has contributed to a slush fund to be used to finance a media campaign and the agitation planned for the post election campaign of disruption reinforcing what Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan admitted to in a Malaysia Kini interview last year.

11 thoughts on “Riot if Pakatan Loses GE 13

  1. In Egypt, Mubarak won with 90 per cent of the votes and was still toppled. In Malaysia, only the streets can take back the Government from BN which has been winning every General Election since 1957. It’s unlikely that they have been winning legitimately. Fifty six years is too long for any party to be in power.


    1. Mubarak won in a series of elections where the international community (read the west) supported the rigging of the constituencies. Not the elections. The “Street” as you refer to fools,another tool of the west and supported by them was 1 million strong according to western media agencies who supported the Tahrir square riot. They won nothing.

      Egypt is more than 80 million people. 1 million western supported fools in Tahrir square won nothing but notoriety and a bloody nose. The west’s worst nightmare was catapulted to government in the form of the Islamic Brotherhood on the backs of Tahrir square fair and square. Malaysia awaits such a disaster which is being created by an incredulous opposition supported by the west. “Take back government?” you never had government in the first place. Not the opposition in Malaysia at least. So how would you take it back? You speculate about government having not won legitimately.
      The opposition has thus far speculated about everything and not once come forward with specifics on any issue backed by hard evidence. Thats why they won’t win and thats why they should not win.


    2. Are you Malaysian?
      Are you applying for citizenship and living in Malaysia?

      If no for both, stay out of Malaysian affairs. No sovereign nation in this world likes the idea of foreigners, aliens or immigrants, meddling its internal affairs, especially in politics.

      You cannot compare with Egypt. Malaysia have numerous more race and religion than Egypt. Malaysia is not an Arab country or lacated somewhere in the Middle East. Although Muslim Malays is the majority, Malaysia do not have Syiah-Sunnah conflict and we do not kill each other because of differences in our faith. Malaysia is not rule by a dictator or a family like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a Commonwealth, Malaysian parliament is about the same as United Kingdom, though.

      The BN government has been winning every general election, since 1955 and there has never been any religious conflict between Muslim & Christian like in Egypt or Nigeria or closer to home, Indonesia. This is because BN govt. have been very moderate towards the needs of other minorities, including the preservation of their faith, place of worship, culture & heritage.

      All that I know, the BN govt. have never won 90% of votes as Mubarak. Barisan National (BN) has twice lose its 2/3 majority in 1969 and in 2008 the opposition won, to rules 5 states out of 13. You want to know why the opposition won 5 states?
      Here goes.
      In 2003, Mahatdir resign as Prime Minister and was replaced by his deputy, Abdullah Badawi who was seen as ‘clean’ and pious. In his first speech, he told everybody, not to work for him, but for the people of Malaysia. Months later in 2004, his first election, he won almost 90% of the votes. When he won big, he becomes arrogant, so too the people around him. He starts to bring in his son-in-law into the government. All dissenting views are suppressed by the main stream media. Corruption seems rampant. In 2008 when people starts to hate the ruling BN, under him, he declared General election. That’s how BN lost it’s 2/3 majority and 5 states to the opposition; through protest votes. He resign though, months later, as PM.


      1. Whether we are Malaysians or not is none of your business. Your anger should be directed at those who seek foreign assistance to overthrow government in Malaysia, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria India and Pakistan.

        We live in a global village where what affects you directly affects others elsewhere indirectly. No such thing as innocent by standers. The 5 states won by the opposition could not have been won by them because they of their own accord say the elections were not free and fair. If that is the case why do they accept the results in the 5 states?

        There are few comparisons between Egypt and Malaysia. But the analogy remains. Egypt has Jews, Orthodox, Catholics, Sunni Alawite, Ahamdia, Hashemite, Shia, protestants and Coptics. They have Greeks in Alexandria, Tunisians, Libyans, Syrians, an Indian community from the time of the British, now a small emerging Chinese enclave, Russians and Germans who settled in World War 2. Apart from that they have a sizeable Turkish and Armenian population too. But they all identify with being Egyptian.

        The only policies the opposition in Malaysia have are …..Mahathir did this that and the other. Those are not policies. We would like to review their policies to assess their credibility and viability as an alternative to the Barisan. So far they have come up with nothing.

        Majority rule has been the legitimacy of the Barisan which is Indian Chinese and Malay. They may have lost their 2/3 majority but that of itself does not guarantee thy can’t rule or implement their policies. Harold Wilson when asked how many votes he needed to form a working government replied “just one”. One more than the opposition. And that holds true in any parliamentary democracy in a multi party system.

        You are typical of the opposition in Malaysia. You do not think but regurgitate the venom and mindless propaganda of the oppositions one liners. Others are worse still that they do not want to examine the differences. Thats the kind of democracy the opposition promises. No dissent. No differing views. Not a very attractive alternative.


      2. Dear grkumar.
        I am sorry.
        I (RD. February 22, 2013 at 6:08 am) was replying, Phillip Daniel February 12, 2013 at 8:03 pm.

        Thank for the insight, though.



  2. If that’s the case, the majority will also take to the streets to uphold democracy. Without ISA & EO, the Police would not be as effective in protecting the majority against political or religious fanatics. There is no way the minority dictates who should rule Malaysia.


    1. Especially when Anwar Ibrahim has not recanted his statement he made to writer Shiv Naipaul that the Ayatollah’s Iranian Revolution is the model he will use to awaken Malaysians.


  3. GRK has no guts, he hides in foreign land and rubbish abt Mr M as a big hero, this man who is now known for Project IC which back fires in Lahat Datu, Sabah is a traitor and will be jailed soon…


    1. Guang Eng likes to sue people.
      His supporters want to put people in jail.
      If Pakatan gets power, they will fabricate lies, like Tian-photoshop-Chua, to sent the opposition or people they don’t like, to jail.

      They will become the prosecutor, jury and judge.

      So, help us God.


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