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When Anwar in a light hearted moment sought assurance from Lim Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng that Penang would not seek to go it alone like Singapore did in 1965, both father and son turned sheet white according to an observer at that meeting of Pakatan heads in 2011.

It only then occurred to some, like the Pakatan supremo Anwar, outside the very close knit nucleus of policy makers within the DAP that, secession as policy and a political objective is a real threat to behold with the DAP.

Penang, in the agenda of at least one prominent constituent component of Pakatan, will follow Sabah and Sarawak and break away from the federation if the Barisan Nasional loses the general election along with all three of these states.

One of the members of the inner working group of the Pakatan, an Indian Malaysian who agreed to speak to us on condition of anonymity said, that at that point of the DAP Lim’s reaction (described above) to that question by Anwar, Anwar realized what was really at stake.

It was not an objective this particular Pakatan insider nor many of Pakatan’s supporters and members were aware they working to achieve. To him, Kit Siang and Guan Eng had either been caught out by surprise with that statement by Anwar or in the alternative Anwar Ibrahim operates in the dark in the mistaken belief that the other constituent members of Pakatan are honest and open with him.


When Indians began to be dispensed with from the more important roles within the DAP and other opposition groups like the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), it became clear to some within the Pakatan that the agenda of the Pakatan was no longer about Anwar’s political ambitions or PKR’s objectives. Anwar it appears had long been marginalized and had become the token Malay of the mainly Chinese led opposition.

“We would be given wrong dates, times and places for important meetings so that we would show up late, not show up at all or show up at the wrong place” the member is quoted as saying. “our matters and issues that affected our sectors of the community (the Indians) previously placed on the agenda at these meetings would then take on a back seat or not be tabled at meetings at all because we were ‘late’ for the meeting or ‘failed’ to show up on time. It was always about “the more important things long term”.

Another former Pakatan supporter, a Malay, who was and to some extent remains close to Anwar complained that the political agenda and policy initiatives were always and continues to be moulded into what the DAP and PKR’s Chinese constituents would demand.

The Chinese he said “are a big source of Anwar’s funding”. “Anwar’s daughter Nurul has a mind and an agenda of her own which is not inconsistent with that of her fathers and mothers”.


In October of 2011 a delegation of 12 Pakatan members comprising 9 DAP members of a working committee was sent to Sabah and to Sarawak to test the support of local Chinese merchants to the idea of separation from mainland Malaysia. To their surprise they discovered that the majority of the Chinese in Sabah and Sarawak already had contingency plans in place for life under an independent alternative government and independent states in Sabah and Sarawak. Many await the return of the what they once termed the ‘Hakka republic’ (Sarawak).

Evidence of fraternal support from Filipino and Indonesian Chinese networks it appears is overwhelmingly tilted towards the idea of two separate independent states annexed from the central government in KL.

Although official records do show an outflow of capital from the two states to Singapore, Chinese merchants in expectation of an uprising or political instability have been using well tested alternative banking networks to facilitate the outflow of capital from the two states in readiness for a quick exit if required.

According to a US state department official monitoring political activity in the region, it is not uncommon for the Chinese communities in the region to use Singapore’s vast and very private banking networks to facilitate the clandestine outflow of capital from these regions,especially at times of political uncertainty and social unrest. It is a lesson most Chinese have learned and a practice that has intensified and is influenced by attacks on Chinese in Indonesia after the fall of Suharto who they once funded and backed.

When asked to elaborate on the Anwar remark which embarrassed the Kit Siang father and son team, the source said he realized then that the rumours that Penang may actually go its own way if Sabah and Sarawak were to secede from the Federation were real. He went on further to say that none of the other members who he spoke to about the issue privately were in any way surprised whilst those closer to Anwar and the DAP did not want the subject raised.

  1. RD. says:

    Dear GRK.
    What a shocker.

    No wonder buying a property in Penang has become exorbitantly expensive. Now, only rich people can by a house on the Island. Without low-cost housing, there is no way the poor could afford to live on the Island. Even the middle class people are buying property on the mainland’s Seberang Prai. Is this DAP’s strategy to win the election on the Island?
    If they are seeking to go it alone, would they not take the other parts of the state, on the Mainland, along? Or is it the Island only?

    Is it not a serious crime, promoting secession?


    • grkumar says:

      The idea was always to claim the island as a Chinese enclave. Much of the Kuomintang literature depicts the island as a Chinese settlement even before Sir Francis Light landed there. It says the Chinese claimed it without resistance and the natives (Malays) would not work or develop the place.

      More recently especially over the past 20 years, developers mainly Chinese even where they used Malay front men, sold properties at a discount to Chinese buyers charging a premium to others. The object of the exercise was to flood the place with Chinese. The practice endures.

      Sabah and Sarawak will seek to secede from Malaysia after the next General Elections. Anwar believes it to be a threat but he would be content either ways. What most people are unaware of is the danger of breaking up the federation even more. Malaysia will become economically dependant on Singapore who bank the trillions of dollars deposited there by Chinese from the region including Malaysia. It will then be very much as Lee Kuan Yew planned. There will be more Chinese imports to work in the Malacca Johor industrial corridor and the Malays driven inland to their reserves.


  2. Kannan nair says:

    A whole lot of BULLSHIT best describes this article. The writer must be mentally handicapped.


    • grkumar says:

      It is good to know that there are people who subscribe to the works of the mentally handicapped even though
      that compliment contains an insult to the handicapped. But thats also a handicap. Why read and digest if it is BULLSHIT?
      does not say much about you. Read and provide criticism. Constructive criticism always welcome.


  3. jemesaidit says:

    Dear Sir, I wonder why “share” button is not available for your well written articles. The articles need to be read by wider audience. I would humbly suggest you allow people to share your articles on their FB and Twitter so more people can benefit from your insight.

    Sent from Windows Mail


    • grkumar says:

      We are working on it. It has never been a priority as the readership of our blog
      has grown to a stage we had never ever anticipated. It appears that there are more
      people than we ever believed in Malaysia and south east Asia who are keen to pursue
      fact about their socio political environment. We hope we are simply one source for that
      curiosity and search. But to answer your query, we are working on a more effective approach
      to our social networking.


  4. Soothpayan says:

    I am confident that you were paid by UMNO to write rubbish to discredit the opposition. This is a total fabrication!


    • grkumar says:

      No one needs discredit an opposition that discredits itself without external help.
      Whatever we report however ridiculous and painful it is to some, we are able to substantiate.
      Your confidence is misplaced. Perhaps misdirected by confidence tricksters in the opposition.
      Sorry we can’t help you with your problem.


  5. Joseph Teh KIm Chor says:

    What utter rubbish.!!! You are a paid assasin of the lowest kind the type that hide behind some foolish name, a coward!!!


    • grkumar says:

      What is an assassin of the highest kind then? what’s rubbish about the article then? what gives you the idea that your name is in any way something to be celebrated in the first place? Is an Indian name any less than a Chinese name like yours? or do you by your comment agree that the Chinese are behind the opposition and everything it stands for including looking down on Indians and their names?


      • Ashe says:

        Dear GRK,

        Yes, pin them down and pin them down HARD! Keep coming up with HARD TRUTH and let these chinese know where they stand. I’d like to see GRK come up with counter-offensive on LKY’s ‘social engineering’ project over the 60s, 70s in education and economics on how the Malays were marginalised under the cover of MERITOCRACY!

        Then the malays whom are with the opposition PKR-PAS-DAP would realised there would be no turning back once the political power shifted to the people wanting to govern only to put the general mass under their thumb.

        As for the Indians, bring the memory back on how Devan Nair was an earlier asset to LKY and then dumped, ‘humiliated’ and passed away in Canada!

        And, I concur with jemesaidit @ 1:58 am regarding the ‘share’ thing and mind you your readers are not only in Malaysia and the region, but here in North America, elsewhere as well. Its a global village.


      • grkumar says:

        There is more to come. Much more. There are many more out there who write too and understand these issues.
        They are busy people making the world go round. They do not have the luxury of American or European money
        to march the streets in defiance of the law wearing banners and chanting slogans all paid for by foreigners.

        There is more to come. Much more about these crooks who seek to grab power who believe we are all that dumb
        to not know who and what they really are. Lawyers who have diddled their clients now seeking to rule the country
        by sleight of hand.

        As for the Chinese they appear to be very soft bellied and sensitive when they are picked up and the truth about
        them revealed. Otherwise they do not mind harming others, denigrating them like that woman who fled to Perth
        (from Singapore’s meritocracy) after slandering the Malays and the Chinese who “dominate the economy”.

        Keep reading and we will share. Its time. its time to put the blow torch back into the bellies of these cowards.


  6. Yerow13 says:

    The Federation will endure even if I have to fight for it. Federal Constitution does not stipulate a member state is allowed to unilaterally seceded.


  7. Ganesan says:

    GRK, I stumbled upon your article while researching the prospects of Penang separating from Malaysia. My argument is that the huge amount of tax we pay seems to be going into enriching a select few in the country. I also agree with you views about the racial divide and its consequences. The question is what do the rest do ? Leave the country ? Tolerate and move on with life ? or Support Barisan and remain as working class citizens forever ?


    • grkumar says:

      Ganesh it is not up to us to decide what choices you have or what decisions you should take in order to correct the “disparities”
      as you and other see them in your life in Malaysia. It is up to each individual to decide that move.

      However when we do comment adversely especially on the so called opposition it is from a perspective of an independent observer of their performance.
      A good opposition would have had convincing alternative policies in place by now. They would have produced results in each of the states where they are in government
      with those policies and they would have by now mustered the support of the majority (which is what counts in a democracy). They have not. They are an abject dismal failure
      unable to control their destinies as individuals or as political entities. Hannah Yeoh is what the “Opposition” is. Flat, flatulent, a large ego, Chinese to the core, empty
      on substance, full of rhetoric and photo opportunities, an enlarged version of Theresa Kok the other bag of flatulence in the opposition.

      As for the suggestion of leaving the country, the majority of Malaysians who have left the country have settled for another migrant
      experience in another land. The majority have not made any significant contribution or improvement to their welfare economic well being
      their political situation sufficient for anyone to be able to identify and to separate their new predicament to that of their past in Malaysia.
      NOthing. However if you know of any seminal cases we would be happy to publish these.


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