Deepak Jaykishan was not so long ago the favourite whipping boy of the opposition. With “impeccable” connections  he claimed to the first family, selling carpets (or was he just a carpet bagger?) doing errands for them (again of his own material) speaking volumes of the virtues of the Prime Minister and his wife he also boasted to the gullible his ability to sew up deals worth hundreds of millions of Ringgit with just a telephone call to Datin Rosmah.

All that came to an abrupt end when someone in the opposition got the man Deepak by his short and curlies. His investors in tow, the corporate watchdog and several businessmen who had also backed Deepak on the basis of his boasts realised Deepak was not all he was cut out to be. A fraud of such an unprecedent scale linked to this man had begun to unravel.

Deepak had fallen on his own sword. A braggart with tall tales of his near magical business prowess, he managed to snare in the gullible with outlandish claims of being able to make quick and obscenely large fortunes at the stroke of the pen and at the dial of a telephone to the prime Ministers wife. A man suffering delusions of grandeur much like his new mentor Anwar Ibrahim, Deepak has now joined that celebrated group within the opposition of liars, cheats and charlatans.


First there was the over hyped self proclaimed messiah and redeemer of the “Rakyat” Raja Petra Kamaruddin, RPK. A blogger extraordinare a pathalogical liar and turncoat who was the oppositions pin up boy till RPK was betrayed by the opposition, turned on his friends and the opposition, betrayed others and exposed for the charlatan and the liar he turned out to be. The opposition had a huge vacancy in their credibility gap to be filled.

Behind Anwar Ibrahim stands the lawyer Sivarasan. Behind Deepak and Balasubramaniam by default stand prominent elements of the Malaysian Bar. Behind the Malaysian Bar looms large the shadow of foreign money, channeled through various NGO’s.

On each of their shoulders stands tall an intellectual and political dwarf in Ambiga Sreenivasan. Sreenivasn an opportunist and self serving individual has loyalties to none other than to herself and her masters in the civil societies movement.

Each of these entities and individuals have engaged in a campaign of defamation, deceit and the disinformation on behalf of a desperate crumbling opposition. Disinformation is a critical plank in the Pakatan’s only policy platform and strategy. That strategy in turn is peppered with personal attacks and sensationalism.

With independent polls indicating a tectonic shift towards the Barisan government especially from the Indians, rural Malays and now the Chinese, it is no wonder that the opposition now in desperation have had to trawl the bottom of the heap in search of a Deepak character to shore up interest in their existence and their dwindling fortunes. It is a strategy that has begun to backfire on them disastrously. And here is why.


Deepak’s latest tirade against those he believes have scorned him is addressed to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed in a letter. In that letter it is clear that Deepak and those like him have little or no idea of how government or the justice system works in Malaysia. Even less do they understand how business and the conveyance of land is carried out. And that is a tragedy. Because behind Deepak are lawyers. Prominent Malaysian lawyers.

And the opposition it seems is only too happy to have the delusional Deepak wallow in his cesspool of ignorance as long as he throws mud. Because some of it will stick and that’s all that matters to the opposition.

Now here’s the rub. Deepak in his disinformation campaign implicates himself in the commission of serious civil and criminal offences against the company’s code in Malaysia. And sadly he appears oblivious to the extent and the consequences of his admissions.

Deepak can’t run or hide from his admissions now. He instead behaves like the proverbial ‘woman scorned’. Perhaps he is another of those men taking on the persona of women when the lights are out? Well if he is he certainly is in the right camp now and in good company.


The letter directed to Tun Dr. Mahathir is full of self-righteous indignation and feigned outrage. The man begins with a complaint of a raid conducted by Bank Negara on his premises for what appears on his own material to be foreign currency regulation breaches. Thus begins the first in Deepak’s self inflicted wounds eroding his own credibility as a witness and as the individual on whose testimony the opposition seeks to win political points.

He does not explain how he accumulated the hoarding of foreign currency in his possession in breach of the law during that raid by Bank Negara. Instead Deepak ascribes ownership of that money to the first family. He offers no proof for that allegation he raises in his defence to the raiding officers. Except for the uncorroborated statement of his about the first family owning the money made to the arresting officers Deepak is prima facie liable for the hoard of foreign currency in his possession. And in Deepak’s and the opposition’s view naming Najib Razak and Datin Rosmah is a lawful defence and proof of his assertions.

Deepak then asks Dr. Mahathir in that letter to believe that some grave injustice against him had occurred by the raid. This according to Deepak is because he attributed his large hoarding of foreign currencies to the first family’s instructions to him to hold it. The story gets more interesting and bizarre as he tries then to besmirch the credibility of the CIMB and its chairman the prime minister’s brother in the process as well.

Deepak offers no reasonable excuse or defence to having breached foreign currency regulations. If the  excuses he proffered alone were legally admissible as a defence, then anyone could lawfully blame the first family as a defence to committing murder, stealing, cheating, lying and fraud by applying the “Deepak defence” and get away with it. We would simply have to say “the devil made me do it”.



Now let us examine the credibility of Deepak’s claims that the first family asked him or ordered him to hoard large amounts of foreign currencies in breach of the law. Lets not forget for a moment that the Prime minister’s brother is head of the largest bank (an international bank) in Malaysia in the CIMB.

Common sense would tell us that if the first family were so inclined to commit breaches of the foreign currency law by hoarding foreign currencies like Deepak did, they could have accessed the vast private and secret banking networks in the region leading to Singapore, Dubai and Switzerland. They could have used the services of CIMB to facilitate such a transaction. Instead Deepak wants us to believe they chose him above all the other safer and more reliable means of achieving what Deepak says they were trying to achieve.

In his tirade disguised as a letter to Dr. Mahathir Deepak then goes on to claim a “landmark legal decision” in his favour on the Bangunan Angkasa, Bukit Raja land deals. Again using this failed deal he grabs the opportunity to once more tarnish the reputations of the first family.

In the letter he claims the first family and the government failed to enforce the court’s ‘landmark’ decision in his favour. Is it really up to a former or serving Prime Minister to interfere in a court’s decision? Is this what Pakatan’s leaders would do in government? What are we facing here, a bunch of tyrants and fascists parading as democrats and a government in waiting? Remember Deepak is not alone. He has a bevy of lawyers in the background prompting his every move like they did with Balasubramaniam.


More tragically Deepak tries to describe a land transaction which he was party to in terms that suggest  he attempted a leveraged deal (gazumping) which did not work in his favour. He was gazumped in the end. There are no anti gazumping laws in Malaysia as regards to land transactions.

He then advances a more bizarre theory which can only be described as an act of unmitigated stupidity by him and his lawyers. Their negligence to their client Deepak led to someone else benefitting from the decision of the CIMB, to sell the property at the centre of his ‘deals’. Deepak does not say the deal was not properly consummated or that he had no title to the property. The seller changed her mind. Deepak thinks that’s against the law. The seller had all right interest and title to dispose of to whomsoever she chose to deal with. And exercise that right she did.

Deepak does not tell us the full story. Deepak had arranged for a third party company to purchase what he was intending to purchase himself through a leveraged transaction which failed. The third party was not Boustead but it got wind of the transaction as did the CIMB, and as the seller did not wish to conclude the sale to Deepak. The bank intervened and sold it off to someone Deepak did not approve of.


What Deepak is trying to tell the world is this. Everytime he fails at something including his many other hare brained ideas someone else has to carry the blame for his failures. Deepak was lucky. He managed to con a large number of people to put their money into his many schemes. Because at one time he did sell carpets amongst other things to the Razaks. He has used that connection of his to exaggerate his relationship to the first family and to government ministers in order to entice investors to his schemes.

Deepak does not say how he raised significant amounts of money from the public to fund many of his get rich quick deals in breach of the corporations act. Deepak has still not accounted for his very large hoardings of foreign exchange in his possession. Blaming it on the first family without any admissible evidence with his history of name dropping and exaggeration is not what the law calls proof of innocence.

What he also conveniently fails to disclose in the letter to Dr. Mahahtir is the reason for the quantum of money he offered to acquire these properties and why it was so high. No one forced him into a purchase it. He went in to the deal voluntarily.

Deepak failed to lodge a proper prospectus and failed to provide other disclosures required under the law of anyone seeking to raise large sums of money from the public. Deepak does not identify the sources of his bounty and neither does he provide evidence of his right to take money from the public for some of his schemes without disclosures or a proper prospectus.


Deepak was never one shy of the cameras then and neither is he shy of them now. He took photos with anyone he thought had standing in the community, especially in government. Deepak then flaunted his connections to the many gullible get rich quick common folk who believed Deepak could pull Rabbits out of the hat for them. Its called social climbing and Deepak made a living out of being a social climber. What Deepak did with his name dropping and photo opportunities is only equaled by the Gold Scammers who scammed thousands of their savings using photos of the scammers with government officials.

When his schemes failed, with many people (investors) literally baying for his blood, Deepak went to the press and contacted lawyers aligned to Pakatan. These are the same lawyers who assisted Balasubramaniam perjure himself through the 2 statutory declarations they drafted for him. They then arranged press conferences and the spiel in the blogsphere of the opposition to spin yarns about conspiracies, corruption, murder and multi billion dollar scams involving the first family.

If any of what Deepak says is true, then he is prima facie implicating himself in the commission of serious criminal offences. Apart from lying and defaming others Deepak has been attempting to carve out for himself what he believes would be a special place in the sun under a new government of Pakatan he dreams of like Anwar and the DAP.

Deepak is not alone. Sadly there are “journalists” other professionals and business people who smell blood and believe there is a change of government in the air. And like stray dogs and vultures they queue up to bark in the night in the vain belief they will somehow benefit from the change in government they expect come GE 13. If that’s not moral turpitude (corruption) they complain of then what is corruption?


Going further into Deepak’s letter to Dr. Mahathir to the claim of a ‘certain Islamic bank’ which according to Deepak conspired to injure him, once again he implicates himself in a suspect ‘corrupted’ deal. The commission of an offence (by his own admission again) which he blames others for and offers no proof of his assertions. Throwing more mud getting his hands dirty in the process.

Note the qualification of the bank being an ‘Islamic’ bank as if it mattered. That qualification is irrelevant unless one advances it as an opposition policy statement by a bum boy which Deepak clearly is. If he was serious about his allegation against the bank in question he would name the bank in much the same way he has named Datin Rosmah and the Prime Minister so many times in his other unfounded allegations. Each time Deepak has raised their names he offers no proof of his allegations against any of them. A liar at work here. A queer liar bought and paid for by a politically and morally bankrupt opposition.

Deepak should stick to Punjabi or Hindi whenever he writes or speaks. The man is semi literate and a liar. He asks Dr. Mahathir:

Now why is it that after such clear incriminating evidence, till to date there has been no investigation on Rosmah, Najib or Nazim (Najib’s brother)? This takes selective prosecution to an entirely different level doesn’t it? How does Tun suggest I seek duress then? Let’s talk about my court experience now”.


He seeks duress? No he means redress. Like Balasubramaniam using words like susceptible in his SD. Deepak is clearly being led by someone else here. He is indulging in someone else’s vocabulary. Anyway why does he seek legal advice from Dr. Mahahtir? Clearly because he does not understand how the legal system works, how one does not go to a chemist for bread or to the opposition or him for the truth.

Deepak has not produced one single iota of evidence that can be corroborated to support his many far fetched allegations to give it a character of legitimacy or truth. These are the rantings of a cheat caught out in the act then implicates himself by confessing openly to committing criminal and civil offences then saying “the devil made me do it”. Deepak echoes mindlessly the strategy and policies of a politically bankrupt PKR.

Yes we do need an opposition to make government work. But no one in their right mind would want to be tainted, to be caught backing or to be seen supporting an opposition to the truth, an incompetent bunch of liars whose only policy is a personal vendetta against Dr. Mahathir and UMNO.   Clearly inspite of their claims to be persecuted, the Chinese are Anwar’s puppet masters supported by disgruntled middle class Malays who feel marginalized.

Anwar now struggles to tell the population his will not be “a Chinese government”.  Now if the Chinese dominance of a Pakatan government is not a concern for the majority and not a reality, why does Anwar need to re assure people his will not be a Chinese government? What about the DAP campaigns which scream otherwise?

The PKR’s only policies to date are anti Mahathir statements, unfounded allegations against a sitting prime minister and his wife conveyed by the septic voices and minds of Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Balasubramaniam and now Deepak Jaykishan. The ugly hand prints of those members of the Malaysian Bar who have been supporting Sabah secessionists all the time is clearly evident smudged all over Deepak’s campaign.


By Deepak’s law, dealing in land whilst in office amounts to the commission of an offence by a senator he names. To him this is because she either bought or sold land whilst in office. By his standards (and his law) most world leaders are therefore criminals and crooks. So why did Deepak who believed it to be wrong engage with the senator? Is he not then guilty of aiding and abetting her in the commission of an offence at least?

Under Deepak’s law Lee Kuan Yew and his family would be crooks for being proprietors of the Tat Lee Bank (since restructured) amongst other major investments they hold. The Bush family would be crooks for ownership of Zapata Oil and other oil and gas and banking businesses worldwide. Dick Cheney would be breaking the law for Haliburton and Hillary Clinton for indulging in her private financial interests whilst in office. Of course there is Baroness Margaret Thatcher (who Deepak has claimed to associates he knows personally) for being a major shareholder in Burma oil.

But where in the constitution of Malaysia or the rules of parliament of Malaysia does it say that a member of parliament whether it is the prime minister or a senator is prohibited from buying or selling real property or engaging in business generally whilst in office?

Notice how conveniently Deepak avoids mention of Karpal Singh and his son owning and operating a legal practice (as a business) whilst serving the public and the country through their parliamentary office like Sivarasah? Now should that also not be an offence according to the law of Deepak (or the Pakatan)?


Deepak blames Raja Ropiah for “purposely” delaying the issuance of some document in his favour. What he does not say is that his lawyers failed him by not being vigilant in the conveyance of the property in question. Ropiah’s side found an advantage and took the benefit of it to themselves. Unless of course he is saying that Ropiah’s actions were outside the statutory requirement for providing such a certificate or that she was bound by law to do so.

It is called a commercial decision and prudent decision making in commerce. Deepak is clearly incapable of such decisions because his entire existence has been built on smoke and mirrors and through defrauding people claiming he had the first family in his pocket. Not the case.

Deepak is presently being hounded by many people who placed their faith and their money in him to pull rabbits out of an empty worn hat. What came out of it instead was a can of worms and cupboard full of skeletons.

Apart from a litany of what can only be described as half truths, outright lies and manufactured situations and conspiracies Deepak also proclaims his commitment to working for Malaysia as the Tun (Dr. Mahathir) had done and continues to this day.

Deepak’s listed public company has been involved in a number of sham schemes called “pump and dump”. Deepak the braggart and liar makes statements to the public as an officer of a public company he controls that drives the price of its shares upwards, dumps significant amounts of it to gullible speculative buyers then tries to conceal his crimes by blaming those who he has an axe to grind with.

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