Troublemaker Al Jazeera Suspended

AL JAZEERA- THE BEGINNING In what’s been widely expected for sometime, the agent provocatuer broadcaster Al Jazeera, the mouth piece of the so called “civil societies” has been not just suspended, but also had its broadcast license revoked in Irak. Recently this “highly authoritative and independent” source of news and current affairs, claimed Rohingya homesContinue reading “Troublemaker Al Jazeera Suspended”


A WARNING FROM THE RUSSIANS FOR US ALL TO HEED Russian President Vladimir Putin is quoted as saying that the Boston bombing should spur closer security cooperation between Moscow and Washington. He is also quoted as saying the Boston bombings also proves that the West was wrong in supporting militants in Chechnya. And the West’sContinue reading “A TIMELY WARNING ON HUDUD AND WAHHABIS”

CHANDRA MUZZAFFAR SLAYS THE DAP PKR DRAGON ON AL JAZEERA Nothing could be more refreshing than the truth emerging from the mud in the final days of a hotly contested general election in a place as interesting as Malaysia is. In the link above one observes a well crafted argument (albeit a spontaneous one) a sharp and incisive rebuttal to the many unfounded allegationsContinue reading “CHANDRA MUZZAFFAR SLAYS THE DAP PKR DRAGON ON AL JAZEERA”


WHY THE BARISAN WILL RETURN The group of people running the country who gave Indian and Chinese migrants the choices China and India  denied their ancestors are the party of Chinese, Malays and Indians collectively known as the Barisan. They will continue to rule the country. CHOICES IN GE 13- DYNASTIC HYPOCRITES OR IMPERFECT DEMOCRATSContinue reading “MYTH OF THE THOUSANDS OF RETURNING MALAYSIAN VOTERS”


DAP COMES OUT INTO THE OPEN At last we here at this blog get to respond to Lim Guan Eng and his party the DAP in opposition. The DAP hope to be government after 5 May 2013 and are quite hopeful. They have now outlined their reasons as to why Malaysia “Deserves Better” and weContinue reading “GUAN ENG FOR PM”

DAP-PKR Tah Suka Keling

TRADING COOLIES- DAP AND THE PKR Pakatan Rakyat leaders regard Indian candidates as tradable commodities at best and disposable merchandise at worst. Anwar Ibrahim had been dropping names of candidates in a staggered fashion during nationwide road shows but had never mentioned a single Indian candidate. Until today that is, when he named N.Surendran asContinue reading “DAP-PKR Tah Suka Keling”

Annabel Chong- A Child of Kiasu

IN PURSUIT OF SELF When money and only money matters like it has in Singapore for generations, it breeds Annabel Chong, Felicia Tang and at least 20 other Singaporean Chinese middle class girls like them. Many end up permanently addicted to drugs or sex or both. A tragedy when one considers the very high premiumContinue reading “Annabel Chong- A Child of Kiasu”