Annabel Chong- A Child of Kiasu



When money and only money matters like it has in Singapore for generations, it breeds Annabel Chong, Felicia Tang and at least 20 other Singaporean Chinese middle class girls like them. Many end up permanently addicted to drugs or sex or both. A tragedy when one considers the very high premium the Chinese especially from Singapore place on the virtues of chastity, honour, family and sobriety.

What is this growing trend amongst Singapores finest citizens which we  have known little about till now. Is this what the pressure cooker of an existence typical of Singapore’s Kia Su mentality breeds?

Watch the life of Annabel  Chong here. But be warned the film contains explicit sex scenes and language many may find offensive. Watch it with an open mind. It also foretells of a future in a DAP Kiasu world of money money money. Then ask the question, “Who is minding the children?”.

Annabel Chongs expression of rebellion against her Singapore upbringing was to engage in a sex marathon with 200 males in a 10 hour period. She went further on another occasion  to try to break that record. It was Anabel’s contribution to the world. It was in some respects also in many respects Singapore’s contribution to the world too.

One branch of feminism celebrates the “right of women to control their bodies”. That idea provides the platform upon which entertainers like Madonna have built their reputations and their millions as “entertainers” with a message for women. Annabel Chong took it one step further. Or should we say 200 steps further.


Annabel Chong is every parent’s nightmare. Annabel Chong is the unavoidable inevitable by product of a society that cherishes and reveres the dollar over everything else. A society whose Gods can be bribed with a roast suckling pig, pomeloes, apples and mandarins. Gods whose existence is manifested in garish images in the Tokongs one finds in abundance in unplanned structures permitted in Theresa  Kok’s and Guan Eng’s  constituencies.

Annabel Chong’s world is a DAP type society in which prostitution and mistresses are a virtue if you end up being rich. It is a world where slavery and sleaze is tolerated and celebrated if you can get away with it. It is an existence where any vice is celebrated as a virtue if there is money in it.

Annabel Chong’s parents like many Singaporeans (DAP’s role model) pursued that Singaporean Kiasu model not knowing what they were really missing out on in life or what they were creating for their futures. After all they had the house, the car and the job.

Like many Malaysians Annabel Chong did get an education abroad then screamed out for change for change’s sake. Annabel Chong too wanted to be heard. And this is how she did it. Annabel ended up like the many in that Kiasu culture wanting attention at any cost. Just like those many Annabel Chongs at a Bersih rally. But this is how Annabel Chong did it.


Singapore is the only society on gods earth that had to teach its citizens to smile. It ran a campaign to teach a constipated, oppressed and spiritually bankrupt production line to do something as basic as breaking a smile. It boasts one of the highest income per capita’s in the developing world and perhaps the whole world. Yet it has lost its soul.

What Singapore can’t produce or create it will buy. The arts, creativity, music and theatre. But it can’t stop the migration, the suicides and the marriage break ups. It assembles what others create. That too comes with a price tag. A human cost. Annabel Chong.

Singapore has now imported a new version of god (the Christian evangelical churches). These new gods compete with Coca cola and McDonalds for hearts and minds of the faithful and is sold high pressure, multi level like Amway is to a nation of 5 million struggling to recognize its soul. The result is a million hidden Annabel Chongs.


Today Guan Eng, Bersih, Theresa Kok and their petty little Indian baggage boys would like to turn Malaysia into another Singapore.

Before you cast your ballot this month, watch Annabel Chongs story. It is a story of conflict. A conflict between reality and the manufactured reality of economic success in a  high pressure kiasu society. A conflict of the worst kind. It tears the soul apart.  Internalized, it is a clash of a culture alien to the oriental soul.

Kiasu is an idea, a concept for which there is no antidote but self destruction. The DAP fathers many Annabel Chongs. Their existence is all about being drawn into the vortex of Kiasu.


Warning the documentary contains explicit sex and nudity scenes. It contains language that many would find offensive. More important it is a soul wrenching experience you would never wish upon your worst enemy. In it Annabel Chong, a graduate of a fine Californian university, a guest speaker at Cambridge and her parents are all casualties. Casualties of the Kiasu culture Guan Eng wants for Malaysians.

Annabel Chong and her family are not alone. There are many many more Annabel Chongs now in the west having migrated there to escape the totalitarian mind numbing culture of Kiasu in the DAP role model created first in the laboratories of Singapore. These are migrants trying to find their way amongst the rest of humanity where their Kiasu values are despised.

Cast the wrong ballot come election day you will trade your souls for the money and the values for a life of Annabel Chong. Remember she is not alone.

In the end and tragically her mother is shown trying to absorb the shock of the revelation of Annabel Chong’s other life whilst at the same time struggling to understands her wayward damaged daughter inspite of how painful it has all become for the mother.

She is seen begging Annabel Chong her daughter to  restore to her dignity as any daughter in that position should do for her mother.

Remember the Confusion values of Lee Kuan Yew? Filial piety he said was one of the highest of duties under that system of values he used to underwrite the Singapore morality.

Like her parents Annabel Chong is Chinese. Like all Asians believe there is no price for the dignity of a human being, unless of course, like the DAP and Singapore you worship the cult of Kiasu and all that it embodies.

38% of Singapore’s population today is foreign born. Which means 38% have left. Migrated abroad. 38% may have become Annabel Chongs elsewhere.

23 thoughts on “Annabel Chong- A Child of Kiasu

  1. Dear grk

    Another very light article but heavy with means. The 38% is to maintain the status quo that the ruling Chinese elite needed to keep >75% of the ruling chinese numbers. Another social engineering trial that breeds people like Amy cheong, the silk air pilot, the recent NUS lecturer scandal with a student and many more cases not really stated.

    These cases came out and the ruling establishment would swiftly and conveniently say they are not Singaporeans!

    How they get to high places so damn easy compared to local born an bred and have equal or better qualifications along with overseas work experiences is open for speculation. Maintaining the ethnic majority numbers and hence, CONTROL!



    1. Ashehampden
      Singaporeans like the DAP and its constituency are very keen to hi lite those Asian (read Chinese) Kiasu values
      and achievements that are devoid of any humanity. But when caught with their knickers down (literally and metaphorically)
      they crawl into a corner and cry “racism”.

      This is precisely what Lim Kit Siang and now his son have fought all their lives to establish in Malaysia. The preservation
      of the Malay culture is something they do not understand.

      All of the glass beads and trinkets in this world have nor persuaded the majority of Malays (give or take a political tart or two like Miriam Mokhtar)
      that the relentless pursuit of money by any means is worth more than their cultures.

      Annabel Chong is but an extreme of the example of the Singaporean. She has prostituted her self in more novel ways than most including Lee’s own mother
      ( “No Man is an Island”- Rev. James Minchin) to achieve her goal of being “better than the others” in what she has set out to do. She cuts herself with a knife
      and admits she is numb and wants to feel something. A sensation. How pathetic how Singaporean how Kiasu.

      Annabel Chong is not alone. The effeminate Singaporean boys doing the rounds of the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras festival as only recently come to our attention. SIA had
      an unofficial representative group doing their thing last year at the festival. Pity none would be interviewed. Many of the women in Singapore’s male dominated society
      have flings to make themselves feel wanted.

      Is this what Malaysians want for their next government? Are they really appraised of the facts? Whats so Bersih about this sort of life style?
      Indians who think they are “poor” are poor. Because it is not money or the lack of it that decides our status. Many can’t distinguish between being economically
      deprived or challenged and being poor. Perhaps someone should wake Waythamurthi up and let him know the difference.


  2. Brother,

    Poor Annabel Chong. Poor Singaporeans. Unbeknownst to them, that entire film documentary about her is not really about a glowing tribute to a liberated, self-styled feminist or an empowering, ground-breaking feat worthy of mention in the annals of human achievements. What the film producers REALLY contend to show, albeit subliminally, is an expose of the depth into which an honorless character can descend into. The kind of freakish X-factor triumph which portrays the EXACT kind of thing an ordinary, decent human being should not evolve into.

    Devoid of good looks and completely bereft of self dignity, the only way a talentless, beauty-less Caucasian-wannabe to be accepted out there, even for 15 minutes, is by giving out for free the most important gift that God has ever given to a woman: that of her honor and dignity. But for Annabel, making her vagina be devoured and ravaged by hundreds of men in front of the camera and for millions worldwide to watch, is a triumph of sorts, though which kind, I suspect that she lack the comprehension of. Neither does she fully understand the thin line between being famous and being infamous: Annabel is to honorable chastity what Jack the Ripper is to the sanctity of human life.

    Vacant with any sense of moral rectitude, coupled with an inherent lack of spirituality in her entire upbringing, the tiny island state of Singapore to which she was born into provides a fresh feeding ground that taught that one must necessarily get rid of any spiritual inclinations if one is to succeed in this life, quoting Islamically infested neighbor Malaysia as some kind of spiritual bogeyman. But perhaps Annabel Chong is what Singapore is all about? Her entire persona perhaps describe best what the island state is, or what it has grown to become? An entire people barren of self-prestige and worth, a people whose need to gain material, physical economic wealth at all costs, nulls them into a false-sense tranquility, material stability and good life in general? A people who has nowhere to go, no one to turn to as a result of sweeping God under the carpet, except to become the Annabel Chongs and sexual pariahs of the Kleenex-tissue mindedness of the decadent western porn industry?

    But Singapore has churches, one says. It has synagogues and chapels of any kind of Christian denomination the west could think of producing as fast as time flies. Wrong. The only interest people like Annabel Chong has in Christendom is to have a name like Annabel. A Christian-sounding name, a symbol of Caucasian-ness or western-ness that guarantees people like her to instill a sense of belonging in western society, producing my Rudolf[1] thesis.

    To be proud, or be pitiful towards the predicament of Annabel Chong? That really depends on whether you are a Singaporean or a spiritualist.


    [1] Rudolf Thesis:


    1. So Mr. Apocryphalist, what say you about our* own Oxford talent Sufiah Yusof? Who left Oxford to become a callgirl?

      * – truth is, Sufiah was a British citizen. Her only connection to Malaysia was through her mum. That didn’t stop our media from hoo haa-ing the frontpage out of everything when she was accepted into St. Hildas.


      1. Whats important in your response is this. You do not rebut any element of our story on the
        sad plight of the young Kiasu princess of porn who is a by product of the Singapore DAP type society
        as we allege.

        Instead you reinforce thte truth of our story on Annabel Chong with an attempt at moral justification
        of her conduct the result of a DAP Singapore Kiasu society by suggesting a Malay woman has
        engaged in a similar sort of conduct and then as if it was a pre condition that woman gained entry into Oxford
        when she was admitted to St. Hildas at Oxford University.

        Since when did the morals of one Sufiah Yusoph become the guiding light or moral standard of
        a self righteous Chinese community in Singapore and Malaysia to follow?
        If that be the case why don’t you DAP people and those you support in a Chinese funded opposition
        all follow the Malays example? selective perceptions here my friend?

        You make the assumption she was a call girl. You show no proof. We do with the the young Chinese whore from
        Singapore. Thats the difference between the DAP and the rest of the nation.


      2. Hello GRK,

        “You make the assumption she was a call girl. You show no proof. We do with the the young Chinese whore from

        A bit lazy to do some searching, are you?

        “You do not rebut any element of our story on the
        sad plight of the young Kiasu princess of porn who is a by product of the Singapore DAP type society
        as we allege.”

        Nope, what was put forth is a parallel example that shows the absurdity of your point.


  3. HAhahahahahahahahaa this must be the most illogical article I have ever read!!! Parkatan does not comprise of Chinese only you idiot and even so Malaysian Chinese are not Singaporean!!! I think you are truly intellectually bankrupt of any logical ideas. You prostitue yourself with such articles!! But it makes good thrash reading when I am free.


    1. Anglophile Chinese are strange, they like to denegrade other people associated with prostitutes when almost all of them bonk one behind their surf board wife’s back.


  4. “A society whose Gods can be bribed with a roast suckling pig, pomeloes, apples and mandarins.” – These are offerings out of respect for Gods and not BR1M.

    “Gods whose existence is manifested in garish images in the Tokongs one finds in abundance in unplanned structures permitted in Theresa Kok’s and Guan Eng’s constituencies” – Only the uneducated would have such disrespect for the cultures and religions of others. Didn’t your mother teach you manners? Shameful.

    “Annabel Chong’s world is a DAP type society in which prostitution and mistresses are a virtue if you end up being rich. It is a world where slavery and sleaze is tolerated and celebrated if you can get away with it. It is an existence where any vice is celebrated as a virtue if there is money in it.” – You actually be BN-type society here.

    And as Peter Khoo asked, who are you prostituting yourself for here. Also, how much are they paying you? More than RM500 I hope.


    1. Another very interesting response to the article “Annabel Chong”. Notice how neither you nor the other screamers have bothered to refute the analysis of Annabel’s problems. Instead you appear to distract yourself with your feigned anger and ask the question “are you prostituting yourself here?” Well there is no need to “prostitute” oneself on a blog. Or is there? Perhaps that’s another dimension to explore. We have always believed the opposition is full of prostitutes at every level. You now reveal that these prostitutes could include their bloggers?


      1. GR,

        Note how DAPsters in general—although very dissenting in opinion—lack the necessary intellectual gab, cultured catechism, convincing erudition, articulative finesse, argumentative pedantry, and foremostly, facts, simple facts?

        Sometimes, reading some of their one-liners in almost all the blogs and opinion maker sites all over, convince me that these trolls are there for one and only one reason: to troll. In Rocky, in yours, in everywhere else, nary once do I find digestible arguments from them whenever there are highlighted facts and news about their own shortcomings. “How much are you paid” or “To who do you prostitute yourself” or “You are BN ass-kisser” are some of the most popular canned-phrases that these dapsters seem to pass and reuse all over like a broken record player, perhaps even without thinking.

        And sometimes they miss the point too! For example, the two pundits above asking how much you are paid to prostitute blah blah blah. Shouldn’t they be asking THAT to Annabel Chong? And talking about prostitution, wouldn’t it be more believable that a troll whore is one who actually disrupts and be loudest in comments without having a single fact to back them up rather than finely analyzed and believably accepted political scrutinies like yours?

        I can see where your greatest difficulty lies, GR. You are throwing challenges so that these people can at least refute you factually mano-et-mano on a level playing field in these analytical pages. What you get, instead, are internet ogres who are not only brawns with no brains, but insist on manifesting it with tersely cryptic but factless replies. And they are doing it loudly too!


      2. It is for the one well written critique/ criticism/comment that every blogger/citizen journalist or scribe writes. It is the many less thought out, shoot from the hip insults, from the likes of the DAPsters he needs most though to reinforce his arguments to prove his points.


  5. UMNO or BN is no better, probably even worse….why dont you talk about what they have done the past 55 years..?

    what annabel did is what she was free to do…better than all the Umno’s killing, murdering, raping underaged, stealing rakyat”s money…

    PLEASE lah Gopal, dont write one sided articles…& be fair….call a spade a spade…


    1. If you give me the proof we have asked all of the so called “opposition” for (and remember there are more than just those in the Pakatan), we would gladly do what is required. We did a story on Syed Alwi when we obtained the information. There was no gossip there.

      As free as Annabel Chong is (your words) to do as she pleases (and we support that notion) so too are we to write on any topic we chose to write on. The only caveat there or injunction we place on ourselves is to tell the truth. We are able to support our material and its sources when push comes to shove.


  6. by the way, i dont support DAP / keadilan or BN…I AM ALL FOR Politicians who know that they are chosen by thr rakyat to serve the rakyat and NOT themselves & their cronies…


  7. Talking about the DAP and mentioning that Guan Eng and Theresa Kok try to make another Singapore, but however it is not so bad like our current situation, where the current BN and the past, namely our Dr. M that justify every cause of Muslim fighting, terrorizing almost everywhere on the planet, breeding and creating some Islamic fanatic terrorist like Marwan, Nordin Mat Top, some Malay joining ISIS, just to named a few. Coupled with some extreme NGO like Perkasa, Isma and etc. Don’t this Islamist jihadist and hardcore worse than Annabel Chong. I am not justifying that Annabel is right, but I see the harm those extremist of religion as more danger,justifying killing others consider infidels as holy. The motivation from the past PM and those in power had ultimately make these jokers think that joining the Islamic struggle with arms are in line with their religion. What an absurd. So think again before casting vote for racism in religion and race. So Gopal, please see the truth of everything. Take Altantuya murder for instance, where the corrupt in power, murderers got away,big guns escape.


    1. Dear Towkay

      At least you don’t deny that Guan Eng and Theresa Kok are trying to create another Sino sphere with their Chinese dominated Singapore style dominion in Malaysia. Anabel Chong is not to be celebrated or condemned. She is symptomatic of a high pressure racist and locust like cult like Singapore and the Malaysian Chinese are. For that you deserve credit and she deserves pity.

      As for your other claims and rants in defence of the attempts to justification of Chinese chauvinist policies of the Chinese of south east Asia to dominate Malaysia, well I don’t think you are even remotely near the markw when drawing parallels with Dr. Mahathir and the Islamic state. Dr. Mahathir is not the UN that declared Zionism to be a form of racism. From Zionism you got the wider effects of their oppression of Arabs which includes the Islamic state and other anti western groups fighting under the banner of Islam.

      The US created the Taleban as it did the Mujahideen before them and the Wahhabi constituencies of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arabic states. They created Saddam Hussein and the Sunni militias to destabilise the Shia led Iran. When they could not control these groups like they failed to control the Taleban ISIS was born. Mahathir may have an opinion and a view about them, but he is neither responsible nor by any measure of the stretched imagination responsible for them, their existence and their activities.

      Control what you can without excuses. Get rid of Theresa Kok and her boyfriend the married Indian lawyer. She claims to be a Catholic but behaves like a Chinese communist. Guan Eng treats Penang like a province of China. AS for the poor prostitute and gang banger lets pray for her.


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