DAP-PKR Tah Suka Keling


Pakatan Rakyat leaders regard Indian candidates as tradable commodities at best and disposable merchandise at worst.

Anwar Ibrahim had been dropping names of candidates in a staggered fashion during nationwide road shows but had never mentioned a single Indian candidate. Until today that is, when he named N.Surendran as PKR candidate for Padang Serai in Kedah.

Still in the balance are the candidatures of Kulasegaran, Xavier Jayakumar, Sivakumar, Sivarasa, Ramasamy, M. Manoharan, Charles Santiago and S. Manickavasagam. The Indian community is watching to see who will be traded and who will be disposed.

Kulasegaran seems to be Pakatan’s first fall-guy. Word had leaked out that he would be moved from his comfort zone in Ipoh Barat to Segamat. He was seen as a thorn in the side of the Ngeh cousins, and therefore disposable.


Kulasegaran had indicated that he would be willing to be sacrificial lamb for the sake of his party, the DAP. However, Anwar had other plans. He had to find a slot for PKR’s Chua Jui Meng. And so he blocked Kula’s move down south and named Chua as the Segamat candidate instead.

The political hopes of other Indians in Pakatan are also hanging on a thread.

It is common knowledge that the jostling for seats in the Pakatan coalition is continuing with great intensity. Since launching its manifesto on February 25, the Pakatan leadership had repeatedly said that parliamentary seat allocation had been finalised, with minor changes. But to date, the full list has not been announced.That’s because of last-minute jostling and intra-party rivalries.

The Star newspaper said in a report today, as follows:

 In Terengganu, the announcement of PKR state chief Azan Ismail last Wednesday that the party would contest 11 state and three parliamentary seats was contradicted by PAS commissioner Abdul Wahid Endut…

In Penang, PAS central committee member Datuk Dr Mujahid Rawa said that a PAS candidate would contest the Sungai Acheh state seat. This was refuted by Penang PKR vice-chairman Datuk Abdul Malik Abdul Kassim…

In Perlis, PKR and PAS have locked horns over the Kangar seat, traditionally contested by PKR…

In Sabah, the Pakatan leadership is trying to hammer out a formula to share seats with its allies Angkatan Perubahan Sabah (APS) and Pakatan Perubahan Sabah (PPS)…

Problems can also be seen in Johor and Negeri Sembilan.

 Moral of this Story?

When the Chinese and Malay Pakatan elephants fight, it is the Indian grass that gets trampled.

3 Responses to “DAP-PKR Tah Suka Keling”
  1. RD. says:

    Yes, DAP’s politicians and their supporter hates and look-down on the Indians the Indian, alright. The way they degrade and spewing insulting remarks on people who do not support them, tell it all. Below are some of the examples:-

    -Mamak Kutty from Kerala. (No need to mention, who this tagline was intended for)
    -Hitam Metalic. (Black metalic – by Nga Khoo Meng, the cousin of Ngeh, both nephew of Chin Peng, the communist terrorist)
    -Biscuit celop kopi. (Biscuit dipped in coffee)

    Their hatred towards Indians will intensify, running up to election day, when Indian support for BN is rising.


    • Its odd how from one side of their mouths they accuse the BN and UMNO of being racist, then demanding changes to the constitution so that a non Malay can be PM. What they then do is to show utter disrespect for a man they dislike on the basis of his ethnicity. In the case of Dr. Mahathir they say Kerelite and call him a mamak which has as much respect as calling a Tamil a Keling or a Chinese slanty eyed yellow scum.

      Kerelites are not Malays unless they accept the definition of being Malay. Turks or Japanese or Indians who convert and are part Malay Muslim fall into that same category as it will become clearer later in my response.
      And in this regard too they are wrong about the issue of no non Malays becoming PM in Malaysia. If indeed as they claim Dr. Mahathir Mohammed is Kerelite then they ought to withdraw that lie and be thank ful a non Malay can be PM as he has proved to be the case. UMNO has had 4 PM’s who were not fully Malay. Niether the nor the MTC (Malaysian Tamil Congress) better known as the MIC had a Muslim or Malay as their leaders. And they accuse UMNO of being racist.

      The Tengku abdul Rahman was half Siamese (unless they wish to controvert that position by saying the people of the archipelago including Dayaks, Ibans Indonesians etc are fundamentally Malay which is the universally defined ethnicity of the people from the region). They won’t.

      Datuk Hussein Onn was part Turk. Abdullah Badawi had so little Malay in him it is embarrassing. He is half Japanese a quarter Chinese and a quarter Malay who was himself mixed. And of all the non Malays allowed to be PM he was the greatest embarrassment to the nation, the Chinese themselves will not acknowledge he is one of them. Now when a Chinese rejects one of his own that speaks volumes of the subject.

      If the Chinese take government, you get the fair play of the Chinese. Chinese first and Chinese last. It will be Lee Kuan Yew’s idea of merit and fairness. no thank you sayas the majority and 5 May will prove that I think.


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