The group of people running the country who gave Indian and Chinese migrants the choices China and India  denied their ancestors are the party of Chinese, Malays and Indians collectively known as the Barisan.

They will continue to rule the country.


Vote in a Chinese led opposition into government based on the Singapore model (DAP) and you will always have a Chinese leader. Typically it will be from the same family like they have there in Singapore with the Lee dynasty. (and as Lee Kuan Yew on the record has said on more than one occasion “the Chinese will never tolerate an Indian or Malay PM for Singapore however good or qualified they may be“)

In Malaysia’s case the opposition has shamefully already lined up the Lim dynasty with Guan Eng and father Kit Siang whilst, their Pakatan partners in the PKR have the Ibrahim dynasty with Anwar, his wife Wan Aziza and his daughter Nurull in the Ibrahim dynasty ready to seize power at all costs.

They the Lim dynasty have already made large multi billion dollar pacts with the mainland Chinese to “build tunnels” under the sea in Penang (albeit under costed by billions of dollars). They have invested Malaysian money in their homeland in Wuhan’s Technology park and have funded Bersih using the state government’s money all without the consent of parliament or the people.


As for the myth that Malaysians from abroad in their droves are returning to Malaysia to vote at the GE 13 on 5 May 2013, well it is a sham. Most Malaysians who have migrated abroad in the belief they are or will be better off to a man are a celebrated mediocrity personified by the simplicity and record for under performance in their new adopted homes. They are that “middle income trap” Guan Eng speaks of.

They are few foreign resident Malaysians in numbers who want or are able to afford the luxury of a return just to vote. They are insignificant where they now live unless like the Triads who murdered Dr. Victor Chang  in Sydney in the hope of making a quick million out of the man means they are successful.

It is why they so desperately need to return and change government so that they could reclaim the dignity and prosperity they once enjoyed but rejected in Malaysia.

Or like Dr. Shik An Lau the Malaysian Chinese doctor who when caught in Perth in 1980 falsifying medicare records for a quick buck, committed suicide at the Perth Parmelia Hilton. Those others who like him migrated to Australia now need to return to regain their dignity and the prosperity they left behind when they rejected Malaysia. They do not matter much in Australia. They will not matter in the new Malaysia.

Or like the many many others who do nothing but “chari makan” abroad under the white man because for the moment they are a novelty they remain insignificant. They yearn to return because the foreign promise was just that. A promise. And their claims to being discriminated against in Malaysia inspite of being excellent in whatever it is they did  in Malaysia (remember the “brain drain argument”) cannot be sustained where they now live. They have no place in the sun abroad.


Anti Chinese and anti Sikh fever is already building in most western nations. Anti Sikh fever because most Americans can’t tell the difference between a Sikh and an Arab Muslim. There are bashings already in the US after the Boston Bombing. These are bashings of Sikhs in remote places in Michigan and in Mississippi. 4 reported cases two using base ball bats in 3 days.

The hatred of Chinese is beginning to boil on the surface because of China’s voracious appetite for land grabs and for the uncouth behaviour and arrogance of their nouveau riche and their poor manners. Also because both the US and Australia tend to portray them in a poor light and blame them for their economic down turns.

The Helen Liu case  in Australia is just the tip of the ice berg. And from all accounts, the sham marriages of Chinese women to ageing Australian men is now the subject of intense scrutiny as intolerance of the  ostentatious and unsocial behaviour of the Chinese in these communities grows.

The Chinese migrant’s  disregard for the laws of their host countries is now an issue. Over 500,000 illegal south east Asian mainly Chinese are believed to reside in Australia.


More importantly there is no Chinese dominated nation anywhere in recent history that can show evidence of democratic government or leaders who understood anything other than totalitarian, undemocratic, inhumane and intolerant governments with great economic successes to show for it.

None have shown a capacity to reach a balance between their great money grab and that of the rights of humans or animals.

The number of foreign resident Malaysia’s eligible to vote is minuscule. It numbers less than 10,000. Many rely on an outdated perception of a right to vote simply because they carry Malaysian passports for convenience.

There is also the question of whether dual nationality, an offence in many countries , would allow the many Malaysians who continue to hold on to their passports whilst unknowingly or knowingly having acquired foreign citizenship the right to vote.

In such cases it is no longer a right but an offence to try to exercise the “right” to vote. A “right” extinguished on acquiring foreign citizenship or having pledged loyalty to a foreign government in return for the right to work or residency.

The last point is particularly relevant for Malaysians who work for foreign government agencies or their subsidiaries or their public services in some capacity. In such cases it may be implied or express from their service that they have sworn loyalty to the government’s of those host nations. They then no longer have that “right” to vote.

IT workers and medicos, some legal professionals (who work for NGO’s connected to foreign governments) all fall into this category.

So the myth that thousands are flying back because they want a new government is absolute rubbish. The Malays still constitute the largest majority in Malaysia. Of these those eligible to vote constitute an even larger majority than the Chinese or Indians.

If the government falls at GE 13 it will be justified in calling for a recount. Already Ambiga and Bersih have admitted to training their members to tamper with the election process, a plan which they say has now been withdrawn. But the fact they admitted it did exist is significant. There was and we suspect remains such a plan.

The fact is that Bersih, DAP and other so called NGO’s have admitted to training their people to literally riot and to tamper with the elections is significant. No foreign government especially the US now under siege domestically is going to come to Anwar’s, Guan Eng’s or Ambiga’s aid for being dealt with locally for tampering with the election process come GE 13 on 5 May. And so too they ought to stay out.

As Bob Carr Australia’s foreign minister recently commented, “We are not going to send observers to Malaysia to monitor its election process. Malaysia is a friend and we have no evidence their processes are flawed or of concern to warrant outside interference. It is a domestic matter and we have every confidence in them”.


The bogus claim that Malaysia has not had a change of government since independence is a clear indication of the lack of sophistication that many like the opposition supporters from abroad suffer from. They instead resort to sophistry to try to back the oppositions claims in this regard.

Malaysia has had 12 different governments since its independence  That’s fact. What the opposition and the mainly Chinese opposition like to deceitfully tell the world is that because the 12 different governments came from the same party (although the Barisan is not the Alliance its predecessor) they are the same government. That claim is patently wrong, it is false, and an abject manifestation of ignorance.

But why should anyone teach these wannabes about government and about the intellect and analytical capabilities one requiress to run a country? Let them come in in their “droves” in their “tens of thousands” partly funded by civil societies a foreign subversive group and see if they qualify to vote by simply returning to Malaysia.


Not all of the prime ministers or ministers of the 12 successive governments were the same. Malaysia’s first prime minister was half Thai. The third was part Turkish, Arab and Indian (Hussein Onn),

The fourth and most successful although controversial was a Kerelite Indian Malay (a reason Ambiga hates him for that). He is not a Tamil which Ambiga and her collective which is the Tamil mindset in Malaysia are. The Tamils must be distinguished from the rest of the Indians in Malaysia who are largely content with their lot. Save for the loud mouths who are under achievers anyway.

Dr. mahathir did not identify with a bunch of Tamils like Ambiga, her caste ridden and self repressive community. Her father the urologist was an ardent admirer of Tun Sambanthan and a camp follower of the MIC till Samy Velu refused to back Ambiga’s failed and rejected application for a High Court of Malaysia judge’s position.

Ambiga’s father was an unashamed backer of the Barisan like Ambiga was. They both then went on to lobby for and receive her Datukship without shame. Ambiga remains a Tamil. That must be distinguished from being “Indian”. It is a statement of the woman’s mindset.

The Indian community from which Dr. Mahathir hails do not need for him to advertise their credentials as a successful community in Malaysia. They continue to hold their own, courtesy of the benefits and freedoms offered them by their Malay hosts and are grateful for it save the exceptional failures amongst them. He considers himself Malay he is Malay.

The Fourth prime minister of an independent Malaysia and its most distinguished idiot who gave rise to these divisions, allowing the Chinese to vandalise the system, was more than half non Malay. He is half Chinese.

He goes by the name of Abdullah Badawi or in Arabic “An idiotic slave of God”. (Badawi is a variation to Bidwi, Badwa, Budhu (the last two in Hindhi and Urdu…Abdul..Slave of…..Allah ….God)

Badawi is part Japanese, Half Chinese and about a quarter Malay. To a certain extent that’s also credence to the Barisan government for its tolerance of the diversity that is Malaysia and a reflection of what was wrong with the man.

The Chinese in the opposition like their Tamil followers do not mind referring to Dr. Mahathir by the inappropriate disparaging and deprecating term “Mamak” (which also means uncle).  But tell them Badawi was mostly Chinese and they will scream “racist”.

Notably Lim Chee Wee the President of the Malaysian Bar is the grandson of Dr. Lim Swee Aun former MCA member, minister of health and Barisan member. It was Dr. Lim’s membership of the Barisan (its predecessor the Alliance) that got Lim Chee Wee his credentials, his study assistance and his place in the sun.

Chee Wee who pretends the Barisan is all Malay fails to mention his grandfather according to British intelligence archives was like Khaw Kai Bo, a special branch anti communist anti Chinese nationalist operative in the Taiping, Sungei Siput area turning in Chinese suspects whilst the Malay government of the Barisan continued to protect him.

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    Very informative indeed.
    Thank GRK.


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