Russian President Vladimir Putin is quoted as saying that the Boston bombing should spur closer security cooperation between Moscow and Washington. He is also quoted as saying the Boston bombings also proves that the West was wrong in supporting militants in Chechnya. And the West’s double standards in supporting Muslim extremism where it suits their designs is undeniable.

Putin criticized the West for refusing to declare Chechen militants terrorists and for offering them political and financial assistance in the past. The Russians had previously warned the West against interference in the domestic matters of sovereign nations. Chechenya was of course a covertly funded venture of Washington London and Paris much like Bersih and the PKR in Malaysia.

In Malaysia of course they have nicer names like “civil societies”, “Democratic movements” and  “Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s)”. This is inspite of these NGO’s receiving direct funding from foreign governments and the governments of Malaysia’s opposition controlled states.

The biggest and most notable misadventures of the West in regard to its reckless miscalculated foreign interventions in the name of “civil societies” “greater democratic freedoms”  are the Taleban (and Osama Ben Laden), Pakistan’s military and its Inter Service Intelligence Service, Hamas and Hezbollah (both of which were trained in the early days in Israel).

More recently of course it is the failed Egyptian revolution in Tahrir square, the Tunisian people power overthrow of government and the disasters in Libya and Syria all in the name of democracy that come to mind.

Revelation’s of Anwar’s and the PAS’s association with the most dangerous of these foreign movements has been corroborated by the US stations abroad in leaked cable by Wikileaks. In Anwar’s case it is with the Filipino terrorist organization that murdered members of the Malaysian armed forces, whereas in the case of PAS it is the money from the Wahhabi’s through Saudi government funding.


At this late stage confusion reigns within the opposition with the DAP national chairman Karpal Singh yesterday asking de facto PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to declare his stand on Hudud. Hudud which is the most radical interpretation of Islamic jurisprudence practiced in Saudi Arabia is being treated as a novelty issue by many Indians and Chinese who believe they can overcome it if they win.

Not so according to PKR Johore candidate Norman Fernandez. He is not toying with the Hudud issue even though Karpal Singh issued a statement denouncing Norman Fernandez’s  honesty. But that’s DAP’s habit of approbation and reprobation never consistent at any time.

Now that truth of foreign interference having penetrated Malaysia’s opposition movements  from Anwar Ibrahim and Ambiga Sreenivasan’s Bersih movement is clear, their civil societies money, the real soul of the opposition and their political objectives has become even clearer.

It is not in the local population of Malaysia that is their constituency.Their chants for “democracy” and “reformasi” have all the validity and characteristics reflected in the following quote.

“The master demon Screwtape identifies elitist humanity’s tendency toward “an ingrained habit of belittling anything that concerns the great mass of their fellow men.”
― C.S. LewisThe Screwtape Letters: Also Includes “Screwtape Proposes a Toast”


Anwar Ibrahim is on record in an interview with VS Naipul, Nobel laureate that he wanted the Ayatollah’s Iranian revolution to be the model he would adopt for the Malaysian awakening.

More recently of course the Wahhabi sect and their connections to PAS and to Anwar himself have come to the fore. And it is disturbing.

It is not PAS who wear their hearts on their sleeves one has to worry about but their stalking horse and the Trojan Anwar whose wife and daughter cover themselves from head to toe whilst preaching liberalism in Islam that matters.

Preaching support for Israel (Hamas and the Hebollah did that once when in 1982 they were being trained by the Israeli’s to get rid of the PLO) means nothing to the bread and butter issues faced by millions of Malaysian’s so far removed from the conflicts of the middle east. Anawar thinks its a vote winner. Thats because he is talking to an audience in London, Melbourne, New York, Paris and elsewhere where there are no kampungs nor Indian slums that should matter to him.

Whilst the DAP may believe they are capable of riding the tiger that is PAS, the truth is not as simple as they see it. But then again the lust for power blinds people to realities and the responsibilities that go with power. Only the wise are mindful and vigilant of the pitfalls of wielding power. And they are often in a minority.


The opposition has been too heavily reliant on the foreign educated and Malaysians living abroad to drive support their campaigns at the expense of the grass roots domestically. They preach causes that appeal to this polity.

Their make believe policies have no grass roots reach or appeal domestically.  Al Jazeera speaks a language crafted and designed for a foreign audience to destabilise countries like they do in the middle east and Africa as does the ABC in Australia and the BBC in London.

It is not to the rural or urban Malays, Indians or Chinese in Malaysia who as they claim “live under the bread line in large numbers” that their monologues are directed at. It is to an elite who live in clover in the relative afety of foreign host nations that they speak. Armchair revolutionaries.

If it did care for their local constituents they would be talking and walking locally. Instead they blame it on the government control of media in Malaysia. They don’t talk of the  hundreds of blogs they finance with foreign money spewing  out their bile and venom as a policy statement packed with lies like the professor Bowling paper to the UN.

Their rhetoric impresses the “liberals” and trendies in these places. They have no other cause and often hang on to other people’s causes based on a whim and a prayer.

In being dependent on foreigners the DAP and its raft of opposition allies have failed to target the local population adequately and sufficiently for them to swing their votes in their direction to form government.

Change of government will not happen now even if they offer their constituents the Moon (which they have) and that proverbial sixpence to go with it.

Elitism always results in loud minorities trying to impress those they see as being lesser beings that they and they the elites alone have all the answers.

The real battle against corruption which thus far in reality is restricted to wide ranging claims and rhetoric on the subject is yet to be matched with proof. And in some ways the rhetoric is a manifestation of that biblical verse  that, “the mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart and mind”.

Not mindful of the damage they the opposition are causing to their own arguments against government and anyone who disagrees with their view of the world and anyone who is missing the greatness of the alternatives they offer this quote comes to mind.

 “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
― H.L. Mencken

If Anwar and Kit Siang’s dynasty do come to power it may be the fulfilment of what H.L Mencken referred to in the above quote.

  1. RD. says:

    Wonder why the those “covertly funded venture of Washington London and Paris” do not aid the opposition in Saudi Arabia to bring about Democratic movement.

    Interestingly enough, the NED does not conduct operations in countries that have close relations with the United States, despite having less democratic environments than that of Malaysia, like in Qatar or Singapore. Civilian movements that promote democratic participation and media transparency in countries like South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Japan are also completely ignored by the NED and the US political establishment.

    Is there democracy in Saudi Arabia?
    Why are their women not allowed to drive?
    Have there been any General election?
    They follow strict syariah laws, even beheaded adultery, sodomite, and persecuted dissidents to the Sultanate rule. Osama Bin Laden was Saudi Arabian. They even practiced Nepotism in their governance, yet the US can turn a blind eye.
    If these foreign outfits are helping political parties broaden their appeal, ensuring that they rule justly once elected and aiding civil society in guaranteeing good governance… IRI can help catalyze the efforts of democratic activists in a country — so long as they want change more than we want it for them, then why the need to be selective?

    If the US really champion democracy, why the need to affiliate with the minority? In a democracy, the majority gets to rule.

    In the US, there is a law that any NGOs receiving foreign fund for their activities, must declared their assets and be registered with Homeland Security which then labelled these NGOs as ‘Foreign Agents’. Russia had just recently enact almost the same law. I think it’s about time Malaysia do the same.

    No wonders the US is the most hated country in the world. The world is lucky though, that now we have Russia & China to neutralize US’ act of aggression and meddling of other sovereign nation’s affairs.


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