Troublemaker Al Jazeera Suspended


In what’s been widely expected for sometime, the agent provocatuer broadcaster Al Jazeera, the mouth piece of the so called “civil societies” has been not just suspended, but also had its broadcast license revoked in Irak.

Recently this “highly authoritative and independent” source of news and current affairs, claimed Rohingya homes were torched by “mobs in Malaysia”. They have since withdrawn that embarrassment from their website. It is neither the first time nor the last that Al Jazeera have been caught with their pants and credibility down.

Thank god they support Malaysia’s opposition. With friends like Al Jazeera one asks “who needs enemies?”.

Al Jazeera as many would remember was born out of the Irak conflict financed initially by the Qatar government. When it began to show signs of independence in journalism,  an unheard of concept in the oppressive middle east, its journalists were assassinated by the Americans and their owners bullied into submission.


Following those assassinations, a group of compliant western journalists from Australia’s ABC, Britain’s BBC and cable networks from the US took over editorial and news presenter roles. A new Al Jazeera was born.

The new Al Jazeera went on to foster failed “revolutions” in the middle to replace non compliant anti US sentiment in governments there. They became the new voice of colonialism and “Pax Americana”.

Malaysia and Anwar’s “reformasi” was blindly backed by them courtesy of Washington’s influence. Bersih joined the bandwagon and secured as much anti Malaysian anti Islamic coverage from them.

Today the following news reached the outside world courtesy of Reuters. The article as it appears below in its entirety is the Huffington Posts article on the subject credited to the writers whose names appear below.


BAGHDAD, April 28 (Reuters) – Iraq has suspended the licences of satellite news network Al Jazeera and nine other channels, accusing them of inciting violence through their coverage of recent sectarian clashes.

The Communication and Media Commission (CMC) regulator criticised their reporting of violence triggered by a security forces raid on a Sunni Muslim protest camp in Hawija on Tuesday.

None of the channels was immediately available for comment.

More than 170 people have been killed in the fighting – the worst Iraq has seen since Sunnis started staging protests in December to complain about their treatment by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s Shi’ite-led government.

The watchdog said sectarian launguage used in the reports encouraged “criminal acts of revenge by attacking the security forces”.

“The CMC sees in the speech and content propagated by the channels…an incitement and escalation which leans towards misleading and exaggeration more than towards objectivity,” the watchdog said in a statement published on Sunday.

Most of the channels, including local stations such as “Baghdad” and “al-Sharqiya”, are pro-Sunni and often critical of the Shi’ite-led government. Al Jazeera is based in Qatar, a Sunni-ruled kingdom.

The watchdog is powerless to stop the channels broadcasting, but may make it harder for their local staff to cover events.

Media rights group the Iraqi Journalistic Freedoms Observatory said the CMC was biased, as some officials in the body had been appointed by the government.

“We do not deny there is an incitement to violence by some media outlets, but we consider the suspension of licenses of 10 satellite channels a blow for democracy,” the Observatory’s Executive Director Ziyad al-Ajili told Reuters.

Last June, the CMC ordered the closure of 44 media outlets including the BBC and Voice of America. It does not have the power to stop them broadcasting from overseas.

Violence, including bomb attacks that have killed dozens of people at a time, has increased across Iraq this year. Provisional figures from rights group Iraq Body Count indicate about 1,365 people have been killed so far in 2013.

(Reporting by Aseel Kami; Editing by Isabel Coles and Angus MacSwan)

3 Responses to “Troublemaker Al Jazeera Suspended”
  1. says:

    Ha Ha, very good!
    Sent by Maxis from my BlackBerry® smartphone


    • grkumar says:

      couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people and at a more opportune time.
      free media? this is why governments have to curtail some media. There are no absolute
      freedoms anywhere.


  2. Nadine says:

    troublemaker AJ is now so very obsessed with Malaysia (in a negative way) to the point of silly mistake. Just look at one of its headlines on april 30th “Mobs in Malaysia torch Rohingya homes” when in fact it is Myanmar. The article is not accessible anymore on clicked on the title and directed to another one about myanmar.


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