The Indian community is in a fight for its survival in Malaysia. None of the political parties or NGO’s deny that the Indians are not only the most marginalized but also the most exploited and deprived community in the country. None, not even the churches have done anything about it.

In signing the MoU with government Waytha Moorthi and Ganesan have done what the Japanese did in in Pearl Harbour in 1941. They have taken the opposition and even their own constituents by surprise.

With the benefit of that element of surprise they struck a bargain with government at the eleventh hour depriving the opposition and other anti Indian elements the opportunity to interfere with their destiny. The MoU has taken the sting out of a divisive political argument and won the Indians a wide array of concessions from a government willing to compromise. And for that willingness to compromise the government must be commended.

The MoU can’t be a bad thing for the Indian community after all. By their very own definitions the DAP-PKR Axis have repeatedly acknowledged the Indians as being the most marginalized community in Malaysia. But they have done nothing about it. Absolutely nothing.


Neither Irene Fernandez a person otherwise ready to give up her personal liberties for foreign funded causes nor Amibga Srinivasan a Tamil Brahmin lawyer and convener of the Bersih riots, nor the DAP-PKR Axis were ready to take any steps to alleviate the suffering of the Indians till now.

All of these individuals and organizations have done little more than to hold a gun to the heads of the Indians and say “vote for us, vote with us first”.

Whilst it is acknowledged that the Barisan government’s record with the Indians since independence has been a chequered one, no one can deny the part played by Anwar Ibrahim, elements of the Chinese community and the caste conscious Brahmins in placing obstacles in the path of government’s attempts at strengthening and building their relations with the Indians.

Ably assisting people like Anwar to block any opportunities for the Indians at the time were an anti Indian, anti Malay coalition of Chinese chauvinists in places like Perak, Johor, Selangor and Penang. They now call themselves Sahabat Rakyat. Rakyat in this sense is everyone but the Indians of Malaysia.

The coming elections GE13 will now put paid to the interference of these groups in the advancement and aspirations of the Indian community. But to these elements of the DAP-PKR Axis there is one last salvo to fire in an insult to the Indians. It is a circular titled Shahabat Rakyat.

The catalyst for Sahabat Rakyat is the MoU. The MoU has caused the mainly Chinese led DAP and the rabidly anti Indian Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR to be sidelined, ineffective and irrelevant. Their threats to neutralize the Indians and the MoU agreement between Waytha Moorthi, Ganesan and the Barisan government ineffective and characteristic of the Axis.

The agreement (the MoU) is not simply between the Barisan government and Waytha’s group but one between them and government. And therein lies the problem for the opposition. If they do win government, they must as government uphold the commitments in the MoU. They threaten not to honour it if they win government. Thats the PRR/DAP Axis idea of democracy, free and fair elections.


In a democracy people chose who they vote for, how they vote and why they vote however poor their choices may be. They do so in confidence they are free from intimidation or threats of any sort. At least that is the theory.

In a totalitarian society to which the mainly Chinese DAP-PKR Axis  belong, choice is an alien word. It is an invective. It is contempt. Free choice is an obscenity and the Indian community, a mass for them to exploit.


A line has now been drawn in the sand. But it is not between the Barisan or UMNO and the Indians. It is a line between those racist disruptive elements in the Chinese communities who support the DAP-PKR Axis and the Indian community at large.

In a Machiavellian move the Barisan have played their cards so deftly as to draw their one time nemesis in the Indian communities, the leadership of Hindraf into their orbit.  Creating a powerful ally in Waytha Moorthi and Ganesan without compromising the integrity or independence of the two, they have inked an agreement on the eve of the most controversial and hotly contested elections in Malaysia’s post colonial history.

The MoU is a unique document engineered by Waytha Moorthi Ganesan and others within the Indian community which identifies those areas of priority for government attention in the Indians. It is a document for the (Indian) people, by the (Indian) people acknowledged and now underwritten by government.

That such a document can come into existence independently of the DAP PKR Axis is anathema to an undemocratic overtly anti Indian opposition. If anyone ought to have had a gripe with government it would have to be Waytha Moorthi. It was he who paid the heavy personal price for his actions under the previous Barisan regime of Abdullah Badawi. But in the interests of moving forward he has put his personal feelings aside and struck a deal for the Indians. He has his critics. But this is a democracy. The Indians are not owned by anyone. And only the Barisan is prepared to acknowledge and respect that truth.


What the authors of the so called Sahabat Rakyat (another Maoist term revived: “Friends of the People”) document seeks to do is to intimidate Indians through a mixture of false propaganda, threats, fear mongering, slander and insults in order to coerce them into voting against the Barisan. What about “Free and Fair” elections as espoused by the allies of the DAP PKR Axis in Bersih?

What the DAP/ PKR Axis appear to forget is that the Indian constituency of today is not imbued with  the character of the Indians of the past 5 decades or so.

These are a more confident pro active, assertive and independent constituency. They are prepared to exercise their rights independently of others and to create new alliances where necessary in advancing their own causes. They have a more sophisticated and calculated approach to politics. They call their own shots.

“Sahabat Rakyat” is an example of the outdated mindset that is the Chinese led DAP. What they are attempting to convey to Indians here is this. We know what’s best for You. You have no right to make choices or decisions or to exercise your free will without our consent as your overlords. Now how Maoist, How Malayan Communist Party is that?


What Waytha Moorthi and Ganesan have both achieved in one short swift maneuver is this. Opportunities in education and employment, business and in politics and a government aided positive way forward for people in the Indian communities of Malaysia for the future.

The contentious MoU puts an end to the bitterness and the divisions of the past within the Indian community and removes that wedge dividing them from the mainstream.

What Waytha Moorthi and Ganesan have achieved with the MoU is something the PKR- DAP Axis dynasties have denied the Indians starting with their betrayal of the Indians who supported them post 2007.


The DAP -PKR Axis were quick to grab the glory of a November 2007 Hindraf march and its outcomes at GE 2008 and claim it as a victory for themselves.

Anwar and Kit Siang after the 2008 elections set about ridding themselves of Indians from amongst their ranks in a purge of Indians from opposition ranks.

The DAP –PKR Axis  undertook a campaign of evicting Indian squatters in the areas they controlled, handing these reclaimed lands to Chinese and Chinese connected developers to profit from the misery of Indian squatters. The DAP-PKR Axis then shamelessly blamed the Barisan for the plight of the Indians.

By contrast to the PKR- DAP Axis’s betrayal of the Indians, the Barisan embraced these same squatters rehoused them in proper homes giving each of them security of title to these homes and enrolled them in the electoral process giving them political rights to exercise.

It got all too hard to bear for the DAP-PKR Axis. An angry Nurull Izzah Anwar’s daughter (part of the Ibrahim dynasty) took issue with the generosity and the responsibility of the Barisan government and went to court to undo what the Barisan had given these squatters. She lost her case. The DAP PKR Axis causes in their anti Indian policies were soundly defeated in court.

Now to rid the nation of the DAP-PKR demonic Axis decisively in the General Elections on 5 May 2013.

  1. ashe says:

    Dear GRK

    Finally indeed there are lights at the end of the tunnel.
    I have a very close and personal experience having live and work in Oz and North America close to 30 years now.
    Please no punt intended let alone insulting. Over an 18 holes with usual 4some golf buddies, an italian-english blood, my buddy, utter an ever common analogy, “…to kill an Indian first than the snake between the two”. Caught me by surprise but in retrospect in general Indians plays politics of convenience not conviction with sheer sincerity.

    Lessons learned regardless when one put hard and soul with pure sincerity eventually what you intent to be prevail sooner or later.

    Hope this is a new hallmark in moving forward.

    I apologise if I stirred some sentiment.




    • grkumar says:

      It is the light at the end of a tunnel dug by these two very clever politicians in a desperate situation.

      The other light at the end of the tunnel they saw, they determined to be the headlight of an on coming express train. And they got out of the way till it was safe to reach the end of the tunnel where they were met by a friendly Barisan willing to compromise, apologise and help them prepare the way to a new future of prosperity and security.

      The opposition promised them a ride but like that proverbial express train, confined the Indians to the narrow walls of a dark tunnel and did not stop for them to board.


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