Radical Wahhabi Saudi Cleric, Dr. Saad Al Durihim has endorsed Anwar Ibrahim and has blessed his campaign saying:

the Almighty will forgive him his sins and shower his blessings on him for his missionary zeal against infidels in Malaysia“.

When asked to elaborate on his statement Dr. Saad said that Malaysia was one of those “pure Islamic countries that had its destiny defiled by unrepentant Muslim diversionists and apostates parading as Muslims whilst people like Anwar Ibrahim had the courage to repent and to put Malaysia back on its path to Islam and righteousness”. Anwar is not in charge. He is a vessel of the almighty and his path is being guided by the almighty”.

Asked if the Saudi government or any of its institutions would assist a Pakatan government under Anwar Ibrahim his response was equally clear.

Saudi Arabia and all Muslim believers have shown in the past that with the blessings of the almighty, the righteous have no fear”.

“In Afghanistan” he continued “we brought an end to the mightiest military power in the world, the Soviets. Do you think we could not change the course of Malaysia’s politics from its immoral path to one of its true destiny?”.

When asked when it was he last had any contact with Anwar Ibrahim he responded thus:

Whether or not brother Anwar Ibrahim is in touch with us or has been in touch with is is irrelevant. Because what you consider to be in touch is different to what we practice as being in touch”.

When asked to predict the outcome of the elections of 5 May 2013 he said:

“that does not matter. It is a man made concept. The fight endures whether or not we are under occupation. The fight endures whether or not there is an election”.


The Saudi Wahhabi cleric and the faculty member at the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud, Dr. Saad al-Durihim, called Iraqi Mujahideen to kill Shiite women and children in order to cause more terror and fear among Iraqi people.

Dr. Saad al-Durihim, in his Twitter called Mujahideen to increase cruelty and murder or even captive women and children to scare more people.

Following the publication of these writings by the Saudi Wahhabi cleric in Twitter, the flood of criticism followed and some even called him a criminal.


  1. Siput says:

    This Wahabi cleric seems to have the same concept like our Nik Aziz, i.e. Anwar’s sins could be forgiven for the sake of reaching Putrajaya. (Confirmed Nik Aziz is a Wahabi). The Sunnis in Malaysia have not accepted Anwar because of his liberalism, pluralism, LGBT policy and approving the Kalimah Allah to be used by non Muslims.


    • grkumar says:

      The Wahhabi cleric is not the first and only Wahhabi cleric who
      admitted to financing and supporting Anwar Ibrahim. Thee are two others.
      One who has spent a considerable amount of time fighting in Chechenya.


  2. RD. says:

    He is indeed a criminal. This is the kind of Muslim that bring shame to Islam. Yet he dares makes friends with a sodomite. If he shave his beard, Anuwar would surely to taste his rear.
    That’s why we called Anuwar, Rear Admiral of Malaysia.


    • grkumar says:

      Anwar thinks he has the Chinese backing to be PM.
      He will not be PM and the DAP and PKR will not win government.
      Thats a given. They are loud, supported by the west and have a lot of press.
      They do not have the support of the majority.

      The arrogance of the Chinese who now believe they have already won is what has frightened many
      people away from the opposition.

      As for Anwar, he has friends in Australia’s ABC all of who have the same sexual orientation as he.
      I like the rear admiral bit.


  3. Lo T F says:

    He stands better chance to win if he stands for election in Saudi LOL


    • grkumar says:

      No kidding. he and his party are history. Every country deserves good strong credible opposition.
      Malaysia had imposed on them from the outside a bad, loud and incredulous opposition of lairs and cheats
      people ready to betray their country and commit treason for a few dollars. And it is sad that Anwar had to be the one to lead that crowd.


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