Exit polls conducted by a leading regional periodical indicate a decisive win for the Barisan Nasional incumbent government.

Polls conducted by the Merdeka Centre as late as 1.30 pm today appear to reinforce the Review polls. However their figures are slightly different to the Review polls but nonetheless they point to a government victory.

The exit poll shows a swing of just over 7 percent to the government overall and a swing away from the opposition coalition of around 3 percent sufficient to allow the incumbent Barisan to return to form a government at the end of the day.

The Barisan Gerakan Hindraf parties are likely to be returned to government if exit polls conducted by  the Review in Malaysia is anything to go by.

On a two-party preferred count with a swing of around 4%, according to the latest exit Poll. Najib Razak has an eight point lead Anwar Ibrahim as preferred Prime Minister.

Anwar Ibrahim is on 22% (down 2) and Najib Razak is on 48% (up 6).

Among the key findings, the Review reveals:

  • The biggest single gain on leadership attributes was made by Najib Razak on “his inclusion of special privileges to the Indians” which was up 12 points;
  • The biggest single fall was by Anwar Ibrahim on “getting rid of the Indians from his party” and his links to terrorists and Wahhabi clerics which was down 8 points after falling 16 points from 2010-2012;
  • Over 70% believe the DAP has a Chinese only agenda for Malaysia to the exclusion of other races in much the same way Singapore betrayed then ill treated the non Chinese who supported them form a government there.
  • The Government’s One Malaysia is better known and more popular than the Opposition’s plans;
  • A majority of Malaysian’s oppose Bersih and their dipping into state government funds controlled by the opposition holding two million dollars or more; and;
  • Over two thirds of voters (69%) say they disapprove of the PAS inclusion in the opposition coalition.


Jim Middleton an activist reporter from Australia’s ABC and a keen supporter of Anwar Ibrahim is believed to be in Kuala Lumpur filing reports about the election from a strictly Anwar perspective. He is known to have set a special scripted interview session with Anwar and Ambiga Sreenivasan

By implications of what Middleton has been saying the elections will be rigged. His statement this morning and on previous occasions on national TV in Australia implied that the Malaysian electoral system is suspect, an opposition claim never proved.

Middleton has carried a pro Pakatan, pro PKR line throughout the Malaysian election campaign and is known to be a good friend of Anwar Ibrahim.

  1. AK47 says:

    Now the country has fully endorsed the BN as led by our Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib again, it is a golden opportunity for the leadership to trek upwards towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. Switzerland took 800 years of Confederation to be where they are today whilst India and Japan took 5,000 years and 3,000 years respectively. Our beloved Malaysia attained Merdeka in 1957 only 60 years ago. First we must congratulate the Rakyat for a peaceful and orderly turnout which must have impressed the World. Secondly to all the officials of the Government who were hard-working and efficient. Third, to our enduring Rulers the Royal Sultans who had always cared for and safeguarded the Rakyat from centuries past. Where else in the World like this but our beloved Malaysia ? But as a question of transparency and the rule of the laws, the new BN Government must prosecute to bring home the billions of ringgits now stashed overseas benefitting host countries for our National Development in the National Interest. The Rakyat need the money and less dependence on China and others. This is the way to go.!


    • grkumar says:

      China is a reality. It is either the money of the Kuomintang or the money of the People’s republic of China, the new Yankees albeit with a conscience. But I think the exit polls and results as they emerge are promising for government.


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