Emboldened by the election results 2013, the DAP party machinery has set about working towards lowering Anwar Ibrahim’s profile and reducing his family’s hold on the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (People’s Justice Party) with PKR. The long knives are out. And Anwar’s star appears to have been eclipsed by the rising red star in Malaysia.

Speaking with DAP officials (in Penang by telephone and) in Kuala Lumpur at a post election dinner with members of the international media, a party official who did not wish to be named,admitted to disquiet within the ranks of the Pakatan. Their beef he said is about Anwar Ibrahim’s disproportionately high profile within the opposition.


The party official said on condition of anonymity, that Anwar’s profile has led to  a growing and hostile call from many amongst  the mainly Chinese party members in the PKR for Anwar and his family to adopt a lower profile or to lay low for a while. There is a general feeling amongst the Chinese in Malaysia that the “tail can now wag the dog” without any non Chinese help.

As for the Anwar Ibrahim clan he was more specific: “They attract the kind of attention we do not need. Many are saying that victory could have been ours had it not been for the Anwar factor. Many amongst the Chinese see Anwar as a figure with a high profile but not the kind of high profile we need to get anywhere”. But according to the DAP party official in Penang.  “It is the Chinese vote that won the day, PKR or otherwise”.

Although an impressive victory for the opposition and to some extent one that was predicted, the results did not reflect what many in the western media believed would be that “very close” result.

Amongst the “independents” are opposition plants and Barisan plants. It short what that means is that the official results do not in truth reflect the  ground realities distorted by the loyalties of the so called “independents”.


These elections were run along race lines. En mass the Chinese voted with the opposition. That included members of the MCA who defected in large numbers to the DAP and PKR driven by race loyalties in the belief an outright victory was theirs. It had nothing to do with being “Malaysians”.

These are voters encouraged and funded by Chinese entrepreneurs who also funded much of the DAP’s campaign. Many of these entrepreneurs themselves beneficiaries of the largesse of the Barisan via the MCA.

There was mass defection from the MCA electorates into the DAP fold believing that an imminent change of government “would sweep them back to the kampungs” moment was at hand. Echoes of 13 May 2013.

The Penang official was unequivocal. “We can do it” he said confidently. The Indians did not count in our view. The Malays did not offer the resistance they thought they had and we divided them”.


It is quite clear that the Indians are likely to be the biggest beneficiaries in the outcome of GE13 however small their gains in total. If the Barisan works closely with the likes of Waytha Murthi and their MIC allies, they will not need the shifting loyalties of the Chinese to carry the day. It is a two way street and has to be treated as a two way street in this regard.

But much more needs to be done for the Malays themselves many of whom now are urban dwellers who have been ignored and trampled on in the scramble to change the economic and political landscape of a post Mahathir Malaysia. And from tthe interviews with many urban Malays there is a widely held perception the Barisan government did not do enough for them at the grass roots level. This was payback time for them.

What is clear from this election and the results of the previous elections in 2008 is that the government is vulnerable. Very vulnerable to large swings if it does not act to stem the outflows from their own ranks mainly the Malays.

Furthermore, unless they the Barisan government does something about groups such as the Malaysian Bar and the so called NGO’s and churches who interfere in politics without a mandate to do so, these groups will continue to spook the public with their scurrilous and outrageous claims amounting to criminal defamation, undermining racial and religious harmony dividing the people of Malaysia.

If the government fails to act and act now on these groups, they will be perceived as being weak, incompetent , sub-servient and even reactionary to the politics of self interest groups. It cannot afford to let that happen.


The Barisan has the authority now to take on those elements who assaulted the Nepali, Myanmarese and Bangladeshi workers  during polling in Selangor. They must  charge the offenders and deal the full force of the law on the provocateurs,  fine the political parties who engineered the rumours and incited the assaults  without delay.

These reported assaults were the result of incitement by the opposition leadership. A hefty fine could bankrupt the party if necessary in much the same way Ben Jeyaratnam and his political party was bankrupted by Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore for a lesser form of misconduct.


The government must rule with an iron fist if it indeed wishes to continue in its path of stability and economic prosperity. It must act decisively and swiftly to curtail the chauvinists who are likely to grow by numbers and actions if not checked.

12 Responses to “DAP SET TO TOPPLE ANWAR”
  1. Les says:

    Agree with you. Malaysian Chinese are racists. Malaysian Chinese hate the Malays in M’sia as well as the Malays in Singapore.The Chinese want to take Tanah Melayu without havng to use any bullets (I read aboiut it somewhere but I have forgotten where I have read it).

    Actually what they want is to combine with Singapore. Why do you think the PAP want to increase the SIN’s population to 7 million? So that they can be moved to South Johore and ‘colonize’. It is so convenient now that LKS is in Gelang Patah.

    And guess what, 99% of Chinese Singaporean are pro anythig Chinese in M’sia or pro DAP.

    Read their comments in SIN’s cyberspace.. The M’sian Chinese via The Star and other portals spew anti BN/UMNO articles, When you read them you know what they’re trying to do, planting hatred in the minds of the reader. Go to theonlinecitizen.com or tremeritus.com or yahoo.sg ec …you’ll see how malicious the Malaysian Chinese are…..Their S’pore brethrens take it hook, line and sinker…..

    Can’t peace loving and level headed M’sians do something about it? The English language must be used to counter all these false allegations and hate articles for rebutting these ungrateful M’sians. Pro govt presence must be felt in cyberspace to counter attack all these ingrates and traitors.

    (M’sian govt must emphasize on English being taught in schools. Too bad that the English medium schools were discontinued in M’sia.)

    Pro BN portals ala Mkini, TMI etc should be created..Also don’t forget to have the cyber army ala The Red Bean Army too…..Do the same strategy like the Oppo especially DAP.

    Just my 2 cents.

    (PS. Kinda sad if Malays lose MALAYSIA ‘cos we don’t have a ‘China’ or an ‘India’)


    • grkumar says:

      You make some very potent and interesting observations. There has to be a fight back now.
      The Malays cannot afford to be complacent and toy with western liberal democratic principles.
      These concepts are not practiced by the Chinese in Malaysia or Singapore for that matter.

      Lee Kuan Yew signed the agreement for the corridor up to Malacca so that the peninsula would become
      Singapore’s factory, the Chinese numbers increased and the Malays driven into servitude or into the hinterland.
      Pak Lah sold them out that way.

      The Indians can’t sit on the fence anymore. They now should know who really cares for them. By Indians I mean
      the Tamils. Waytha Murthi after long deliberation did the right thing in the end.

      Anwar is a spent force as is Miriam Mokhtar and Marina Mahathir. Liberals on a western stringed purse.


    • Fazillah says:

      I totally agree that BN has to take punitive action for those assaults on migrant workers but most importantly on ABU. But of course the biggest culprit would be AI. I feel so sad that Malaysians especially the Malays are allowing DAP to take control and eventually they will make Malaysia be part of Singapore. Wake up Malays. The only leader or x leader that i feel can wake the Malays up or put the Chinese in their rightful place is Tun Mahathir.
      This is my 2 sens on the urban malays that helped to strengthen the chinese hold on politics. it is nothing but wanting to be able to have a western lifestyle ie be able to drink in public, dress the way they want to, sorry but also carry out ‘ an LBGT’ lifestyle for some. That is democracy and freedom for them.


      • grkumar says:

        There is no turning back. A judge a former Court of Appeals judge recently made a statement about the Chinese betrayal at GE13 which the opposition and Chinese construe as racist.
        The idea of racism as defined by the failed, thrashed and discredited opposition of mainly Chinese in Malaysia is this. You can’t say anything to them which exposes them for what they are.
        If you do you are a racist.

        But it seems okay for many of them though that NH Chan a retired High Court of Malaya judge to go round the country berating a government he does not understand
        making defamatory and patently false statements on the law whilst on the pay roll of the civil societies movement.

        People like NH Chan is the reason the judiciary have developed a terrible reputation in Malaysia. A man who covets other people’s wives
        whilst in office and a man who struggles with the very basic principles of the law he is upheld to be a “great legal mind and a judge” by the Chinese led opposition.
        He is not alone. There are other judges former judges and public servants with skeletons in their closets which have been rattling for a long time which they have paid little heed to.

        But inspite of all his Chinglish nonsense NH Chan is not a racist because he attacks the Malays, Dr. Mahathir Mohamed and Islam either directly, by accident or by implication of whta he says about them.
        Lets publicly analyse the decisions of these “Great Judges” and their decisions as judges especially where it concerned capital offences and corporate litigation.
        Lets publish and analyse the reasons for which they reached their decisions and the reasons and motivation for the same.

        There should now be no let up in attacking the opposition and the groups that aided and abetted them in GE 13. It was an attempted revolution a overthrowing a legitimately elected government
        and an attacked on them based on race vilification. lies and foreign money. Time to take back what belongs to the real Rakyat from the Towkays and re distribute the wealth to the meritorious.

        Remove the Datukships to those who served the interest of outsiders and behaved in a manner that brought Malaysia’s government and its royalty
        into disrepute. Begin with Datuk Ambiga then move to Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam.

        Spread the word around. There can be no turning back.


  2. Les says:

    Thanks for your response, GRK.

    I live in Europe for more than 20 years but i am still not ‘liberal’ in quite a number of ways. I have been exposed to so much Western ‘values’ but I still like to think as being a Malay/Muslim. That is why I am not able to understand the Malays that you mentioned above. It is out of norm, really.

    Also I agree that Waytha has done the right thing. Chinese do not care about others but themselves, their clans and their race only.


    • grkumar says:

      Waytha took a step in the right direction. e took a leap of faith. Yes the Indians have suffered in Malaysia. But thats not because of UMNO. It was always the Chinese and the Indians themselves that exploited poor Indians and Malays. From the ruthless Chinese middle men in Kedah exploiting padi farmers to the equally ruthless Chinese middlemen using rubber planters like their slaves. The Indians of course were quite content to justify their bad conduct towards their fellow men on a cultural imperative called the caste system.

      But the Chinese have their face rubbed in the dirt this time. Over confident chauvinists. This was a bald attempt at creating another Singapore. A government that would promise everything to everyone but reserve all the goods of state for the Chinese like they do and have done for decades in Singapore.

      The Malays who betrayed their own were the ones who feel so low about themselves they feel the need to apologise for being who they are, princes and custodians of Tanah Melayu and prosperous.

      Dr. Mahathir had the right idea.A good iron fist. The Indians did the right thing for themselves. Now for the “underprivileged and marginalized” Chinese so discriminated to migrate to Australia and England and the US whose governments supported their putsch at unseating the Malaysian Barisan government.

      Those MCA towkays who benefitted from the “corruption” like the family of Teh Hong Piau (Public Bank), Lim Goh Tong (Genting group) the Kwok Brothers, the family of the late Khoo Teck Phuat (Malayan Banking), Yeoh Tiong Law and Vincent Tan all of who were generously given licenses without a public tender by a generous Malay government all funded and ran to the opposition believing something was to change.

      These ingrates ought to have their licenses taken away from them and re distributed to Bumis and others willing to pay a bigger royalty where they now conceal their incomes in tax havens.


  3. Les says:

    I don’t understand why did the M’sian govt of the day gave licenses to Chinese people only. Why not the Bumis or the Pribumis of Sabah and Sarawak?

    And what about that Chnese guy who ‘owns’ Iskandar? I think he must be happy too that LKS is in Gelang Patah. I can bet you that he voted DAP. Poor Ghani for being too kind to the ungrateful species. After all the hard work, there came the opportunists to disturb everyhting…Poor BN for being played out by the Chinese.


  4. ashe says:

    Dear GRK

    Entirely agree with you from the last paragraph. LKY would have “nip it in the bud” especially with peoples’ growing awareness and ‘active’ partcipation in the early formation of Sinchiapo. Najib need to act. But these ingrate chinese in Tanah Melayu has a longterm agenda. They have the endurance and willing for a Mao style ‘ long march’ .

    ISA has already been abolished, new law has to be formulated, these DAPigs has to be curtailed sooner rather than later. PRU13 saw how effective they played Chinese sentiments in drove and killed off Ghani’s moderation.

    So the demise of Ghani & Ali Rustam are clear indicator majority Chinese lot cannot be trusted albeit, I’d like to believe otherwise.

    Give them whatever concession its never enough.

    Their bogeyman AI still standing splitting the Malay votes further after PAS.

    Sincerely, Najib cannot afford to be calm and cool no more. The Chinese has spoken The Malays & Indians can now counter-offensive.

    May Najib takes the hard decision be it to offend the Chinese as long as they are put in their place and made to ponder that they are not as superior as they thought they were.



    • grkumar says:

      Our largest audience on the election articles are Singaporeans. We welcome them. We have recorded over 4,000 new readers we never had before and they are from Singapore mainly
      They did have a part in the elections. In the end the winners are the Barisan. No doubt about it. Waythat Murthi and his group played their hand deftly and at the right moment.
      They too will benefit from their decision. Above all we hope the Malays will not continue to be a casualty of the fight to contain the Chinese in their own country.


  5. hopeful says:

    hi grk,

    just want to ask your opinion. have u heard of this guy shen yee aun? he is as though verbalizing what u have written in your blog so far. i think there are still very very very few chinese who can think like this man and make sense out of dap’s political agenda. do u think he is speaking the truth…?

    another thing where is that share button….


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