Single purpose lobbies and interest groups often tend to run out of momentum very quickly. They burn and burn out like comets. If they do continue their existence, it is because they are big or are well funded.

Perkasa is probably the single most influential organization for the Malays in Malaysia today apart from UMNO. They are the counter weight to aggressive attempts by especially the Chinese political domination of Malaysia, The Chinese already dominating economically.

It is Perkasa who galvanized Malay opinion, and Malay resistance to a strong pre meditated attempt at dislodging the Bumi Puteras from their position of pre-eminence  in Malaysia. An aggressive assault by a Chinese led opposition to the NEP, the economic and political underwriter of Malay advancement failed, because the opposition underestimated Perkasa as a force.

Perkasa must now consolidate its gains from GE 13 if it is to remain relevant to the Malays. It has to push decisively to move forward and tidy up the mess left by Abdullah Badawi, a mess that crystalised into the great backlash that morphed into an anti Malay coalition we know as PKR, Bersih and thee DAP.

Malay resilience must continue to grow and show. Its capacity to take on seemingly insurmountable odds must be visible and recognizable. If it doesn’t, the attacks against them along purely race hate lines will continue unabated in Malaysia. Those attacks are as they have been well disguised as part of the “democratic process”. Resistance has to be more calculated, sophisticated and strategic rather than to be a tit for tat furthering divisions between the main communities of Malaysia along the lines of attack by the non Malay communities.


Of particular significance to everyone concerned with a harmonious co existence, the events in recent days, a demonstration of the ever present danger to the the Malays and their culture, is the last minute mass desertions by Chinese of the MCA in such large numbers. They have created a noticeable void in the ranks of  the Barisan.

A new entity to replace Chinese within the Barisan need not be necessary. In fact if the elections GE13 proved anything it is that the Malays have come of age now and need none of these hangers on to advance themselves.

The myth of not being able to live an independent existence without the Chinese (or Indians) has once and for all been demolished. And it was demolished by the conduct of the Chinese themselves.

Time to put paid to the myth the Chinese or Indians,  other times when convenient “Malaysians” or “Anak Bangsa Malaysia”  identify as Malaysians alone and not along racial lines.

The Barisan can now function with their own resources. That  realization would reinforce the isolation of the Chinese as a racial political group inextricably linked to their Chinese identity which they have always maintained.

It was not only the MCA ranks that suffered the effects of the defections and desertion but also the Gerakan Rakyat. The evidence cannot be wished away by Lim Kit Siang asking the press not to ‘race bait’ the Chinese.


The Chinese smelt blood in the final days of campaigning for GE 13 and migrated en mass to the DAP. It was their vain belief that the Singaporeanization of the Peninsula and the devolution of the states of Sarawak and Sabah was about to become a reality.

At the other end of the causeway were the sentient minds behind this final putsch. It is widely now known that Lim Kit Siang had specially trained guards from Singapore around him ready to ferry him across the causeway in the event of a PKR victory. These guards had been placed at his disposal at strategic points in Johore.

Time Magazine had provided a hint of the extent of the DAP’s an Bersih’s organizational structures housed in Singapore about 3 months ago. The logistical command and the counter measures in place in the event of a much anticipated victory for the PKR were put into action. This is because it was not part of the grander plan to have  Anwar Ibrahim at the helm for long if the PR were indeed victorious.

Anwar refuses to believe he is a stop gap leader and has always attributed such revelations to “gossip and rumour” regardless of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. 

Anwar was and always has been a stop gap  to be replaced when the planned restructuring of the anticipated DAP/ PKR government in Malaysia was in place on 5 May 2013. There was to be a quick purge of the ranks without the PKR core knowing about it in advance. But that did not happen. GE 13 turned out differently.


Carpe Diem. Perkasa must seize the moment and the momentum.  It cannot afford to be complacent now. It has earned its stripes at the most crucial time in Malay political history and seized victory from the jaws of defeat. It can’t afford to squander its hard earned political capital now.

This is a sweeter victory than that which the Malays enjoyed over the Chinese communists of over 2 decades ago. There was no bloodshed  in this victory. It was simply a matter of wits and courage on the part of Perkasa over an overconfident foreign sponsored Pakatan DAP Axis.

Psychologically this victory represents a re birth of the Malays, their culture, their political and intellectual strengths thus far lying dormant and suppressed by an overwhelming myth of tales woven by self interest groups non Malay.


Already the Financial Times of London, the Australian Financial review and Bloomberg are aggressively demanding the Malaysian government make changes the opposition demanded but are now unable to pursue without a mandate. The demand in unison is that the NEP be dismantled. If it is it will spell the death of Malaysia as home to it Malays, its traditions and its cultural institutions. And the lobbying will not stop.


Perkasa cannot afford to lose the momentum. It could have had more effective and a slicker media presentation to counter the opposition’s distortions and outright lies during the campaign. Perkasa cannot rely on ‘established’ American and British institutions and lobby groups for the purpose of selling its causes to the world and domestically. It needs those with a feel for local politics who can read the local masses and deliver to them effectively.

Any delay in getting its act together in this regard will see a further erosion to appoint of no return for the Malays next time round.


With the opposition’s focus on an anti-corruption, the government is ideally poised to take up the opposition’s challenge at ending corruption. It can achieve this by taking the following initiatives:

a)      Redistribute the wide array of commercial licenses given to individuals and private family concerns in the Chinese community from the time of the Tengku (the Tengku’s Cukongs). None of these licenses were the result of a competitive tender but instead the result of bribes paid to the Tengku, a man the Chinese refer to as Malaysia’s best and fairest leader. A man with two Chinese wives an English and a solitary Malay wife.

b)      Begin with the large gaming and lottery businesses given away out without a public tender being called for. None of the beneficiaries of these licenses had the courtesy of returning to a Barisan what they took and benefitted from it. They instead backed the DAP funneling their political donations through third party conduits.

c)       Banking licenses like those given to the Khoo Teck Phuat family and Teh Hong Piau without regard to proper procedures or competitive tender processes. ( In fairness they ought to be given the opportunity to re apply for their licenses competitively against an open tender). They too took from a generous Barisan but failed to return to them or the people instead funding the DAP Pakatan push again through third party conduits.

d)      The lotteries licenses given to the likes of Vincent Tan should also be now the subject of a competitive public tender. Again for the same reasons.

e)      Each of the media outlet  in the private sector must also be subjected to renewals of their licenses with open competitive tenders being called for.

f)       Each of the vital industries in health care, transportation and logistics, (shipping, busses, trucking, airlines and support industries, taxis, roads and highways, education and ports should also be the subject of a review where these are found to be in private hands without public tenders being called for)

g) A review of the sugar monopoly and certain oil palm licenses on what was Malay agricultural land funded indirectly by previous Barisan governments.

h) A review of the contracts given to Yeoh Tiong Lay by previous Barisan governments which may have breached the NEP and entered into on favourble terms to private individuals funded by government without  competitive public tenders being called for

i)      The NEP should be strengthened and distribution of land especially rural agricultural land licenses should be the subject of a strategic review with the objects of the NEP in mind.

The NEP is the critical binding force that binds the Malays and provides the impetus for competition amongst the other two major races.  The government must not cave in to pressures to dismantle the NEP.


The NEP is no different to the Chinese first policies of Singapore, an undemocratic race based government.

No one in their right mind will deny the need for such a call especially considering the opposition platform of anti corruption.

When one considers the evidence upon which the more prominent Chinese entrepreneurs had advanced their personal business interests and enriched their families at the expense of the general public, it points at corruption.

Corruption is a two way street and the only way to purge it now without too much displacement of those currently working in and engaged in these industries is for government to force them to re apply for their licenses and to apply the principles of the NEP more firmly with each of the applicants and licensees in each of these public industries.

Perkasa must continue to be a force in politics behind UMNO if necessary, much like the Japanese have the Nichiren Dai Shonin and the Sokoga Kai as the powers behind the throne. No other event or group in modern Malay history has defined Malay political power and independence so clearly and unequivocally as Perkasa has in GE 13.


  1. Perkasa? Ha ha ha… has GRK forgotten that Ibrahim Ali and Zul Noordin were given a massive beating in a predominantly Malay area? Losing by a margin of 8,000 to 10,000 votes. Tun M must be seething as he had personally supported extremists like Perkasa & backed the candidacies of these two neo Nazi wannabes. He should be held responsible for sabotaging Najib’s failure to recapture the 2/3-rds majority, Kelantan, and Selangor.

    Barisan Nasional lost more parliament and state seats (and the popular vote) to the Pakatan Rakyat. It is now more dependent on East Malaysia to remain in power. If it allows a now-discredited far-rightist organisation to decide its plan for the next five years, it is only following the losers road. Indeed, it is sticking its head into the sand and refusing to accept the voting lines are now drawn between rural & urban


    1. Ibrahim Ali and Zul Noordin could not be greater an example of diverse points of view in a democracy. Try finding that in the Pakatan and you are a clever man indeed.

      It is the real Nazi wannabes that fear diversity. it is for that same reason the Chinese deserted in droves believing that their Nanyang had come of age.

      Mahathir himself was once an “ultra”. I am sure Vincent Tan, Anand Krishnan, Tony Fernandez, Robert Kuok, the children of Lim Goh Tong and the many other Indian and Chinese billionaires in our midst won’t agree with your assessment of the man. As to the other aspects of your email, there is a difference between the rural and urban Malay mindset. Thats what a good diverse mature democracy is made up of. Not the unbending rigid Chinese or Tamils.


  2. Dear GRK,

    You have not only brighten up my/ourday but have also shown me/us one of those many routes towards the end of the dark tunnel.

    Thank you GRK


    1. The government of the day must now work to repair the damage done by Anwar, the Malaysia Bar and by the DAP. That means getting rid of dead wood, trying in the courts those elements who sought to divide then conquer the country for a single racial polity “the Chinese” now in denial.

      As for the inquiries, it is up to the people. Just like they brought forth Perkasa to protect the rights of the Malays when the government began to falter and pander to the non Malays, Perkasa and the grass root Malays must now push for these inquiries. It will send many running for cover like cockroaches when you shine a light on them.

      After all no one is going to complain from the opposition because this will be an inquiry into corruption. Something they demanded before the elections. It will be seen as government governing for all and carrying out the wishes of even the opposition.


  3. Dear GRK

    Darn good read. These assertions must reach the upper echelon of BN-UMNO and Gerakan in earnest.

    There are talk of ‘reconciliaton’ by Najib and Zainudddin’s proposal on getting DAPigs ‘under’ BN to be the Chinese representative within the govt. Even now their arrogance (DAPigs) showed by LKS statement of wait n see and what is on the table on offer before they even consider the ‘partnership’. All these makes more URGENT for the Malays to think deeply about their hospitable nature ie. Forgiving.

    When Namewee is being celebrated after what he did then the expression of the Chinks profusely saying sorry to a bangla-looking Malay after they tried to accuse n apprehend him during the GE13 , then we Malays ought to question ourselves how far backward we have to bend. We rule but not with iron fist not perfect but very very accommodating.

    Surely hoped Najib showed some stern action without having to be seen as a thug. LKY did but the Malays were easily subdued in Sinciapo.

    The Chinese asked for it yet we’re still trying pacify them?

    Good article GRK



    1. Much like after 13 May 1969 the Malays were able to re assert their pre eminence as the people and the internationally recognized custodians of Malaysia, the Malays have reached another water shed in their history with 5 May 2013. They must not lose the momentum or the opportunity to reverse the illicit gains by the mainly Chinese opposition. Mohd. Ezam bin Mhd. Nor was quite unequivocal in re stating what we knew of Anwar Ibrahim and his deceit. The rest of us knew about it. But if the Chinese wanted to buy that they have to accept the consequences of the risks they took with him.

      The spoils of victory are for the victors. There is nothing to negotiate with Lim Kit Siang or his son or their followers. it is time for brutal inquiries and investigations without mercy to discover how many of these so called “economic geniuses” with their “clean hands” obtained their privileges to make them multi billionaire businessmen and women.

      We must begin with the under reporting of the costing for the underground tunnel in Penang with a Chinese company from China. The government must follow up with the investment by the deputy chief minister of Penang in China of over $380 million of Penang state money without parliamentary processes being followed or authority given.

      Ambiga must be the subject of an inquiry as to how she managed to obtain from the Selangor government money for an illicit purpose, an illegal rally and “other major projects” as she referred to these as, viz bringing down a lawfully elected government. They must all be made to feel the full force of he law.

      Each of the members of the Malaysian bar must be investigated for their role in the Bersih movement to topple government. The Malaysian bar is meant to be independent and an organization meant to work apolitically. But they are not. The law cannot function properly if officers of Malaysia’s highest courts are allowed to use their positions to play favourites and to try to unlawfully bring down a properly elected government.

      finally Lim Kit Siang and the DAp must be told, they can only negotiate from a position of strength. At present they do not enjoy that position and must be punished for driving an anti Malay, anti Muslim anti Indian agenda.


      1. All elements you pointed out above-mentioned are valid and fair game.

        Please do make the move and initiate a groungswell, in other words would be good if every effort is made for thorough inquiry and investigation.

        Let them feel the wrath of the law of the land.




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