As offensive as it sounds the article below has been uplifted in its entirety from ANI over the Yahoo news pages to day 19 May 2013.

It seems Hillary can’t get it right with the American people after they rejected her as America’s first minority presidential hopeful in 2008. She never quite forgave Obama for the rejection (not his) and the record will show she went on a rampage with her murderous foreign policy in places as Libya, Egypt and Syria.

When summoned by the Congressional committee set up to investigate th killing of Ambassador Stevens in Libya (The Benhghazi incident) Hilliary used a classic excuse not to show up. Diahorrea!!!. Really??


Radio host Pete Santilli made shocking remarks about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, claiming she should be “shot” for being “involved in the killings of American troops.”

Santilli hosts a show on his website, but says he’s “ready to take my show to national syndication; that is, of course, if the FCC regulated AM/FM radio stations can handle my truth & honesty.”

“Hillary Clinton needs to be convicted. She needs to be tried, convicted and shot in the vagina,” Santilli said, Right Wing Watch reports. “I want to pull the trigger.”

Santilli criticized Clinton over the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consultate in Benghazi, Libya. He also slammed Clinton over what he called “the fake hunt down of this Obama bin Laden thing”:

I want to shoot her right in the vagina and I don’t want her to die right away; I want her to feel the pain and I want to look her in the eyes and I want to say, on behalf of all Americans that you’ve killed, on behalf of the Navy SEALS, the families of Navy SEAL Team Six who were involved in the fake hunt down of this Obama, Obama bin Laden thing, that whole fake scenario, because these Navy SEALS know the truth, they killed them all. On behalf of all of those people, I’m supporting our troops by saying we need to try, convict, and shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina.

Santilli also criticized Obama, saying he deserves the same punishment as Clinton.

“Barack Obama needs to be tried, convicted, and shot for crimes against the United States of America,” Santilli said. “And if anybody has a problem with that, then you are an enemy of our state.”



Although a hitherto unheard of broadcaster, Santilli has begun to chalk up the miles Howard Stern would be proud of. And all that over a highly popular ‘advocate for women’s rights and the champion of all causes unpopular”  Matt Overton a radio syndicator in New York said.


Hillary has become highly unpopular amongst many Americans and a growing number are intolerant of her Goofs.

She is believed to have elected a number of fascist women to be decorated with the “Women of courage awards”.

Michelle Obama is said to have been furious and complained to an aide bitterly when she discovered that they had decorated an Afghan prosecutor as a “Woman of courage” only to discover later that the same woman is on record as having celebrated 9/11 and has the highest record for convicting women for the offence of adultery under Shariah Law in Afghanistan.

A footnote to the Woman of Courage Award:

Malaysian civil societies representative and “NGO” Ambiga Srenivasan is also a recipient of the “Woman of Courage” award.

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