Bersih Funded by the Gold Scams


Now that it has come to light that the various gold scams that were operating in Malaysia and Singapore prior to 5 May 2013 (Genneva and Gold Guarantee) were connected to organizations like Bersih, the haste to clear up comments on the various You Tube stories on these scams has gained momentum.

The desperate clearing up, deleting and censoring of comments on You Tube stories of these Gold Scams appears to reinforce the reports circulating in the US that  these get rich quick schemes that defrauded tens of thousands of their life savings were part of the wider Hillary Clinton,  Civil Societies initiatives like Bersih to destabilise governments abroad.

As far back as 2010 Hillary Clinton attempted to get congressional approval for funding to fund covert operations on a dollar for dollar basis against governments like the Malaysian government.

Congress baulked at her request then. At least that was the public perception of the end of the matter fielded by the US state department and Civil Societies. However in much the same way as they conducted and funded  that ugly war of attrition against Nicaragua under the Reagan administration, the US resorted to less than civil, fair or legal means to covertly fund the Bersih movements attempts at overthrow of government in Malaysia.


It all began with a collective application by 4 “civil societies” funded groups, backed by signatures from former and sitting judges in Malaysia. The Malaysian Bar Association of which she was once president chipped in.

Further “recommendations” by churches and two academics (one from the UK the other an Australian) and Ambiga was “woman of courage” like her counterpart  Maria Bashir. Bashir is the Woman of  Courage from Afghanistan who celebrated 9/11 and is on record as being the prosecutor who sent more Afghan women to their deaths on a finding of guilty of adultery (punished with stoning or a burst of fire to the back of the head from an AK-47).

The funds then began to flow to organizations like Berish. But not via Congress and not enough of it. The funding instead took the form an already tried and tested means which was tested with the Iran Contra affair of using third party rogue money sources to pay for the illegal US foreign policy initiatives. In Malaysia it came from two major gold scams operating within Malaysia and another from and within Singapore.


The US station officer at the time (2009) in Singapore is reported to have contacted his counterpart in Kuala Lumpur on having learned of an emerging scam call the Gold Guarantee certificates  in Singapore. The Singapore scam had a sympathetic nexus to another emerging honey trap for nervous Chinese and Indians believing the sky was falling on them in Malaysia. The Gold in the Kuala Lumpur scheme (or should we say scam) bore the reputable name of the Swiss city of Geneva (but misspelt Genneva) for credibility.

The Chinese and Indians have historically viewed gold as a safe store of their wealth.  Being portable and readily convertible into other currencies anywhere they would run to in times of uncertainty it was a natural choice of the nervous opposition believers. And these were uncertain times, courtesy of Bersih and Ambiga in particular.

The Indians and Chinese were fast becoming very nervous with the Hindraf victories of 2008. The propaganda machines of Bersih and Anwar in full flight by then, propagated that Malaysia’s economy was on the verge of collapse and that the Barisan was so corrupt it would implode at anytime, it helped the gold scams sell much more easily than they otherwise would.


Not wanting to leave them out of all of this, the Chinese considered carefully how to rope in the most important element in Malaysian politics, the majority Malays. Till now the Malays were content with their government. The Gold scammers set out spooking them, then enticing them to part with their savings with a “Syariah compliant” version of the scam.

Complete with Amway style marketing and Christian Evangelical miracle driven “down your throat” sales pitches, they set about entrapping the Malays by getting a retired Dr. Mahathir Mohamed to attend one of their launches. And if he did not he would have been called  a racist.

Generously indulging themselves in the photo opportunities with Dr. Mahathir the folk hero of the Malays, Genneva set about harvesting the life savings of tens of thousands of Malaysian across the board. The rip off totalled nearly a billion US dollars in all.


Emboldened by the generosity of the so called “private sector” the hard earned money of tens of thousands of Malaysians, Ambiga Sreenivasan and her cohorts in Bersih set about buying expensive media space and time in the UK, Australia and in the US. The bought space on the internet.

They set up TV and radio interviews, newspaper and electronic media attention and of course bought the opinions of academics in Australia,the UK, the US and in Malaysia, except that those in Malaysia who were considered academics had little in the form of quality to impress anyone other than themselves for lack of language or research based skill to support their arguments.

In order to back their causes of bringing down an elected government in Malaysia they went to town with their funds. In addition  they set up their own online TV and radio stations complete with state of the art recording and editing suites portable and expensive equipment complete with trainers. They bought the friendship of foreign media journalists, wined and dined them.

It was not till a month ago when a radio station in the US state of Texas pursuing Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi affair uncovered and revealed courtesy of a former CIA agent (now retired and doing the TV and book circuit) the funding secrets of Hillary Clinton and the civil societies groups.

Their modus operandi  in places as Libya (where they circulated fake US dollars then flooded neighbouring countries with billions of Libyan Dinar purchased with fake US dollars) was revealed. The same exercise was repeated in Syria and in Egypt, Tunisia and attempted in Venezuela. It turned out to be nothing more than a repeat of what US intelligence agencies have been doing for decades. But Malaysians have only recently come online to understand whats been known by others since after the war.


As the US did in the now fabled Iran Contra affair when congress denied private operators as Col. Oliver North and Admiral Pointdexter (working even then with Hillary and Bill Clinton then in Arkansas)  funding, the US and civil societies went about it the Gold Guarantee and Genneva way. In so doing they robbed the same people who supported them in good faith. Malaysians. Innocent hard working Malaysians. Mainly Chinese and Indians.

Perhaps there is a moral lesson for Malaysians in lynch mobs. Bersih and the PKR have proved to be nothing less than lynch mobs. Anggry crowds with no causes nor proof of their assertions misleading well intentioned people like the pied piper of Hamlin leading rats to their demise.


This crowd funding, crowd hysteria that we call Bersih was being funded by the money ripped off with Gold scams. Malaysians have to learn to be a bit more cautious when someone screams “the sky is falling”. Always act intelligently, ask for proof. Ambiga and Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng have been rich with their propaganda.

Their catch cry that the elections were not free and fair has a ring as sincere as that of the gold scammers “we’ll make you rich quick”.

Neither Ambiga, Bersih, Anwar nor the PKR have they acted to demonstrate the elections were not free and fair. They have again  failed to produce the proofs required to establish a case against the government or the election commission. Instead in true lynch mob fashion they caught up and beat on a group of defenceless Nepalese and Bangladeshi low paid workers in much the same way the hysterical mobs of the 1960’s caught and beat up then lynched poor African Americans on the basis of a rumour.

It is a long hard and painful lesson in Ambiga Bersih and Anwar PKR economics. Their return to the Gold Standard promise was very much like their much touted Bersih campaign to return to a Malaysia of the Tengku Abdul Rahman style of prosperity when a few non Malays dominated the economy whilst the rest of us had to be content with believing their promises.

3 Responses to “Bersih Funded by the Gold Scams”
  1. ashe says:

    A good dig and a relieved kind of read. Why, from afar in North America I had buddies and family members drumming the “gold is in thing”, do not miss the boat call from Malaysia as much as Singapore..

    Must be factual substance, otherwise there would already be people hot on your heels.

    I knew it and had reservation then and still do even after Malaysian authorities raided and freezed assets belonging to these gold bullion company not long time ago.

    But to see Bersih’s machinery intertwined within the web of this deceit reaffirmed the nature of these parasites that has no conscience after all.



    • With the pressure mounting on Obama and his super woman Secretary of State over the Benghazi affair, a betrayal by any other name, pictures are beginning to fall of the walls, the proverbial’s coming out of the woodpile and the dumb begin to speak what the blind have seen and the deaf heard for a long time now.

      There is much angst and hand wringing in Capitol Hill. Much more than what was experienced during Nixon’s final months at the White House following the discovery of the burglary at Watergate.

      The threats have been there and continue to flow from before 5 May 2013 and are likely to continue. In the meantime we continue to write with what we know and its not the type of proofs Bersih have about “stolen elections”.


  2. ahmad says:

    Hey, just dropping by and wanna say, you’re awesome!

    Somebody needs to tell those idiots off, being played along like a toy, discared like trash. And still, they follow them like they are gods or something, every single thing spouted from the leaders are the ‘truth’. Everything else is false. Government are dogs, police are gov dogs, blah3.

    Sadly, even a bunch of my friends have been influenced by them Anwar, Ambiga, LKS, LGE. I hate these 4 guys. The country is better off without them.

    And we don’t need riots in our country, period! Go and riot at another country please.


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