The protests in Turkey the ‘hatchery for all middle east “springs” has spread  nationwide outside of Istanbul and to Ankara. Anyone who believes these are spontaneous “democracy protests” must have rocks in their heads.

Riot police have used tear gas on demonstrators, the BBC reported. None of the far right news agencies though, like the BBC or Al Jazeera have called the use of force “brutal, excessive,” or “massive” as they did in Malaysia. These are early days yet.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that police may have used tear gas excessively in attempting to disperse demonstrators, but he was mostly defiant in his response to the violent clashes.

Wherever you go in the world, in places like this … governments would take measures,” he is reported to have said.

On Saturday, Erdogan called for an immediate end to the protests. Erdogan may yet rue the day he allowed the US and Soros’s civil societies to deceive him and his government into  letting them into his country and to take sides in the Syrian, Libyan and Egyptian uprisings. In each of those countries a young constituent of hotheads were recruited to ferment rebellion like Mao did with his cultural revolution.

Some world leaders have criticized the violent tactics used by Turkish police. U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Turkey’s stability and prosperity were best guaranteed by “upholding the fundamental freedoms of expression, assembly and association, which is what it seems these individuals were doing.


What is interesting about Psaki’s statement is that it echoes the script her government and civil societies used in Malaysia now preparing for Singapore and practiced in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Ukraine and more recently of course in Syria.

Martin Schulz, the head of the European Parliament is quoted as having said the following, “The severity shown by police is completely disproportionate and is leading to the spreading of the protests,“. Again from the same script given  to Ambiga Sreenivasan and Bersih to repeat in Malaysia.

The world as we know it consists of 5 continents and 196 nations. 193 members of the UN and 3 non members. Yet the use of language to deceive which the vast majority of us still continues to find acceptance in flows so easily amongst these “democrats “ like the PKR and Bersih in our midst.

In this case and in the civil societies context, the world is Western Europe represented by the EU and its dominant members Britain, France, Germany and Italy whilst the American continent is overwhelmingly dominated by the USA.


Reports that Turkish police have used plastic bullets on demonstrators have begun to circulate further inflaming the situation in Turkey. Photos on Instagram appear to show welts and bruises from the projectiles. But such photos can be doctored using cheap software available in even an iPhone as has been proven to be the case in most of these engineered “Freedom marches” in  Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Malaysia and Egypt.

Police later used jammers to block social media communication in Taksim Square, where the protests began, according to Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News.

Rupert Murdoch the Australian born proprietor of Sky News and a close friend of George Soros and a supporter of these riots through his contributions to “civil societies” would of course  report thus.


The violence began early Friday morning when police raided a peaceful Occupy-type sit-in at Taksim Square, where demonstrators were protesting plans to demolish a small park to make way for new development, including a shopping mall.

Again anyone believing the Turks would have suddenly galvanized nationwide to put their lives on the line for  preserving a small park must have rocks in their head. And there are many in our midst, thankfully not in a majority have those rocks in their head. Bersih and the PKR including of course the Hokkien speaking Chinese dominated DAP.

This riot in Turkey was organized. The Turks allowed themselves to be used as a base to destabilize places like Malaysia, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and even Ukraine can expect no less. The US have no permanent friends just situations. The disease like a virus has spread amongst its many domestic discontents.

There are Sh’ites, Alawites, Armenians and Kurds all displaced and ruthlessly suppressed by successive Turkish regimes. The chickens are truly coming home to roost now. The Americans like the British have never demonstrated an ongoing loyalty to their local agents and sympathisers throughout history.

Its horses for courses. When they have finished with the DAP, the Chinese, the PKR and Bersih, they will spit them out in a hurry and move on to the next job. They will jump back into bed with the winners. It has always been in their interests to do so.


For those in Malaysia who still refuse to believe that the recent Chinese Tsunami was a coincidence watch this Lim Guan Eng’s recent speech to a worked up aggressive mainly Chinese audience at a hotel in Kensington London. He address the crowd assembled there like he would like to address the rest of Malaysia in the future. In Hokkien.

The fight back has not started yet. This is just a dress rehearsal.  Syria has thus far resisted successfully whilst ironically Israel provides air support for Al Queida fighting in Syria as “the Free Syrian Army”.  This is a movement the Turks backed  and are now running scared of.

Malaysia is yet to see the backlash of the race driven Chinese Tsunami attempt to overthrow the Malays. Singapore had a small taste of it and has acted ruthlessly to smash it. But it will not stop there for them. Soros and the US have other ideas, for Singapore and the region. And Lee Kuan Yews ideas are not coincident with theirs.

Sadly a British member of parliament one of a growing number appear only too willing to show their politically pallid faces up at such rallies as the Lim Guan Eng rally in London. And whilst there they are prepared to sell their souls by regurgitating the fantasies of Ambiga, Lim Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim.

Sadly the British have little concern for their own divisions in society with their streets now preparing for an end to multi culturalism. Where fascist British groups roam the streets threatening to evict immigrants from Britain using the recent murder of a soldier as their excuse.

  1. ashe says:

    Dear GRK

    I believed its a precursor to the big idea of the New World Order. We’ve seen the pattern and in the UK is an attempt to surpressed or stunted the ever increasing Brits that are turning to Islam starting from out of the blue murder of the soldier when the ala 9-11 July bombings in the UK of its subways and on buses failed to mobilised the Brits to reject Islam outright.

    Its their global operation. You see unrest in southern Thailand, in Myanmar all insync with Islam as the root cause. The middle east almost in the bag for these Bildeberg fraternities, had northern African states in their palms with Tunisia, Egypt, Libya as the main pawn.

    Now you’re seeing the beginning of the end for the most numbers of Islamic-faith population of Indonesia. From more than 90% Muslims the numbers had declined significantly and the NWO is probably on its 3rd phase sticking to their agenda. How you may asked and the answer is if the simple call of adzan in the largest Muslim populated country is being curtailed, what exactly is the main reason behind such trivial but sensitive to the Muslims.

    It makes me shiver thinking that failed Anwar may actually be their decoy and Najib could well be the Trojan horse to work their (NWO) plan from within. Why are we seeing Najib is kind of going against the grain in doing what he is doing now one after another initiatives pissing on the Malays that put him in power at the last election (UMNO has most seats) but persistently trying to appeased the chinks? And Najib had indeed entered into an agreement with traitors like AI a chronic liar full with deceits!

    Malaysia is a frontier to eliminate Islam because having the faith enshrined in the constitution whilst Malays identified as being muslims are thorny hindrance for the NWO to take its place in the sun.

    Hence democracy is a ‘hollow-gram’ front as an excuse to create legitimacy in dismantling Islamic faith where it has followings.

    I wish I am wrong in thinking this through but the Dajjal’s thinking is way beyond our forward thinking.


    BTW I believed this time your article is on the same page as my thoughts only more elaborate.


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