The acquittal of two former policemen charged with the murder of Altantuya Sharibuu a Mongolian prostitute, sometimes arms deal interloper and pathological social climber appears to have caused more problems than it has provided solutions to bringing closure to the saga of Altantuya Sharibu .

The decision of the court of appeal opens up another chapter in the on going saga of the Altantuya Sharibuu mystery instead of putting it to rest. There is very little that is mysterious about the life of this woman or the very public exploits and adventures she undertook  in her short lived life.

Lawyers and social media critics of government in Malaysia have managed to get the Court of Appeal decision to be published in the Washington Post, in France the UK and in Australia alongside the Syrian ‘Chemical Attack on Civilians”, the mass murder of civilians by the army and its lynch mobs on the streets of Cairo.

The circuit of gossip would not be complete if the George Soros funded civic society rags did not have the last word on the affair. And they did.


The high pitched, shrill and bellicose voices of foreign funded NGO’s are at it again. And their voices lend little if any credibility to the cause of better government, good governance and a more efficient and functional legal system. There is no thought provoking legal argument to support the rhetoric.  It is instead a raft of socio political embarrassment mouthed off by incompetent layers and journalists with a political or personal axe to grind against government.

Instead of offering proof or at the very least the quality of evidence a court will accept or investigate, the usual suspects consisting of elements of the Malaysian Bar and citizen ‘journalists’ continue to pursue a relentless campaign against government and the prime minister with wild allegations, bereft of any credible evidence save for gossip, the statements of an incredulous former private body guard and self promoting scandal mongers, the late Balasubramaniam and his lawyers.


In Australia, a regional support centre for many of the NGO initiatives of Soros and Clinton behind the Altantuya story, the national broadcaster, the ABC is already known to be putting together a documentary and a series of reports about the court of appeal decision in the matter.

A documentary examining the appeal which has led to the acquittal of the two charged with Altantuya’s murder is said to be in the can . Much of it as expected is said to be an expression of the sentiments of NGO’s and the anti government coalition in Malaysia.

The difficulty with any attempt at bringing anyone to justice in this matter where there may be compelling evidence to support involvement in the death of Altantuya can be found in the many obstacles created by the Malaysian Bar, citizen journalists and opposition statements has spread like a bush fire over the years. It is a near impossible task now finding an impartial mind to investigate the mystery as it has been the case with the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

On the Teoh Beng Hock matter the finger once more points squarely at elements of the Malaysian Bar and a few retired and sitting judges all members of the Malaysian opposition.

Not all of the rumour mongering and scandalous allegations in this matter are the work o fthe Malaysian Bar and citizen journalists. Many of the rumours about the death of Altantuya and about those alleged to be behind her killing had already been cultivated, nurtured and spread by Malaysian political opposition groups beginning with Anwar Ibrahim’s Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

The entire Altantuya affair appears to now be buried under an avalanche of incompetent and criminally defamatory rantings of lawyers and NGO’s. Each of these by their actions have demolished any capacity or opportunity for those willing to pursue not just the Altantuya matter  but a host of other events and allegations that demand a better explanation from government and the courts in Malaysia. Credibility appears now to be the single biggest casualty in this saga apart from credibility of witnesses and accusers.

Sadly because the judiciary is chosen from the ranks of an incompetent Malaysian Bar that may not be possible for a long time yet or at least till a more independent, competent and professional judiciary and a more informed public of responsible citizens distance themselves from the gossip crowd of the entrenched opposition come forward.


Government has a huge responsibility to discharge its burden of negligence in allowing the Malaysian Bar and its acolytes in political campaigning to hijack proceedings to erode the integrity of the legal system, to bring the courts into disrepute by their wild and unsubstantiated allegations against the judicial system, governments and individual judges in recent times. It must act to restore the integrity of the entire judicial system.

Government must not be allowed to hide behind the doctrine of judicial independence and the separation of powers to shield itself from its own incompetence in this regard.

There are limits to the separation of powers and judicial independence doctrines because these are doctrines and concepts which have limitations on their efficacy and application.

Government is sovereign and has the powers to act. And act it must do or perish in a maelstrom of lies, rumours and unrelenting attacks by a well funded outrageous campaign to destabilise it.

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