Tahrir Square And Beyond: A Trail of Lies Home to Roost

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As surely as night turns to day the truth will always surface. The truth in this case is a lie. A whole litany of lies spun by a paid privately run media conglomerate that is aligned to powerful interests and the west.

In this particular case it is the lies of CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) an American institution known for embedding its “journalists” in the Iraki and Afghan conflicts to sanitize a bloodbath there and to demonize millions of innocent people to the point the rest of us would become so apolitical and morally exhausted we would not question their “truths” or fight back.

These lies have now become the ugly truth of day.

The extract below is particularly disturbing because it is published and drawn from the very conservative and ultra right wing Huffington Post:


“The apology by “60 Minutes” for its botched reporting on its story about the Benghazi attacks opened the venerable program, and CBS News, to a deluge of tough criticism on Friday.

Correspondent Lara Logan admitted on Friday that her main source for the story, security officer Dylan Davies, couldn’t be trusted and shouldn’t have been put on the air. This came after it was revealed that Davies had told the FBI he was not at the scene of the attack — the opposite of what he told “60 Minutes.” It also came nearly a week after initial questions were raised about the report–questions that CBS almost entirely refused to answer.

The show pulled its report off the Internet, and Logan said an on-air apology would take place.

The reaction was swift and harsh.

“This CBS thing is just unbelievably bad,” Talking Point’s Memo’s Josh Marshall tweeted.

There were calls for Logan’s head”.


Lara Logan many will recall was that “courageous reporter” who claimed she as sexually assaulted by Egyptian men who opposed her reporting of the Tahrir Square protests two years ago. Her story hyped by CBS and the American media in general claimed she was being digitally raped whilst she was reporting. The rest of the lurid details can be researched online.

We now know how democratic that sharade was. A general election resulted in the US and Israeli government’s interference by encouraging the Egyptian army to depose a properly and democratically elected government of a coalition involving at its centre the Muslim Brotherhood.

Little did we know the depths of the deception, the lies, the misreporting and the manufactured stories that led to the blood bath that followed or who was behind it then. John Kerry now opens the can of worms into US Israeli involvement in the coup. But the deception does not stop there.

There were rumours and unconfirmed stories, many from responsible and dependable sources but no smoking gun. Well not at least till now.

Lara Logan was the syrup that was used to coat an ugly lie about a “popular revolution” in Egypt. Tahrir square and all it stood for was far from that. Tahrir square was the organized work of a vocal minority of middle class Facebook Twitter chatting political aspirants funded by Hillary Clinton and George Soros. Their connection with Egypt’s 80 million other citizens was as close and as personal and real as that of the Israeli Jews to their Palestinian neighbours. Cosmetic and cursory at best. Distant and unconnected at its worst.

Lara Logan’s lies, her ‘tragic’ experience and her gender specific battle at Tahrir square drove many Egyptian and other women within the Islamic and especially Arabic world to break away from their  otherwise strong traditional and religious roots to side with the west.

Lara Logan had become their cause celebre. But not for the rural folk who had no access to twitter, Facebook or other sophisticated conveyances of Lara Logan’s lies. It was a populist myth like many of the stories peddled by CBS, the ABC, Facebook, Twitter and the many social media outlets that feed the likes of Bersih and the “springs”.

The NGO’s in Malaysia who drink from that same poisoned breast of milk of human kindness of the George Soros and Hillary Clinton variety, have modeled their “struggle” on the same set of lies.

Lara though went a mile further with Hillary Clinton and George Soros’s money and vision. She went to Libya after Egypt where the US had not long ago been busy getting rid of a “ruthless dictator” (in a very undemocratic way) by murdering him then letting all hell lose on its citizens. The democratic revolution which did not exist did not matter anymore it seems.

The Benghazi story by 60 minutes is just the tip of the iceberg. No doubt the ice will melt very quickly in embarrassment when the heat on this story is turned up.

This is what Bersih and its funders had planned for Malaysians. Sadly for them and perhaps fortunately for Malaysians it did not work as well as it had been planned.

Its no reason not to be vigilant. Funny how we hear nothing about the “tear down Wall Street” movement. We hear even less about Rupert Murdoch’s tapping of the phones of Buckingham Palace and its security detail, its payments to the English Constabulary right up to the Queens security detail, but we appear to know from sectors about the rampant corruption amongst Malays and their government.









3 Responses to “Tahrir Square And Beyond: A Trail of Lies Home to Roost”
  1. Mohamed Hani says:

    Thanks for the article and please continue to e-mail  me your thoughts and writings.  We cannot really trust a country who called itself the bastion of democracy and champion of the free world when  in reality it interferes with other countries affairs to bring regime change. The U.S had interfered in South American countries, Iraq Afghanistan,Vietnam,Egypt,Libya and even Malaysia. They interfered by way of military invasions or by proxies when these countries refused to bide their wishes. And they even spied on their allies! Hopefully, Russia and China will grow stronger politically,economically and militarily so that they can provide counter balance of world power.


  2. IT.Scheiss says:

    This sounds a lot like the whining of our opposition parties and NED & Soros financed NGOs.

    “In the wake of Crimea’s independence referendum, Hillary Clinton says Russian President Putin is a “new Hitler.” Zbigniew Brezezinski, former National Security Advisor agrees, calling Putin not just another Hitler, but also a thug, a menace, a Mafia gangster, and a Mussolini. The Western mainstream media echoes this childish name-calling.”


    I’m glad that Putin stood up to the US imperialist bullies and called their bluff.


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