Mysteriously China finds debris in the water in an area they control. And that too, more mysteriously, just days after it levels accusations of lying and cover ups against Malaysian authorities. The Chinese out of the blue and suddenly decide to reposition one of their high resolution satellites to a specific area of the South China Sea to look for the missing aircraft days after it disappeared.

Much of what appears on social media and the internet is being selectively fed to the media by China. This includes deleting any references to the knowledge (as revealed by University of New South Wales professor of aviation Jason Middleton) that the 777 has serious structural flaws. The skin is said to be especially vulnerable to rupture and erosion under sudden pressure changes.

The conduct of Malaysia’s and some of Australia’s media in this circus has been nothing short of shameful. They attack the minister in Malaysia at every given opportunity, then feed their frenzied speculation to “The Malaysian Insider” a paid anti government rag to publish and spread their propaganda and lies elsewhere.

None of this section of the media ask anything of importance of the Chinese or the Americans. None ask the Wall Street Journal and China where and who their sources are for their fanciful stories. No one has yet dared to ask the difficult questions of the Chinese because the concept of democracy and a free press is alien to the Chinese. And any difficult question to them will invoke dire consequences.

Much of the fanciful speculation like the one doing the rounds presently about the plane flying for five then four hours after the transponder was “shut off” is the work of the Wall Street Journal (the by product of Rupert Murdoch ). No one has questioned them about this mysterious source of theirs. The WSJ is a rag from which the proprietor and chief editor of The Malaysian Insider hails. The Malaysian Insider is a foreign (US) funded anti Malaysian propaganda tool sitting off shore in the safety of Singapore (another Chinese enclave) to undermine the Malaysian government even at a time like this.

If incredulity had a second name it would be the Wall Street Journal – The Malaysian Insider.


To add insult to injury Gay ABC broadcaster Jim Middleton a personal friend and supporter of Anwar Ibrahim commented on the ABC tonite that the search for the missing aircraft was not being helped by “Malaysia’s lack of press freedoms and lack of transparency” echoeing the PKR sentiments on Malaysia’s government. He went further to suggest falsely that Malaysia is a country where “ministers are able to say and do anything they want to without question”.

This rant by Middleton in support of Malaysia’s opposition comes at a time when the world is struggling emotionally to come to terms with the inexplicable disappearance of the  Malaysian airliner, its 239 passengers and crew. Middleton’s and the ABC’s political bias and opportunistic politicking has been part of an on going and obscene campaign by Malaysia’s opposition seeking to cash in on the attention focused on Malaysia at this time of grief.

Jim Middleton’s rants  surprisingly also comes on the day the Supreme court in Brisbane jailed for life a Gay pedophile and child molester for the kidnapping and brutal murder of a 13 year old schoolboy in 2003.

In an unparalleled display of insensitivity considering Australia has not yet had the opportunity to  come to terms with its grief over the horrific kidnapping and murder of young Daniel Morecombe by a Gay pedophile when Middleton struts his stuff on air such vulgar fashion ,slapping his supple wrists on the table during the nationwide ABC news broadcast. At the same time Middleton vilifies the Malay nation who oppose his Gay political mate Anwar Ibrahim there.


Jim Middleton and the ABC went a step further on the ABC broadcast on 14 March 2014 by inviting another broadcaster who used a photo of a Bomoh with two coconuts to further ridicule Malays and the Muslims in Malaysia as Anwar and his PKR are so fond of doing.

How the ABC and Middleton use the national broadcaster to mock a cultural practice however ridiculous it may seem to Gay Christians is indication of the extent to which Australia has allowed its pro Pakatan national Broadcaster to indulge Anwar, the Gay community and the Malaysian opposition. There are worse things done in the name of religion and culture which Middleton and the ABC won’t criticize or conveniently ignore.

A case in point the Bi Sexual Christian pastor in Brazil Valdeci Sobrino Picanto who made members of his congregation swallow his semen claiming it to hold the Milk of Christ. Middleton may have found a kindred spirit in the man and his actions as many of his ABC colleagues  it would appear. But that’s no reason to find license to do two things the ABC’s charter forbids. The first being the obligation not to be politically partisan. The second being not to vilify people on the basis of their religion, culture, politics or gender.

Jim Middleton has often used the ABC and the Asia Pacific programme to push his own personal political views however offensive and biased that may have been to others and to the neutrality obligations of the ABC broadcaster.


Because of the sensitive nature of military operations and diplomatic protocol, the families of the passengers and crew are now being preyed upon  by frenzied media driven speculation. (some observers describe these media as Chinese agents or groupies). Many of these ’reporters’ appearing at Malaysian press conferences loud, throwing accusations of incompetence against the Malaysian authorities are Chinese.

Yet none of these countries or their media have come up with any alternatives more productive to the Malaysian approach. Neither China who control the area nor the US where the plane was built have been forthcoming with alternative ideas of their own volition. The Australian media now appears to also be jumping on the bandwagon claiming the search was botched by Malaysia.

Responsibility for the search falls squarely on Viet Nam and China. Both Nations have responsibility for the search and for the safety of the airliner under international law because the aircraft came into their respective zones at different times during its journey before it disappeared. Viet Nam has at least undertaken its obligations in this regard diligently and honourably.

In the air it was Viet Nam’s call. In the sea below China claims the entire area as its own in breach of international law. These two nations who fought a brief war in 1979 and who remain on a war footing with each other because of China’s claims all of the south China Sea have two different stories to tell.

What’s more disturbing in the midst of all of this is that military sources in both Viet Nam and the US say the launch of a surface (sea) to air missile in the area may have been detected by a US spy satellite at about the time the jet was reported missing.

The Viet Namese for their part complain that their work was hampered by Chinese naval and ariel patrols intercepting them when they approached certain areas of the search site allocated to them.


China has recently made threats to shoot down any aircraft civilian or other that fly over its unilaterally declared “no fly zone” over the disputed Senkaku islands near Japan. China has threatened war over those islands. It is a belligerent act and warns other it is on a war footing. And the South East Asian Chinese appear to support them as a fifth coloumn in their belligerence.

What does China know about the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner it has not revealed to this day? A Senior Lt. of the Viet Namese air force suggested to us that if anyone had a frame by frame record of everything that happens and has happened in the target search area it is China. It has militarized the zone in an unprecedented way that even the Americans are cautious when entering or passing through the area.

China is making very loud and ugly noises in the region and is being  very economic with the truth some say. And it’s not difficult to believe such claims when China’s conduct throughout this tragic event has been that of a domineering bully, complaining but not assisting.

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