Peter Marossezky a leading aviation expert in Australia  interviewed on the Australian national broadcaster the ABC TV on 17 march at 5.30pm said that in his view the “remote hacking and hijacking” of an aeroplane would be difficult. He did not rule it out, but in keeping with conventional theories about aviation and the disappearance of MAS Flight MH370 he said it was near impossible.

What is discounted in conventional theories is the reality that the technology to disable an aircraft or to overpower it by remote control already exists. Drones is a by word for that technology. The Islamic Republic of Iran not 12 months ago intercepted an American stealth drone with the most  advanced technology on board, using remote control technology to bring it down when that drone flew out of Afghan Airspace into Iranian territory.

The Americans first denied Iranian claims that they had brought down an American drone. The story then changed when it was confirmed by US intelligence that it had in fact lost a particular drone in that region as claimed by Iran. The US army then releasing a statement  said that one of its drones had in fact “crashed” although it was not a particularly “hi tech” drone.

Well the story changed once again after  Iran displayed the captured drone for the world to see.

The point is this. The technology and the means does exist having already been tested, to take control of a plane via its electronics like its computer nerve centre and to direct it in any way including diverting it or crashing it without those on board being able to regain local control of the craft. It is how Boeing, Airbus, Allied Signals, McDonald Douglas and other aviation companies test crash impacts on their aircraft without using humans to fly then crash their aircraft.


What is confusing now is Australia’s (in pacifying China) shifting position from blaming Malaysia outright, its traditional Muslim witch hunt, to a now new theory that Captain 53-year-old Zaharie Ahmad Shah was responsible for the aircraft’s disappearance.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah it says was a fanatical Anwar Ibrahim supporter who the Australians say grew terribly despondent and troubled that Anwar had been jailed for 5 years on a second sodomy charge. and by that claim it appears that he Zaharie Ahmed Shah was somehow responsible for fate of MH 370.

So logically Anwar is in fact a fanatic and the theories by Australia that one of his followers was capable of such a heinous act of barbarity, mass murder, makes Anwar a dangerous person? not according to the NED, Paul Wolfowitz, Bersih, Madeline Albright and the Malaysian opposition. He to them is  a prisoner of conscience and liberal democrat.

Suspicion over the “deliberate changing of course and interference with the communications systems aboard the aircraft” now falls on this man. There are a few things to be said about this shift of direction in the blame game.

The first is that the opposition in Malaysia seeking to cash in on this disaster for political purposes cannot rely on their “mates” in the Australian or other foreign media to assist with their cause.

And the second is that the Malaysian opposition ought to stop being so opportunistic, insensitive and mercenary in this regard. Anwar is now a target  of the western media if not his followers like Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah.

The foreign press suddenly running out of people to blame have now turned their fingers on the Anwar Ibrahim camp. The theory is that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is a fanatic (a bit like what Anwar Ibrahim has often been described by others) and that being an Asian from South East Asia he is of the same character disposition as that of the Silk Air 185 Captain Tsu Way Ming.

Captain Tsu as many would recall kamikaze dived his plane with all its crew and passengers into Sungei Musi in Palembang Sumatra Indonesia in 1998 after tripping the circuit breaker in the cockpit disabling communications on board the aircraft.

Something is amiss here. Apart from the racial stereotyping never mind that a Malay is quite different in many ways to a Chinese (except for the eyes and the fact they are both not white), there is little else these experts have to go by to draw similarities as to justify their profiling and attributing “scientific” logic to their conclusions or assumptions. So why is Captain Zaharie being targeted?

The word Muslim screams obscenities in the dishonourable minds of these “experts” and the western media. No one will raise the spectre of the Uyighurs because they are now sponsored and trained by the west  to destabilize China. Muslims though they be they are a more acceptable form of Muslim. Like the Saudis and Gulf Arabs they do the bidding of the west.


It took 2 years for the French and their American friends to locate the missing Air France 447 after it disappeared from radar screens over the Atlantic ocean. The search for that ill fated aircraft was not without incident with parallels to the search for MH370.

Muslims were the primary target of all not some but all investigations. That’s because the cause of the crash could not have been explained in the first few weeks. No one believed that a pitot static could fall victim to a humble wasp building its nest inside the pitot disabling the instrument with such devastating results. It had not been experienced in aviation before Air France 447, so a Muslim had to be the cause.

Gendarmeries raided the homes of Algerian, Moroccan and other Muslim residents and citizens of France for months, detaining many without good reason. But then again that’s what happens when a plane suddenly vanished, crashes or disappears from the sky. The only valid and “scientific” reason for that can be attributed to such events is to be found in the magic word Muslim.

And there are those who believe that modern science, satellites, military gear, computers and the Ivy league are better and more reliable than a Bomoh.

Give me a Bomoh anyday. They are at least 50% correct all the time and do not boast of Ivy League scholarship. Just faith. And god give us all the patience to allow the authorities to exhaust all known means of finding this aircraft and its passengers and crew.

  1. hopeful says:

    Hi GRK. Have u looked into the pilot Zaharie youtube page? He seems to be leaning towards atheistism. Now the west can’t blame Islam can they?


    • grkumar says:

      Does not matter. In Malaysia he is not Chinese so it matters not. In other parts of the world, the west in particular he is Muslim. That’s the key word for a disaster even if it is discovered the culprit is on the payroll of a Christian country.


  2. grkumar says:

    Hi Hopeful. If it does not rain tomorrow they will blame Islam. If the Pope admits to being a homosexual they will blame Islam. If the plane is found where the Bomoh says it is they will take credit for it.


  3. IT.Scheiss says:

    I would not discount the possibility that MH370 was hacked and remotely controlled but if it was done via radio externally, the range of the controlling radio beams would have to be very long and be able to follow the curvature of the earth, unless they were via satellite.

    It might be of interest that the 4th Annual Cybersecurity fo Government Summit was held at the Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur from 5 to 7 March, though it was more of a hot-air fest featuring government speakers, rather than a hacker event, such as HackInTheBox Security Conference where where someone at Hack In The Box in Amsterdam about a year ago, demonstrated how a plane could be remotely controlled from an Android smartphone.

    However, that this recent government security hot-fair fest in Kuala Lumpur ended just the day before the plane went a missing raises some questions as to whether someone, possibly an expert hacker, could have been in town a the time.

    Also, Yahoo! Australia quotes a Berita Harian report which points to Captain Zaharie’s interest in simulated landings on runways in the southern part of the Indian Ocean:-

    “The Berita Harian is reporting that five runways were programmed into Captain Zaharie Shah’s homemade flight simulator that was taken by police for analysis last Saturday.”

    Of course, this does not prove that Captain Zaharie was directly responsible for what happened to MH370, since possessing software simulations of landings on such runways is no crime and would most likely be part of the collection of a flying enthusiast.

    Also, describing his as a “fanatic” is gross exageration, even though it’s know that Capt. Zaharie was a strong Anwar and PKR supporter, though in my humble opinion, I don’t think anyone in their right mind with grown children and grand children would want to kill themselves for the sake of Anwar.

    However, media reports say that Captain Zaharie had been living with his ex-wife and three children in their home, until shortly before this fateful day when his ex-wife and children left the home.

    This raises questions as to Captain Zaharie’s frame of mind at the time, coupled with Anwar’s conviction which could have just pushed him over the edge emotionally.

    When I first read of the plane’s sudden disappearance from radar and radio barely nine hours after Anwar’s sentence, the first thought which sprang to mind was that it was an act of revenge by enraged Anwar supporters or sympathisers amongst the aircraft maintenance or ground crew, who could have planted a bomb on the aircraft.

    However, this theory was demolished by subsequent findings that the plane was taken control of by someone or something and continued to fly for around six hours more, though it appears to have taken on a new and more sophisticated dimension.

    Anyway, guilty or not, I’d imagine that from now on, applicants for posts such as pilot, in government linked companies, government contractors, etc. would be carefully vetted for their political sympathies and affiliations.

    Also, as you mentioned, Anwar and the PKR have now been bitten by the same western media which they, their supporters, pro-opposition NGOs and so-called “independent” online media once hailed as “paragons of truth”.


    • grkumar says:

      Yahoo Australia owned by TV network Channel 7 another supporter of Malaysia’s opposition have been raising the same questions and scenarios as us 3 days after we
      reported these possibilities in our blog on MH 370. Not very original. What they do is to suggest that these possibilities and scenarios were raised
      by the Malaysian Insider. A quick check of the Malaysian Insider’s recent articles show nothing of the caliber of what we have raised.

      Interestingly now we receive queries as to our sources on how technology could be used to hijack an aircraft and our sources for the
      various scenarios we have raised in our recent postings on this matter of the disappearance of MH 370.

      There was one warning that the ABC may sue for our reference to Middleton and his reporting. We have not heard from them inspite of our
      challenge for them to sue. Thank you for taking the time to contribute with your response.


      • IT.Scheiss says:

        I recall you raised the question of cyber hacking earlier.

        Anyway, as I stated earlier, the more modern equipment become more dependent on computerised digital electronics and communications, the more vulnerable they become to cyber hacking and remote control.

        Also, now that in-flight entertainment systems allow passengers to plug USB sticks into the system, I fear that this could well lead to further risk of hacking, unless special effort is made to isolate the autopilot and the aircraft’s other systems from the entertainment system both digitally, electronically and electrically, including with suppressors and filters which block passage of high frequency electrical signals used to carry digital code & data between systems. Better still if the systems are completely isolated from each other.

        For example, those old propeller Douglas DC3 Dakota planes used by Malayan Airways in the 50s and 60s would be impossible to hack and cyber hijack.

        The Voice of Russia reports:-

        “Capt. McConnell cites industrial espionage for a cutting edge military technology as the reason behind the airliner’s disappearance. “There were 20 Chinese software engineers in the aircraft, riding as passengers, and they were working for Freescale Technology in Austin, Texas, and they had the intellectual property of an open patent. In other word[s], a patent had been applied for, but yet — not yet granted. And the ownership of that patent was 20%, 20%, 20%, 20% and 20% for the U.S. Corporation named Freescale. And until that patent is granted, there is no ownership,” McConnell said.”

        Read more:

        There’s another recent report of a plane fitting the description being sighted over the Maldives.

        Now the Thai Air Force says its radar detected what could be MH370 near Butterworth about 10 days ago.

        “An Air Force radar station in Surat Thani apparently detected a passenger aircraft that departed Kuala Lumpur but changed its course and went past the Malaysian port of Butterworth, Thailand’s Air Chief Marshall Prajin Juntong said yesterday.”

        Of the two possible routes over the Indian Ocean, I believe it’s more likely that MH370 took the southern route.

        I won’t ask where you get your intelligence from but I too can see you have a unique capability and I believe you got some very smart people amongts your team, including some local experts on cyber security matters, perhaps with access to sources within the intelligence community.

        After all, as the saying goes about working in a globalised world – “Think global, act local” – which makes sense, since there’s only so much one can obtain by research on the Internet, which is mostly already second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. hand by the time it’s obtained.

        The ones who get the story first hand are usually on the ground, close to the scene and then contributes the story to the global community, wome of whom pick it up and repeat it until reports by media father away are just banal repetetions of the original story.

        The Malaysian Insider tends to like to quote western media on this matter and many others but western media gets its reports from sources closer to the matter being reported on.

        I also noticed from way back when Anwar was first detained and charged over abuse of power and Sodomy 1.0, that western reports on the matter tend to be one sided in favour of Anwar and Reformasi and one sided against Mahathir, when textbook journalism should provide both sides of the story.

        Of course, based upon our own biases and political leanings, most of us tend to read and believe what we want to believe and the Internet only reinforces this tendency, which is why we find different kinds of people gravitating to say Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider, versus those who gravitate to this blog, The Mole, NST, etc.


      • grkumar says:

        Scheiss I enjoy reading your responses and postings. This is because of the many many postings and scenarios we get (which we dump as spam)
        on our blog from readers, many wannabe sleuths who make no sense and whose conclusions and assumptions fly in the face of logic
        and reason yours has substance and is researched and logical. The others are Just wanting to be noticed.

        One of the founders of this blog did work as an intelligence analyst in Singapore up to the late 1990’s. Nothing is sacred these days.
        Does not mean much because although we know how to go about searching for material and information to back our theories and reports
        we know and accept we are not alone.

        What bugs us is the outlandish claims made by “people in the know”. Each of the big powers involved in the search cannot corroborate
        the value and efficacy of their technologies so they feed their “free media” organizations with speculation to sell papers and keep the heat off


  4. IT.Scheiss says:

    Thanks for the kind compliments, GRKUMAR.

    I too am prone to fly off with conspiracy theories but this time, I’ve decided to try to avoid the sensational and stick to the facts as best as possible, whilst sitting on my backside behind my computer screen.

    Anyway, after a while, one gets tired of all these conspiracies, wild speculations and political sensationalisation and stick with what has meat and contributes to further advance the search for answers.

    The problem is that people will believe what they want to believe. For example, a late elderly gentleman I knew well was a virulent anti-communist, anti-leftist, pro-US, pro-Israel and even pro-Apartheid, perhaps because of his Dutch Eurasian connection and colonial settler legacy in his ancestry which perhaps evoked sympathy with the Dutch settlers in South Africa.

    When the US space shuttle Challenger exploded during launch on January 28, 1986, he concluded that the Soviets were involved in its sabotage and even after the explosion which destroyed Challenger was caused by hot gases (flame) leaking from the joints of one of the solid-fuel booster rockets and burning through the skin of the large liquid fuel pod, eventually resulting in rupture in the liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen tanks inside and a catastrophic explosion which destroyed Challenger and killed all the crew.

    The failure of the seals between the section of solid fuel booster was due to the impaired sealing capability of the O-rings due to the -1 degrees C temperatures at Cape Kennedy that day and this was a problem the booster manufacturer was aware of and was working to rectify. They feared that the rubber O-rings would be brittle at such low temperature which would impair its sealing ability.

    However, despite warning from the manufacturer’s engineers and request to postpone launch till temperatures rose, however NASA insisted to go ahead with launch.

    I was servicing minicomputers at the time and noticed the effects which the cold temperature in the air conditioned computer room had upon the rubber O-ring on the hub of the reel to reel magnetic tape drive, so these findings made sense.

    However, despite all the findings and conclusions of investigation into the cause of Challenger’s destruction pointing to the O-rings, this elderly gentleman still insisted that the Soviets were behind it and their agents with the manufacturers or with NASA could have tampered with the rubber formulation of the O-rings so that they would fail.

    He cited an earlier case where pro-Nazi chemists in the US had deliberately added a component into the formulation of the rubber used to make the tyres of US military trucks which would fail in the field.

    Likewise today, there are people who want to believe that Najib is “complicit in the murder of Altantuya”, despite whatever evidence or lack of evidence on the contrary.

    There are people today who want to believe that story about MAS pilot and first officer flirting with two woman passengers in the cockpit, however much solid evidence one provides which discredits the story.

    There are people today who want to believe that Anwar is innocent of sodomising Saiful, though some pro-opposition supporters privately admit to knowledge, suspicion or even hearsay about his homosexual tendencies stretching back to his college days.

    Admittedly, Anwar has been subject to selective prosecution over alleged sodomy, which are illegal in Malaysia and I’d say this is due to politics, since I’ve not heard or read of ordinary people in Malaysia being prosecuted for sodomy, though there could be some but too few to notice.

    It’s also been said that he’s the victim of a honey trap, which could well be true but honey trap or not, if he fell for it and committed the act, he’s given them a reason to throw the book at him, which they did.

    In another case, the US government wanted a reason to prosecute US trade union leader Jimmy Hoffa and eventually were able to nail him for tax evasion and send him to jail, whilst it generally turns a blind eye to ordinary Joe tax evaders.

    Thus prominent politicians must be especially careful about their activities in their private lives, since there will be be people watching and it could be used against them by their rivals and enemies.

    Towards the end you wrote: “…. so they feed their “free media” organizations with speculation to sell papers and keep the heat off themselves.”

    From a different perspective, especially at time like now, when progress in solving this case of MH370 has stalled, this is when media comes out the sensationalist opinions and outlandish speculation to fill the pages and keep the eyeballs coming.

    This leading NST report about Australia’s refusal to reveal anything on MH370 from their Jindalee over-the-horizon radar and data from the joint US & Australia satellite tracking facility in Pine Gap near Alice Springs is disappointing, since they could well hole the key to the location of this aircraft.


    • grkumar says:

      Look you are quite right. If Pine Gap and other similar facilities could have been used to assist it would have saved us all the misery this is causing us presently.
      But if they provided that data their capabilities would be compromised. I recall flying with the captain of a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 707 (An old Qantas workhorse)
      over Australia late at night in 1975.

      All of a sudden he asked me to leave the cabin, the aircraft dropped height and veered sharply to the right. I noticed very bright lights on the ground where there was none before. After
      about 20 mins and the lights still bright and in the distance he returned and explained to me that they had veered off course inadvertently and that that was a means of alerting them apart from
      radio and air control that they were off course. And those lights apparently surround the Pine Gap base by miles and for miles. Not immediately visible during the day or night unless there
      is a breach.

      He then had to commence filling out a situation report and would remain in Sydney for a few more days than expected. It is just that I went to school with the captain that I was filled in with
      the details. Terrorism and air piracy in those days was an Arab with a gun asking to fly to Libya or Algeria and Australia was not on that route.


      • IT.Scheiss says:

        If they didn’t want to provide their data, at least they could have analysed it and told us whether they saw anything unusual which could have been Flight MH370, where it was heading and where it could be.

        Ditto for Australia’s Jindalee over the horison radar.


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