Addressing the Press in the USA by way of a TV interview, US president Barak Obama has reinforced his country’s commitment to its search for the missing airliner and its support for the Malaysian government’s efforts.

President Obama’s remarks today 20 March 2014 comes at a time when Australian and British TV stations and their print media engage in speculative irresponsible nonsense aimed at distorting the commitment and efforts of Malaysian authorities to finding what happened to the flight MH 370. Theirs is a political attack and not independent forensic reporting.

We are committed to doing everything to help the Malaysians find out what happened to this airplane. We’ve got the FBI and the NTSB and its not just them. Its a top priority for us” he is quoted as saying.


Oddly enough today nearly 7 years  since the disappearance of British child Madeline McCann in Portugal, Scotland Yard and the British media ( ably joined by the Australians) continue to regurgitate their painful, distasteful, rumours and speculation about this case as they have done for a number of years now.

The latest claim now is, and without proper proof to support it by Scotland Yard and the British and Australian press, that a sexual predator known to prey  British children in places like Portugal is their new person of interest in the hunt for Madeline McCann.

The British and Australian press one would recall  in the early stages after Madeline’s disappearance viciously  pointed fingers of accusation at the McCann’s (parents of Madeline) damaging irreparably the reputations of the doctor couple by insinuating that the couple knew more about Madeline’s disappearance than they were letting on.

A similar pattern is observed emerging in the British and Australian reporting of the MH 370 coverage. They blame the Malaysian authorities, insinuate likewise that they the Malaysians are holding back information on the disappearance of the aircraft like they claimed Madeline McCann’s parents were allegedly doing in 2008.

Not 4 months ago they (the BBC, ABC and Scotland Yard ) shamelessly issued bulletins that they had obtained warrants for their key suspects in the Madeline McCann disappearance. They then added confidently that they were just days away from arresting a few people  (their key suspects) in Portugal.

About a week later after publication of that bulletin, they revised their claims suggesting one of the men they were about to arrest who they also claim they had been ‘watching and trailing for a while’ had in fact died a couple of years prior to their ‘warrant’ being issued.

That information damaging the BBC’ and ABC’s and Scotland’s credibility was in fact leaked by the Portuguese and secured from Interpol. The Portuguese police vilified by the British for their ‘incompetence’ in the search for Madeline had an axe to grind with the British and willingly leaked their lies to the media.


There is a level of embarrassment many in the west are trying to hide in the wake of this crisis with the disappearance of MH 370. The equipment they sell us complete with its sales puffery “the best most advanced etc…..” are in truth great white elephants dressed up in their hype.

Boeing has had a history of crashes of their 737 aircraft over decades due to design flaw resulting in a weak and faulty tail fin rudder. They denied the existence of the flaw blaming these crashes instead on pilot error. Several hundreds of lives later the NTSB confirmed the existence of the design flaw in the Boeing 737 tail fin rudder.

They have since corrected that design flaw and paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in quiet settled compensation claims.

McDonnell Douglas now a part of Boeing likewise had several design flaws resulting in their “flying brick” the DC-10 recording one of the largest number of crashes of any modern day passenger jet with significant numbers of fatalities greater than any other in aviation history.

Again as they have all done before, they denied the aircraft has many design flaws  which were the cause of the many crashes till the denials were drowned out by the large number of crashes and deaths and the facts on the ground as confirmed by the experts at the NTSB and other independent investigators.


It is time the Malaysian media and government put brakes on the foreign media and their local mouthpieces at such media events as the daily briefings by the minister of transport over the MH 370.

Many of these are undeserving of the hospitality and the courtesies extended to legitimate members of the international media of accredited journalists. Jim Middleton of the ABC who has led the pack in vilifying Malaysians (other than his friend Anwar Ibrahim) by suggesting Malaysia is a country who does not enjoy freedom of press and is a country where ministers of government are not accountable and are able to say anything they wish to say with impunity is reason enough why the ABC should be expelled from Malaysia.

People like Middleton and the local ABC correspondents must be exposed for the frauds they are parading as the “free media” they claim Malaysia  does not enjoy (Jim Middleton ABC Australia). It is time these people were exposed for what they are: political and commercial propaganda merchants interfering with the domestic politics of countries like Malaysia.

It is time Malaysia did what the White House and Canberra does with their press conferences where they only invite those they consider in their wide discretion to be journalists with credibility and who are known to to government. It is time to bar the trash armed with easy to obtain press accreditation who help themselves to these conferences.

These conference are important and need to be handled with the greatest of care.


  1. GRK

    You always sound patriotic without being too patronising toward anyone.

    Always a fair-balance writings.

    Good one.




  2. Recent reports of satellite imagery of possible debris from MH370 being spotted in the Indian Ocean hopefully is an advance in the search for the ill-fated plane.

    However, if this be so, I’m afraid for the lives of the 239 passengers and crew, as the plane would be at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, though it would hopefully lead to resolution and closure of this unfortunate incident.

    This is a reuters report carried by The Mole.

    The Malaysian Insider carries a similar report too.


  3. Thank you for the article. I will be sending copies of your article to my Sg.Chinese friends who are making fun of Malaysian gov’t response on the search of the missing plane including changing the subject ” Relax ……… Minum kopi dulu”, as if China or Sg . will and can act faster.


  4. I have just posted a comment to an article in The Mole entitled “Pakatan, show us what you can do”.

    And, I’d like to share it with readers here.

    The Malaysian government may have handled this unfortunate incident of Flight MH370 rather clumsily at first due to confusion, lack of coordination between relevant parties, etc. but is now handling it in a more coordinated manner. Anyway, whatever, they have been working towards finding the plane and resolving this unfortunate incident.

    On the other hand, the Pakatan Rakyat and its supporters in the so-called “independent” media have been using every opportunity to criticise and condemn the government’s handling of the situation instead of trying to help in whatever way they can and this does not impress me at all but rather reveals their opportunistic, self-serving nature.

    No doubt, this search for the missing plane is frustrating and it’s easy to lose hope but the search is progressing slowly and now that satellites have detected debris of what could be parts of Flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean south west of Perth, whilst the plane could be thousands of metres below the ocean, which will not be easy to retrieve and most probably will require highly specialised and rare deep submersible vehicles.

    These Pakatan politicians, “independent” media and armchair keyboard warriors who can only criticise, criticise, criticise are most probably too thick to understand the enormity of the challenges faced in locating and hopefully retrieving the remains of Flight MH370 but instead seem to think that by criticising and condemning, the government will wave some magic wand and hey presto!, the aircraft and passengers will magically be found.

    These idiots perhaps cannot understand the difficulty involved and resources required in searching for, locating and retrieving the remains of the Air France Airbus A330 Flight AF447, which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on 1 June, 2009 and sank to a depth of 4,000 metres – an concerted effort which took two years.

    The Indian Ocean is said to be as deep at its deepest point as Mount Everest is high.

    According to Wikipedia, the Indian Ocean is 3,890 metres deep on average, with its deepest point being in the Diamantina Trench, at 8,047 metres deep.

    Now the Diamantina Trench or Diamantina Fracture as it’s also called, is west south-west of Perth, or quite close to where the suspected aircraft debris was detected by the satellite.

    Now if the remains of the aircraft indeed is at the bottom of the ocean there, I’m sorry to say that it will be much more difficult to locate and retrieve than the remains of Air France Flight AF447.

    What can these cheap — criticise, criticise, critise, criticise politicians, dumb journalists and keyboard warriors sitting on their backsides behind their computer screens do to help locate and retrieve the plane and passengers?

    Since bomohs (shamans) have failed, perhaps they can hire some of the world’s leading astrologers and psychics to locate the plane and call upon Superman to dive deep down and raise it.

    Or perhaps they can develop an iPhone, iPad or Android app which will magically find and raise the plane.

    Quite frankly, their stupidity is so amazing and I don’t expect them to have the brains to understand what I wrote above.


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