Investigators have concluded that one or more people with significant flying experience hijacked the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, switched off communication devices and steered it off-course, a Malaysian government official involved in the investigation said on Saturday.

No motive has been established and no demands have been made known, and it is not yet clear where the plane was taken, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to brief the media. The official said that hijacking was no longer a theory. It is conclusive,” the expert said.

He said evidence that led to the conclusion were signs that the plane’s communications were switched off deliberately, data about the flight path and indications the plane was steered in a way to avoid detection by radar.”

The above is a quote from the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH). Unfortunately such a claims only add to the incredulous nature of “hot off the press idiocy” and the desperate need to sell papers which advance nothing good towards ending the mystery that is the disappearance of MH 370.

It is difficult not to notice how the unnamed Malaysian government spokesman becomes an expert in the second paragraph of the quote from the SMH. The writer commentator for most of the SMH’s coverage on the disappearance of MH 370 is a young Chinese reporter believed to be from Malaysia.

This SMH theory (and it remains a theory) has been tossed around like the “floatsam” in the southern Indian ocean and elsewhere that they theorise is part of the missing MH 370 aircraft. It provides no clues it provides no scientific independent data to support its claims in this regard. But it sells papers and keeps the momentum of the tragedy alive.


A fire caused by the wiring of an aircraft (or elsewhere in the aircraft) is capable of shutting down all systems on board an airplane without the need for human intervention (hijacker). Nor will such a fire even if it succumbs to human intervention return a crippled aircraft to normal control mid air. Such events have occurred before on numerous occasions without it being publicly reported by the aircraft maker or the airline concerned.

In fact electrical fires aboard an aircraft remains one of the most common causes of in flight failure and crashes. There is nothing “conclusive” therefore about this SMH theory other than it is shallow and made for some other purpose.

In such a situation as described above where the fire has disabled most controls and communication systems in the aircraft, the pilot and passengers are at the mercy of the disabled aircraft which will fly till it crashes. Electrical fires disable the central nervous system of an aircraft ( including its hydraulic systems) paralyzing it.

Human intervention in such a situation is pathetically useless, unless the fire is small, quickly contained and control systems have been restored before any irreparable damage caused .

Shutting down systems aboard an aircraft need not be deliberate as the present focus by “experts” form media organizations and aircraft manufacturers prefer to suggest. This includes shutting off the transponder, disabling radar and any electrical or electronic communications aboard an aircraft in flight. No human intervention is required. That’s a myth and a convenient one at that.

No human error, intervention or hijacker needs to participate in shutting off or disabling a transponder or radar mid flight.

Being a Muslim country the ignorant in Malaysia’s opposition, their rabid counterparts in the west and China will clutch at straws to propagate such myths. And Boeing the manufacturer of the 777 and the “experts” who claim the failure of the transponder and diverting of the aircraft points to a hijacking of MH 370 are propounding theories that fly in the face of fact, historical records of previously recorded events of a similar nature,  independent inquiries and science.


As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind – every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder.” ― JOHN GLENN-Astronaut

Boeing has had a long history of disasters and near misses the latter only being avoided through luck, the intervention of fate or pilot experience. None of the major airline disasters need have occurred had the military contractor Boeing made the fatal flaws in their civilian aircraft known before a human sacrifice would compel them to come clean. Boeing like most other civil and military contractors in the US depend on the “lowest bidder” to make their aircraft economically viable.

And the MH 370 appears to be another one such “great aircraft” made from the efforts and components of the “Lowest possible bidder” to keep it viable for countries like Malaysia to afford to purchase.  MH 370 like many others is a disaster which Boeing is happy to remain silent on and remain in the background whilst the likes of the Sydney Morning Herald speculates on its causes to sell papers and keep Boeing out of the picture.

The current grounding of the Boeing 787 (Dreamliner to Boeing Nightmare to its customers)  worldwide is a matter not widely reported in the Asian press other than in India one of its largest customers.

The identifiable and known flaws in the 787 concern more than the fire threat or the failures of the battery used in the aircraft. There are hydraulic, electronic, stabilizer and electrical flaws in the aircraft and malfunctions in its control systems likely to cause a disaster in a short period of time if not corrected.

Just one of the many flaws in the aircraft’s design that has surfaced and is public knowledge is the battery issue raised first by ANA Japan. It is but one of over 100 flaws detected in the aircraft’s performance and design that potential customers have identified in test flights.


The US and Europe are unlikely to admit to accidents, failures and flaws in their major exports such as aircraft and weapons. This is because of the impact such revelations of imperfections and flaws in their equipment is likely to have on its export trade. Weapons and aircraft constitute a bulk of the trade and commerce of western Europe and the US with the east.

India does not simply underwrite the Swiss economy with the massive deposits of black money of its politicians in Swiss banks. It also underwrites the economies of western Europe, the UK, Russia, Israel and now the US with its defence purchases. These purchases  are valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

What could result from a revelation as sensitive as flaws in dual purpose (military and civil) applications and technology in food, materials, weapons and yes aircraft would be nothing short of an unmitigated disaster of a greater magnitude than what a mere air crash could cause.

No nation is perfect when it comes to technology. Not even the USA. Their FA 35 super stealth fighter jet has just recently been rejected by even its own defence forces. But that’s another story. Boeing for instance failed to address a critical flaw in its largest selling aircraft the Boeing 737 which  carried a known but undisclosed and fatal design flaw in the tail fin for decades.

In each of the over 80 accidents involving the 737 which claimed over 1000 lives and cost airline operators and insurers billions of dollars in payouts, Boeing concluded almost in every instance that these crashes were the result of “poor maintenance” “improper or substandard checks and maintenance” “pilot error” or the weather.

The above link lists the 86 pages of Boeing 737 accidents and the reasons ascribed to each of these crashes. A better history of what really occurred in each of these accidents can be gleaned through individual independent research.

In the final analysis, the FTSB (Flight Transportation Safety Board) after over a decade of independent scientific testing found Boeing culpable.

To add to its misery in its hour of need, Malaysia has to bear the insults of a mercenary Chinese led coalition of opposition like the MP Lim Lip Eng who  advances the theory that if Christians were in charge of Malaysia this event would not have occurred. What he fails to say though is that Christians built the plane and many others like it that crashed before.


An aviation safety group formed after the 1998 crash of Swissair Flight 111 off Peggy’s Cove Newfoundland Canada lobbied hard and won concessions forcing implementation of an order by the world’s largest airline regulator the FAA (federal Aviation Authority of the US).

Late in 2001 the U.S. FAA ordered operators of DC-9/MD-88 and MD-90-30 series commercial jets (now incorporated and absorbed into the Boeing company) to inspect wiring around small heaters in the fuselage used to keep ice from forming on devices that measure air pressure.

The FAA has ordered that airlines should inspect the wiring for chafing, loose connections and evidence of burning or arcing and make repairs. The same airworthiness order also directed airlines to remove flammable insulation called metalized mylar from around the heaters. The quality of wiring used in almost all Boeing aircraft is known to overheat and to burn through the insulation as a result.

Fires aboard aircraft in mid air are not immediately visible and that too not till its too late. This is because wiring on board aircraft is usually by regulation required to be ducted, insulated and concealed behind panels and in the belly of the aircraft. They remain inaccessible and invisible unless and until an aircraft is grounded and subject to maintenance.

The directive  arising from the Swissair disaster applied then to 593 airplanes registered in the U.S. (in 2001) was to have been passed on to operators of planes registered in other countries as their aviation regulators follow the FAA lead. There is no evidence Boeing a major defense contractor to the US army every implemented these changes. It probably did not.

However whether that directive, an order in the US FAA was passed on to other aviators in places like Malaysia is unclear. The fear is that it may not have been passed on because adjustments to aircraft in complying with the directive would have required Boeing to incur costs in there designing of parts of the plane.

Fire aboard an aircraft in flight remains one of the biggest causes of crashes in civil aviation. It is only second to engine and electrical failures and other major defects in the design of the auto pilot as the greatest culprits in the causes of civil aviation crashes.


Boeings ignoring of reports of an inaccurate altimeter and false horizon in its early versions of the 747  first reported by pilots of Air India is another example of blaming the dead to save money.

It was not till a British Airways captain leaving Zurich in the late 1970’s complained of the same problem which nearly caused his plane to crash (he had to bank to an extent beyond what the plane could tolerate before stalling) that Boeing took notice of the complaint and belatedly acted on the defects complained of.

Just last month a Qantas Boeing 737 flying from Hobart to Sydney experienced one of the most common in flight failures reported with Boeing aircraft (aside from fires) of late. The auto pilot failed causing the aircraft to stall midair.

This same problem with the autopilot has been responsible for over a thousand fatalities ranging from the Turkish Airlines crash at Schipol airport a kilometer shy of the runway, Indian Airlines flights in the 1990’s, Alaskan Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, ANA (Japan), SIA and a host of European Boeing operators. Yet one hears little of the findings from these crashes.

The dead like Captain  Zaharie Ahmad Shah or his co-pilot are unable to defend themselves. Dead men tell no tales. So it appears that it is now up to good Christians of conscience and Malaysia’s rabid anti Malay Chinese population to speculate with the aid of Boeing’s silence and an equally anti Muslim western media in tow.


Boeing has done little to quell the disinformation campaign that has followed the disappearance of MH 370. To address the truth by revealing the many other means by which an aircraft’s transponder can be shut down will likely point the finger at Boeing’s incompetence and failures. Engines too are interconnected with the electrical system and vice versa.

It is patently ignorant to conclude that only human intervention could have shut down the transponder and other electrical/ electronic systems on board MH 370. A fire, a common cause of crashes could have achieved the same effect.

Boeing is a huge part of the US economy. Apart from being one of its largest defence contractors it is also a very large civilian passenger aircraft manufacturer losing business and customers very rapidly to a more efficient and safer Airbus consortium of Europe. And that’s bad for business.

Of the 8 so called Aviation experts in Australia, the US and Europe from various universities and media organizations who have commented adversely on the MH 370 disaster 6 are known to be presently serving and or past consultants to the Boeing corporation. None have disclosed a conflict of interest in their reporting.

There is more speculation driven by business, politics and economic considerations in the loss of flight MH 370 than there is at a punters tent at a horse race in Ascot.

Malaysia’s government must learn the art of PR and the consequences of not acting to correct its weakness in that sphere of influence and public relations.


11 Responses to “MH 370 : BOEINGS HISTORY OF COVER UPS”
  1. IT Shiess says:

    Thanks Gopal,

    This is a posibility which should also be considered but we’ll only know for sure if the plane is found and raised.

    However, the problems you referred to were with Boeing 737 and Boeing 787 aircraft, whilst apart from some initial structural problems with theBoeing 777 in its early days, there have been no major problems due to fire with it since it entered service on 1995.

    However, I understand this particular MAS aircraft is 11 years old, so there could be a first time such a catatrophic failure happened.

    We’ll have to wait and see.


    • grkumar says:

      Remember someone wrote on the hull of the Titanic “even God can’t sink this ship”. An iceberg did.
      The fact is that no one wants to face up to the facts that these are mere machines built by mortal men.
      And they fail. The point I make is that when it fails you can’t ascribe religion or political ideologies
      to the cause of failure. Everyone with a conscience and the means to assist must do what they can. And if they
      can’t do any good, they ought not to take that as license to do anything bad like the “Christian MP” from the DAP.
      Such people truly deserve the thin edge of the parang!!


      • IT Shiess says:

        That’s true. Something in all man-made things will eventually fail with wear & tear over time, and the same can be said in God-made material things as well, just as we all are on our several decades long journey from the womb to the tomb.

        “The point I make is that when it fails you can’t ascribe religion or political ideologies to the cause of failure.”

        I don’t entirely agree with this, since things can fail and people killed due to sabotage as well and quite often, sabotage is driven either by religious or political ideologies or even both.

        I don’t agree with characterising this DAP MP as a “Christian MP”, though it’s true that he and many of the DAP’s younger leading figures happen to be Christian.

        The DAP is noted for these kinds of political jibes at the BN government, which isn’t very different from the many puerile comments to articles on pro-opposition news portals and those of the passengers’ relatives and other protestors in Beijing.

        Such people have no concept of the practical challenges of locating and raising a plane which could be 3,000, 4,000 or even 8,047 metres below the ocean surface.

        I’d like to know how this DAP guy beleives this unfortunate incident could be handled better by a Pakatan Rakyat federal government. If he knows how to handle it better, please suggest it.

        I’m also afraid that if these kinds of insensitive racially-implicit attacks and acquisitions continue, it might very well eventually lead to physical violence.


  2. Victor says:

    What Gopal says is biased against Boeing. Agreed, Boeing and Airbus have had their fair share of problems in their new launches 380,787. We have to understand the fact these manufacturers do a great job in designing/assembling such a complex machines. As as matter of fact the reliability is high and the failure rates are extremely low (as it is supposed to be). Maybe MH370 could very well be the result of structural failure or fire, but to tell that Boeing will cover up these and blames other factors is an absolute farce.

    It almost looks like this guy has been paid by Airbus to write this article.


    • grkumar says:

      The A 380 has nothing to do with Boeing. The A380 is a competitor product. It is the product of Airbus Industrie.
      Yes the planes the design and create are complex machines. And yes the reliability factor is high. But these
      are multi billion dollar industries that underwrite the economies of the west.

      In the 1970’s when the race was on between Boeing, Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas to produce a wide bodied
      jet, Boeing came out tops and first. But to get a close second McDonnell Douglas cut corners with its DC-10
      which resulted in untold failures and accidents resulting in death. They denied culpability till it became too
      obvious they had design flaws in the aircraft. Years later they would be absorbed by Boeing because of accumulate
      losses. Lockheed would also close shop in the civil sector. It built the short lived L1-011.

      Boeing has had a history of cover ups. Perhaps if it did not too readily run the hype of their craft being the
      best and the safest a back down could be easier.


  3. victor says:

    Gopal, You do not seem to read the lines properly. I never said Airbus and Boeing are the same company. I work in the industry and know enough to say if Dreamliner 787 had teething issues, so did A380 in the last few years, some are reported and some are not. Some are done to prevent rumors/panic some are done to prevent losses.

    Then you bring in this Lockheed MD story, like an industry guy does not know. It is competition, if you cannot innovate you de-generate that’s what happened to Lockheed/MD back in late 80s thru 90s to be acquired by Boeing.

    Do yourself a favour, do not make statements like Boeing has a history of cover-up, they might initiallybe in a denial, just like a mother would deny her son’s fault.

    But the NTSB and all other neutral bodies are there to validate the data and come up with the conclusions rather than accept wat Boeing tells or believes. TWA 747 crash was a total American crash (Boeing, American based airlines) they could have easily said terrorism but you know what they accepted manufacturer failure.

    The probability that manufacturer defect contributed to this MH370 777 accident case is just the same probability as other factors (terrorism, pilot).


    • grkumar says:

      There is no need to “read the lines property” especially when you admit to being an “industry guy”. That’s what’s always been scary about company’s like Boeing. They engage people like you where precision and care is required. My mother never did deny my faults. Most responsible mothers don’t.

      Beginning with such differences and roots lets agree to disagree. For you are you and I am I and never the twain shall meet.


  4. Chandran Sukumarn says:

    Why can’t we all take solace by using Murphy’s Law that states sometimes expressed as “Anything that can go wrong, will — at the worst possible moment.” So let’s end all speculation. There will be no concrete answers, may be until the black box is found.


  5. Ashe says:


    As much as its funny as it does pushed on their nerves in your analogy of “…race in Ascot”, making a comparison between the two.

    Hoped Boeing won’t be on your tail. Good one dude.


  6. Rameche says:

    Developed countries are still eagerly interested in MARS or SPACE discovery but, they con’t able to do search operation quickly in ocean. Living place is not possible for searching mankind then how they are doing real search in MARS or SPACE discovery. They can lightening speed is possible to go in space. But, ground its not possible. See the truth, so far we taught that the BLACK BOX is live for ever. But, clearly we know that it is also active for only 30 days. why we have not used SOLAR POWER or Any other precautions. It seems we our self to get ashamed. SO, NOW OCEAN PROVED THAT I AM THE DEEPEST AND WIDEST RATHER THAN SPACE OR MARS. WE SHOULD REALIZE AND IMPROVE OUR SAFETY.


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