Extract from Channel 7 and Yahoo Australia 19 May 2014.

A new book has published allegations that the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 may have been accidentally shot out of the sky by US and Thai fighter jets in a training exercise mishap.

Flight MH370: The Mystery alleges that a US-Thai joint strike fighter jet training drill shot down the doomed passenger jet and its 239 on board, claiming the search party was intentionally sent in the wrong direction as part of a sophisticated cover-up.

Author Nigel Cawthorne describes how a man, working on an oil rig at the same time the plane’s transponders went off, saw a burning jet near the military exercise being conducted.

“After all, no wreckage has been found in the South Indian Ocean, which in itself is suspicious.”

He says the hundreds of families of victims will “almost certainly” never know what really happened in the early hours of March 8, 2014.

“Did they die painlessly, unaware of their fate? Or did they die in terror in a flaming wreck, crashing from the sky in the hands of a madman?”

The family of missing Brisbane man Rod Burrows has criticised the timing of the new book’s release, saying they are still at pains after 71 days of ongoing search efforts to no avail.

“It’s devastating for the families, it’s been 10 weeks tomorrow and there’s nothing,” said Rod’s mother, Irene.


As the mystery surrounding what happened to MH 370 continues unabated with all sorts of theories, a new source in Nigel Cawthorne lends credibility to growing and plausible speculation that China, if it did not bring down MH 370 is, at the very least culpable by its silence and obstructing the search for debris and the truth behind the disappearance of MH 370 for greater and purely political gain .

These other theories and the speculation about the disappearance of MH 370 includes many  reports published by the above source (Channel 7 and Yahoo News) and snippets and hints from retired Air Marshall Angus Houston about the fate of MH 370.

Houston commented adversely on the way the Chinese conducted themselves during the search in the southern Indian ocean. From this one thing is clear.  The Chinese were obstructionist and un-cooperative and often misled other members of the search team. They did not co-operate with the others but made a show of their presence concealing their incompetence and obfuscation behind the excuse of  doing so because it was” classified Chinese military technology”

The aircraft MH 370 it is clear from the evidence did not and could not have flown into an area so close to the highly sensitive and constantly monitored airspace around North West Cape (US Australian electronic spy facility) without interception by RAAF Aircraft.

The red herring of the southern Indian ocean theory was doomed to failure from the word go. Other aircraft flying the route on the fateful day of MH370’s disappearance would have noticed an unscheduled aircraft in that airspace and made inquiries of it with the nearest air traffic controllers. Not so according to records. Not possible according those who chose to disagree with that point.


The pressure to find out what really happened to MH 370 was always undermined by China’s refusal to give access to any third party to assist with the search for the aircraft in its waters where all good common sense indicates it went down. There are reliable independent eye witness accounts too readily discounted by the Chinese search parties that something resembling an aircraft in a fireball was seen falling into the sea controlled by China.

China is today engaged in hostilities against Viet Nam its neighbour. Viet Nam complained during the initial search that China interfered with its search efforts in the critical early stages of the aircraft’s disappearance. It complained that China would not allow them (Viet Namese) entry into the airspace and waters legally Viet Namese territory but unilaterally claimed by China to the exclusion of others.

China obstructed any timely, valuable and independent search of international waters it claims for itself against international law even though this emergency was an internationally recognized emergency which required China to cooperate.

China’s belligerence in the disputed waters around the Spratleys and Paracel islands is legendary. They have recently upped the ante by unilaterally claiming all of the south China sea as theirs in defiance of international law. The sea is now patrolled by heavily armed missile frigates and destroyers of the Chinese Navy.

In the wider scope of things the disappearance of MH 370 is ‘small potatoes’ when one considers the raft of a coalition the US is stitching together in south east Asia to encircle then dislodge the Chinese and gradually ‘clip their wings’ as Washington would desire.

It will only be a mater of time before China is forced to confess to what really happened to MH 37o and its role in that event. That is unlikely to occur with the current state of relations between Washington and Beijing. Moreover in a recent development, the Thai army has taken over government in Bangkok and suspended any independent news outlets.

The claim by Cawthorne that MH 370 was downed during a Thai US airforce military  exercise by a Thai or possibly US military fighter plane will not be the subject of any further discussion if the Thai armed forces (now controlling all of Thailand) has its way.

For the present the US like Europe needs China for a bigger and a more strategic purposes. That strategic purpose is to containing the rise of the Russians in Eastern Europe. In order to contain that problem they need the economic clout of the  Chinese as well as their vote in the security council to be on their side.

The Chinese for their part have demonstrated some degree of concern of potential economic sanctions against them by moving nearly a trillion dollars of foreign assets they hold in US debt into Belgian banks and bonds outside the conventional sphere of such economic activity. It appears China is anticipating and gearing up for something in the not too distant future which could effect its assets held abroad.  

Japan and Taiwan too have been observed taking pre emptive defensive and economic measures vis a vis their own positions with China which experts believe is a defensive move to protect their assets in the event of an engagement with China turning hot.

The sea will eventually hand over the truth over to the world. A Boeing 777 has more floating parts than it has parts that do not sink.


2 thoughts on “MH 370 WAS DOWND BY A MISSILE

  1. For the US to counter Russia,

    ” The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend, Not? Thus, the Enemy of my Enemy is the Enemy I kill Last “.

    So say someone.


    1. Maybe you should watch the pathetic speculative and limited scenarios advanced by the ABC’s 4 Corners programme of 19 may 2014 on the disappearance of MH 370. Would make more sense.


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